Hey if you want one more blast from 2013 I suggest catching Sara Marie Brenner from the First Hour of DaTechGuy on DaRadio:

You can listen to an excellent clip with Sara, Joe Mangiacotti, Tom Wesley & me here

And if you want the Panel with Joe, Tom & Ray Hanna from Act for America Boston you can hear that here.

This week BTW in addition to my own show you’ll want to be tuning into my old station WCRN as I’ll be a guest on Conservatively Speaking with Mike Wade on WCRN AM 830 in the 8 AM hour and also Gary Goldman’s guest on Business Politics & Lifestyle from 9-10 on the same station.

Then at Noon on the Money Matters Radio Network & FTR Radio It’s DaTechGuy on DaRadio Confirmed for the Panel this week Mike Hummell the Blue Barnstormer & old friend Barbara Espinosa from the American Freedom Blog.

It will be fun

On the 4th Day of Christmas DaTechGuy welcomes Sara Mare Brenner to DaTechGuy on DaRadio.

We will be talking the political futures of both the GOP & The Democrats in 2014 as their boats race to the midterms. Will the Democrats cling to Obamacare as their heads bob onto the water and will the GOP run out of oarsmen after throwing the Tea Party overboard? We’ll ask Sara what it all means

In the 2nd Hour Da Magnificent Panel Tom Wesley, Ray Hanna, Joe Mangiacotti and maybe one more will answer that same question along with the latest from Egypt, The year in review, Christian Persecution, Scott Brown and I can’t imagine we won’t say the words “Duck Dynasty” at least once.

It all starts Noon EST on DaTechGuy on DaRadio.

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Hey did you miss DaTechGuy’s interview with Tim Donnelly and Sara Marie Brenner in the first hour of this weeks show on Saturday.  No worries you can hear it here.

How about that 2nd hour with Sarah Marie Brenner and DaTechGuy’s  Magnificent Panel with Maxine Baptiste, Mary Lotze and Brad Marsden?  That’s here.

As for the stories that can’t be missed mine is here

While people are dancing around the implications anyone who thinks polygamy laws are going to withstand the age of Gay Marriage, they are out of their minds.

Brad’s Choice was my own piece on Tim Donnally

Running on what you believe rather than pandering a good thing.

Maxine’s story is the Penguin Santa one:

Frankly If this author things a community that has high unemployment, violence to the nth degree and a scourge of single parenthood things that the biggest problem facing black children is a white Santa it says something not all that wise about her.

Plus penguins are from the South pole.

(Oh and the attempt to use this as a club against Megan Kelly is simply an attempt to intimidate)

As for Mary her story is the Affluenza business

Frankly I think this comes from the same mindset as the Santa business but that a court bought it says we need a better class of judges.

Remember Next week on DaTechGuy on DaRadio retired bishop Reilly a Peter Healey from the Knights of Columbus.

We’re loaded for Bear this Saturday on DaTechGuy on DaRadio.

We start with GOP candidate and for Governor in California and unapologetic conservative Tim Donnelly explaining why he is the best Choice for the GOP &  California.

Then Sara Marie Brenner gives us yet another reason why this Administration is not to be trusted during the end of the first hour and the start of the 2nd.

And of course there is DaTechGuy’s Magnificent Panel this week with Mary Lotze of the TeaParty & the Fitchburg Republican Committee, Maxine Baptiste in the Bob Beckel Seat, Joe Mangiacotta and maybe even one more….

It all starts Noon EST on DaTechGuy on DaRadio.

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And remember next week is our special Christmas show with Bishop Reilly next week and Peter Healy of the Knights of Columbus




On Saturday’s DaTechGuy on DaRadio had Sara Marie Brenner on during the 2nd hour.  She detailed how the GOP could with a government shutdown  suggested the house pass funding bills piecemeal, Social Security, Funding the Military etc.

It will be interesting to see if Harry Reid is willing to ignore those bills after weeks of weeping and gnashing of teeth over the pain of a government shutdown on people

It’s a basic elegant plan that will put Democrats is a very bad spot.  (You can hear Saturday’s show in it’s entirety here) and the Bernner Brief here.

That was on Saturday, today Byron York reports this:

And then there’s the House. Since it is the only chamber under GOP control, the Cruz-Lee scenario looks to the House to keep things moving in the event Senate Republicans temporarily stop the Obamacare defunding measure. Specifically, if the defunding continuing resolution is stuck in the Senate, “then the house should pass smaller CRs one at a time, starting with the military,” Cruz wrote Monday, to keep the government going.

I guess Sara Marie was ahead of the game, but considering she is a city counselor & her husband is a state rep both are experienced in getting bills done.

Unfortunately it looks like the GOP doesn’t want to play

Not so fast, say some House Republicans. “The ball is in the Senate Republicans’ court right now,” says one plugged-in House GOP aide. “Because if they do not succeed, there is no imaginable situation where Congress can pick and choose which parts of the government are open or closed.”

Translation: Cruz shouldn’t expect any more help from the House, especially since some House Republicans suspect Cruz plans to blame them if — or when — the whole scheme collapses. Whatever happens, it seems unlikely House Republicans would jump again simply on Cruz’s urging. If a filibuster ties up a government funding measure past Oct. 1, there will be no cavalry to save the day.

However as Erick Erickson points out today, even a loss will have interesting side effects:

Win or lose, Cruz and Lee have boxed in both the Democrats and the Republicans into positions that will make it more difficult for them to nuance their way out of.

In short, Ted Cruz and Mike Lee have, whether they can muster the support or not in this round, ensured the GOP cannot begin collaborating with the Democrats to fix what the voters want repealed. And you can be sure that they would be working to fix it, despite all their rhetoric otherwise. You can be sure of that because Ted Cruz’s fight has proven just how empty their rhetoric really is.

Anyone who thinks Ted Cruz isn’t thinking long term on this hasn’t been paying attention.

Saturday at Noon EST on DaTechGuy on DaRadio we are loaded for bear.

We’ll be talking the Defund Obamacare vote and what that means for the left the right and the establishment.

In the 2nd hour we’ll be welcoming Sara Marie Brenner from the Brenner Brief a conservative website that should be on your radar on a daily basis, talk radio host on Blog talk Radio AND KCAA 1050 AM Lorma Linda CA 1050 AM San and now contributor to the Washington Times communities page

We’ll talk more about the defending Obamacare crusade and some of her latest work on both her site and at the Times

As always you can join the conversation at 888-9-fedora and listen to us in a plethora of ways.

You can listen in live on FTR Radio

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so come on down and visit tomorrow No matter how you get here we’ll be delighted to have you.


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