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Now that I have net access here I’ll give you live updates as to what goes on. (newest entries on Top)

8:15 p.m. Guy Carbone write in/sticker candidate for AG very impressive.

8:00 p.m. Campbell’s big issues are the military ballot issue and ID’s for voters.

7:50 p.m. Bill Campbell candidate for sec of state up now

7:45 p.m. Here is that interview I conducted, this is not the one from the stage

7:30 p.m. Twin city tea party will have shirts made for the 9/12 march

7:20 p.m. “A lot of the problems from today comes from us letting things happen.”

7:15 p.m. now a talk from a (different) attendee of Restore Honor rally

7:00 p.m. Mistake to avoid, make sure you have every written piece proofread and confirmed before the candidate takes any of your writer’s info to the podium.

6:57 p.m. I knew we won (Leominster Mayor race) when my opponent had to borrow for his campaign while we were still getting money. When I watched the Scott Brown election it was the same excitement.

6:50 p.m. “You have to become viable.” , “Gather names and database them.”

6:45 p.m. Guy MacKenzie is talking about organizing a local campaign effectively

6:35 p.m. Just scored an interview with a person who attended the Glenn Beck Restoreing honor rally, I will upload it ASAP

6:25 p.m. What are the odds, Rosemary Reynolds Fitchburg City counsel and polar opposite of Chris on the Planned Parenthood issue is also here for her first Tea Party event.

6:20 p.m. My Arch enemy friend Chris Lackey from Center of Mass is here checking out a tea party for the first time.

…then you didn’t miss anything tonight. The resolution disapproving planned parenthood lost 7-4 and the two zoning resolutions lost 10-1.

I also had the distinct displeasure listening to counselor Tom Conry give us the “personally opposed” nonsense. Give me the honest disagreement of a Reclusive Leftist or a Chris Lackey over that any day.

Once again the mayor did not attend, once again the city solicitor cowed the counsel, once again Rosemary Reynolds stood alone.

Kudos for counselor Jody Joseph for going on camera for an interview before the vote (although he voted against us). UPDATE interview added:

My internet is iffy for some reason tonight so I’ll have to do more later.

Update: Rosemary Reynolds also talked before the vote:

No other counselor, nor the city solicitor would talk on camera before the vote.

And they choose the right side in the Planned Parenthood Fight:

It may be difficult, despite the sustained and growing public outcry, to prevent the Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts from opening a branch on Main Street in Fitchburg, or somewhere else in the city.

But that should not prevent city officials from trying, particularly if the non-profit organization sticks with its plan to open on Main Street, something we have said is a terrible idea for a city trying to lure more upscale businesses and Fitchburg State College students to the downtown.

They apparently share the same opinion of the city solicitor that I have:

We find Ciota’s suggestion that city officials could open themselves up to a lawsuit if the City Council passed this resolution laughable at best.

To suggest that Planned Parenthood could successfully sue city officials because the City Council passed what is essentially a non-binding resolution that carries no legal weight — if that’s what Ciota is suggesting — is absurd.

This is America, and if the City Council wants to pass a resolution saying its doesn’t want Planned Parenthood opening up in its city, more power to it.

and they let the mayor have it:

And we were also surprised that Mayor Lisa Wong did not attend the portion of the City Council meeting dealing with Planned Parenthood, and believe that she had a responsibility to tell residents how she felt about the issue. She later told us she’d rather see the agency locate somewhere else in the city.

The paper knows that this fight isn’t over. The people need to know that too.

After a brief recess and regular City Council meeting began. Under the rules of the City council any person can speak for up to 2 minutes on a measure.

The first speaker was Representative DiNatale who re-iterated the argument concerning both redundant services and how well Fitchburg had done without them.

At this point the officials from Planned Parenthood had already left so now a plethora of pro life speakers came to the fore.

The first was Dr. Mark Rollo:

Doctor Rollo was forceful and direct. When describing planned parenthood he bluntly declared “Their mission is killing!” He further argued that they separating children from their parents advice and fear, instead of discouraging teenage pregnancy propagates it. He declared unequivocally that if Planned Parenthood opens on main street protesters will follow and he will be leading them.

Several citizens people yielded their time to both Doctor Rollo and some of those who followed. Their second big gun was Dr. Mildred Jefferson.

With a quiet and calm demeanor she made the case that Fitchburg would be a less pleasant place with Planned parenthood. Her best argument however was the description of Planned Parenthood in terms of practices and their use of organizations that they fund to support their positions as if they were independent.

The third big gun was developer Roderick P. Murphy from the group problem pregnancy. His argument was that planned parenthood would retard development in Fitchburg, both he and Dr. Jefferson had the disadvantage of making the case as non residents.

After this several citizens came up with various arguments primarily concerning the wrongness of abortion, the origins of planned parenthood and how all of this makes Fitchburg a less desirable place to live. Unfortunately a lot of the presentations were, in my opinion and judging from the reactions of counselors, less than effective. One particular example being Kylie Gordon a 19 year old girl who was passionate in her attacks on planned parenthood but disorganized in her presentation.

Two speakers spoke up for planned parenthood. A teacher from Fitchburg state suggested than their presence might help in terms of counseling for college students in weak or potentially harmful relationships reflecting on the Allison Myrick case, it was a point that hadn’t been considered. A Worcester Fitchburg podcaster (Chris’ site is here). came up next vowing that he and members of his group ( Greater Worcester Humanists) would be escorting clients in through any protests held.

Christine Hanley of Mass. Citizens for Life made the final “official” case. Her presentation while strong factually was more about the general faults of Planned Parenthood and less about why they are a bad fit for Fitchburg.

The final speaker was, well me. After Ms Hanley spoke I approached the chair removing my “blogging” hat to speak as a lifelong Fitchburg resident. I pointed out that Ms Luby of Planned Parenthood didn’t deny the question of chemical abortion. I pointed out that City Solicitor, Michael Ciota argument concerning constitutionally of zoning ordinances didn’t hold water as Leominster had enacted such ordinances almost 30 years ago and was unchallenged (explaining why Fitchburg has been the magnet of social services rather than Leominster). I argued that the reason Planned Parenthood wanted main street was to access students of Arthur J. Longsjo middle school . I referenced the both the Washington Post abstinence story and the argument of my own post concerning pill resales. I’ll let others decide how effective I was, but when I was done Counselor Marcus DiNatale questioned the solicitor concerning Leominster’s laws, and Mr. Costa plead ignorance of them.

For a brief time other business came up and the Mayor briefly turned up for that but she was not to be seen when when the Rosemary Reynolds brought up her two zoning resolutions. As they were late resolutions a vote to suspend the rules would be necessary for them to be considered. That vote failed 10-1 thus they have been added to the agenda of the next meeting on the 16th.

And so around 11:00 p.m. things finally closed. It’s fair to say that Planned Parenthood had won the argument this day as the Germans did at Kasserine but the final result of the campaign remains to be seen.

Update: Per Chris’ comment I corrected his location and added a link to his group both in his comment and on this page.

The city counselors seemed very nervous before the meeting particularly with an overflow crowd that reached down the entire hallway, but nobody seemed more nervous than the counselors who had supported the initial petition. That was a bad sign.

Once things were gaveled open the first speaker was the City Solicitor, Michael Ciota. A legal opinion on the various resolutions had been asked of him. He maintained that any resolution disapproving planned parenthood or any attempt to zone them out of main street was unconstitutional. When he spoke it became very clear that not only was the fix in, but that he had talked to the counselors before the meeting and put the fear of God litigation into them.

With the exception of Rosemary Reynolds nobody challenged said opinion, in fact as she pressed him on his basis counsel president Hay restrained the questions. Planned Parenthood with the wind now behind them was invited to make their presentation:

Ms Dianne Luby (right) made her case, detailing the government grant that they obtained and why Planned Parenthood demographic studies suggested that their services would be useful for Fitchburg. There is no question that this woman was well practiced for such an event and was ready for whatever the counsel was prepared to ask.

After her presentation the questions began with Ward 4 Counselor Kevin Starr

Starr’s questions were primarily concerning the location. Specifically why not use the open space at the Burbank Campus (formally Burbank Hospital) rather than downtown Fitchburg? The question was asked by several counselors and was ducked effectively with “That is not our Model”. (nobody asked about the Model or why “their model” should be the city’s model.

When asked why Fitchburg, a city that had notable success in dropping it’s teen pregnancy rate with a high school using an abstinence model. they continued to stressed demographics and a desire to be “part of the solution”

Counselor Tran stressed the proximity of Worcester in his argument against PP but underestimated the driving time to the (accurate) hoots of local PP supporters. The most amazing statement came from Counselor Kaddy suggesting that PP would attract “Bad” people to main street. PP suggested that their customers were the families of the people in the room and that PP would attract foot traffic to Main Street. When Counselor Joseph challenged it saying that a Methadone clinic would also attract foot traffic she parried it effortlessly and without challenge.

The majority of the arguments made was “Why Fitchburg” and “Why main Street” but Rosemary Reynolds pressed them concerning what would take place on main street. Luby stressed that no surgical abortions would take place and the federal grant prevented them from doing them. Reynolds pressed her about the length of the grant and what happens then, Luby answered that they would re-apply for the grant. Reynolds then asked about chemical abortions but could not remember the name of the abortion pill. (Ru486)

Luby incredibly maintained she had no idea what Reynolds was talking about. (perhaps the president and CEO of the Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts should consult PP’s own web site.) When Ms. Reynolds asked permission to consult Dr. Mark Rollo (sitting behind her) for the exact name, Mr. Hay disallowed it and the question concerning chemical abortions remained unanswered.

Much to the surprise of the assembled audience no other people were allowed to speak. (They were unaware that the counsel was meeting as a “committee of the whole”) and when the vote to table the resolution disapproving planned parenthood the vote was 8-1 with only Counselor Reynolds voting against, counselors Tran and Conry abstaining.

At this point the bulk of the Planned Parenthood supporters their victory supposedly won, and a large amount of the people waiting outside who opposed them began to leave not realizing that there was a lot more to come.

(Part 3 later today)

Believe it or not that sentence wasn’t written by Christopher Hitchens! It belongs to Annie Laurie Gaylor of the Freedom From Religion Foundation. They are organizing a boycott over a postage stamp of Mother Theresa as her Catholicism can’t be “separated” from her deeds.

“Mother Teresa is principally known as a religious figure who ran a religious institution. You can’t really separate her being a nun and being a Roman Catholic from everything she did.”

Very true, if that’s not an endorsement for Catholicism I’d like to know what is, but what about ministers like Malcolm X and Martin Luther King? Surely she would object to them as well?

she doesn’t have any problem with King or Malcolm X. Martin Luther King “just happened to be a minister,” she said, and “Malcolm X was not principally known for being a religious figure.”

That statement would have surprised both Kind and X. This person needs to be introduced to Rosemary “I’m one person. I don’t divide myself” Reynolds ASAP.

None of this constitutes a “darker side” of her faith, to Gaylor, what does? One guess:

her opposition to abortion. emphasis mine

As I’ve said before abortion is the sacrament for the left and to a large degree the MSM that supports it. Why do you think Joseph Cao was not lionized by the media for his solitary vote for the Healthcare bill? Because that vote couldn’t be separated from his opposition to abortion. You can bet your bottom dollar Dede would have been.

There is no greater foe to secular humanism that the protection of life from abortion, it is the breakdown of that respect for life that makes everything that follows possible.

Update: Hotair / Cassy Fiano notices and is clear on the concept:

What difference does it make if someone who is being honored for their good works was a Catholic nun or not anyways? Being a Catholic nun or a Christian leader is not something you can separate those two people from. Is the argument then that you cannot honor a good person who did amazing things for their entire lifetime simply because they were Christian? Gaylor also attacked Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity, saying it was a “wealthy” charity, and that she — shockingly! — was against abortion and wanted to baptize people before they died. She says this is part of the Roman Catholic Church’s “PR machine” to make Mother Teresa a saint. Because, you know, canonization as a saint always involves shadowy conspiracies with the USPS.

I know it’s tough to understand for some people, but Christians tend to be… anti-abortion, and they want people to be baptized and accept Christ as their savior. They have this whole thing about not wanting people to go to hell, as crazy a concept as that might be. emphasis mine

She must know Rosemary too!

..against Planned Parenthood and had a quote from city counselor Rosemary Reynolds that every pol who claims Catholicism should memorize:

Reynolds said she was protesting as a resident, and a member of the City Council, against Planned Parenthood coming to Fitchburg.

“I’m one person. I don’t divide myself,” Reynolds said.

As Emily Devlin reports there were quite a few people beeping in support of the protesters. I noticed one driver in particular who showed more enthusiasm than sense giving two thumbs up while taking his hands off the wheel in a snowstorm.

Devlin like Stacy and myself, quotes Fr. Bruso:

Bruso said a Main Street location, just down the street from Longsjo Middle School, makes the prospect of a Planned Parenthood office in Fitchburg even less palpable. Planned Parenthood is trying to depict itself as an agency that is only planning to educate the community about sexual health, Bruso said, but he believes that’s not the case.

“They don’t make money by giving out literature. They make money by performing abortions,” Bruso said.

And it would appear that for the second time this month events in Fitchburg are drawing more notice than usual. National notice.

If yesterday was any indication then the Battle of Fitchburg as Stacy put it will not be a silent one. Tuesday’s counsel meeting will be rather interesting.

My complements to Emily Devlin. The story is a pretty accurate one, the Sentinel has does good work covering this story thus far.

Update: Haemet links and states a basic truth:

it is entirely hypocritical for Planned Parenthood to advocate for treating sexual health like any other health issue; after all, this is the group that fights parental notification and parental consent laws

Meanwhile Creative Minority report is as impressed with Rosemary Reynolds as I am.

The snow was falling steadily but for the 6 dozen or so protesters (not counting children) it didn’t matter. What mattered was Planned parenthood was planning to come to Fitchburg.

“We are here for the children” said one man standing in front of the parking lot, the crowd around him nodded their heads in agreement. When asked if the reports that abortions would not take place at this location due to the nature of their federal grant, they answered referrals would still be provided and who’s to say that the laws wouldn’t be changed in the future?

The general consensus was that Planned Parenthood choose Fitchburg due to a combination of a large teenage pregnancy rate and a large minority population. When I asked one protester if she thought that was a miscalculation, after all the Spanish population is very Catholic, she shook her head, “Look around you, do you see any Spanish faces out here?”

She would have been much more reassured if she had walked into the Barber Shop two doors down from where she was standing. At the Dream Team Barber shop with it’s very Spanish clientele I asked one of the barbers what they thought of the protest and planned parenthood.

He didn’t think their presence would affect his business one way or the other but Planned Parenthood was mistaken if he thought that the Spanish population would be behind them. “We love our children” he declared as he stood before the Crucifix next to the chair where he was lathering the head of a customer.

City Counselor Rosemary Reynolds spoke in even blunter terms concerning the relationship between Planned Parenthood and the minority community. She stressed its origins and Margaret Sanger’s involvement in the eugenics movement, maintaining that Planned Parenthood had been a disaster to the black community in particular.

Although no protesters showed up for the other side, this sentiment was not unanimous among Fitchburg residents. A customer in a variety store in front of the protest asked why people weren’t protesting the mayor or Unitil instead. The store owner was neutral on the subject of Abortion but not Unitil, one it was mentioned he spoke at length on how Unitil’s high prices do more damage to business in Fitchburg than anything Planned Parenthood could ever do. (If there was one thing everyone I talked to agreed on; it was they hated Unitil, A man making a delivery to the shop said that only Unitil would have drawn a bigger crowd against them here.)

Another business owner was certainly not neutral when it came to either Planned Parenthood or protesters. She commented that protesters in front of the office in Worcester that she visited as a teenager decades ago has some very unkind words for her. (That certainly wasn’t the case today. Local police at the scene stated the protesters where calm, respectful and orderly) As for Planned Parenthood: “When I was a teenager and pregnant they were there.” noting that they had provided birth control and advice to her in the 80’s when she needed it. She had her first child at 16 and her second at 21 saying Planned Parenthood provides advice for girls who feel they can’t talk to their parents. Ironically while her first two pregnancies were carried to term she did get an Abortion at 26 not wanting to bring a child into what was an abusive relationship. Although she deeply regrets the decision now, she doesn’t lay any blame on Planned Parenthood and stresses although they performed the abortion they didn’t push her to that choice: “I made the decision. It’s not their fault it’s mine.” Though she considers it now the wrong choice for her; she maintains that’s not true for everyone.

Fr. Robert Bruso (full disclosure, my parish priest) would disagree. The pastor of Saint Anthony di Padua Church talked about how the issue isn’t a Catholic or a Protestant or even a religious issue. It’s all a question of respect for life and it’s potential. “President Obama’s book is called The Audacity of Hope. Abortion is the abandonment of hope. When a person chooses abortion they are saying they don’t have hope for the future, not for their child or for themselves.”

When it came to hope the protesters had plenty that they could keep planned parenthood out. Counselor Reynolds mentioned the location they wanted to open in was not zoned for any sort of medical office. When asked if the city counsel could keep them out if they choose an area that was zoned for their presence, she seemed less confident but no less dedicated. The protesters thought the same, stressing that it was important for landlords in Fitchburg to understand that wherever Planned Parenthood went, the protests would follow not stopping until they were gone.

Considering that a protest organized on the fly drew dozens of people in a snowstorm, it appears that’s one promise they will certainly be kept.

Update: Camp of the Saints links: thanks muchly.