Republican Voters as Tevye in MA-6

God:  My last miracle was the '69 mets Oh God 1977 Last night when I got home late from my youngest's 21st I saw a tweet from a local liberal who occasionally tweaks me.  He had an interesting question concerning one of the congressional races @DaTechGuyblog Are you for or against Richard Tisei I'm not against … Continue reading Republican Voters as Tevye in MA-6

Richard Tisei: A relapse of “Scozzafever”

With a party with only 11% registration we don't have room to be kicking people out of the tent Ma GOP chair Kirsten Hughes on DaTechGuy on DaRadio We are here to talk about three things over the next few days, winning winning and winning NH GOP chair Jennifer Horn Republican North East Leadership Conference … Continue reading Richard Tisei: A relapse of “Scozzafever”

Is Richard Tisei catching “Scozzafever”?

Richard Tisei seemed poised to score a win over John "Taxes? What Taxes?" Tierney in a race that would add at least one GOP seat to the Massachusetts House delegation. There is no question that Tisei is a better choice than Tierney who frankly had no business being re-elected in 2010, but Mr. Tisei has … Continue reading Is Richard Tisei catching “Scozzafever”?