You might as well praise me for not robbing banks.

Bobby Jones on being praised for calling a foul on himself costing him the 1925 US Open.

Brooke: (To Lois, a plain girl) Well if you really wanna to be popular consider two little words: ‘Sex Tape’!

Mindy Macready: (Interrupting) Lois you don’t need these ax wounds, If I can dress like them so can you.

KickAss 2 2013

Supermodel Kate Upton has a gift to all those young women who since the dawn of the internet and smartphones have been convinced that getting naked in front of an electronic advice is a good idea: a dose of common sense:

with social media and the internet and not-so-great blogs and the attention like that, I don’t think that my pictures would be received in the way that I’d want them to be received,” she continued. “That’s why I’ve stayed away from them. I really appreciate those photos and I think those women are beautiful, but I think social media and the Internet has prevented me from putting myself out there like that.

Miss Upton has come to the quite logical conclusion that best way to make sure that nude images of yourself are not being promulgated on the net for purposes she object to till the end of time…is to avoid posing for nude pictures!

So if you are a young lady and some guy suggests “sexting” & your friends say it is a cool thing to do, remember Kate Upton warning,  take it to heart and you won’t have to explain those pictures to your son or grandson or potential employer someday.

Via Live at Five which you really should check out daily

Closing thought, how far have we fallen as a culture that a popular model/actress choosing not to propagate nude photos of herself on the net is an action unique enough to deserves praise?

Update:  The movie is of course Kickass not “kissass” corrected

One of the most amazing things about the Benghazi story has been the spinning of it.

A successful attack on the US on the anniversary of 9/11 resulting in the death of a US Ambassador for the first time in over 30 years caused the press to launch an unrelenting attack on…then candidate Mitt Romney for intemperate words.

Nevermind the words were about Egypt, never mind that Americans were killed, nevermind that the administration falsely claimed it was all over a youtube video, apologized concerning the video and even now has the maker of said movie imprisoned. When Benghazi was talked about at all before the election, it was in the context of: “Boy that Mitt Romney is a nasty guy isn’t he?”

With the president safely re-elected the conversation started to change, the house planned hearing and some in the Senate starting showing backbone but the MSM had absolutely no interest in the story.

Then came General Petraeus forgetting that you had to be at the TOP of the chain of command to be able to sleep around with subordinates. Then came images of hot women, hot twins and a sex scandal involving someone who had been suggested as a possible future GOP presidential candidate.

Suddenly it was everywhere and because it was a sex scandal it wasn’t just on the news that people didn’t watch, it was in the entertainment shows that people not interested in politics watch.

Enter Senator John McCain, Senator Lindsey Graham and the invisible Senator Kelly Ayotte that included the magic words:

It’s certainly a national security issue but it doesn’t rise to the level of four dead Americans

That’s the bottom line, the MSM would like up to forget the four dead Americans and the lies that were told but now we’ve got babes and boobs so the story isn’t going anywhere, and yesterday’s Senate press conference provoked a direct response from the President.

Suddenly Benghazi is news, and it’s news the day of the House hearings with Petraeus testifying tomorrow.

None of this attention happens without the babes, the boobs and the sex. None of it!

It’s not fair, it’s a terrible thing that the only way these guys are going to get a chance at justice is because of a booty call.

But if it’s the only way this is going to happen, I’ll take it.

Yesterday I was looking at my comments and saw a link from a blog I didn’t recognize. I clicked over and was delighted to see the blog belongs to Hallie Miller who once asked a small favor of this blog which we were able to grant with the help of our readers.

Hallie remembered me and Stacy McCain and Smitty fondly in this post:

Oh my gosh! I’ve been busy with college, in another modeling contest, doing promotional modeling, and trying out for TV shows and totally forgot about those special people who have helped me along the way!

Hallie I think I speak for all three of us old long married men that the last thing we would expect of a 23-year-old young lady who is going to school, working and perusing her ambition for a life in modeling and acting, is to have time for three bloggers thousands of miles away. That you posted a kind word for us is much appreciated.

She is in another modeling contest, unlike the last one you are allowed to vote multiple times a day. I’d appreciate it if you can head over here and give her as much support as you can as often as you can.

Question:(asked by Powerline blog concerning the shooting of a business owner in Ohio for hiring non-union labor) Does Anyone Care About Actual Political Violence?

Our media try endlessly to draw fictitious connections between violence and political or quasi-political movements. They do this to advance their own political agenda. But, when it comes to the one movement that has actually used violence to advance its interests over a period of decades, our reporters and editors carefully avert their eyes. This is one of the many media scandals of our time.

How do we solve this problem of media omission? From what I can see the best solution is the Rule 5™ approved IowaHawk Made-ya-Look™ media system!  For details click on the image below:

These girls hold the key to the problem of Media Bias!

This will be my penultimate chance to do a rule 5 favor for Hallie Miller:

Hallie Miller twelve voting days to go

As I wrote here I got involved in this voting because she asked and was even more impressed because of demonstration of class in a tight situation.

And she has been a kind supporter of the show and this blog as is shown by her top ten reasons to vote for her post:

2. YOU ABSOLUTELY love datechguy.wordpress. com and!!!

Let me tell you something about Both people of Sicilian descent and Scots Irish decent we are loyal to our friends. And if you are promoting our blogs we don’t forget it.

So get over to her site and vote for her every day for the rest of the year. Let’s not settle for 10th, lets go for top 5, I know it’s currently 655 votes away but aim small, miss small.

…Never give Robert Stacy McCain a legitimate reason run a photo of an attractive blonde in a bikini.

Conveniently enough, she managed to get herself involved in a serious political news story:

She’s certainly is a pretty young lady, I can certainly understand how a man could be tempted in this regard but I’ll have to defer to Harry Reid to establish her “hotness level” (BTW D.K Jamaal says this about Reid’s assertion Maybe Harry Reid has a point? ) oh and there is some bribery to be talked about as well.

Jessie Jackson Jr. Bringing rule 5 Four days early.

memorandum thread here, I understand the other story was the lead but this one has a song reference.

P.S. Is it not a shame that it takes something like this for us to notice a fine candidate for congress like Ill-2 Isaac Hayes? The fact that the address of his site is “” is priceless.

We have a new miss USA.

I don’t know if she won due to affirmative action (wouldn’t surprise me).

I don’t know if Miss Oklahoma lost because she supported the Arizona law (wouldn’t surprise me).

I don’t know if she supports Hezbollah or not.

I wouldn’t have thought that a champion pole dancer would be in line to win miss USA (that did surprise me).

I do know this, when I saw that woman on TV this morning there was absolutely no question that in terms of just beauty, no offense to miss Oklahoma but there is absolutely no contest. This woman is simply stunning.

I know that beauty is a matter of taste so you might disagree, and it’s a fair argument that on other grounds she might not have deserved the crown, but when I looked at her my first reaction was simply: Wow!

I’m getting old and I’m very married but I’m not blind or dead.

Update: Guest blogging for Glenn Reynolds, Randy Balko reviews the evidence. That evidence is actually less impressive to me. All of the women involved are going to be shapely, but that is a twenty year face if I ever saw one.

I suspect if Miss Schlussel is correct than an old quote from the original Jon Sable comic might be in order, but we aren’t there yet.

Update 2: Miss USA photos available for further inspections. It’s like the blogs version of sweeps week.

Update 3: I was wondering when Stacy was going to join in sweeps week.

Spent the night working on my taxes and at a hospitality meeting for my church.

Meanwhile in at a blog near you see see the following:

Camp of the Saints celebrates St. Patrick’s day by bringing on Rule 5 a few days early as he puts it “Erin go braless”.

How is it that visiting the camp of the saints tend to make a person want to sin?

Over at the DaHospitalityGuy’s place he talks on a much more serious note about anti-depressants and unemployment:

Am I depressed? Of course I am. Naturally who wouldn’t be? I’m without a job. I’m without my family. I miss reading to my daughter. I miss playing with my son. I miss giving hugs and kisses and hearing them say I love you daddy.

Do I need a pill to take those feelings away? No. I want to miss my children. I want to care. I have a purpose. I don’t want a pill to cover that up and make me feel artificially better.

I know things have been hard for me but If you have some prayers to offer, I’d send them his way first.

Meanwhile at Haemet the charming Roxeanne (yet another example of 20/40) reminds of that we conservatives have been declared defeated many times before:

In the fifteen months since the Left declared us to be a waning political group and a thing of the past, we’ve seen:

* The popularity of conservatism eclipse that of liberalism;
* “Swing state” Virginia elect a hard-core conservative a twenty-point margin;
* New Jersey elect a conservative governor;
* Prius-driving Bostonians go crazy over Scott Brown, who campaigned on the promise of stopping the liberals in DC; and
* Barack Obama’s approval ratings drop to the lowest point of any sitting President at this time in an administration.

Running score: Leftists, 0; conservatives, 1.

Have of the battle is the willingness to keep fighting.

This is not something I would normally cover but the rumored Lindsay Lohan sex tape is going to produce a lot of serious viral infections and not just on film.

Mark my words as soon as such a tape comes out the Limewires and bittorrents will be full of downloads and fake sites promising said tape delivering instead a plethora of virus, spyware, malware, various bots and Martha Coakley negative ads (they are running everywhere else after all).

So teenagers heed my warning, the 40 seconds of film you will “enjoy” may cost you many dollars and hours of virus removal.

And if you don’t, well you can always hire me to remove them.

…if he had a chance with Amanda Bynes. Being a kind father I said anything was possible but I wouldn’t bet the farm on it. He used to watch the Amanda show religiously along with All that and figure it out. It was on my TV for years and I watched her grow up.

Today via WeSmirch Hollywood tuna has a rather…interesting shot of her from a Maxim shoot that she apparently twittered to fans.

Yes I know she is 25 now, yes I know this is the normal career path, but boy that shocked me. If I didn’t realize how old I was before I sure do now.

Oh BTW my son hit the sack when he came home, after leaving for work at 5 a.m. He just staggered down the stairs after a nap, half asleep. I brought up the link and showed him the picture. That woke him up in a hurry.

On Sept 30th I wrote this:

I personally would be shocked if MSNBC doesn’t pick this up sometime before the week is out.

5 days later we see Rachel Maddow using it without mentioning Robert Stacy by name on Meet the Press. Clever move too, by being ambiguous it allows the accusation to dangle there against Palin and her co-author and doesn’t require any of the people present to confirm her opinion on Robert Stacy she states it as a fact and instead of people having to say it’s BS they talk about “association” as if the charge was true.

Now because it was on Meet the Press it gives MSNBC an excuse to cover it and assures Charles of some screen time.

What a bunch of dishonorable people.

Update: If it only takes place online does it count as a Lesbian Rule 5 Catfight?

Glenn’s abortive porn link from yesterday reminded me of two stories I recently read.

The first one is from the LA times concerning hard times in the porn industry.

The adult entertainment business, which was previously in the vanguard of home video, satellite and cable television and digital distribution, now finds itself leading the rest of the entertainment industry in losses from them.

“The death of the DVD business has been more accelerated in the adult business than mainstream,” said Bill Asher, co-chairman of adult industry giant Vivid Entertainment, who estimates that his company’s revenue is down more than 20% this year.

“We always said that once the Internet took off, we’d be OK,” he added. “It never crossed our minds that we’d be competing with people who just give it away for free.”

Apparently there is however one genre that IS making money according to Variety:

Over the last year, Hustler Video Group has without much fanfare trotted out a parade of titles derived from classic TV shows, including the recently released parody “This Ain’t Star Trek XXX.” All the meticulous little details are there, with the exception of moments (spoiler alert!) like the one where Kirk, Spock and Uhura engage in three-way stress-relieving exercise on the bridge, which for whatever reason wasn’t included in J.J. Abrams’ franchise reboot.

The idea of a porn parody of stuff isn’t quite new but the results in sales are:

Nevertheless, Thill says the TV-inspired titles are outselling more conventional counterparts. “It’s actually kind of revitalized the DVD market in the adult world,” he said — a genre deflated, like everything else, by the ready access of free material on the Web

The reporter for Variety couldn’t be more confused by the result if he was describing the failure of an anti troops movie. However I think I understand the appeal.

I was a teenager when I watched those shows and a lot of the comedy came from sexual tension, Gilligan’s Island joked about it, Three Company thrived on it, and Happy days celebrated it. Guys didn’t want to be the Fonz because he was cool, they wanted to be the Fonz because he scored at will. That’s where the cool came from. I can’t speak for the girls but I’ll wager David Cassidy and Scott Baio weren’t on those Tiger Beat covers for their musical talent.

If you don’t get it, check out the audience reaction to this blooper reel from the show:

Now take a look at this still from the parody This Ain’t Happy Days:


Every person in that audience who laughed at that blooper reel had that still in their mind decades before it was produced. Those people are now the target audience and apparently they are buying. And it’s not just the porn.

“More adults, ages 18 to 49, watch the Cartoon Network than watch CNN.” Allow me to unleash my inner Brent Bozell for a moment, and ask: Isn’t this a sign of intellectual maturity?

Guys never really stop being boys inside. That’s just the way it is.

I’ve had a semi busy weekend enjoying myself at graduation parties, staining the porch and doing various errands to prepare the place for my oldest’s graduation party. Yesterday I managed to injure my left leg a bit while running to make a play. I guess I haven’t learned that my body isn’t as young as it used to be or as fit as it should be.

I have been involved in a lengthy comment exchange concerning Mancow and waterboarding with a gentleman named Murph. It’s ironic since I really wasn’t interested in the topic thus the short post but the exchanges on it were very long. I’ve pretty much given him the last word with a reply to that effect. Feel free to check them here. If anyone else is interested enough to respond instead I’ll certainly allow any back and forth on that thread that continues.

I think the blog outing is bad form and discourteous but my comment is actually along a different line. Anyone who chooses to do this kind of thing on the internet really can’t expect to maintain any anonymity. There are too many ways to trace people using technology. Considering the decline in courtesy these days I think it is wishful thinking to expect to receive it when passions get heated in a discussion.

Had a very positive interview this week combined with my extension of unemployment things a looking a tad better in the short run.

We are renting a dunk tank for my son’s graduation party. It should prove an interesting draw.

I picked up a large amount of Dr. Who audios last month for my birthday. I still have several hours of them to listen to. I need a new CD rack as the quantity I have has outgrown the rack I have, but i can’t seem to find a rack that matches the vertical wood base one I have. I spotted it at of all places a Salvation Army store or $8 and it was absolutely perfect. Unfortunately the closest thing I can find is this one at Amazon. I can’t seem to find a straight one with the same base.

Oh and speaking of the CD’s the Companion chronicles backfeature on the new Dr. Who CD’s is simply wonderful.

I really don’t think simple misspeaking is newsworthy, Omaha, Obama, Osama all are close enough that a person can easily misspeak. I didn’t care much when people made too much of President Bush’s misspeaking so I don’t see why I should pile on others.

And whatever his name is he seems determined not to lose the war on terror on his watch even if he has to do his best president Bush imitation to do it.

Have you noticed that simple faux pas in courtesy tend to make a lot more trouble than actual things that countries do against each other?

Is it just me or is the Morning Joe sponsored by Starbucks business tacky? It’s a good business move but It doesn’t taste right.

I’ve never cared for the taste of coffee or most beers come to think of it. That makes me kinda odd.

Oh BTW I just haven’t been in the mood to liveblog Morning Joe lately but I will as the mood strikes me.

It is a wonderful social skill to learn how to nurse a shot of good scotch so it lasts a very long time. Not only is it economical but I’ve never seen the attraction of being drunk or high for that matter.

On the subject I very much dislike Jim Braude’s promo for his show on WTKK stating that a person who says they’ve never used pot is either a liar or unfit for public office. Great example Jim. By your definition I’ve done my best to raise my kids to be unfit for office.

Then again that WOULD explain a whole lot concerning Massachusetts politics.

Considering the way George Tiller’s murder is being reported by the MSN the only way to prevent demonetization of Abortion Clinics protesters is to declare Clinics unofficial military recruitment locations.

You know the sound of the Ice Cream truck still makes me smile. That would explain my waistline however it rarely has root beer Popsicles.

Then again i like Music Box Dancer so that might be the reason.

Back in the days when I blogged for HiWired I was obliged to post daily, blogging can sometimes be a trap because once you start to get hits you feel obliged to post. That takes all the fun out of blogging for me.

Sort of like professional Magic, I started playing the game because i twas a good game that didn’t involve heavy thought as opposed to most games I play. I refuse to build complicated decks. When I want a thinking game there is always Republic of Rome.

You know it’s amazing how well the original Star Trek holds up over time. It’s even more amazing how funny William Shatner is. His work in Boston Legal is just classic and his priceline stuff is priceless, but they pay him for it anyway.

Of course he’s not Groucho, or the Three Stooges, and a good thing for him too because then he’d be dead and not working.

Then again the stooges and the Marx brothers are still making good money, better money than me and they all stopped working years ago.

They make an awful lot of people happy even though they aren’t working, I bet for the right money we can get the ladies of The View to stop working too. That would make even more people happy and nobody would have to be dead.

I know you might not think that is very funny but being in the majority is no guarantee of being right; then again if you want good humor you can always hit the Ice Cream Truck, of course it is 11 p.m. EST so you’d have to wait till tomorrow unless you are on the west coast.

Come to think of it I don’t see good humor bars anywhere these days, no wonder comedy is in such a decline. I’d better end this post now before it declines further. So in this case it would be further adieu.

Update: Mudville says Bad Form too but I maintain there is no such thing as anonymity of the web as I pointed out in my porn post (which really should have gotten more rule 5 hits than it did but I didn’t know what rule 5 was when I posted it).