Tomorrow June 8th  we’ll be doing a remote at the Natural Discount Shop on Rte 12 in Leominster, Coffee & Bagel will be provided by the The Bagel Inn also known as the Daily Bagel, thus we are promoting this post for the evening



Today’s Saturday Diner is the Daily Bagel on Rte 12 in Leominster:

A pretty picture in the snow

It’s not a traditional diner, but a place where bagels are made right on the premises

All the bagels are boiled and made on site

They also offer a great collection of muffins

I had a sausage sandwich and a croissant with some orange juice. It was delicious.

It you want to give it a visit you’ll find it right next to Joyce’s Pies and bakery.

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Today’s Saturday Diner was Michael’s Bridge Cafe in Lancaster Massachusetts

It is a very Rustic looking place from the outside once you walk inside you can’t help but notice the 8 ft+ bear at the door

And if that doesn’t impress you the details of his arrival will:

I don’t think that with a bear that size 12 yards away I’d have the nerve to hit the broad side of a barn let alone take out a bear with one shot.

Once you get past the bear there is a fair selection of tables available, but I’m a counter guy, I like counters because I can see the food as it’s being cooked and Michael’s has a system down pat.

There was a good-sized late Saturday breakfast crowd. The wait staff was both attentive:

and had cool shirts:

The “Get Stuffed” motif is not just a metaphor for the taxidermy the portions are large and the food was frankly the best I’ve had so far to this point on the diner tour.

And just as important these days, the good food comes at a fair price with ambiance at no extra charge:

This as a mandatory stop on your DaTechGuy Diner Tour and if you’re a member of PETA, I suggest getting a blindfold, having a friend lead you in and putting on horse blinders so you can concentrate on enjoying the food and the excellent service, it’s worth it.

Join me directly after our April 30th show at 1 p.m. (Kerry Picket is scheduled) for some food, drink and discussion of the weeks issues at linguine’s Italian Eatery 350 Boston Post road in Marlborough Mass.

Bring an appetite for good news along with an appetite for the news of the day because linguine’s menu of Italian Dishes, seafood, and Pizza and subs will certainly be able to fill it.

Bring a friend and we’ll share good food and good talk. You can find directions here.

And hey, bring a liberal too, good food and civil discussion know no ideological boundaries.

For those of you who missed yesterday’s show with Sister Toldjah, Steve Foley, The Right Winger Gamer, Tom Bowler, Brian Henchey and of course John Weston of Conservatively Speaking here is the podcast.

Next week we will have a special tax weekend show, with local businessmen, you know the people who actually have to make a living while dealing with all these tax and healthcare plans. After the show I’ll be heading to the Border Grille and Bar Leominster on Mill Street Leominster (right near the Mall at Whitney Field). Join me at 1 p.m. for an early Dinner with DaTechGuy (or late lunch) and we’ll talk the issues together.

Over at the blog Mind Stain and Firedoglake they tell the story about a restaurant that choose to discriminate against a patron based on his political views :

Wisconsin blogger Naomi Houser reports tonight (via Howie Klein on Twitter):

The M******t [a restaurant] in Madison, WI confirms that on Friday night, ******* (one of the owners) politely asked Scott Walker to leave the establishment when other customers began booing him. A bartender at The M*****t said that ‘his presence was causing a disturbance to the other customers and management asked him to leave.’

Maybe he should have stayed home and ordered pizza instead? Okay, maybe not; there might be a long wait.

Houser adds regarding The M******t that readers might want to “give your patronage and thanks in person the next time you are in Madison.”

The restaurant in question is apparently The Merchant Restaurant and by the sound of what went on the trouble in question was not from Walker but from the patrons.

Lets play a game. Lets pretend a black man entered a restaurant and the all white patrons decided to boo and heckle him and the owner asked him to leave. Would you see the same love fest in comments at Firedoglake and at Mindstain over the denial of service. Look at the comments at both sites and see the civility of the left.

However there is yet another twist. There is a real debate if this actually happened or if this was a stunt to try to get attention as Badger blogger reports:

Well my friends, this is the case of a Madison restaurant trying to gain liberal credibility by making up a total lie about how they booted out Scott Walker out of their establishment. When BadgerBlogger called them to confirm the story, the staff refused to confirm or deny, and continued to obfuscate until they hung up the phone… But in fact, they didn’t hang up, it appears that they accidentally put the phone on speaker…. And BadgerBlogger tapes continued to roll.

Our audio captures the restaurant staff talking about how they have to take down the blog posting because people are starting to call about it, you can actually hear them logging into the blog and deleting it. Too late.

We confirm with Governor Walker’s staff that the Governor has never been to that restaurant, this was an attempted “punking” by employees of The Merchant Restaurant, but look who got punked… In the words of Joe Wilson, You Lie! Here is the audio:

Was he there or was he not? Apparently true or false the restaurant ran with it, got publicity and got burned.

It will be interesting to see how or if this plays out, but its more interesting to see the reactions of the left. Their cheering of the exclusion of a patron from a public place because of political views. As American Power puts it:

What gets me, if you go back to the Firedoglake entry, is that for progressives, discriminating against Governor Walker would be a cool thing to do — that they would applaud the kind of action they would vehemently denounce if done to a minority, or even a progressive Democrat. This is not how students learn about democracy in school. And frankly, this isn’t how politics should be conducted. Governor Walker is not an arch segregationist. His programs are not about to exterminate the sick and aged. Progressives know this but they’ve shown they’ll do anything to distract from the issues at hand: the sweetheart deals between the unions and the Democrats and the fiscal sinkhole the State of Wisconsin is facing. Public opinion doesn’t favor the Democrats. And refusing the governor’s budget will only delay the reckoning and further blemish the left’s reputation.

Unreal, in any case.

How civil!

In between selling ads today I’m having a small lunch with some bloggers here at the Border Grille and Bar today from 12-1 or so.

If you are not familiar with their lunch buffet here is a peek from last month

There was a reason why Stacy McCain held court here last January, and food like this is why.

Ironically this fits in perfect with Michael Graham’s lead story today:

And so Kessler and other big-government advocates featured in the NYTimes are demanding government regulation on foods that taste “too good,” and on ads that sell them “too well.” Who will make these arbitrary decisions? Why the same brilliant government employees who figured out that the pond in your back yard is a wetland and who are sending notes home with your kids telling you they’re fat.

This is a SNL skit just waiting to be written, Kessler’s Kitchen Nightmares where Kessler goes to restaurants that have too many people enjoying their food and teaches them how to make it taste worse!

Chris has been in business for 27 years so he knows how to stay in business during good times and bad:

His advice keep up or increase quality, decrease quality and give some low-end options for people who can’t afford a $20 steak but can afford a $9-$12 meal.

It sounds like some business didn’t take that advice:

The manager of Don Otto’s – a recently shuttered food market in the South End – is blaming neighborhood patrons for its untimely demise, cooking up an angry message to fair-weather fans of the Tremont Street eatery.

Blaming the customer? It gets better, or worse depending on how you look at it.

“People don’t understand their purchases make a difference, and that by buying something that wasn’t exactly what you want, it gets you closer to what you want. It’s an investment.”

It’s not our job to provide you with what you want. It’s the customer’s job to buy what you don’t want to keep me in business.

And unlike Tom Kahale advice Don Otto’s believes price should be no object.

Among their customers were U.S. Rep. Barney Frank and Mayor Thomas M. Menino, who has stopped by for their locally made lasagna. But in this economy, $28-per-pound steak and $8 cartons of eggs was not a recipe for success.

The arrogance is simply astounding. That’s why Don Otto’s is out of Business and Williams is about to start its 28th year without the advantages of a major metropolitan area or customers like Tom Menino or Barney Frank.