1st Romana: But Doctor, haven’t you forgotten something?
4th Doctor: Me?
1st Romana: What about the Bridge, and the time dams?
4th Doctor: Bridge and time. K9?
K9: Piece of cake, master. Blow them up.
1st Romana: Oh, isn’t that rather crude?
4th Doctor: Oh, it’s a bit crude, but immensely satisfying.

Doctor Who, The Pirate Planet 1978

Yesterday via Sarah Hoyt at Glenn’s I saw this post concerning the appearance of the Sad Puppies controversy appearing as a question on Jeopardy.

For the Sad Puppies crowd it is a mixed blessing because the top results in a google search for Puppygate brings up top results that are uniformly opposed to the Sad puppies members meaning people taking a quick look will get only one side of the story.

So you might ask, where is the satisfaction? Well it came in his update to the base post:

Oh look. Our inevitable link back from File 770, as Glyer-50-Hugos hopes desperately for relevance and traffic. Hey, everybody. Wave at the doofuses.

How many doofi… Let me check the stats… Top 10? Keep scrolling. Top 20 referrers? Keep scrolling. Holy shit. How lame is your traffic, Glyer? No wonder you keep linking to everything I write!

This fact which exposes the left as the tiny group of crazy uncles they are speaks volumes, alas many of said uncles are in media.

One of the constants of the left is that if one of their own falls it certainly isn’t the fault of the left or anything resembling it. It’s an aberration, a person disturbed or the person really wasn’t a leftist after all.

But if you really want to find the ultimate it spinning Niki at the Liberty Zone has found it:

I shouldn’t be amazed at the continued racism, prejudice, and utter appalling lies perpetuated by the SJW crowd. After all I’ve written about them enough on this blog. Every time I finish an essay, I promise myself to ignore these nits hereafter. I don’t want to give them any additional publicity or clicks.

The story she is talking about is pretty basic, a rather well-known Astronomer and professor at liberal Bastion USC Berkeley Geoffrey William Marcy was found to have violated the sexual harassment policy of the college

Amid growing outrage less than a week after a sexual harassment scandal burst into the news, renowned astronomer Geoff Marcy has resigned his post at UC Berkeley.

But his resignation, announced by campus administrators Wednesday, did little to quell anger over the school’s light punishment after an official investigation found he had been subjecting students to unwanted groping, kissing and massages for nearly a decade.

The Berkley statement is of interest:


It is important to understand that as Berkeley’s leadership considered disciplinary options, we did not have the authority, as per University of California policy, to unilaterally impose any disciplinary sanctions, including termination. Discipline of a faculty member is a lengthy and uncertain process. It would include a full hearing where the standards of evidence that would be used are higher than those that are applied by the Office for the Prevention of Harassment and Discrimination (OPHD) in the course of its investigations. The process would also be subject to a three-year statute of limitations.


The statute of limitation explains why this is not criminal matter.

Now the idea that a Berkeley Professor used power to take sexual advantage of students in his care is a legit story and one that’s repeated in public schools & colleges nationwide.

What was the cause? The abuse of power? A predatory nature? Because he could? No the blame for this Berkley professor can be laid at the door of that infamous womanizer…Captain Kirk…

In hindsight, those early episodes seem undeniably cheesy, but at the time they were far more serious – not only about the starship Enterprise’s mission “to boldly go where no man has gone before,” but also about the importance of Captain Kirk meeting hot alien babes on all of the strange planets they found.

if you think blaming Kirk is maximum crazy it’s not:

But condemning the behavior of the university and the professor wasn’t good enough for the “writer” of the dreck I cited above. No, she just had to take the opportunity to smear the SJWs’ favorite punching bag, the Sad Puppies, with that tainted brush, because Sad Puppies = anyone the SJWs hate.

The mental acrobatics and irrational contortions that she obviously had to go through to reach this conclusion are making my eyes cross! You see, the Sad Puppies, in the addled shit show of a mind of this particular imbecile, want to bring back the good ole days of science fiction, which are replete with misogyny, degradation of women, and the SJW morons’ favorite boogieman: the domination of old white men.


This college professor while pretending to be a good liberal professor at Berkeley was made a sexual harasser late in life because of the horrible influence of William Shatner’s portrayal of Captain Kirk and Furthermore this just shows that the Sad Puppies Hugo Awards guys want to create a world we’re science fiction will be all about grooming people to think sexually assault women while pretending they are orion slave girls.

And you thought medical marijuana wasn’t harmful.

Of course even funnier is the demonstration of my crazy uncle principle as said opinion apparently produced a plethora of agreements and affirmation. It’s a wonder they haven’t launched a class action suit against Shatner.

I wonder if Bill Clinton & Bill Cosby were big Trek fans?

There are people in the world who need to be laughed at publicly, this person is one of them.

Via Sarah Hoyt at Instapundit

Update: Related, perhaps not being able to cope with the opposite sex is a berkeley problem.

“One time, I agreed to meet with this guy at 8 or 9 at night. Before we met, I said to him, ‘This is the work I do, I know the chief of police … so, don’t try and get creepy; I know all my rights.’ And five minutes later, he was like, ‘Actually, I’m really not OK with how you just assume I’m a bad guy. And I get very bad vibes from that, so we shouldn’t hang out anymore.’”

“I was in a rage. He was a total fuckboy about consent,” she said.

I guess this berkeley co-ed is lucky this guy sounds like a closet Shatner fan to me. I think Stacy can see her future


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loves the world except for all the people

Men At Work – Dr Heckyll And Mr Jive 1982

Director Blue’s latest list of the top 300 conservative web sites based on Alexa ranking and DaTechGuy blog came in at 212 just ahead of the federalist society and just behind gay patriot

While a ranking of 212 isn’t bad (454021 worldwide 78,297 in the US) It’s a far cry from the days when I was in the top 100 with a ranking occasionally hitting above 100,000 worldwide (of course in those days I was averaging an Instalanche every 10 days ) but looking at list it hit me this is analogous to the effect of Donald Trump is having on the GOP primaries.

Let’s look at a screen shot of the top of the list:

top 300 8-15

If you look at this list you’ll see Pjmedia.com, where resides the blogfather at 26th with a ranking of 6455 (1370 in the US) and Matt Drudge,  the one who in a sense  started it all at #6,  with a rank of 629. (131 in the US)

While that means in the land of conservative sites those are big the whales, those rankings also mean that in the greater world there are 628 web sites that people rather go to than drudge and over 6400 that people rather go to that Instapundit.  If you go to Alexa and look at the Drudge Report in their list of the top 500 sites in the US  you’ll see what I mean.


drudge 8-15


In the US Drudge is just ahead of time.com (which I confess puts a smile on my face) but lets look at the sites ahead of it: goodraeds.com, publishers clearing house, weather underground and Sears.

My site gets a spike when I’m linked by Ace of Spades or Instapundit and if Drudge ever links me the traffic spike would be incredible but looking at that list there are over 100 sites that could provide a bigger one.

Those others sites  are more popular than Drudge not because there is something wrong with it, but because they have a greater interest to the greater population.


That’s what Donald Trump is to the political world.

The reality is the conservative blogosphere is a niche market in the blogging world, the blogging world is a niche market in the political world and the political world is a niche market in the information that people actually care about.

Trump’s place is beyond that niche market, so when he entered the political world the elites who normally have the clout (the media the Party leaders ) to decide who and what is acceptable suddenly find themselves swamped the thousands of people who used to ignore them.  I’s the political equivalent of Sad Puppies

The self appointed elites of the Sci fi world are horrified that despite their efforts the greater mass of fandom that was always able, but never bothered to vote for the Hugo awards might actually vote for people who they do not approve of.

Rather than arguing for the quality of the books on their slate and reaching out to these new voters to persuade the them that the books they suggest deserve their votes, the opponents of Sad puppies have demonized them as a bunch of racist, bigots, homophobes etc etc etc and have painted their votes as a bunch of ignorant followers.

That’s not going to win friends or influence people.

It’s the same problem for the media and political gatekeepers.  Donald Trump is horrifying the media, the GOP elites and those who have been the gatekeepers can’t stand the idea that a bunch of people who normally would not pay attention might actually select a nominee outside of their sphere of influence and can’t handle the idea that they might have to sell their candidates to the unwashed masses rather than making them choose between their approved candidates.

It reminds them that in the end we are a niche market, Donald Trump is beyond our niche

Final thought, there was a study quoted at Ace of Spades & Hotair that downplayed Donald Trump’s social media power noting that only 39.4% of Trump’s Twitter followers are currently eligible to vote as opposed to say Jeb Bush with 85.5%

Just remember 85.5% of Jeb Bush’s followers is 244,530, 39.4% of Trump’s followers is 1,477,500 that’s six times more.

Update: Instalanche (& traffic spike) thanks Ed While you’re here consider checking out my first foray into fiction a short story called The Eyes at amazon Kindle planned as the first of a series.

Update 2: For some reason the code for DaTipJar button became corrupted fixed.

Update 3: I don’t think I’ve ever had a piece instalanched twice by two different authors at Instapundit (Thanks Sarah) neither of them Glenn. Given the different times of day and authors it will be interesting to see how many people come from one vs the other.


That name niche market principle applies to DaTipJar.

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If you are a regular reader at DaTechGuyBlog You might be surprised to see a 3rd piece on the Hugo Awards, Sad Puppies controversy in two days here. I suspect most of my readers have never heard of the Hugo award, are unfamiliar with the books that are nominated and would conclude with upon examination that Hugo Award winners are:

simply the favorite of the subset of readers who happened to buy memberships to any given year’s World Science Fiction Convention.

But if they want to understand why the entire Sad Puppies business should be of interest to them, let me give them a historical political parallel, Lyndon Johnson and the Little Congress.

Created to provide a forum for public-speaking experience and increased knowledge of parliamentary procedures for congressional staff, the Little Congress modeled itself after the House of Representatives

While over the years it had become primarily a social club a young secretary to Texas congressman Kleberg decided to turn it into a tool for his own purposes.

On April 27th 1933 Lyndon Bains Johnson was elected to the speakership of the little congress securing his election through ahem interesting means and quickly transformed the organization as a power base, promoting himself to media, to senior members of congress building a political machine whereby one did not advance unless they were a Johnson man and opposition to him resulted in retaliation.

For two years people put up with this until a 20 year old James Coleman when discovering that the only way he could advance was “knuckling under” to Johnson decided to fight back and discovered that there were plenty of people who were not happy at what the organization had become. As Robert A Caro put it in his book The Years of Lyndon Johnson the Path to Power: “Rounding up support for his attempt to defeat Johnson proved unexpectedly easy.” and while Johnson was running a surrogate for speaker (as the office was term limited) the outcry was directed against him:

Pointing to Johnson, who was sitting silently in a corner Croslin shouted: “That’s the man we’re going to defeat. He’s been boss too long, we’re not going to be bossed!”

Lo and behold when the ballots were counted (this time in the open checked against membership lists) LBJ found himself and his machine defeated and just as quickly as the organization had been politicised it went back to being what it was before the Johnson years.

This is exactly what has happened with the Hugo awards. For years it was simply a group of science fiction fans who were voting for their favorite books and the like until the Social Justice warriors saw it as a means to advance their agenda: Consider this from Larry Corriea:

For years authors have complained about the biased state of the Hugos, the politicking, and the games you needed to play in order to be considered. Most of the grumbling was in private, behind closed doors, and there wasn’t a green room at any con in the country where you couldn’t find authors complaining about the sorry state of things.

But nobody did anything.

Then some cliques started manipulating this small, easily manipulated system. When 40 or 80 nominations was all it took to sway the most prestigious award in the industry, a few whisper campaigns and calling in favors was all it took to secure a spot. Again, many honest WorldCon fans were offended by this behavior.
But nobody did anything.

As time went on, it got increasingly absurd and political. Some once beloved and award winning authors were shunned for their politics, never to be seen at the Hugos again. Editors and companies related to those shunned authors discovered that they too were shunned by relation, regardless of their politics. Campaigns became more public, with “award pimpage” becoming the norm. And the long time SMOFs who took pride in this award were offended.
But nobody did anything.

Well the Sad Puppies Crowd finally got sick of it and decided to do something about it and now the people who used the Awards as their own little fiefdom are outraged.

Why does this matter?  Well Andrew Breitbart said over and over that culture is upstream of politics and if you want to defeat these people you need to win the culture wars.

You may not want to fight the culture war but the other side’s culture warriors still want to fight you.  I’ll give Larry the last word:

You want to know why we’re here now, loud, annoying you, upsetting your apple cart? Read those articles. Look at the bylines by culture warriors who all share the same set of politics. You say that you don’t like how we made the awards political. Newsflash, they have been for a long time, only you wouldn’t know it because my side didn’t bother to take the field. Now we’re here, taking ground they think they own, and those culture warriors don’t give a shit about you, the authors you love, the books you read, or the future of your culture. They think they own you like they own every other group, and they’ll lie, slander, threaten, coerce, defame, sabotage, and hate anyone who stands up to them.

No More.


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K Tempest Bradford (who I interviewed a few years ago here) wrote a rather ahem…interesting piece on her facebook wall concerning the Hugo Awards and Sad Puppies calling it a This is a class issue, a race issue, a gender issue..

Apparently Author Sarah Hoyt has had enough:

Oh, I understand these things perfectly, but I refuse your attempts to maintain this as the overall narrative. No. You have not yet begun to see pushback on your lazy, self-absorbed whining.

Do you hear me, Tempest?


And so help me God, people like me are going to break it into irrecoverable pieces.

Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, I want to add something: I despise the hypocrisy on full display in this post. Here’s a non-white woman who grew up with more privilege than I did complaining about the lack of diversity in the Hugo Award nominations, and trying her best to persuade fellow scifi fans that promoting a more diverse platform in the name of equality should be done by excluding certain people because of their skin color and sex.

Read the whole Epic Thing and if you like what you read consider picking up some of her books

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All Tip Jar hits in April of $10 or more will get a copy of Jeff Trapani’s excellent E-Book Victor the Monster Frankenstein.

Update: This post was actually by one of her guest bloggers, My bad…but buy her books anyway

By the standards of Journalism the writing of , blowback to, and retraction and re-writing of Entertainment Weekly’s piece on the hugo awards was rather quick, and a victory to truth vs narrative in journalism.

However the internet being what it is unfortunately this story is proving the old saying that a lie gets around the world before the truth gets a chance to get on its pants:

London telegraph

The Hugo Awards have been at the centre of a furore after two campaigns successfully prevented female authors and authors of colour from being proportionally nominated. Some people are comparing the controversy to GamerGate, which in 2014 saw coordinated misogynist attacks aimed at people who spoke out about sexism in the gaming industry.

In 2014 the Hugo Awards celebrated the increasing diversity of sci-fi and fantasy writers, with younger writers, women and people of colour all picking up awards. At the time, pop culture website io9 commented that the awards heralded “a sea change”.

The nominations for this year’s awards were announced on Saturday and showed that two campaign groups, the Gamergate-affiliated Sad Puppies and Rabid Puppies, have succeeded in getting a list of predominately male, white writers nominated.


Last year, the Hugo Awards went to mostly minorities and women. In response, a fan group decided to fight back against what they saw as a liberal attack on their medium. It appears that they have succeeded, as the 2015 nominees are predominantly chosen by a group called “Sad Puppies. Now a counter-counter group is trying to ensure that no one wins any Hugo awards in any category except Best Novel.

Stuff.com New Zealand:

Sci-fi Hugo Awards hijacked by anti-diversity campaign

The Guardian:

By putting forward a slate of predominantly American nominees, the campaign organisers have been able to lever the votes of a minority of non-attending members to “hack” the voting process and dominate the award nominations. Remarkably, this is all within the rules of the Hugos, and the moral defence put forward by campaign organisers for what many people would consider cheating is their belief that block voting is common in the award-giving process.

The Hugos and Worldcon have always been – much like the baseball World Series – a world event in name only. Hugo winners have been overwhelmingly from the US, with almost no non-anglophone works even considered for the awards. But over the past decade or so, the Hugos and Worldcon have become much more diverse and interesting, with many more women, writers of colour and international voices among nominees and winners. It’s that diversity which has been lost in this orchestrated backlash.


IO 9:

The new slate of Hugo Awards nominees were just announced, and you can read the list at the link. Suffice to say, the nominees in pretty much every category (other than Best Novel) come pretty much exclusively from a fan campaign called Sad Puppies, organized by Brad R. Torgersen and Larry Correia. Last year, Correia organized a campaign which successfully placed one item in each category on the Hugo slate — so this year, they decided to go further. As John Scalzi has pointed out, this was not against the spirit or the letter of the Hugo Awards rules.

The Hugo Awards are voted on by fans, and anyone who purchases a supporting membership at Worldcon can nominate two years in a row. (And typically, it doesn’t take that many votes to nominate something successfully.) To Torgersen and Correia, this meant that a “rarefied, insular” group of writers were promoting their agenda by nominating works by women and people of color. To the rest of us, it looked as though science fiction and fantasy were finally catching up to reality — the best stories aren’t only the ones told by straight white men.

 The Outhousers:

A conservative ballot stuffing campaign probably destroyed the credibility of the awards.



Never doubt that a small group of deranged trolls can ruin anything (even the Hugo Awards)



Av Club:

The 2015 Hugo Award nominees have been announced, and there are some strong titles in contention for Best Novel, including books by Ann Leckie, Marko Kloos, and Jim Butcher. However, that doesn’t seem to be what people are talking about, which is probably causing some consternation in the Kloos household, where conversation is usually relegated to arguing over the best pronunciation of their last name. No, this year’s crop of nominees is notable for being overwhelmingly dominated by a group of white guys who formed an organized backlash to the growing inclusion of women and people of color in last year’s awards.

Comics Alliance:

It seems eternally worth stating, as there’s no end of people who don’t seem to understand this, that welcoming women, people of color, and LGBTQ people into an industry does not mean there’s some sort of secret conspiracy against conservative straight white dudes. It means people value a progression towards allowing more voices in a conversation. In trying to combat an imagined liberal conspiracy that puts politics ahead of good work, the Sad Puppies have achieved an actual conspiracy that does exactly this. Good job.

I submit that most of the people who wrote the articles above will not update theirs with Entertainment Weekly retraction.  They will never note Brad Torgersen or his letter:

Firstly, the SAD PUPPIES slate cited in the article, included both women and non-caucasians.

Rajnar Vajra
Larry Correia
Annie Bellet
Kary English
Toni Weisskopf
Ann Sowards
Megan Gray
Sheila Gilbert
Jennifer Brozek
Cedar Sanderson
Amanda Green

Or Glenn Reynolds:

SO ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY PUBLISHES A NASTY HIT JOBLarry Correia Fisks it here — and without contacting any of the people it attacks, and then after publication, the author, Isabella Biedenharn, invites Larry to give the other side.After publication. What, did she come to Entertainment Weekly from Rolling Stone or something?

And they certainly won’t ever cite Larry Correia’s Epic fisking of EW here

Here is an interesting one for you moderates, SMOFs, and fence sitters to ponder on. Why is it that our own words and actions aren’t to be believed, but anything the other side says about us, no matter how outlandish, is to be accepted?

Over the years I’ve done Sad Puppies, do you know how many fannish blogs, fanzines, and podcasts interviewed me, the guy who started the campaign, about the goals of Sad Puppies?


I can’t think of single one. You’d think with the most controversial thing to happen to the Hugos in forever, somebody would actually want to sit down and interview us and get our side of the story, but nada, zip. Sure, lots of people wrote about it, but it was pretty obvious these fannish journalists didn’t read what I actually wrote, and instead they critiqued Straw Larry, or they quoted other bloggers quoting Straw Larry.

Nope for the readers of those sites the libelous claims from Entertainment Weekly that those pieces were based on will be forever true, the retraction never noted and the “facts” forever established in their minds.

That’s considered a feature BTW not a bug.

Closing thought let me point out to Larry & Brad that if you think you’ve already got a winner in a libel suit in the US, any moves against sites in UK and other such countries with much lower standards for libel, should be a cakewalk.

Update: Larry notices the spread:

Most of them said our slate was exclusively white, straight, and male (not true)
Most of them said that last year was a big win for diversity (I believe last years winners were all white and one Asian).
Most of them said our slate was exclusively right wing (not true, in fact the majority skew left, we have socialists, liberals, moderates, libertarians, conservatives, and question marks. To the best of my knowledge, I believe that last year’s “diverse” winners all espoused the same social justice politics).
But there is no bias in this perfectly functioning system. My side said that political narrative trumped reality in this business. Believe me yet?


Primary Season is coming and with a 1/4 of the year gone were less that 5% toward our annual goal.

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All Tip Jar hits in April of $10 or more will get a copy of Jeff Trapani’s excellent E-Book Victor the Monster Frankenstein.