My final interview at RNC Boston was Ann Clanton executive director of the RI GOP

There aren’t many state where an RNC person has it as tough as Massachusetts, Rhode Island is one of them, so if you’re looking for someone to deal with a party matter, Ann is the type of person you want. If she can deal with that mess imagine what she can manage in a competitive state.

I spoke to the GOP chairman in Oregon during RNC Boston last month:

I think Oregon’s entire vote by mail system is one of the worst idea’s I’ve seen in the history of voting.

Some might think these posts are superfluous as this event was so long ago but remember these are the decision makers for the GOP state by state. What they say matters and it matters for you to know them.

Another in my continuing series of interviews with attendees at RNC Boston

I did a lot of these interviews and as I’ve posted them I look up these folks online and what did I find out about Bruce Hough other than the spelling on his nametag at RNC Boston was wrong? He gets it! Read what he has to say about his time at RNC Boston on two important points:

Mostly, we have learned that you cannot run an 8 month campaign and expect to win. We have entered the era of the perpetual campaign. And with that realization the RNC is doing all of the right things to produce better results.

I don’t like the perpetual campaign but it’s a reality. The thing worse than the perpetual campaign is pretending it doesn’t exist and being burned.

One of those things is to not be the media’s punching bag… the time of “Never argue with someone who buys ink by the barrel” are gone. Because today, ink is free. At least the written word now available universally through the internet, is free… and it is now a companion, if not a replacement for the traditional mainstream media, especially newspapers.

Music to a blogger ears, he continues

And guess what, certain mainstream networks and even cable news networks are not the only choices anymore… No one has a lock on communications media, and as a party, if a network is going to be blatantly biased, there is no obligation or need to acquiesce to the assumption that they have a “right” to participate in the Party’s responsibility to conduct its primary debates. There are plenty of choices.

If that’s not worth at least a follow on twitter I’d like to know what is?