Gavin Wells: Welcome to Chicago, Now pay up!

The Good wife Waiting for the Knock 2012

Last week I talked about the various Secession petitions as an unrealistic fantasy.

However there is a reality that is going on in the US that is already tearing chucks of the country away, but it is not Secession, it is cede-session as Granite Grok explains

It’s already happening in some areas, and it has been happening for quite some time. Parts of Arizona, for example, have in effect seceded–not voluntarily, of course. It was more secession by math with a dash of history reasserting itself. The illegal drug trafficking and other problems simply overwhelmed the resources intended to control them. Now, when traveling a road in Arizona, you can see signs that read, “DANGER PUBLIC WARNING TRAVEL NOT RECOMMENDED… Visitors may encounter Armed Criminals…”. That’s effectively saying the writ of the United States does not apply in this area, so heads up! Some of these areas are quite large. “3,500 acres of southern Arizona have been closed off to U.S. citizens due to increased violence…”. It truly is the Wild West in those areas. You have no idea what you’ll come across if you enter.

One of my pet peeves has been inner city crime, by not enforcing laws you basically leave the population at the mercy of criminal elements. It’s what got me so hyped about the Trevor Martin case. The national media marched over Trevor’s death and demanded justice, but that same media has no care about the slaughter of black youth by other black youth because it doesn’t fit their narrative and because the police understand what will be done to them by the media if they dare enforce the law, they let things be. Grok again:

Arizona is but one example, there are other more well known areas that U.S. citizens acknowledge with a wink and a nod. Detroit is an example. Gary, Indiana another. Even areas of Chicago. Remember Mayor Rahm “the Don” Emanuel telling gangbangers to, “Take your stuff away to the alley”? Did you ever wonder why he just didn’t tell them to stop it altogether? Because he knows, and they know, they won’t, and there isn’t anything the Mayor can do about it. Essentially, areas of that city are on their own, effectively lawless

That’s why you can stone Christians in Dearborn Michigan and the Christians can be blamed. That’s why a Molly Norris can be still in hiding (apologies not withstanding) for over two years for suggesting “Everybody Draw Mohammad day”

It’s also why in England, France, Germany and many parts of Europe Muslim areas are becoming “No go” places for the police. These are not acts of Secession by those gropes demanding a state, it is an act of cede-ession the country ceding control of the areas to the mob.

This is where we are right now, where do we think we’ll be in four years? If this keeps up nobody will have to talk about Secession against the union, in the end the country will break itself up into little Feudal fiefdoms.

And I suspect this will suit the left just fine, as long as their friends are the liege lords and provide the votes come election day.