it doesn’t make sense. If we could only find out what He is really up to! Hypothesis after hypothesis has been tried, and still we can’t find out. Yet we must never lose hope; more and more complicated theories, fuller and fuller collections of data, richer rewards for researchers who make progress, more and more terrible punishments for those who fail – all this, pursued and accelerated to the very end of time, cannot, surely, fail to succeed.

C.S. Lewis The Screwtape Letters #19

Today we discovered that Rush Limbaugh has won the Children’s Choice Book Award for his best selling childrens book Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims.

Rush’s site has his acceptance speech as accepted the award here’s part of it

I love America. I wish everybody did. I hope everybody will. It’s one of the most fascinating stories of human history, this country and what it has meant to the world and what it means to citizens who live here. And it’s a delight and it’s an opportunity to try to share that story with young people so that they can grow and learn to love and appreciate the country in which they’re growing up and will someday run and lead and inherit.

So I want to thank everybody that’s made this possible.

It genuinely is a thrill. This is a tremendous event. I’m so honored by this. I’m honored to be here among all of you and all of the other nominees for this and the other categories. It’s just a wonderful evening, and I thank everybody who had anything to do with it, particularly the kids who voted in every category. It is a great project that you have going here, children’s literacy and to expand it. And the organization and the work that you’re doing is just profound. And I’m honored and humbled to be a small, little part of it.

That Rush would win is not a big surprise, he has a huge audience base with plenty of parents and grandparents who would naturally be buying this book for their kids and grandkids. That’s a ready-made voter base.

However for the media such a win is a disaster. It’s bad enough that Rush is writing children’s books, that puts him in the front lines of culture wars in the spot that he can do the most good for the right. Even worse winning such an award legitimizes him in a way that simply can not be allowed.

So how did the media decide to write about this story, by implying the fix was in:

Rush Limbaugh wins children’s book award

Rush Limbaugh wins Children’s Choice Book Award, but did kids do all the choosing?

That headline guaranteed anyone glimpsing the story would think something was up, and if you read the story it got even worse.

But executive director Robin Adelson of the Children’s Book Council and Every Child a Reader, nonprofit organizations that co-founded the awards seven years ago, acknowledged Thursday that adults could easily vote and vote multiple times, a problem not uncommon for Internet competitions.

Mind you there was no actual evidence that the vote was fixed or anything funny was going on, but out of the 11 paragraphs of the story 10 of them were about the possibility of the vote being fixed, how it could be done et/al. and if you look at the language used it would appear this was the story the AP reporter wished to write and that was it.

I found myself curious if this line had been taken before concerning this award so I took the liberty of going to the site getting the contact information and calling Ms. Adelson and asked her about the awards.

She said this was the seventh year of the awards. I asked he about press coverage in the past and she told me every year press releases would be sent out announcing nominations and winners. I asked if the press had contacted her about the awards in past years and she answered they had.

I then mentioned the AP story above and asked if in any past years the press had inquired about the integrity of the voting for the award. Not only did she say the press never had questioned the integrity of the award in the past but stressed that there was absolutely no reason to question the integrity of the vote this year either.

She is a very pleasant woman, we chatted a bit about the awards in general (I didn’t realize that comics & manga were included) and when we were done I thanked her for her time. I enjoyed our conversation but I felt rather insulted on her behalf.

Here is a woman who is doing God’s work, promoting literacy in kids. This year her organization and awards ceremony gets significant publicity as one of the most popular radio hosts in history is nominated and wins. So what is the story that the media reports?

This fix could be in!

Never mind that Ms. Adelson and all who work for her deserve praise for the service they do for society promoting literacy in an age dominated by game systems and smart phones.

Never mind that there is no evidence of any shenanigans in the voting.

Never mind their programs such as Children’s Book Week (CBW) and The National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature program along with the awards (which included many other categories.

The bottom line is Rush Limbaugh won this award therefore the award’s integrity must be discredited! And if such an action by extension taints the people involved in ensuring it, that’s a shame but the necessity of discrediting Rush Limbaugh in any way possible trumps it.

How disgusting, how insulting, and how typical.

Instead of trying to cast doubt I submit and suggest we of the media should be thanking Ms. Adelson and all those who work for her for doing our culture a great service that will pay dividends to society for years. I suggest going to this page and donating to her worthy cause.


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Stuart:  Oooh Sheldon, I’m afraid you couldn’t be more wrong.
Sheldon:  More wrong? Wrong is an absolute state and not subject to gradation.
Stuart:  Of course it is. It’s a little wrong to say a tomato is a vegetable; it’s very wrong to say it’s a suspension bridge.

The Big Bang Theory, The Hofstadter Isotope 2009

One of the things about life is how important perception is, if people believe something they tend to act accordingly regardless of the facts.

The Heart of propaganda is to sell perception and this is what the MSM is all about as Kathy Shadle notes:

“Young people today get their news from The Daily Show!!!”
But as I’ve been saying: The ratings of Tosh.0 are higher than those of network-mates The Daily Show and The Colbert Report combined.
How does that supposedly translate into votes and worldview?

It translates to votes because people THINK it translates to votes, so even if you are a young person who doesn’t watch the Daily show, if you are told by others that this is what the “cool kids” are doing or saying the incentive to follow along is incredible, that’s how it translates into worldview.

But if you are a person who can actually count, who is a cultural conservative who believes in reality that just doesn’t fly:

one reason Rush Limbaugh makes $40 million a year is because he stubbornly points out that one plus one equals two, when everyone else insist it equals 492 or “avocado” or “shut up.”

Alas while Limbaugh has the numbers, John Stewart has the ear of those who are considered the “arbiters of cool” who create the background noise for those who do not pay attention, and while Limbaugh’s audience dwarfs Stewart’s that audience itself is dwarfed itself by the number of Americans whose only exposure to the political world is the background noise that the media generates.

Until we move to change that background noise the “Tomato is  a suspension bridge.” & “1 + 1 = Avocado” crowd will have the edge.

Last night I interviewed Bo Snerdley at the Louis Gohmert event

I’ve gotta tell you when you are trying to make it as a conservative radio talk host no interview short of Rush himself is as prized as getting face time with his right hand man Bo Snerdley

During the Q & A I asked him for advice as a person trying to make it in conservative radio, he said job #1 is be interesting. Well I’m doing my best


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If you are a person has listened to Rush Limbaugh for any length of time you know he is famous for montages of liberals/media repeating various memes that expose them for what they are. So if you were to hear something like this…

…on Rush’s show you would not be shocked.

But when you have MSNBC’s Morning Joe playing that video….

….on the show that normally leads with the left’s spin of the day, you know this isn’t going away anytime soon.

Be afraid democrats, be very afraid.

Rush Limbaugh has a kids book called Rush Revere and the brave Pilgrims Time-Travel Adventures with Exceptional Americans that is coming out Oct 29th. It’s already #1 on

Liberals seem in a dead panic and that panic is justified. Why? I can explain it in two tweets:

Any questions? Oh, just where can you buy it? Why you can by it here:

Yesterday was not a good day for the MSNBC narrative at Morning Joe.

Joe Scarborough, outnumbered around the table as usual, was the only one smiling as the Narrative of “Romney/GOP war on women” crumbled before the new polls results from CBS/NYT. That must have been enjoyable for Joe but there are three new changes to conventional wisdom that will not be so much fun for him:

1. ITEM: Sarah PALIN that’s who.

One week ago the Deb Fischer campaign was in tatters, one opponent was endorsed by the GOP establishment and the other by Jim DeMint a tea party favorite. On May 9th Sarah Palin endorsed her and her prospects suddenly changed. And last night she won the GOP primary with 41% of the vote and a 10,000 vote margin:

A state senator who had been stuck for weeks in third place in polls has won the GOP nomination for a U.S. Senate seat from Nebraska, continuing a pattern of challengers successfully taking on prominent Republicans in party primaries.

State Sen. Deb Fischer capped a remarkable surge by capturing the Senate nomination on Tuesday. She will face Democrat Bob Kerrey, a former Nebraska senator and governor, in the November election.

I guess the “Sarah Palin is irrelevant” narrative is going to be a tough play on MSNBC today.

2. Item: Broken nose, broken narrative

That’s the title of this post at Legal Insurrection linking to the ABC report revealing that George Zimmerman had a broken nose, black eyes etc etc etc according to the medical report:

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

Jacobson being a lawyer, he of course notes that this doesn’t PROVE that he didn’t act unlawfully but I seem to recall that the standard of a trial works under something called “innocent till proven guilty”

And if William Jacobson scored the touchdown then Tom McGuire kicks the extra point via this WFTV9 report that Trayvon Martin had “injuries on his knuckles according to his autopsy despite what the mortician had said:

Richard Kurtz, a black (IIRC) mortician who serves the black community, had the good sense to see nothing unusual about Martin when he prepared him for the funeral. Anyone who took that seriously is surprised by the current report. Since you ask, I expressed reservations about the mortician at the end of this old post.

Now considering the New Black Panthers involvement and the pressure from Sharpton etc I can see this guy Kurtz buckling under fear for his life or business but what is the excuse of Joe Scarborough who pushed the “We all know what’s going on” business or MSNBC’s Trayvon Martin outrage and Al Sharpton race baiting all over the place?

Worse of all there is NO WAY smiling Angela Corey the special prosecutor didn’t know this info from the autopsy, yet she charged 2nd degree murder anyway! This explains why she didn’t dare go to a grand jury. With this evidence they would have been more likely to indict a ham sandwich than George Zimmerman. All this person did was empower a lot of people who make their living on racial hate. In my opinion this woman should be disbarred and she and the state sued.

3. Item: Who loves Rush? Women love Rush!

Remember the boycott that the #stoprush crowd pushed by Media Matters, NOW and the MSM that was pushed over the “Slut” comment concerning activist Sandra Fluke? Well maybe the boycott has fizzled but the idea that Rush is “anti-woman” card kept being played by the left.

While Morning Joe & MSNBC kept suggesting GOP members should denounce Rush, Limbaugh fresh off of amassing 100k+ Twitter followers in 24 hours is back for another round forming a group called Rush Babes for America on facebook.

Te numbers it has produced has not been friendly to the MSM asLimbaugh reports:

Our Rush Babes for America Facebook page has over 62,000 female friends, almost two-and-a-half times the total membership at the NOW gang Facebook page

Do you mean to say that in less than ten days a Rush Limbaugh woman’s group is twice as popular as NOW, no newcomer to facebook? I wonder how Media Matters, NOW and MSNBC will spin that?


Exit question: Exactly how many memes that simply aren’t true can be pushed by the MSNBC crowd before they change direction?

Morning Joe didn’t find these topics newsworthy but others are trying to spin for them:

This is stupid. If the Republican establishment loses to a candidate backed by both Sarah Palin and Herman Cain, of course the Tea Party wins. What else could explain it?

He is referring to a story at The Hill, he has much more respect for Sarah Palin’s statement and Hot Air notes the polling in the general is looking good:

Aaron Blake at the Washington Post reports that Fischer already has a ten-point lead in polling over Kerrey

But…But Palin is supposed to be toxic in a general election.

I’m having too much fun with this.

A few days ago the Washington Post broke down and revealed that the Rush Limbaugh boycott had failed. Hotair quoted the paper:

Limbaugh’s advertising losses may have been less than media accounts suggested. While more than 100 advertisers told Premiere that they didn’t want to be associated with “controversial” radio programs of any kind in the wake of the flap, some of these companies weren’t regular Limbaugh sponsors in the first place.

Carusone said most of the advertiser exodus over the past month appeared to be among companies whose ads aired only in regional or local markets, he said. “Fewer than five” nationwide sponsors of the program actually pulled out, he said…

Today while writing my “Under the Fedora” column I went to the Washington Post page and suddenly this paragraph looks…different.

Carusone said most of the advertiser exodus over the past month appeared to be among companies whose ads aired only in regional or local markets, he said.

Interestingly enough the sentence saying “fewer than five” is gone. Here is the screen shot from HotAir:

and here is a screen shot of the Washington Post link as of 2:20 p.m. this afternoon (Click to enlarge):

I guess the reality of the numbers is just too much for the Post to leave posted for posterity.

Update: Instalanche, thanks Glenn and this from comments that deserves repeating:

If Woodward and Berstein were dead, they’d be turning over in their graves…except that Woodward is now the executive editor.

It’s one thing to chase down Nixon…quite another to tell the truth about Rush.

Update 2: Don Surber links and says:

Paul Fahri made the mistake of telling the truth about Rush Limbaugh. That must be a violation of the Washington Post’s stylebook.

Update 3:
Under the Fedora is now up.

They said that he will print anything Media Matters will give him, and look who is still leading the drumbeat vs Rush on Memeorandum ten days later:

Think Progress and…..Greg Sargent.

Meanwhile as large chunks of the left talk to themselves some members of the left (via legal insurrection and my under the fedora column) demonstrate they can still count:

The dustup over Sleep Train, along with the blowback suffered by Carbonite over that company’s public denunciation of Limbaugh, demonstrates that the iconic radio talk show host is dealing from a position of strength in the campaign to deprive him of advertisers. One tends to prosper when one advertises on Limbaugh’s show. But cross him, and one will suffer.

The one overwhelming fact is that Limbaugh commands many millions of listeners. There is no evidence that any of them have stopped listening because of the kerfuffle with Sandra Fluke. Indeed, one suspects that Limbaugh has gained listeners, curious about what the fuss is all about. As long as the show maintains its listener base, it does not matter if any advertisers bail on Limbaugh for political reasons. There will always be others who will want to take their place, because it is good business to advertise on the most listened-to radio talk show on the planet.

Remember Dan Riehl mentioned on Friday a story the left was crowing about that seemed too good to be true for them

I don’t know, I’m no industry expert, but I’d be skeptical of a big story like this breaking on a Saturday. I could be wrong, but I think I’ll wait until I hear what, if anything, is said about all this on Monday when most radio talkers are back on the air.

Maybe it’s just me, but I suspect that if there was a true mass exodus of advertisers from Rush the MSM would have spent yesterday crowing and would still be doing it today.

Yet there are only the three Memeorandum leads, two by the same person Judd Legum from Think Progress and Greg “Anything you want it that’s is what I’ll print it” Sargent and the lefty blogs that mimic them. If it wasn’t for Sargent’s position at the Washington Post it would be a total case of crickets.

And the post actually pays him for this!

You’ll remember we commented on how our friends in the MSM/left who are totally outraged over Rush Limbaugh booked Comedian Louis C.K. for the correspondents dinner who has employed an …interesting set of remarks about women. and Mr. CK’s decision to pull out of the Correspondents dinner once Greta Van Susteren pointed out his remarks and said she would not go.

Well via Legal Insurrection we discover that our friends on the left have decided to take the decisive action, of calling for a boycott of Greta’s show:

Before we jump off into a hellish debate about conservative and liberal media bias, let’s all just remember one thing: Louis C.K. is a hilarious genius. And Greta Van Susteren has stopped him from entertaining us. Is she even on television anymore? Does she write for someone? I don’t know really, but let’s just all agree to never pay attention to anything she does ever again.

Ah Louis CL is a “hilarious genius” as opposed to Rush Limbaugh who apparently no right thinking person would admire.

It is getting nearly impossible to parody the left, it really is.

The longer the Rush business goes on, the more we discover mainstream media’s chivalrous outrage over an insult to a woman is apparently rather… flexible:

The headliner of this year’s Radio and Television Correspondents Dinner is “comedian” Louis C.K. Comedian? I don’t think so. Pig? yes.

He uses filthy language about women…..yes, the C word…and yes, even to describe a woman candidate for Vice President of the United States. It isn’t just Governor Palin he denigrates. He denigrates all women and looks to the crowd to laugh.

So let me get this straight, for over a week the we have seen story after story of feigned outrage over the insult to a “lady” yet these same Radio and Television Correspondents decide to feature a headliner famous for these lines:

Louis C.K. says of Palin: “her f*** retard making c***” and “the baby that just came out of her f**** disgusting c***.”

To Palin: just “stick your t** in its mouth and shut up.”

And here is more: ”…her f***** retard making c****”

Need more to convince you? Here is what he says on twitter:

“I want to rub my father’s c*** all over Sarah Palin’s fat t***”

The left’s and the media’s willingness to shoot themselves in the foot never ceases to amaze me.

Update: C.K. is out, but not by decision of the Correspondents dinner, he withdrew himself, after all if the Correspondents dinner took action against a comedian who actually makes a living on misogyny vs a talk show host you used ill advised words and apologized their friends in Hollywood might not take it well.