6th Doctor: My last incarnation, I was never happy with that one

Peri:   Why ever not?

6th Doctor: It had a certain feckless charm, it simply wasn’t me.

Doctor Who The Twin Dilemma 1984

Yesterday Byron York reported on an anomaly concerning Marco Rubio:

Sen. Marco Rubio, the leading Republican behind the Gang of Eight comprehensive immigration reform bill, says he will not vote for the legislation he helped write and has staked his political future on, unless substantial changes are made before final Senate consideration.

This simply can’t be, we’ve been hearing for months how this bill is progressing, I keep hearing 70 votes from the left and every pundit around keeps saying how VITAL it is for any potential GOP candidate to get on board.

And Marco Rubio has been all over it from the stat, even cutting ads urging conservatives to support the bill that are even now still running on conservative talk shows around the country.

How is it that Rubio is threatening to vote against his own bill, the bill that is the salvation of his party, the bill that will make him acceptable to the MSM as a presidential candidate?

Well there is one simple explanation that as a Doctor Who Fan I should have thought of before: Regeneration!

As every Doctor Who fan knows after Regeneration a time lord’s personality changes, sometimes dramatically  the Doctor old teacher Cardinal Borusa for example went from someone ready to die for Gallifrayan traditions to kidnapping and murder in an attempt to achieve immortality and rule forever.

This is apparently the 3rd Incarnation of Rubio & second regeneration of the Senator.  The first likely was caused by the president’s re-election.  It was quite a shock to a lot of people so it’s no surprise that it might trigger an event as dramatic as Regeneration.

That would certainly account for the sudden decision of the tea party hero, the man who defeated Charlie Crist so completely that he switched sides, to start pushing for a de-facto amnesty bill, the item on the very top of the liberal dream of a new Amnesty Bill.

What triggered this new regeneration?  I suspect it might have been due to an injury in….Iowa:

Over the weekend I emailed a number of Iowa conservatives to ask them a few general questions about the GOP field. I didn’t mention immigration or any other issue; I just wanted their thoughts. What I got back, as far as Rubio was concerned, was all about immigration, and nearly all negative

“Over the last three months, Marco Rubio’s name and face and voice have been so attached to the comprehensive immigration bill that it has virtually killed any enthusiasm among Republicans in Iowa for a Rubio presidential candidacy,” said GOP State Central Committee member Jamie Johnson. “Most Republicans here now see Rubio as the amnesty candidate.”

“Rubio seems to be so damaged it will be very difficult for him to recover here in Iowa,”

And that damage is great enough that the Senator has again regenerated into a person conservative enough to fight against his own bill.

Rubio’s transformation hasn’t been that dramatic, after all he still looks the same but it will be a few days or perhaps several weeks to see if this regeneration takes and if this 3rd incarnation of Marco Rubio is the Conservative Tea Party leader willing to fight, the Amnesty Bill backer willing to give Democrats victory on a signal issue or maybe someone entirely different.

We’ll just have to wait and see.


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The BBC has made a concerted effort this year to push Doctor Who in America. One of the things that might confuse people are the different faces.

Doctor Who has been around almost as long as I have. The First episode premiered just six months after I was born. The series the actor in the lead role William Hartnell was an elderly man and when it became plain that he couldn’t continue the brilliant idea of having the Doctor “regenerate” into a totally new body (and a new personality) came up.

Each doctor is the same man, with the same memories, but with a different appearance and personality.

So to those of my readers who are not familiar with the history of the Doctor Who here is the complete history of Regeneration from Daily Motion via user regenerating Tardis who did a marvelous job putting it together (sorry about the ads they come with the package).

Regenerations: An Extened Look – Part 1 by RegeneratingTardis

The second set of regenerations 4-6

Regenerations: An Extened Look – Part 2 by RegeneratingTardis

These videos were first put on YouTube but were blocked there all except for this one which was ironically blocked by Daily Motion

And this last one brings you up to date:

Regenerations: An Extened Look – Part FNARG… by RegeneratingTardis

If that doesn’t get you interested in the series I don’t know what will.