One of the things about Radio Row at CPAC is not only do you run into old friends like Amelia Hamilton who was sitting in on Andrew Langer’s show:

But you also run into candidates and the like such as Thomas Perez who will be challenging Mark Sanford in the 1st SC district in the House.

Yes you might not have heard of Mr. Perez before today but remember many a candidate that his now a household name started as a political unknown going down radio row at CPAC to introduce themselves to the GOP and the world.

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If you do Everything, you’ll win

Lyndon Johnson

The Collector: I am noting your work rate!

Doctor Who The Sunmakers 1977

Well Sc-1 has come and gone and despite a million dollars of national money and no help from the National GOP (or me) Mark Sanford has regained his old seat in SC-1.

There are plenty of lessons to learn, here are the ones that come to mind

1.  Money doesn’t always win.

Elizabeth Colbert Busch had a great cash advantage  1 million dollars of national money and a 5-1 advantage.  If the prospect of facing a seemingly flawed candidate wasn’t appealing enough for the Democrats to go all in the idea of electing the sister of a darling of the left like Stephen Colbert’s was.

It was to no avail 1 million dollars of advertising bought the left 45% of the vote meaning money can’t buy you a seat without a candidate capable of winning .

2. Hard Work Pays Off:

Mark Sanford had plenty of faults as a candidate but laziness was not among them.

While Sanford is best known nationally for the lady from youth America in South Carolina in general and SC-1 in particular he was known as both a Governor & as the former Congressman.  Yet he went out there every day fighting to get the votes of individuals.

On Election Day Dave Weigel noted the difference:

That Colbert-Busch in a district so overwhelmingly republican might not feel the need to work as hard as Sanford is simply amazing and ignores a story from one of the giants of the Democrat Party in the last 50 years about one of the first elections he ever ran in.

When O’Neill protested that he had known her since he was a child, had shoveled her walk and cut her grass, and didn’t think he had to ask for her vote, she replied, “Tom, let me tell you something. People like to be asked.”

As the daily caller put it:

Are all red-district Democrats this screwed headed into 2014 or just the ones who are as lazy as Colbert Busch?

If you aren’t willing to work for that seat why should you expect voters to come out and vote for you, particularly in a special election with nothing else going on.
That’s how a democrat manages to lose every single country in a district, even the ones where they should be strongest.

3.  2013 is not 1970

There is an old joke in politics concerning candidates that are so strong it would take a dead girl or a live boy to bring them down.

While Ted Kennedy & Gerry Studds amply demonstrated these rules don’t apply to democrats and did so decades ago it’s been thought for a long time that they still apply to republicans.

Times have changed and while I thought and still to a degree think Sanford will be a long term liability to the GOP to the voters just didn’t see it that way.

Sanford approached this in the exact right way politically.  Not ducking or dodging but charging straight forward on the issue and then pivoting to the actual issues in the race.  (Jobs & Spending) His willingness to face the issue made it difficult for his opponent to gain traction on it.

Of course it’s kinda hard to make the case for infidelity against your opponent as an issue when Bill Clinton is the rock star of your party.

Sanford will undoubtedly be talked about in DCCC fundraising letter and the MSM will do their best to play him against the party but we’ve (unfortunately) reached the stage in our society where Sanford foibles are just another dog bites man story.

4.  The political company you keep

Colbert Busch got a ton of funding from National Democrats & Sanford got none from the NRCC.  This was a perfect backdrop for a campaign against Washington by Mark Sanford.

>Sanford was able to (correctly) paint Colbert Busch as just another liberal Democrat in the Nancy Pelosi mold, meanwhile it’s tough to link Sanford to a party that did it’s best to pretend he’s not there.

Given the popularity of congress or lack thereof, the ability of Mark Sanford to distance himself while linking his opponent to their failures was priceless and Sanford’s , his previous clashes over spending in he house gave him credibility.

5.  He’s an SOB but he’s OUR SOB

I recall during the primary I got a fair amount of pushback for my support of Curtis Bostic & my opposition on the ground of:  Who are you to tell us who to elect?

After the primary I recall making a joke along the line saying the GOP voters electing Sanford was the worst decision by SC voters since Democrats decided shooting at Ft. Sumter was a good move that brought even more.

We’ve already know people like to be asked we also know they don’t like to be TOLD and nobody was going to tell the people of South Carolina’s 1st district who to elect.  Not me, not Stacy McCain and certainly not a bunch of media & left wing money people trying to push their candidate on the electorate.


Either way the election is over, what effect it has on the House GOP and how they should handle Rep Sanford’s presence? Well that’s a question for another day, but if the chamber can survive Cynthia McKinney’s presence it can certainly survive his.

You.. can be a millionaire.. and never pay taxes! You can be a millionaire.. and never pay taxes! You say.. “Steve.. how can I be a millionaire.. and never pay taxes?” First.. get a million dollars. Now.. you say, “Steve.. what do I say to the tax man when he comes to my door and says, ‘You.. have never paid taxes’?” Two simple words. Two simple words in the English language: “I forgot!”

Steve Martin SNL Jan 21 1978

Westley: Give us the gate key.

Yellin: I have no gate key.

Inigo Montoya: Fezzik, tear his arms off.

Yellin: Oh, you mean *this* gate key.

The Princess Bride 1987

You know as anybody who has worked on or covered a political campaign knows they are hectic and crazy.

There is never enough time to do everything that needs to be done, to say everything that needs to be said and there are times when things simply fall through the cracks.

So I guess Mark Sanford simply forgot to bring up this upcoming court date during the primary.

Former South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford must appear in court two days after running for a vacant congressional seat to answer a complaint that he trespassed at his ex-wife’s home, according to court documents acquired by The Associated Press on Tuesday.

Yeah I’m sure this simply slipped his mind, or perhaps he was counting on his ex not wanting to take the case forward so as not to upset their kids:

“I am doing my best not to get in the way of his race,” Jenny Sanford told the AP. “I want him to sink or swim on his own. For the sake of my children I’m trying my best not to get in the way, but he makes things difficult for me when he does things like trespassing.”

I’m sure that this has nothing to do with narcissistic manipulation and everything with Mr. Sanford simply forgetting that aspect of his settlement with his wife. I’m equally sure he had no intention of misleading supporters who believe in him.

Erika Johnson:

The incident happened after he consulted on his campaign with his ex-wife in January, but before the primary and then the runoff at the beginning of April — I can’t even begin to speculate about what possible excuse Sanford might have for having been there, but I think it’s safe to say they were hoping this wouldn’t become public.

It was only a week ago yesterday that Noemie Emory asked this favor of Sanford:

Please don’t embarrass us again, Mark Sanford

Well I think Mr. Sanford will likely have the same answer that Steve Martin did in that sketch in 1978

Excuuuuuse me!!

SC #1 voters made their choice and in a free society we always get representation and the  government we deserve.

All the Popes were liars and braggarts but I see no particular reason why a liar and a braggart shouldn’t make a good general.

Abraham Lincoln 1862 on General John Pope

“Well Wendell, you know that back in Indiana it’s all right for the town whore to join the church, but they don’t let her lead the choir the first night.”

Unnamed Senator on the Wilkie Nomination 1940

Last night the GOP voters of South Carolina made their decision concerning who be the party nominee. Sanford managed to get 57% of the vote in the GOP primary and will face the sister of Stephen Colbert, Elizabeth Colbert Busch.

Let’s for the record concede the following:

1. On the issues Mark Sanford is certainly superior to Elizabeth Colbert Busch

2. On Spending Mark Sanford has an excellent record and has been talking about runaway spending for many years.

3. There was nothing untoward about Sanford’s election. A few minor elbows were thrown but he won the race fair and square

All that being said Sanford’s nomination for the seat is the worst thing South Carolinians have done for a national party since Democrats in the state decided it was a good idea to start shooting at Ft. Sumter.

I think Stacy McCain has nailed it in the American Spectator:

The Democrats telegraphed their general strategy Tuesday night when a spokesman for Colbert Busch declared, “The families of this district need a representative who they can trust. Mark Sanford simply has the wrong values for our community.”

Ah, “trust” and “values”! Seldom are Democrats able to grasp for that moral high ground, but seldom do Republicans nominate a candidate like Mark Sanford, whom the Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin called a “conservative laughingstock.” And if Sanford’s supporters were worried about evangelical Christians turning out in force for Tuesday’s runoff, they will face quite the opposite problem in next month’s election.

And Sanford didn’t do himself any favors by making his victory speech all about God. Even if he meant it, any dispassionate observer will see it as simply pandering to the evangelical voters who did not go his way.

Meanwhile the spectacle of Todd Akin on the Esisto & the Savannah has already begun. Up in Massachusetts on my old station WCRN they were making Mark Sanford jokes. I guarantee you that on talk radio stations around the nation this is being repeated and will be repeated on the regular basis before the election. GOP candidates around the country will be asking if they support Sanford and any person in the GOP making a moral statement on any issue will be asked about him.

We’ve already seen MSNBC & Morning Joe well-known to have the best interests of the GOP at heart has been heavy on Sanford today. I guarantee he will be the face of the GOP for the next two months on every paid cable network.

And that’s before Elizabeth Colbert Busch has spent a penny of her considerable war chest.

The most disingenuous bit of the interview, when he talks about asking his sons. What do you THINK the sons were going to say. Remember Gerald Ford’s family told him they were right behind him for another presidential run. It wasn’t until his friend Tip O’Neill told him privately what the family actually thought that he abandoned the run.

Sanford is suddenly going to find himself without money, without national support and without positive press. Colbert will be flush with money, flush with publicity and has the added advantage of the reputation of her brother as an actual person of faith.

The national party could have done something with Sanford, they could have found a spot for him, but apparently the thought of a tea-party candidate winning in SC was a worse choice than what is going to come.

Anyways this is the last I plan on writing on the subject. The voters of SC-1 have spoken and will speak again shortly and as election 2012 demonstrated the people have the right to be wrong, but I’ll close thus.

This morning . I asked if the voters of Red States were foolish enough to fall for Democrat lies on guns from senate candidates, given the results in SC-1 I’m not sanguine about the answer.

Or what king marching into battle would not first sit down and decide whether with ten thousand troops he can successfully oppose another king advancing upon him with twenty thousand troops? But if not, while he is still far away, he will send a delegation to ask for peace terms.

Luke 14:31-32

One of the most important things a general has to decide during a battle that’s an uphill fight is whether to commit his reserves or retreat and regroup.

At Waterloo Napoleon committed his guard and lost the battle and his last chance of empire. At the Wilderness Lee’s Texans made the difference against Grant as the tide was turning. Michael de Ruyter the greatest warrior in the history of the Dutch was the absolute master of knowing when making that extra fight was right.

That decision knowing if it’s time to fight and when it’s not is the difference between a great general and a good general.

The same is true in politics Lyndon Johnson one of the greatest political operators in history was the man in charge of money in the 1940 congressional elections for Democrats. While he had the money to finance and in some cases over-finance candidates as Robert Caro points out on page 651 of his volume. Lyndon Johnson the Path to Power some were refused:

Francis T. Murphy said he had a “50-50” chance. He could win, he said, “by getting vote to polls in key wards.” but money was needed to accomplish that. “None,” Johnson wrote next to Murphy’s name. C.H. Armbruster of Ohio asked for $1000, but said he would take less: “urgent.” he said, “None,” Johnson wrote. “$1,000 would be a lifesaver.” George W. Wolf wrote. “Two counties hold fate…Hard battle.” None.

Johnson’s decision to cut off some candidates was not due to the lack of funds.

And that brings us to the special election in SC-1

I’ve already given my opinion on the disaster that Mark Sanford would be for the GOP if he wins the primary and especially if he wins the general. I’ve urged people to kick in for Bostic and as we’ve reached this election day an important event has taken place, or rather it hasn’t

There is hope in the Bostic camp that the candidate might get an endorsement from Sarah Palin, who in the past has been able to transform underdogs into winners, as when her 2010 support helped Nikki Haley become South Carolina’s governor. It was Haley’s choice of Tim Scott as this state’s first black Republican senator since Reconstruction that opened the congressional seat that Sanford and Bostic are now fighting for, and so it would in some sense be less than coincidental if the Palin lightning struck again here.

That hope has been in vain.

A Sarah Palin endorsement would have meant money, it would have meant volunteers and it would have given Bostic instant gravitas against Mark Sanford as no other endorsement could.

It hasn’t come.

I’ve already talked about Sarah Palin as a political venture capitalist

Sarah Palin is the perfect political capitalist, she has taken her political capital, invested it in the candidates of her choice and come out with even more. No amount of political snark or clever Conan skits will change that. The MSM can pretend her capital doesn’t exist, but you’d better believe Ted Cruz, Kelly Ayotte and dozens of members of the congress who received that capital when they needed it know it is there and when and if she needs to draw on that capital, I suspect they will remember it.

The essence of a smart political operator is to know when to spend said capital and when not to, when the expenditure will lead to success and when it is in vain. When such a move can lead to victory or when a defeat will be costly for the entire cause.

That she didn’t endorse in a state where she has endorsed before speaks volumes about this primary and none of it is good.

Stacy McCain is on the ground in South Carolina and his latest report says the following:

Speaking of Gentleman Journalists, National Review‘s Jim Geraghty recently paid a visit to Hilton Head:

As one Beaufort County resident put it to me, “I’m hearing folks say, ‘My pastor says I should vote for [Bostic]‘”

If the counsel of clergy is heeded, the headline on a Bostic victory will be Miracle Upset, but polls indicate that Christianity itself is now viewed as a liability by South Carolina Republicans, unless it is the cheap-grace gospel wherein Mark Sanford’s 2009 embarrassment is shrugged off as something inconsequential that only the Liberal Media Elite care about. There may still be Republicans who take “family values” seriously, but they are neither fashionable nor influential, and none of the Wizards and Gurus think that the anti-adultery vote will amount to a majority in today’s GOP runoff.

that’s depressing enough but his piece seems less about Bostic and more about a different subject:

Some of my blogger friends seem to have forgotten that it was Ali who, as a consultant to the campaign that elected Scott Brown to the Senate seat formerly held by Ted Kennedy, ensured that bloggers like myself, Da Tech Guy, Ace of Spades and Pamela Geller had prime seating at the victory party that January 2010 night in Boston. Pudding, anyone?

Is there a strain of Charles Johnson-ism in all this? Are there people trying to set themselves up as Supreme Arbiters of who is and is not acceptable inside the Big Tent? And, if so, why are they simultaneously indignant about having Ali Akbar work as a digital strategist, but blithely indifferent to having Mark Sanford become the “face” of the Republican Party?

Some would rather reign in Hell than serve in Heaven.

Stacy’s coverage has been first rate as usual, you should read it all but the tone of this post is a bad sign.

I hope I’m wrong, I hope that Curtis Bostic can make it over the finish line without Palin. I hope that South Carolina Republicans understand what is at stake here without the Governor having to persuade them. I’m happy to lend my voice as insignificant as it is in the cause for his election and ask every single voter in South Carolina’s 1st district to choose wisely.

I hope, but I also know in 1940 Francis T. Murphy lost by 44.7%, C. H. Armbruster lost by 21.4% and George W. Wolfe lost by 9.4% and remember the note next to each of those names placed there by an earlier political master in answer to their request for help.


Update: Bostic lost by 13.16% Palin choose wisely.

The Sanford Bostic race in SC 1 is starting to generate some interest.

The Washington Post gave some background.

Sanford won 37 percent of the vote in last week’s primary; Bostic barely edged into the runoff with 13 percent support. Sanford had more than $270,000 to spend as of the mid-March; Bostic had only about $57,000 in his campaign account. Bostic, notably lives just outside the 1st district boundary.

Those fact standing alone would mean this primary is over, except for this:

Sanford’s portrayed himself as a strong fiscal conservative and implicitly asked voters for forgiveness in his TV ads. While he doesn’t explicitly mention it, Sanford’s disappearance from the state in 2009 and admission to an extramarital affair is what he’s implicitly asking voters to forgive.

and this:

“I don’t know the other guy at all,” said Mulvaney, of Bostic. “Here’s what I do know about it. His support base is with the homeschoolers and the Christian right. And those folks are extraordinarily dedicated, and they will show up on April 2.”

Normally when you have a candidate with this big of a lead and money difference you would ignore the other guy and plow forward but we’ve seen elbows thrown at Bostic, one over signing a fairly unknown pledge, another  over funding and even some elbows aimed at Ali Akbar grazing the candidate.

While the entire strange bedfellows business is amusing what really matters is:  How does it affect the race locally and nationally?  On that line there is significant news that dwarfs all this shadowboxing:

Republican Curtis Bostic, fighting a David-and-Goliath battle against former South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford in a GOP congressional primary runoff, landed his first major national endorsement today from Rick Santorum.

“I am pleased to announce our endorsement of Curtis Bostic in South Carolina’s first congressional district,” said Santorum, who waged his own against-the-odds campaign against Mitt Romney for the Republican presidential nomination in 2012. ”Curtis’ groundswell finish to a runoff spot signals a win for the strength of his grassroots supporters and his robust conservative values.”

Santorum, who co-founded the 501(c)4 advocacy group Patriot Voices with his wife, Karen, is expected to campaign for Bostic in the 1st District later this week. “We must continue that momentum for Curtis into the runoff election, and I look forward to joining conservatives across South Carolina in helping to elect Curtis Bostic to the U.S. House of Representatives,” Santorum said.

Unlike the various flea bites this news drew both local and national attention: and the involvement of Santorum’s pac will lesson Sanford’s 15-1 funding edge.

This highlights the truism of this race, Sanford for all his money, is worried. He’s right to be. Under normal circumstances you would never see a headline like this

Opinions split on whether Bostic can topple Sanford in GOP runoff

…Nor a poll in SC saying this:

With a week to go before ex-Gov. Mark Sanford and ex-County Councilman Curtis Bostic face off in the 1st District Republican primary runoff, a hypothetical head-to-head general election poll shows Democrat Elizabeth Colbert Busch keeping pace with both of her prospective GOP opponents.

A new survey conducted over the weekend by North Carolina-based Public Policy Polling (PPP) shows Colbert Busch leading Sanford by a margin of 47% to 45%, and tying Curtis Bostic with 43%.

And those numbers showing Mr. Colbert’s sister ahead of Sanford are as Real Clear Politics put it:

Before the late-night comedians and political press are handed an off-year election gift in the form of this high-profile contest

and for those who don’t understand why this is a gift for comics…

Alas, name recognition is a two-edged sword for Sanford, who is perhaps best known for an embarrassment that made the phrase “hiking the Appalachian Trail” a smutty double-entendre in 2009. One late-June weekend that year — the weekend of Father’s Day, to be exact — the governor’s whereabouts became a national mystery. Neither his family nor his staff nor South Carolina law enforcement could find Sanford, whose name had been bandied about as a possible 2012 Republican presidential contender. Before search parties could be sent to find the allegedly missing hiker, however, Sanford flew back from Argentina to South Carolina and held one of the most surreal press conferences in political history. He told how a “remarkable friendship” with a woman he met in Argentina a year earlier had “sparked into something more than that.” He spoke of “trying to get my heart right” and said he had “spent the past five days of my life crying in Argentina.” Sanford’s description of Maria Belen Chapur as his “soul mate” was, as Daily Caller columnist Yates Walker said, “possibly the most sociopathic moment ever captured on live television.”

Anyone with eyes knows a Sanford win in the primaries would be a disaster for the GOP leading to a classic, Heads I win tails you lose moment for Republicans, consider:

1. If Sanford wins in the general election whenever there is an issue involving social issues or morality he will be the person ABCCBSNBCCNNMSNBCCURRENTNPR highlights. The MSM will make sure Sanford becomes the face of the GOP for the next two years at least.

2. If Colbert Bush wins the narrative will be totally different, it will be all about how the president and the liberal agenda is spreading and powerful because it was able to win in South Carolina. Over and over the left will reference it as a reason why the GOP is losing the argument and how popular President Obama and the liberal agenda is. As far as ABCCBSNBCCNNMSNBCCURRENTNPR “Mark Sanford” will not have ever existed.

Conservatives and members of the GOP are (hopefully) not stupid enough to let them happen, thus a small primary for an open seat have become a race of significance.

As of course because of this  Robert Stacy McCain is prepared to head on down to cover it:

OK, I never heard the name “Curtis Bostic” until last week, when he finished second to Mark Sanford in the South Carolina 1st District primary. Now, Bostic has been endorsed by Rick Santorum and polls show Bostic doing better than Sanford against Stephen Colbert’s sister.

So it’s obviously time for a road trip and, with the GOP runoff next Tuesday, it looks like I’ll spend Easter weekend in South Carolina.

Whether he reports David beating Goliath or a disaster for Conservatism will be up to the people of South Carolina’s 1st district.

No matter what decision the voters make,  it won’t be boring.


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You know I’ve been hearing all this talk about the GOP brand and image problems but I must have been hearing poorly.

The GOP’s future is so bright we don’t need the tea party activists. Sure they gave the GOP control of the house in 2010 but the GOP did so well in 2012 that they can afford to drive the away

“Caucuses and conventions clearly give a better idea of what the base of the party wants, and the folks who show up for conventions and primaries are the very same people that the party will call upon to do the work each election cycle,” he added. “This is clearly an attempt to get rid of what the base of the party wants.”

It’s comforting they party is doing so well they don’t need the tea party volunteers and all that constitution stuff to do the busy work of campaigns that such people do.

And apparently they don’t need the bloggers either:

For the RNC to produce a 100-page report and not have a single mention of the need to interact with and support the conservative blogosphere tells me that the RNC simply has rearranged the deck chairs on the HMS Consultant.

Yeah sure the White House made it a point to have the president meet directly with bloggers like Jonathan Singer, Duncan Black, Oliver Wills and John Aravosis who helped carry him over the finish line but the GOP is doing so well it simply doesn’t need bloggers to push their candidates and bypass the mainstream media.

Who knew the media monopoly of the left was no big deal to the GOP?

And even better the GOP has reached a state where people like Joe Scarborough and the establishment can support Mark Sanford as a good choice for the GOP in South Carolina as opposed to someone like, oh I don’t know maybe Curtis Bostic:

His campaign page is — a basic Tea Party theme — and it seems entirely possible that the grassroots, tired of the corrupt GOP establishment’s old-boy style of politics, could rally behind Bostic.

Reading his biography page, he’s a Marine veteran of Operation Desert Storm and the father of five home-schooled children. So there’s your pro-military and pro-family “street cred.”

Yeah I know he has a great background and backstory and I know the temptation is go to Mr. Bostic’s facebook page to sign on or to his site and help Curtis Bostic with a few dollars under normal circumstances I would strongly advise this as Ann Coulter says:

You would think Akin would stand in history to teach Republicans to stop giving away winnable seats by running ridiculous candidates. Alas, no.

What’s next? A Republican candidate whose campaign consists exclusively of demanding vaginal probes and discussing different types of rape?

If, in some horrible twist of fate that’s been stalking Republicans, Sanford wins the runoff, he will lose the general election. Worse, he might win, making Republicans look like utter hypocrites on family values.

But apparently the GOP is doing so well that nominating a guy who is the GOP’s version of Anthony Weiner against the sister of a fellow who has a platform on Comedy Central reaching young voters around the nation amplified by other networks will not in the least hurt the GOP nor fuel the “war on women” theme that the left played in the last election.

And here I was worried about the left fundamentally changing the direction of the country, silly me. It’s so nice to know the GOP in general and conservatives in particular have so little to worry about. Reince Priebus must be so pleased.


Olimometer 2.52

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