You’ll remember we commented on how our friends in the MSM/left who are totally outraged over Rush Limbaugh booked Comedian Louis C.K. for the correspondents dinner who has employed an …interesting set of remarks about women. and Mr. CK’s decision to pull out of the Correspondents dinner once Greta Van Susteren pointed out his remarks and said she would not go.

Well via Legal Insurrection we discover that our friends on the left have decided to take the decisive action, of calling for a boycott of Greta’s show:

Before we jump off into a hellish debate about conservative and liberal media bias, let’s all just remember one thing: Louis C.K. is a hilarious genius. And Greta Van Susteren has stopped him from entertaining us. Is she even on television anymore? Does she write for someone? I don’t know really, but let’s just all agree to never pay attention to anything she does ever again.

Ah Louis CL is a “hilarious genius” as opposed to Rush Limbaugh who apparently no right thinking person would admire.

It is getting nearly impossible to parody the left, it really is.

now that Rush apparently is in the hospital with chest pains.

I’d keep an eye on memeorandum and see what the comments at the liberal sites are. Perhaps I’m being unfair but when this shows up at the Huffpo I’ll be really surprised to see comments open.

Update: Surprise Surprise Surprise and she is right this is THE twitter of the day:

Irony = Hoping Rush Limbaugh Dies. Then asking for citizens to trust you with power.

If you really want to see nasty comments check out the “pop” side of memeorandum “WeSmirch“. The comments particularly at popeater are really something.

Update: American Power links, thanks muchly.

It’s an interesting contrast between events in the NY-23 and in Rome concerning the Anglicans. The first is happening quickly while the other has been happening over decades and centuries. Yet in the end it is the second that will be more important over the next century.

A lot of people on the left are grinning over their pseudo Palin book, but how much must it gall them deep inside to know they could never hope to have book sales of their content without her?

I was talking to a serving Military Friend of mine. He is really disappointed at the direction LGF has taken over the last few months. I suspect among other serving soldiers who follow this stuff that is not an unique thought.

Tangentially I think it is a huge mistake for both Rush (concerning the NFL) and Robert Stacy (concerning Charleston WV Gazette) to not promptly go with legal action, particularly for Robert Stacy who doesn’t have Rush’s millions. I don’t know what the statutes are concerning libel and defamation in terms of timing but I can’t see letting it go much beyond election day without action.

I got a bill from one of the medical providers I deal with, and called to pay it over the phone. In the sequence (for this for that business) there was the message:

“If you can’t speak English and need an interpreter press 4”

That struck me as very funny

I mentioned Beatles Rock Band that my kid got for his birthday. During that night when they were having their Jam my wife was sitting at the PC in the same room. She didn’t react. The moment I was handed the mike to sing she turned on her mp3 player and plugged in her earphones.

She used to turn on the radio whenever I would sing in the car when were dating too.

What would Doctor Who fans do without Rich’s comic blog? I know I say it a lot but it’s true every time I do.

Speaking of Dr. Who my son is a new series fanatic, on a history test he missed where Versailles was. He couldn’t believe he missed it and forgot about “The Girl in the Fireplace“.

And Yes I hit publish before I meant to.

I started this blog 8 days after Hiwired went under. The blog is now 5 weeks away from it’s 1 year anniversary. If you told me I would still be unemployed at this point I wouldn’t have believed you.

The fact that I’m still not working is a source of great embarrassment and shame to me. It has been one of the most depressing things I’ve ever gone through.

The fact that my pal Dave has been out of work almost as long as me is even more surprising.

You know I never much cared for Glenn Beck but I find myself watching it once in a while, I still think he’s too over the top for me but if it wasn’t for the idiots at the White House I wouldn’t watch it at all. I’ll wager that there are thousands like me.

I’ve been coughing for over 3 weeks now. I finished my Z-pack on Sunday and when the cough didn’t go away the family got on my case to call the doc. I did that Tuesday and they said it still takes the full 10 days for the drugs to work. The only reason they use the Z-Pack is because people who seem to feel better by day 7 tend to stop taking the drugs and then get worse. They’d rather deal with people angry that they are still sick on day 8 because they know they will get better, I hope so.

Considering the lack of sales I’ve managed for support you would think I’d feel like a sucker for my 18 month Log-me-in subscription but every time I help a friend and don’t have to spend hours there it pays for itself.

Burger king finally figured out that the customers didn’t like paying $2 for a double cheeseburger that McDonalds charges $1 for. I was wondering how long that would take.

I made a joke concerning a walking stick to a friend of my son, when he told his friend a silly story concerning said walking stick, a meat clever and an elf hat. I started questioning said friend of my son who else they would associate said story with. Every person she listed is a member of my gaming group. That was kinda sad.

What was sadder is she is absolutely right.

The more I see of the new Robin Hood series the more I appreciate the 1950’s Richard Greene series Communist writers not withstanding.

Speaking of Robin Hood, the best adaption is still the 1938 movie. One of the greatest movies ever made.

Olivia de Havilland who played Maid Marion is still alive and still has more class than anyone anyone I can think of in Hollywood.

Speaking of class considering the egg on their faces over Acorn Philly its a wonder that media matters, Bertha Lewis or the MSM can show their faces. Whatever Soros is paying these guys it isn’t enough.

And you can’t control a message when a youtube video is only an e-mail away.

Acorn should thank it’s lucky starts that the Phillies are going to the series.

I’ve been seeing more of the 1-20-2013. I still don’t like them, like the 1-20-09 stickers I think they are whiney.

You know I like Sarah Palin, I am looking forward to supporting her in 2012 or 2016 or 2020, but I do worry about going all obamacult over her. I see it in others and don’t want it for myself.

And her hips are STILL all wrong.

Have you noticed that whenever Liberals decide to fight for something they are encouraged by the media but whenever conservatives fight they are told to moderate?

I remember from Tip O’Neil’s Autobiography his frustration that Jimmy Carter wasn’t big on following up to push his agenda, every time I read that I feel so relieved.

Tip was right though you have to keep pushing things, that’s why I still write about media bias etc, because you would be surprised how quickly people manage to forget things in front of them.

For all the crazy political stuff going on in Massachusetts you still can’t beat the foliage.

And it is home.

It never ceases to amaze me that people still make the same mistakes that infect systems.

And the longer I live the less surprised I am about various outrageous things people do.

The Amazon vine general newsletter is due today, I have two books already on the way from the Vine that I ordered last week therefore I might not be able to order this week when all the stuff goes up. I haven’t decided if that is a good or a bad thing.

I suspect the Palin book won’t be there.

Once I get a job I wonder how much less I will be blogging?

And will anyone care?

Still no idea why I can’t get trackbacks from Hotair or Michelle.

But on the plus side I’ve been much more regular on my Rosary.

Considering my situation I’ve been very lazy on my prayers, I should really know better.

And on that note back to real life.

You might recall this post that I made in a silly mood last week:

Are people more interested in Mika Brzezinski bikini pics, or Joe Scarborough Speedo pics? Can either compare with the public’s need for Willie Geist Speedo pics or even to International Superstar Erin Burnett Bikini Pics? Will Savannah Guthrie Bikini pics rule the roost or will they all be helpless against the juggernaut of Mike Barnicle Speedo pics fans? (Hey the guy has 6 kids he must be doing SOMETHING right).

Ok a week is up lets look at the numbers:

There was not a single hit for my blog for any search for Joe Scarborough, Mike Barnicle, Willie Geist, or surprisingly Erin Burnett, in a Bikini or a speedo.

There was a single hit or someone looking for hot pics of Savannah Guthrie. Although that is better than everyone else I just listed I also had one hit for “Rush Limbaugh Bikini” which is a very scary thing.

But the winner was Mika with a total of 6 hits for people looking for Mika Brzezinski bikini pictures.

To put this in perspective during the same period the blog had 41 hits for people looking for Hannah Giles bikini pictures or Hannah giles hot pics and etc.

Hannah giles is young enough to be Mika’s daughter and her fame comes from an undercover film posing as a hooker. for Mika to have 1/7th of her hits is no disgrace and in my opinion establishes a basic truth:

Mika Brzezinski is a handsome woman and would be a worthy Rule 5 subject if such photos existed.

I don’t know if Erin or Savannah should be embarrassed or relieved. I know if I was Rush I’d be worried.

Yeah I know it’s silly but it’s good for my heart.

How do you know the Acorn story is getting Big? MSNBC (well morning joe) decided to cover it. They played clips of the films and beat their breasts over not covering the story.

It was the 6 o’clock hour but but with yesterday’s Morning Meeting it was a start.

The question is would it have been covered if it hadn’t been for the Senate vote? And would that vote have every happened if it wasn’t for “Those Damn Pictures?” I suspect that senators wouldn’t have been in such a hurry to change votes if it wasn’t for the video:

More and more Democrats signed onto the amendment, and votes started changing. One male voice could be heard in the chamber saying, “I want to change my vote!” Among those who changed their votes: Tom Udall (D-NM), Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ), and Herb Kohl (D-WI).

Rats off a sinking ship. Thomas Nast apparently lives and post regularly at Big Government and the Machine had best beware.

Update: He brings it up in hour two and Chuck Todd pooh pooh Van Jones as a minor player. Joe is having none of it and promises to bring it up again on the radio with Todd.

Update 2: Charlie Gibson will need another Palin interview to recover from this.

Update 3:
Welcome Michelle Malkin readers, take a look around, Get details on the Robert Stacy McCain/Charles Johnson brawl and why McCain is the richest man in the blogosphere, Discover the 1% rule, find why President Obama gets two thumbs up and will never send troops against tea party protesters, if Hannah Giles Bikini photos will get you a bunch of hits on your blog and read my reviews of Michelle’s Culture of Corruption and Newt’s latest novel due out next month.

Update 4: Michele gives Norah O’Donnell a history lesson.

Update 5: Oh that explains it. Michelle Malkin’s top story was linked directly by Rush and My link is the first trackback on her page. No wonder my hits are through the roof. So welcome fellow dittoheads take a look around. If you are football fans take a peek at my review of That First Season: How Vince Lombardi Took the Worst Team in the NFL and Set It on the Path to Glory due out October 15th. See when the worm started to Turn on the President months ago. Find the purpose of his speech last week, Discover why Sarah Palin is “She who must not be quoted” and is also the next Ted Kennedy (in a good way), discover why a death panel is actually Council guidance and see what candidate the people who brought you Tom Ridge is thinking of (don’t be drinking when you click on the link) and have you heard this one? It’s a Killer!

Oh I tend to be an early riser and I’m one of those rare Massachusetts conservatives so check back tomorrow for some links and commentary. Oh and if you need remote computer tech support I’m your man and can fix your machine right from where I sit.

Well I didn’t expect better when I see Jon Meacham from yesterday and Lawrence O’Donnell that soul of fairness, repeat the canard that Rush started this and take the moment to attack Sarah Palin again.

Still no word on the man who would be Rodney King in the MSM.

It’s one of the reasons I don’t liveblog this show anymore. The Palin stuff was just too much for me.

OMG 1. Al Hunt claims the media is wrong on the opposition being astroturfing the crowds!

OMG 2. Tom Colburn is on next, this should be interesting!

8:25 a.m. Colburn attacks entrenched congress rather than a democratic one as the real reason for spending issues. That is pretty true since both republicans and democrats are willing to spend when given the chance. He must be a calming influence since Lawrence O’Donnell just gave Gingrich credit for spending costs and Colburn corrected him that he only cut for one year.

Colburn seems to think this “healthcare” can be done in a different way than the Obama way. This guy just radiates honesty.

8:26 A really great exchange between an e-mail and Al Hunt. The e-mail states that at least an Insurance company can be fought but the government can’t so easy. Hunt counters that he had all kinds of hell fighting insurance companies with his sick child. That is good point in both directions but Hunt forgets that eventually he found a insurance company that he liked.

8:41 a.m. the “both sides” BS is going on.

8:43 a.m. Great line by Joe to O’Donnell: “You’ve told me for years that these were the tactics of the left and now that conservatives are using them it’s a national disgrace?”

8:44 a.m. They repeat the Nazi symbol canard.

8:46 a.m. They mention Pelosi after Limbaugh again as if he started it.

Very busy yesterday so no posting but one thought.

Just finished re-reading Six Days of War that was returned to me after a loan. (My old Amazon review from 2002 is here) At the time the thing that struck me the most was the story of the BIG LIE, namely that the US and England had actively attacked Egypt and Jordan during the 1967 war. I wrote the following at the time:

This more than anything else shows the weakness of dictatorship in general and the arab states in particular. Building a foundation on falsehood; false victories, false reports, false charges is necessary when you have to control your people in order to lead them. Problems can’t be addressed and situations can’t be advanced while this is true, likewise troops can’t be inspired when they can’t believe what their commanders say for can the people be expected to sustain a war when they don’t believe what is being said. For Arabs this cycle is still being repeated today, my favorite example being Imam Muhammad al-Gameia who a few days after attending a service in NY preaching love and unity (in English) went to Egypt and said that the Jews were behind Sept 11 and Arabs were being shot in the streets in NY. (In Arabic)

The rest of my review at the time was edited by Amazon as it was an indictment of current Arab government. Not only has that opinion been vindicated (Remember Baghdad Bob) and the “massacre of Jenin” and ofHaditha” but the tactics were frankly copied by the American left in their description of the war in Iraq and of Gitmo.

I hate to say it but It’s my opinion that there is no real chance for peace in the middle east. Arab leaders don’t dare embrace actual peace and normalcy for fear of their public and power since the Arab street hasn’t embraces reality publicly. The only way democracy is going to be the answer is after a democratic Jordan, Syria, Saudi Arabia and Egypt demand fight and lose a war a catastrophic war against Israel.

Until the average Arab feels and acknowledges defeat peace will never happen. Limbaugh is right on this one.

Is this a one time shot or will this become regular, and if it is regular does it hurt the membership?

Anyways here is Rush Limbaugh on YouTube from yesterday:

and part 2

and part 3

and part 4

and part 5

and part 6 which ends the first hour

There are 10 parts I won’t post them all. It will be interesting to see if this continues. Is the idea for a “Rush” youtube channel to go viral and counter the old media through the new one? Time will tell.

…and I guess on Morning Joe they were reading a different column.

I didn’t see anything attacking Rush or Newt but the way the morning Joe crowd was talking you would have thought it was a shot across the bow attacking them.

You can certainly make the case that since the odds of blocking this appointment are slim we should save our powder for when it matters but I think that apathy and concession breeds apathy and concession.

Charles is trying to elevate the debate, he makes points but it seems to me he is choosing to be Captain America bringing a shield to a sword fight. In case you forgot here is what happens when you do:

What happens when you come to a swordfight without a sword.
What happens when you come to a swordfight without a sword.

This president is a Chicago Pol, the democratic party is one big Chicago Machine in the way it works. The right way to handle it is the Chicago way.

If we are going to uphold what we believe is right we have to be willing to fight. As one of my favorite presidents (a democrat) said: A public office is a public trust. If a person doesn’t meet that standard we need to fight it out. I can’t find the clip but the operative quote here is from the liberal movie The American President:

A. J. MacInerney: Oh, you only fight the fights you can win? You fight the fights that need fighting!

This fight needs fighting.

It has been suggested that the president is very wise scheduling a speech suddenly today against the former Vice president:

1) The Obama White House runs the savviest information ops of any White House in modern history. This is all about rebutting an increasingly effective exponent of aggressive counter-terrorism policies. 2) Why do it? The simple answer is that the public is listening to Cheney on the issues, and if the Democratic Congress’s decision this week to deny funding to close Gitmo is any indication, finger-in-the-wind politicians are listening, too.

Already today on Morning Joe Vice president Cheney’s speech is being called the “Republican response” even though it was scheduled long before the president making it seem a “me too” speech in perception. That’s smart right?

My opinion is different. These guys are falling into the Rush CPAC trap.

Consider a few months ago, the White House and Limbaugh traded barbs (the White House STILL hasn’t taken Rush offer of radio time cluck, cluck ) because of this the CPAC speech which would have normally been ignored by the networks was carried by both FOX and CNN live exposing his ACTUAL opinions and positions directly thousands of people who would have never heard a word he ever said unfiltered by the media. It’s hard to demonize someone when you have actually heard him someone yourself. The increased audience for Rush and the success of the Tea party movement show this.

Now if the president had not given his speech today, the vice president speech would have been given and individual sound bites would have been picked up by the MSM and spun according to their whims to favor the White House.

Instead because of the president’s speech Vice President’s speech will be covered live and unfiltered. The public will not only be able to hear his position articulated but also articulated in a speech that he has had time to write and develop. At best it could be a game changer for the debate, at worst people who have only seen a filtered or caricature of the vice president will see the real thing.Minds will be changed.

Meanwhile the president, a fine speaker, will be reading a speech developed quickly in response to political issues. He has a good staff and I’m sure the speech will not be bad, but it’s very nature is reactive and it is not credible to assert that a speech written over the course of a day will be superior to one developed over time.

Add to that the Vice president convictions and experience on the issues of government and the difference will be noticed!

The end result will be pressure to pressure a policy that keeps America safer. That makes us all winners.

Update: Michelle nails it:

I, for one, and gratified to see this White House forced to put national security on the front burner. If not for the forceful public defenses by Vice President Cheney of the aggressive, proactive measures the last administration took to keep us safe, the current commander-in-chief would be happily gabbling about solar panels and weatherization subsidies or somesuch.