The Great American Pension Swindle

By John Ruberry I hate to interrupt your day by veering away from such issues, well, issues to some, such as the Donald Trump campaign's alleged collusion with Russia or that nation's reputed hacking of the 2016 presidential election, but there is something more important that the mainstream media is only nibbling at the edges … Continue reading The Great American Pension Swindle

Voices from the YAF Russell Taub RI-at large

I briefly spoke with GOP candidate Russell Taub who is running for the House At large seat in Rhode Island at the YAF Nashua conference Remember even in a blue state like RI half the battle is being willing to make the fight

Field Guide to NRLC 2014 Allan Fung R-RI candidate for Gov in RI

I spoke to Cranston Mayor Allan Fung who is running for Governor of Rhode Island at the Northeastern Republican Leadership conference in Nashua NH His website is here. To my knowledge he is the first Asian American to run for Gov in RI somehow the MSM doesn't find that newsworthy.

Field Guide to NRLC 2014 Ray McCay R-RI Candidate for US Senate

I Spoke to RI GOP Senate CAndidate Ray McCay at the Northeastern Republican Leadership Conference

Field Guide to NLRC 2014: Robert Paquin RI GOP

I spoke to Robert Paquin of the Rhode Island GOP at the Northeast Republican Leadership Conference in Nashua NH It's a pretty tough slog in Massachusetts but talking to our friends in RI reminds us that we aren't alone in our troubles.

Polls vs Actions

I've talked a bit about the difference between what a poll might say vs actual actions. Early this morning insty linked to this post at hotair concerning polling on libertarian issues such as Gay Marriage. Forgetting the splits lets see how this actually works in practice in a couple of blue states: Getting a gay … Continue reading Polls vs Actions