They’re not anti war, they’re just on the other side

Glenn Reynolds

…in this piece from Investors Business Daily

In an unusual legal move, the Obama administration has taken the legal side of the Palestinian Authority and Palestine Liberation Organization in a federal court case that American terrorism victims’ families had already won.”

via Ed Driscoll.  Can we stop pretending that there is anything “unusual”  Barack Obama’s Administration doing things that help people who want to kill Americans, jews & Christians.

Just a reminder Pam Geller and Robert Spencer saw this years ago and wrote about it over five years ago

At the time they were called extremists and hate mongers. Even when terrorists tried to murder them they were blamed for provoking them yet every day that goes by proves them right.

Update:  What a coincidence:

Iranian TV (Al-Alam) interviewed fighters from the Gaza branch of Fatah’s Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades, while standing inside an attack tunnel claimed to be 3.5 km long, and opening inside Israel. The purpose of the tunnel is to facilitate larger scale terror attacks from Gaza into Israel.
The announcement that Fatah’s Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades, internationally recognized as a terror organization, is asking for money from Iran comes at the same time that the PA has announced that Mahmoud Abbas will be vising Iran. As Palestinian Media Watch reported yesterday, senior PLO official Abbas Zaki, said that strengthening ties with Iran is “an inevitable step if we [the Palestinians] want to confront the Israeli occupation.”
Well it’s a good thing our President is fighting to keep tough sanctions on Iran to keep them from funding these terrorists who want to slaughter Jews… oh wait


My Friend Pam Geller has often talked about the threat of radical Islamists to the west but it’s worth noting that for ISIS if a Christian or a Jew or an Atheist isn’t handy to kill any person who doesn’t worship God the right way, their way, will do, even other Muslims:

Pakistan’s Ismaili Shiite community is reeling from an attack Wednesday by gunmen that left at least 46 members of the religious minority dead in Karachi. The violence is the first of its kind directed at the community amid escalating militant threats against the predominantly Sunni Muslim country’s religious minorities, and was condemned by leaders including the Ismaili spiritual head, the Aga Khan.

The Aga Khan expressed his shock and sadness about the attack on Wednesday, condemning it as a “senseless act of violence against a peaceful community.” The attack was claimed by a splinter group of the Pakistani Taliban known as Jundallah, which pledged allegiance to the Islamic State late last year.

Now in fairness to these ISIS sympathizers they don’t consider them Muslims then they would consider me one and in their eyes are equally deserving of murder as I am.

“These killed people were Ismaili, and we consider them kafir (non-Muslim),” Jundallah spokesman Ahmed Marwat told Reuters. Gunmen on motorcycles reportedly boarded a commuter bus carrying around 60 Ismailis and, according to witness accounts, fired indiscriminately into the crowd.

But given that the Ismali have been around for centuries that’s pretty weak tea.

I got this info via a local Imam who sends this press release from the Ahmadiyya Muslim community of America

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community USA condemns in the strongest terms the May 13, 2015 terrorist attack on the Ismaili Muslim community in Karachi, Pakistan. Early reports indicate at least 43 dead and 24 injured when six gunmen opened fire on busses carrying Ismaeli Muslims.

“We are deeply saddened by this horrible loss of innocent life and offer our most heartfelt condolences to the victims’ families,” said Wasim Malik, National Vice President of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community USA. “We pray for the safety of all in Pakistan during these troubling times.”

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community USA prays for the departed.

These are good words and well spoken by the Ahmadiyya Muslim community that’s I’ve written about in the past. While in the US they are often in the forefront because they epitomize peaceful Islam, in many Islamic countries outside the US they are not recognized as muslims, have been heavily persecuted & are not allowed under Saudi law in mecca. As people who have been persecuted they understand the pain of it.

But there is an important lesson here. As far as ISIS & radical Islamists are concerned, the Ismali, the Ahmadiyya and any other Muslim that doesn’t toe their line is the same as my Jewish friend Pam Geller or my Catholic Brother Robert Spencer, enemies worthy only of the blade or the gun.

I submit and suggest that we need to stop ISIS and all those radicals who cloak themselves in Islam. Those who ISIS would send to their 21st century equivalent of the gas chamber will not find their own murders and the murders of their families any more acceptable if the murders of Pam & Robert precede them.

Think about it:


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In addition to his base speech Robert Spencer answered assorted questions after his speech at the YAF conference in Nashua NH.

On the Bible vs the Koran

On Intervention vs Isis

On Obama & ISIS

The Radicalization of Muslims


Fighting the “Hate” Label

The Lure of Islam

Iraq and Isis

Staying out of War

and Tackling ISIS

and Oil Fueled Terror

Spencer answered more questions than any other speaker I saw at the two day event. But thats Robert all over.

My interview with Robert Spencer at YAF Nashua NH

His mention of Molly Norris being on the ISIS hit list should be national news, I’m ashamed to say I didn’t see it.

I’ll be posting the rest of my video from the conference over the next several days

The latest in our series of posts that will not surprise any person who has been paying attention.

Today’s installment comes a post from Robert Spencer’s Jihad’s Watch on a case in England from this story in the Indian Express

An Indian-origin Islamist activist facing trial on terrorism charges skipped bail and fled the country with his family on Wednesday, headed through Paris to the Islamic State, British media have reported. The escape, first revealed by The Daily Mail, came after Abu Rumaysah failed to surrender his passport, a condition of his bail, and has led to opposition charges of police incompetence.

Seriously, they didn’t get the passport first before they let him out on bail?  Well it must be because he wasn’t charged with anything series lie inciting terrorist, oh wait….

Born Siddhartha Dhar, to a family Indian diplomatic sources in London told The Indian Express was of Bihar-Bengal origin, Abu Rumaysah had been arrested in September along with nine others, on charges of inciting terrorism, as part of an ongoing investigation of the London-based pro-jihadist group al-Muhajiroun.

Well nobody finds this more unexpected that Robert Spencer who writes…

He was forbidden to leave the country; Britain wants to keep its jihadis. But he eluded authorities, which is no doubt very easy to do in Clueless Britannia, and fled to the Islamic State. But not to worry, Abu Rumaysah, if you have “good intentions,” you can come back whenever you wish and be showered with goods by the Ministry of Appeasement.

The real question what is the source of this story’s place in the “Unexpectedly Chronicles”, that a supporter of Jihad in the west flouts law or that a bureaucracy is this inefficient?

FYI have you seen Robert Spencer’s latest book?

Or perhaps some of his other ones?

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Pam Geller’s latest batch of bus ads in response to more “divestment” ads against Israel is generating an awful lot of anger:

I would like my D6 bus without a side of Hitler, please.

City Desk

The picture of Hitler plastered on the side of D.C. buses arrived this week and, as expected, the outrage over them continues to pour in.

The Times of Israel

Jonathan Carey, founder and executive director of BlueStar, a San Francisco-based Israel advocacy and public relations organization, believes Geller’s ads will only end up offending and alienating people.

“I don’t think anyone following the news would be surprised about radical Islam, but this is not something for a poster in the public realm,” he told The Times of Israel.

The Raw Story

An organization run by an anti-Mulsim blogger has purchased billboards on the sides of twenty Washington DC Metro buses featuring Adolph Hitler and calling for an end to ‘all aid to Islamic countries.’

International Business Times

An anti-Islamic organization that plans to use Adolf Hitler as the face of an anti-Islamic ad campaign on Washington DC metro buses has stirred up controversy.

and the Huffington Post

The Council on American-Islamic relations has spoken out against Geller’s pictures, calling it a propaganda campaign “designed to incite hatred against American Muslims”.

In defence of the Washington Post they at least had a 2nd article with a fair summary of why the ads went up.

It began when the American Muslims for Palestine (AMP) launched bus ads during the April Cherry Blossom Festival condemning U.S. aid to Israel because of that country’s continuing occupation of Palestinian territories.

Then on Monday (May 19), Pamela Geller’s American Freedom Defense Initiative countered by deploying 15-foot-long ads on 20 buses in the Washington, D.C., system that equate opposition to Israel’s policies with Nazism. One ad shows the grand mufti of Jerusalem meeting Hitler during World War II.

The controversial advertisement, which will be displayed in about 20 metro buses, shows Hitler meeting with anti-Jewish Islamic leader Haj Amin al-Husseini during World War II.

Read those articles, you’ll see they say a lot about Pam’s ads, how they’re “inflammatory”, unhelpful,  some call them racist (is Islam a race?) but there is one term that they haven’t used to describe these ads.


It is interesting how the media never look into what is said in the ad – that Islamic Jew-hatred is in the Quran or that two-thirds of all U.S. aid goes to Islamic countries. No. They just obsess over my unmitigated gall to repeat it. It’s my saying it that’s the problem. The truth is the problem.

And don’t forget these ads were reactive.  They were placed to answer ads run against Israel.  If those ads had not run, these ads would not either.

The left will never forgive Pam for saying this truth aloud, particularly in a way that gets people asking questions, because CAIR’s facade can’t stand up to the truth.

What would we do without her and Robert Spencer?





I did get to Buchenwald the next day and I stared. I stared in embarrassed silence, thinking about the doubts I’d had in college and even more recently…I’d like to have taken Professor Boulding by the hand and shown him around Buchenwald. I was angry that I’d been fooled. For the first time, I knew for certain that any peace is not better than any war.

Andy Rooney, My War 2002

There are certain things that just stick in your head, one of the things that stick into mine was one Andy Rooney 60 minutes commentary on the Death Camps.

I remember how he talked about seeing the camp himself, and how serious he was when he said: “yes it happened, I saw it”.

I couldn’t find the video online but I couldn’t help think of it when I saw this story

The Rialto school district planned to revise an eighth-grade assignment that raised red flags by asking students to consider arguments about whether the Holocaust — the systematic killing by the Nazis of some 6 million Jews and millions of others — was not an “actual event” but instead a “propaganda tool that was used for political and monetary gain.”

While Camp of the Saints notes an interesting twist and Ed Driscol at Instapundit notes Ike’s attempts to make them undeniable it is a lesson that no amount of fact will cause people to wish to deny or minimize a reality unfavorable to their cause from doing so.


And that brings me to Pam Geller, Robert Spencer and Boko Haram.

Pam & Robert have been sounding the call on Radical Islam for a long time   Part of those warning has been about Boko Harem in fact if you do a search for Boko Harem on Geller’s site



Take a good look at that figure


That’s more than CNN, more than CBS,  ABC. or  MSNBC (NBC’s newly redesigned site doesn’t display numbers)

But even Pam’s figures that beat all the major news organizations pale next to the 12,000 plus results at Jihad Watch:boko jihad

For their efforts Pam & Robert are attacked as Islamophobes particularly by the Counsel on American Islamic Relations if you search their site there is no shortage of attacks on Pam or Robert as “islamophobes” who should be shunned.

boko cair spencer

If you are searching for info on Boko Haram the choices at CAIR are a tad more limited:

boko cair

Yup one result.

Perhaps if the “moderate” muslims of CAIR been speaking out about Boko Haram and not trying to silence those who did try to warn the world about them, more than a hundred young girls might not be waiting to be sold into slavery today.

Andy Rooney had Ike and the whole US army to back up his testimony concerning Nazi atrocities that are still denied in parts of the Middle East.  Pam & Robert fight a much lonelier battle trying to shine a light on that which many wish hidden.  They are perhaps less like Andy Rooney than like those who were sounding warning about the Nazi’s during the 30’s and were ignored or questioned until the day the US Army drove into the camps.

And years from now,  likely long after they are dead and gone, young children will walk through a museum and see the story of  how a soft spoken author from New England and an outspoken woman from New York tried to sound the warning about dangers like Boko Haram against incredible odds.

Whether or not it will be a story of success or yet another tale of the world not acting until millions have paid the price, remains to be seen.

May we make the right decision.


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Harry: Oh, dear, Edmund: The Archbishop of Canterbury has met with the most tragic accident! There seems to be some confusion, but I think I’ve fathomed out on how it came about.

Edmund: Yes, I think I’ve got a pretty shrewd idea myself.

Black Adder The Archbishop 1983

Capt Blackadder:  I remember Mattingburg’s most famous case, the case of the bloody knife. A man was found next to a murdered body, he had the knife in his hand, thirteen witnesses that seen him stab the victim, when the police arrived he said, “I’m glad I killed the bastard.” Mattingburg not only got him off, but he got him knighted in the New Year’s Honors list, and the relatives of the victim had to pay to have the blood washed out of his jacket.

Blackadder Goes Forth Corporal Punishment 1989

As I was writing yesterday’s piece concerning Communism and the clash between Stacy McCain & Jesse Myerson something about the exchange seemed hauntingly familiar.

You had a young person whose entire experience of reality via the liberal educational/media complex vs an older man experienced in the history of the world and the actual reality of what people have said and done both opining on the same subject Communism.

The youth expresses an idealized version of a philosophy detached from the blood it is soaked in and tags those who would point to the ocean of red with the epitaph McCarthyite!   Meanwhile the elder not only details the history of Communism showing the bodies but also notes the declarations of the founds of said philosophy detailing the necessity of those deaths.

The left’s silence in the sanitizing of the philosophy  that has spilled more blood than any other in the last 100 years is less confusing if you watched the left’s favorite network, NBC describe Russia’s Soviet Past as

The revolution that birthed one of modern history’s pivotal experiments.

George Orwell, call your office. As he wrote in “Politics and the English Language,” in 1946, such euphemisms are “designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable,” and certainly describing Communism as “one of modern history’s pivotal experiments” fits the bill in spades. 

While the attempt to divorce the history, actions and blood of a philosophy and the labeling of any pushback against said attempt as “McCarthyism” (complete with automatic  twitter bot) is a rather horrifying offense against reality, it is no surprise to people like Pam Geller & Robert Spencer who have been dealing with this reality for over a decade in the case of Radical Islam.

Pam has painstakingly detailed the repression of free speech   under Islam, Islamic violence & terror attempts in the USIslam’ treatment of religious minorities and through the AFDI/SIOA Pro-Israel Bus Campaign has put her money where her mouth is.

The result of linking to stories like this:

A Somali cabdriver was sentenced Friday to six years in prison for his role in a broader San Diego-based conspiracy to provide material and logistical support to the Islamic terrorist group, al-Shabaab.

Ahmed Nasir Taalil Mohamud from Anaheim was the last of four defendants to be sentenced in connection with the conspiracy that sought to transfer funds to al-Shabaab through a now- defunct hawala or money-transmitting business system in San Diego, the Shidaal Express.

and this:

A Minnesota man tried under a cybercrimes law in the United Arab Emirates has been found guilty and sentenced to one year in prison after posting a parody video about youth culture in Dubai.

that the media would rather ignore and asking aloud questions like this:

where are the mass marches of “moderate” Muslims in the country, denouncing the sharia and its vicious blasphemy laws?

Where is the big, brash left in America? Where are Colbert and Stewart? Penn and Belafonte? And the feeble campaigns that I have seen make no mention of the sharia — the reason that this young man was jailed. If they won’t talk about why and how he was jailed, how can they hope to change things?

Where is the Obama administration?

to a press that would rather remain silent, she is tagged as “crazy” or an “islamophobe” and the target of insults from the left and some on the right as well.

Likewise when Robert Spencer presents Islam as it is taught to Muslims:

It is good that a Muslim, Asma Uddin, is standing for religious liberty, but she is doing so in defiance of her own religious tradition. Muhammad himself commanded: “Whoever changed his Islamic religion, then kill him” (Bukhari 9.84.57). This is still the position of all the schools of Islamic jurisprudence, both Sunni and Shi’ite. Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, the most renowned and prominent Muslim cleric in the world, has stated: “The Muslim jurists are unanimous that apostates must be punished, yet they differ as to determining the kind of punishment to be inflicted upon them. The majority of them, including the four main schools of jurisprudence (Hanafi, Maliki, Shafi`i, and Hanbali) as well as the other four schools of jurisprudence (the four Shiite schools of Az-Zaidiyyah, Al-Ithna-`ashriyyah, Al-Ja`fariyyah, and Az-Zaheriyyah) agree that apostates must be executed.” There is only disagreement over whether the law applies only to men, or to women also – some authorities hold that apostate women should not be killed, but only imprisoned in their houses until death.

Cairo’s Al-Azhar University, the most prestigious and influential institution in the Sunni world, certifies as a reliable guide to the practice and faith of the orthodox Sunni Muslim community a manual of Islamic law that states: “When a person who has reached puberty and is sane voluntarily apostatizes from Islam, he deserves to be killed” (Reliance of the Traveller o8.1). Although the right to kill an apostate is reserved in Islamic law to the leader of the community and other Muslims can theoretically be punished for taking this duty upon themselves, in practice a Muslim who kills an apostate needs to pay no indemnity and perform no expiatory acts (as he must in other kinds of murder cases under classic Islamic law). This accommodation is made because killing an apostate “is killing someone who deserves to die” (Reliance of the Traveller o8.4).

and bluntly repeats words like these

from a top Muslim Cleric saying: “If they had gotten rid of the apostasy punishment Islam wouldn’t exist today” or links to  documents like this:

An Explanatory Memorandum on the General Strategic Goal for the Brotherhood in North America

Discussing radical Islams plans for the US in their own words Invariably he is critiqued not for the facts that he lays out but that he is “controversial” or a “hatemonger

Just like Stacy’s critiques of Communism, the attempt is not made to dispute facts but to attack the messenger who brings those facts to the debate.

I would invite those who consider Pam Geller &  Robert Spencer a “hatemonger” or “controversial” to watch Spencer’s debate with Peter Kreeft

And those afraid of Pam Geller to watch this

or watch this or this or any of the speeches and panels that I have recorded in person with Pam & or Robert and consider the truth of what is said about them.

So when Stacy asks this damning question of the educational system that produced Myerson and says

Only in such an environment could a self-declared communist like Jesse Myerson be permitted to propagate a neo-Bolshevik vision without being criticized by any prominent liberal.

Where are the anti-communist liberals? Why have we seen no latter-day “Scoop Jackson Democrat” types warning against the dangers of backsliding toward discredited Marxist errors?

Where is the 21st-century Jeanne Kirkpatrick to sound the alarm?

I’d have to replay:  Why would you expect them to exist? 

The same people who remain in denial about the history and reality of communism are the ones in denial about radical Islam.  They are no different than Prince Harry in this this Exchange from the first season of Blackadder that I quoted in part above:

Prince Harry: You see, Archbishop Godfrey was coming out of the Duke of Winchester’s

Prince Edmund Blackadder: …who had just died, leaving all his lands to the Church?

Prince Harry:  Well, as a matter of fact, yes.

Blackadder: And so the King was really after his blood, presumably.

Prince Harry:   Well, I dare say, but the point of the matter is that, at that moment, round the corner, came Sir (Tabbis?) Mortimer.

Blackadder:: The King’s hired killer…

Prince Harry:   No, no, no. Mortimer — that tall, rather striking fellow with no ears.

Prince Edmund Blackadder:  Yes, that’s him.

Prince Harry:   Well, he saw the Archbishop and rushed towards him with his head bowed, in order to receive his blessing, and, er, unfortunately, killed him stone dead.

Prince Edmund Blackadder:   How?

Prince Harry:   Mortimer was wearing a Turkish helmet.

Blackadder:  Oh, I see, yes — one of those with the two feet spike coming out of the top?

Prince Harry:   It’s one of those things they normally use for butting their enemies in the stomach and..

Both Harry & Blackadder:   killing them stone dead.

Blackadder: Yes, so, presumably he’d forgotten he was wearing it.

Prince Harry:  Well, do you know, that’s exactly what the poor fellow had done!  A tragic accident…tragic.

It takes curiosity and courage to stand up to a culture of official denial backed up by money, epithets and in some cases threats,

Thank you for your invitation to me to become a Muslim and wield my sword against the enemies of Allah. But I’m afraid I must decline. While I appreciate the fact that becoming your “brother in Islam” might afford me a measure of personal security that I do not enjoy today, some things are more important than that. I cannot and will not give in to violent intimidation, come what may, and I do not want to live in a society that bows to such intimidation.

I believe that societies that respect the equality of rights before the law of all people, including women and religious minorities, as well as the freedom of conscience, are superior to those that do not. I hope that such societies will be able to summon the will to resist you and your “invitation” in all its implications before it is too late.

There is a reason why you will always see security around Spencer & Geller.  Given that fact is it any wonder that so few have the courage to stand up and be counted?

It goes without saying that Stacy , Pam, Robert & myself will not be in the running for these awards given New Haven High school

Marks and all the awardees praised the vision and work of the Communist Party in their communities. The event was held on the occasion of the CPUSA’s 94th anniversary.

Former state Senator Ed Gomes, a steelworker, state representative Edwin Vargas, a teacher, and Laurie Kennington, president of Local 34 clerical and technical workers at Yale all accepted large framed posters of the Amistad statue that stands in front of New Haven City Hall, cheered on by family, friends, co-workers, elected officials and union and community leaders

but I’ll wager Jesse Myerson will be in the running.

Update 2:
I’m not the first to make this connection:

Citing Stalin (circa 1949) as the contemporary personification, Monnerot elaborated on this totalitarian consolidation (“condensation”) of power shared by Islam and Communism, and the refusal of these universalist creeds to accept limits on their “frontiers.”

Update 3: It’s Everybody write about commie’s day. The Lonely conservative:

What I find interesting is how those who write off the Soviet regime as just some failed “experiment” have more compassion for lab rats in real experiments than communism’s victims.

Daily Pundit:

Myerson is trying to explicate an ideological and/or moral reason for it being okay for the state to take your stuff for its own purposes. Such justifications always founder in the face of human nature. If you apply enough force (terror) you can sometimes get away with this sort of state-sponsored armed robbery for a long while, if by “getting away with it” means sowing the seeds for your own destruction.

Because in the real world, in actual practice, human vengeance always plays a role. Ask any number of murderous, thieving tyrants who ended up choking on their own blood at the hands of their victims.

And the Blaze which closes its piece thus:

I am willing to bet that it was mostly entrepreneurs who were responsible for the creation of all nearly all of those venues. Even library books are made by evil corporations. However Myerson feels about capitalism and its relationship to art, there is no denying that capitalism facilitates a lot of art exposure. Who the hell had ever heard of The Beatles before they met a record producer and signed a contract? Also, I can’t say I really care too much for the art they produced in the Soviet Union.


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Hubert Humphrey 1957

Robert Spencer tells of an interesting story out of England:

Britain plans to classify “Islamist extremism” as a distinct ideology, British Prime Minister David Cameron said on Tuesday, as part the government’s response to the murder of a soldier on a busy London street.

Cameron said he would implement recommendations he had received from a task force he set up after the murder of Lee Rigby in May, to try to stop people being radicalised by “hate preachers”.

Mr. Spencer is bemused:

They’re emphasizing that it has nothing to do with genuine Islam. How they will explain why “Islamist extremists” move freely among authentic Muslims without being rebuked, repudiated, rejected or reported remains to be seen. And how far they will get in tackling this ideology while maintaining the falsehood that there is no justification in Islam for it is unclear. It would be more truthful for them to be honest about its Islamic derivation and challenge the Muslim community in the UK to reform and to work with law enforcement, but truth is at a premium in the UK these days.

Very good point, Pam Geller has a hilarious picture that fits this comment to a T:

Well this one takes serious intellectual twisting …… will the British authorities ban the quranic texts that call for jihad?

And Stacy McCain has a few things to say as well:

It seems there are an awful lot of Muslims who share this ”Islamist extremism” hatred of the West. Perhaps I’m the only one who remembers watching TV news coverage on Sept. 11, 2001, when crowds of Muslims were dancing in the streets of Cairo and Gaza in celebration of the terrorist attacks masterminded by al-Qaeda.

All of these interpretations are valid but there is a bright side, a crumb if you will, that everyone seems to be missing that we should be very pleased about.

With the classification of “Islamic extremism” as an unacceptable ideology in England the question quickly becomes, “How do we define it?” What are the beliefs that constitute “Islamic extremism?”

Is it committing attacks on people in the name of Islam Islamic extremism?

Is  it calling for attacks on people in the name of Islam  “Islamic extremism?”

Is financially supporting attacks on people or those who call for attacks on people  in the name of Islam  “Islamic extremism?”

Is preaching in a mosque in support of attacks on people and or those people or organizations who do so in the name of Islam “Islamic extremism”?

and that’s just in terms of basic terror attacks, let’s go a bit further:

Is killing someone who converts from Islam “Islamic extremism?”

Is preaching it is acceptable to kill someone who converts from Islam “Islamic extremism?”

Is financially supporting either those who kill or preach that killing someone who converts from Islam “Islamic Extremism?”

We can play this game all day with Honor killing, attacking gays, attacking non Muslim in “Islamic” areas etc etc etc…

Once these things are defined (and we need to pressure them to be defined) then it will be an easy matter to point out the people, the groups and the Mosques that fail within the definition of “Islamic Extremism” and challenge England to act.

It’s a baby step, but with some effort and care England just might be taught how to walk:


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