This past Tuesday, the mysterious yet not mythical Mrs. Dude and I took in a one night only presentation of a concert film. Well, to be accurate I took it in; she endured it. Said film was a never-before shown Grateful Dead show recorded in the summer of 1989 at RFK Stadium in Washington D.C. Given how I’ve gotten into the band in recent years, this is as close as I’ll come to seeing them live (sorry, John Mayer, but Dead and Company doesn’t do it for me).

Although the Dead are commonly and not inaccurately associated with San Francisco, Haight-Ashbury, hippies, the Summer of Love, etc etc etc (translation: sex, drugs, rock’n’roll), many non-fans are surprised to learn the band had a huge and fiercely loyal following on the east coast. And I do mean following, with multitudes piling into their VW microbuses and following the Dead from show to show, selling anything available – including themselves if need be – in order to score concert tickets. It truly was a long, strange trip.

Musically, either you get the Grateful Dead’s free-flowing mix of easy blues, Americana, roots rock, folk, free-form jazz, and whatever else came to mind during assorted lengthy improvisation sessions, or you find them quite possibly the most boring rock band in history. Either is okay. I don’t possess 1800 different concert tapes, pouring obsessively over each one and thus able to immediately tell whether a song is from Watkins Glen in 1973 or Boise in 1982. Further, I couldn’t tell you if the band played either of those locations during said years. Or at all. I listen to live shows on Sirius XM’s Grateful Dead channel, I own a few live CDs, and I have all of the band’s studio efforts. That’s good enough for me, sugaree.

Anyway, back to the concert film. It was magic. The band was on that night both musically and personally, with shared smiles the norm from start to finish (i.e. from “Touch of Grey” to “Black Muddy River”). It was good to pretend, at least for a couple of hours, that time had reversed itself and Jerry Garcia along with keyboardist Brent Mydland were still with us instead of Mydland having overdosed a year and five days after the concert in question, followed by Garcia succumbing to the ravages of drug use along with diabetes and other health complications in 1995. They are missed.

The next day, having one of those modest perks of working in retail known as a day off during the week, I took myself into San Francisco. Allow me to backtrack a bit: over the decades, I have loved, absolutely loved, walking around San Francisco. Avoiding certain neighborhoods such as the Tenderloin District, I have luxuriated in the city’s vibrant energy, sampling the multitude of one-off shops and restaurants. It has been an exhilarating time most every time for this hybrid boy comfortable in both pastoral rural settings and amidst concrete and steel.

Yesterday I hated most every minute of it.

One is always best advised to be on high alert in every section of San Francisco, practicing full streetwise caution techniques and staying aware at all times. That said, yesterday I felt not the energy of times before, but rather tremendous disquiet. The street people no longer seemed sadly amusing. Now, they felt threatening, emboldened by a city government blissfully ignoring their excesses and public excrement while labeling any who dare complain as haters, or worse yet in their eyes Trump supporters.

This discomfort is not solely confined to San Francisco, of course. It permeates most every city out here in the San Francisco Bay Area, and as friends around the country report, most every major and not a few minor metropolitan areas. There is a palpable anger, a defiant edge marinated in by many on both left and right. It is one that can easy explode into violence, and not just the occasional Antifa versus Trump supporters clash. This is something far worse.

I believe there is a genuine danger of widespread civil disobedience in the very near future. No, not the cartoon kind practiced by those who believe waving a sign and getting “arrested” constitutes making a stand against the evil corporate oppressors who made the phones with which all involved are filming things. This is the kind that lobs live ammunition, and lots of it. Should the current deep state plus establishment (no party line delineation needed) open war against President Trump succeed in forcing him out of office, there will be blood and lots of it as the deplorables embrace a call to arms. I pray it will not come to this, and I pray I am wrong. But I don’t believe I am.

All I can do is pray and be a witness for Christ. His love and life-changing, along with saving, power can change even the hardest hearts into acceptance of others without compromising beliefs. This is what our country needs. Only then will San Francisco and all like it again vibrate with natural energy, not the dark energy of a city and country teetering on anarchy’s edge.

It would help if more people listened to the Grateful Dead too.

Fletcher Reede: Settle! – Settle, settle, settle !

Liar Liar 1997

I couldn’t believe me eyes when I read this headline :

San Francisco city officials to ask Kate Steinle’s family to dismiss lawsuit

And the first paragraph tells us that they aren’t alone.

The U.S. government and the City of San Francisco are asking Kate Steinle’s family to dismiss the wrongful death lawsuit in a hearing on Friday.

There is one obvious question that comes to mind here, why?

Why on earth would the Steinle family consider even for a moment dropping their lawsuit when the actions of these entities were directly responsible for their daughter’s murder?

Why would they consider for a second letting these people off the hook when they know that only if there are consequences for their actions will things change.

Now I understand why the government would ask, after all they don’t want to be in court filing the motion to dismiss, that will look worse than this request does, but given the situation I can’t fathom why they would think for a second that this family will bail them out when in a few short months they will have an ally in the White House?

Now you might be wondering why the City of San Francisco and the federal government aren’t rushing to do their best Jim Carey impersonation

and get this behind them. The answer is they dare not for two reasons.

  1. If they settle that is a tact admission that there is something wrong will allowing illegal aliens to be sheltered by the city with penalty from the federal government, and our friends on the left dare not risk angering their base by advancing that meme.
  2. There are plenty of victims of crimes by illegal aliens, if they settle this case, then you will see a plethora of such cases nationwide and maybe even a class action by those who suffered financial losses as opposed to death or injury. Such cases will destroy the political viability of the defense of sanctuary cities and campuses.

So the best the government can do is beg the family to let them off the hook in the hope they are foolish enough to do so.


Closing thought, I wonder what kind of pressure, if any, is being put on the family to play along?

Adrian Monk: [to the murder suspect] You had the hotel key card, so you knew where he was staying. You ran the whole way. You probably didn’t even notice that it was starting to rain… you. It was you. You filthy, disgusting animal! YOU MAKE ME SICK!
[confused, everyone turns to look where Monk is pointing]
Busboy: Me?
Sharona Fleming: What are you doing? He’s a busboy!
Adrian Monk: Sharona, don’t you recognize him? From the subway! He’s the Urinator! Urinator! It was you, don’t-don’t try to deny it…!
Captain Leland Stottlemeyer: Monk…
Adrian Monk: We saw what you…!
Captain Leland Stottlemeyer: Monk! Could we get back to the quadruple homicide, please?

Monk: Mr. Monk Takes Manhattan 2004

I guess those NY values are leaking west.

San Francisco has installed an outdoor urinal in Dolores Park near the Mission District as part of the more than $20 million renovation of the recreation area in an attempt to combat a “rampant” public urination issue.

“The more options we can give them to relieve themselves, the better for the parkgoers,”

The potential one liners here are enormous

Last week there wa a piece at Fox News concerning Seattle and the sudden discovery by some workers that an increased minimum wage has other costs:

Evidence is surfacing that some workers are asking their bosses for fewer hours as their wages rise – in a bid to keep overall income down so they don’t lose public subsidies for things like food, child care and rent.

Full Life Care, a home nursing nonprofit, told KIRO-TV in Seattle that several workers want to work less.

It’s a rational thought in the sense that if you can get $600 pay that you’re taxed on for working 40 hours or work half the time, get $300 that you’re taxed on PLUS $300 in government benefits that you’re not taxed you’ve effectively doubled your wages!

But there is something much more telling in this piece that brings to mind this TV commercial from Met Life.

The punchline of this commercial is that the Peanuts characters aren’t expected to understand why you can’t sell life insurance for five cents.

That sounds an awful lot like this San Francisco store owner who is doing his best to keep from closing thanks to a minimum wage hike ass in the city:

He doesn’t blame San Francisco voters for approving the $15 minimum wage, but he doesn’t think they had all the information needed to make a good decision.

Think about that sentence for a moment. He says flat-out the voters made a bad decision but somehow it’s not their fault for not having the info to make a good decision.

Why doesn’t he? Why isn’t it the responsibility of a voter to make an informed decision on a serious matter? Why, in an age where information and opinion are only a few clicks away, and the arguments of those who predicted exactly his result available to any who wanted to read them does this business owner assume that the same voters who send liberal stalwart Nancy Pelosi to the US congress time and time again should not be held responsible for their own ignorance?

Have we reached the point in America that when it comes to liberal voters, they are no expected to have any more sense than a bunch of cartoon characters? I guess that comes when schools are less interested in teaching business and math to people than analingus

Hey priorities are priorities.

Update:  At PJ Media

Those companies who can afford to not only pay their workers the new wage, but raise prices sufficiently to help pay for the increase. will survive. Those who work in industries where profit margins are small and highly sensitive to labor costs will have trouble. One thing is certain: there will be fewer workers receiving the minimum wage and fewer companies operating to pay them.


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…because not only does this:

A massive anti-abortion protest shut down downtown San Francisco. Tens of thousands of people were making their voices heard Saturday. NBC Bay Area’s Christie Smith reports from San Francisco

delight me due to the massive crowds but I’m absolutely drooling over these two things that must turn the stomach of every leftist journalist who reported on it first this: (emphasis mine)

The Vatican ambassador to the U.S., Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano, told the multigenerational, multi-ethnic and heavily Catholic crowd that he was encouraged by the House vote on Thursday’s anniversary of Roe v. Wade to permanently forbid federal funds for most abortions. :

Yes, the pro-life crowd was full of people of all ages and races and full of strong catholics totally unlike the congresswoman who represents the district they marched through.

And if that doesn’t upset the left and make me mile this bit of comparative info really rings my chimes:  (emphasis mine again)

The celebration also drew about 100 abortion legal rights activists. Organized by Halt Patriarchy, they gathered at Powell and Marketplace streets at one p.m., waving indicators and shouting as the anti-abortion contingent designed their way from Civic Center Plaza to the Justin Herman Plaza on the Embarcadero.

Yes you read that right 50,000 pro-life protesters against 100 pro abortion protesters in freaking SAN FRANCISCO!

and even these protesters were confronted by an equal number of pro-life activists completely apart from the main group displaying graphic examples of just what Abortion is:

About one hundred pro-life activists skipped the 12:thirty p.m. Civic Heart rally and instead squared off from the pro-option protesters at the Powell and Industry place, the sides divided 10 ft apart at the rear of steel barriers and law enforcement officers.

On the pro-daily life side, a several individuals had disregarded the advice about graphic images, which include 1 of a fetus foot with the caption, “Murdered! I was not just a blob of tissue.”

So for all the big talk from the Stop Patriarchy crowd couldn’t even outdo a tiny break away contingent of pro-life Catholics in the nation’s capital of liberalism.

I confess I should be a lot more pleased at the strength of the pro-life marchers than the weakness and the frustration of the pro-abortion forces.

I’ll have to mention it next time I go to confession and include them in the Perpetual Twitter Novena.

Yesterday after talking to Stephanie Ong Stillman the Director of communications of the SF DA’s office and finding the SF press conference while condemning Pam Geller’s ads, was not going to be condemning either the quotes in the ads or the people who said them I was in a big hurry to do two things before the 4 PM press conference.

1. Get my post up

2. Get the word out to other bloggers before the press conference.

Why? Because I imagined that given the conversation we had the people involved were bound to include at least a “pro-forma” condemnation of the quotes themselves and the people who said them as a throwaway line. As Robert Spencer later put it:

It would have been easy to throw in a line about deploring the “twisted version of Islam” enunciated by the jihadis depicted in the ads

and I wanted to be sure that the refusal to condemn those words initially was on the record first.

Pam managed to get something up before the conference but with short notice nobody else did.

So today I looked for coverage of the story to see if they anyone reported any such condemnation. To my surprise I found very little coverage of the event itself, perhaps SF city officials condemn so many things so often maybe it just isn’t news, but I did find a little bit of coverage, first, the Virginia Gazette covered the story:

Some critics of the ads say a case could be made for the city to refuse to carry such messages on its buses on the grounds they violate the Metropolitan Transportation Agency policy against running “false, misleading or deceptive” advertising.

But MTA spokesman Paul Rose said doing so would likely embroil the financially beleaguered agency in a costly and possibly futile legal fight.

Well considering the ads are direct quotes from people who said them, the whole “false, misleading or deceptive” business is a problem.

The Gazette doesn’t say there was any condemnation either the quotes themselves, or the people who said them originally. So lets check the SF gate piece:

City leaders including Mayor Ed Lee, District Attorney George Gascón and Supervisors David Chiu, John Avalos, London Breed, Malia Cohen, Jane Kim, Scott Wiener and Norman Yee immediately condemned the advertisements as racist and “Islamophobic.”

“These offensive ads serve no purpose than to denigrate our city’s Arab and Muslim communities,” said Gascón.

Nope guess not. Their refusal to condemn the words themselves or the people who spoke the says volumes, but there is one thing they are doing right:

The transit agency will also run its own “Peace” ad campaign that will appear inside 100 buses and feature messages against discrimination and promoting respect and love.

That’s fine, answering speech you dislike with more speech is the American way, and by a coincidence exactly what AFCI did.

Locally SF channel 5 lead with the story:

The report does acknowledge the quotes are from terrorists and includes commentary from Pam but still we don’t see if any of the assembled city officials were outraged by the word and the people who said them in addition to the AFDI ads.

The Bottom line, these people had a perfect chance to show that they, while objecting to the AFDI ads, did not support the statements within, it would have been the easiest thing in the world. It would have been both the right thing, and the smart thing.

It didn’t happen.

Final thought. Stephanie Ong Stillman the Director of communications who talked to me, is not likely the person making the decisions. She is the press contact. She was polite and answered questions when she could have blown me off. Several post on the subject include her contact info, if you choose to call to object remember be nice, this wasn’t her call. It’s not just the smart thing, it’s the right thing.

Hazel:  Is cowslip coming?  Maybe he knows.

Fiver:  He wouldn’t  come.  He told me to stop talking about it

Watership Down 1978 Richard Adams

Pam Geller just put up this post concerning a press conference that is scheduled to take place in San Francisco at 4 PM EST (1 PM SF time)

City leaders will hold a press conference to denounce Islamophobic and racist advertisements by the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI). Last August, San Franciscans were outraged over AFDI advertisements on MUNI that referred to Arabs and Muslims as “savages.” The new ads scheduled to run on MUNI buses today wrongly suggest that all Muslims are defined by extremism and violence. Board President David Chiu will introduce a resolution condemning the anti-Arab and Anti-Muslim advertisements at Tuesday’s Board of Supervisors meeting.

The ads are a spoof of the “That’s My Jihad ads”. ADFI’s ads quote Islamic terrorists’ message on Jihad. It contains the picture of the terrorist with the direct quote, for example the ad linked at Pam’s site says:

“Jihad, holy fighting in Allah’s cause with full force of numbers and weaponry, is…an obligation and duty in Islam on every Muslim.” Times Square car bomber Faisal Shahzad

That’s his Jihad. What’s yours?

The press release contained contact information so being a curious sort I gave them a call and spoke to Stephanie Ong Stillman, the Director of Communications. She was kind enough with a busy event before her to give me some of her time.

I asked about the press conference to find out if it would streamed (it will not be) and then I asked the why they were condemning the ads. Stephanie said the ads were racist and Islamophobic portraying all Muslims as Terrorists.

Fair enough, that’s their opinion, so I went a step further: I asked if the supervisors will be condemning the Words on the ads or the Bomber or said them? After all if the ads are offensive then the words on the ads must also be offensive not to mention the bomber who spoke them.

She answered:  No. They would only be condemning the ads themselves.

This seemed odd to me, so I asked a 2nd time. “So there will be no condemnation of the words of the terrorist in question or the bombing?”

A second time she said No, they are only condemning the ads.

Being a fair minded man and considering with an important event coming up (no I don’t mean the WBC finals important though they are) she was kind enough to give me a few minutes I gave her another chance and asked one more time.

Nope. They are only going to condemn the ads.

At this time she excused herself and I quite understand, big press conference and a lot to do.

So let’s  review.

1.  Faisal Shahzad: Confessed to 10 counts on a federal indictment for an Attempted Car Bombing in Times Square >NOT CONDEMNED BY SF DA, Board President, Supervisors SFMTA or SF Human Rights Commission.

2.  Faisal Shazad words:

“Jihad, holy fighting in Allah’s cause with full force of numbers and weaponry, is…an obligation and duty in Islam on every Muslim.”

NOT CONDEMNED BY SF DA, Board President, Supervisors SFMTA or SF Human Rights Commission.

3.  AFDI puts up an ad containing those words, attributing them to the man who tried to Bomb Times square. CONDEMNED BY DA, Board President, Supervisors SFMTA or SF Human Rights Commission.

So just remember guys, Say whatever violent and inflammatory thing you want, try to Bomb and Murder Americans and the leaders in San Fransisco won’t have a problem with you. But if you put your words on an ad in the subway That’s beyond the pale!

If you can explain that logic, you’re a smarter man than me.

Update:  Since this post will precede the press conference it will be interesting to see if this changes

Update 2: The Virginia Gazette and SF gate report on the conference, no sign of condemning the words or the terrorists or pols who said them. Amazing

…while survivors of the ovens are still alive is obscene. Update: Here is one of the images:

Germany circa 1940 or SF Circa 2011

I challenge anyone with a rudimentary knowledge of the propaganda of Germany in the 30’s and 40’s to go to the link and claim that this is simply opposing a medical procedure. I challenge the author of this comic or any of the commentators at Joe My God to show these images to any of the survivors of the camps or any of the still living troops who liberated them and ask THEM if this is anti-Semitic.

The first amendment protects this speech but remember, this is a clearly drawn line. Where you stand on it self identifies you for what you are.

And just a reminder of where we once were

I just can’t wrap my head around the idea that I would see something like this from a “mainstream” non-nazi, non-klan group in America in the 21st century. That the children and grandchildren of those who fought in Europe could do this is beyond me.

Update: This bears repeating, I invite any other blogger to use this image today

The Fr. O'Malley Badge
in solidarity with the Jews and join with me in stealing a line from the fictitious Fr. O’Malley:

Abdul: What is your name?
Father O’Malley: William O’Malley.
Abdul: I did not call you.
Father O’Malley: You called for all the Jews. I’m Jewish, just like Jesus Christ. You take one, you gotta take us all.

Fr O’Malley’s clip starts at 4:35

We must loudly stand against this. Justice and honor demands it!

Update 3: I’m sorry I made Lisa Graas cry.

Update 4: For the rest of the day my twitter icon will be as above

reported by Zombie (incredibly NSFW)

1. He is exactly right that if it was a group of Christians making fun of Gays in the same manner it would be front page news on every paper, held up as a sign of intolerance and condemned by every major media outlet. The MSM will never cover this event because they understand what the reaction of the general public would be.

2. Considering that gays are actually killed today under Sharia law it would be interesting if these same people would hold a similar festival during Ramadan attacking Islam or holding a “hunky Mohammad” contest.

3. As a Christian in general and a Catholic in particular this kind of stuff is part of the job description. We will always be mocked, Christ said so. The proper response to such mockery is to pray for them.

4. No word on if Michael Bower will be devoting a show expressing his outrage concerning this event.

5. It would be very interesting to find out if any Federal and or state funds are used for this event. If so it would be more interesting to ask state and federal elected officials if they support the use of said funds for this event.

6. Under local standards and law, the people of San Francisco have a perfect right to hold events of this nature if they want. The people involved are certainly welcome to continue to do this every year and hedonisticly mock Christianity and Christ for the rest of their lives…

…after that they’re on their own.

…had an article (via Glenn) that is a scathing critique of the City and how it is run, two things jumped out at me, neither of which were a surprise:

#1 The Rush was Right moment.

If you actually Listen to Limbaugh show, you will note that for years he’s said that liberals are all about intentions and not about actual results. It doesn’t matter what you actually DO as long as you believe the right thing and mean well. From the article:

In 2007, the Department of Children, Youth, and Families (DCYF) held a seminar for the nonprofits vying for a piece of $78 million in funding. Grant seekers were told that in the next funding cycle, they would be required — for the first time — to provide quantifiable proof their programs were accomplishing something.

The room exploded with outrage. This wasn’t fair. “What if we can bring in a family we’ve helped?” one nonprofit asked. Another offered: “We can tell you stories about the good work we do!” Not every organization is capable of demonstrating results, a nonprofit CEO complained. He suggested the city’s funding process should actually penalize nonprofits able to measure results, so as to put everyone on an even footing. Heads nodded: This was a popular idea. emphasis mine

How dare you prove that you are actually accomplishing something, or providing measurable peer reviewed results! What do you think, we have the entire Climate change industry to help manage data?

#2 Yomi Agunbiade.

The story of Yomi Agunbiade is the story of a man whose incredible fiscal and organizational incompetence was not enough to remove him, but the following was:

Rec and Park spokeswoman Rose Dennis claimed that Agunbiade had been sexually and religiously harassing her for years, and produced letters he’d sent to her home as evidence. She confirmed to SF Weekly that Agunbiade’s letters urged her to stop wearing revealing clothes so that she could get right with Jesus.

Don’t get me wrong, this guy belonged out. If the fiscal stuff wasn’t enough he has no business pressuring a subordinate on religion, but the irony is delicious. What type of harassment can actually get someone fired in SF? Not sleeping with an employee (like the Mayor) but urging them to dress modestly. That’s crossing the sexual line! If only he had promoted fisting to youngsters, he could have gotten a federal job and Media Matters could have backed him up.

Considering the reputation and demographics of the City, what were the odds that the poster child for bad bureaucracy in a San Francisco Paper would be a zealous Christian? Then again you have to sell the papers IN San Francisco.

The really sad thing about this is the taxpayers really mean well. They want to do good but they are betrayed by their own principles.