By John Ruberry

Roseanne cast pre-revival via Wikipedia

Last week after two decades in rerun stasis the sitcom Roseanne returned to ABC with massive ratings, even higher than its final episode of its first run in 1997.

Formerly a liberal, the show’s star, Roseanne Barr, declared that she was a supporter of Donald Trump two years ago. While Trump isn’t explicitly mentioned in the debut reboot episode, her character, Roseanne Conner, ends a family prayer, one that began by asking her pussy-hat donned leftist sister (Laurie Metcalf) if she preferred to “take a knee,” Colin Kaerpenick-style, with a bang: “Most of all, Lord, thank you for making American great again!”

The Conners live somewhere in northern Illinois in the fictional town of Lanford. Yes, my state voted for Hillary Clinton, but stick with me for a bit. One of the appeals of the old and new Roseanne is that it focuses on the struggles of a blue collar family headed by two overweight parents, Roseanne and Dan Conner (John Goodman), whose bulkiness refreshingly is not a target of unvarying jabs. They are regular folks trying to get by. During the television interregnum the Conners came close to losing their home to foreclosure. In the 1980s these type of families were Reagan Democrats. But since the first run of Roseanne, the Democrats have pivoted to the left, and in the last few years, to the far left. For evidence, look at the rise of Bernie Sanders, the only out-of-the-closet socialist in the US Senate.

“I didn’t leave the Democratic Party,” Ronald Reagan, who was born and reared in northern Illinois, notoriously remarked, “the party left me.”

The 21st century Democrats–the secular progressives–also left the Conners. This TV family represents the base of the new Republican Party.

Where the Conners live in Illinois was always a bit murky, originally it was Fulton County, a rural county south of Peoria. Yes, the old and new Roseanne, as the old vaudeville expression went, “plays in Peoria.” In 1988, when the show hit the airwaves, Michael Dukakis prevailed over George H.W. Bush in Fulton County, beginning a seven-election presidential winning streak for the Democrats there.

Ronald Reagan Trail north of Peoria

But in 2016 Donald Trump won Fulton by 15 percentage points while four years earlier Barack Obama prevailed by over twenty points. And for the GOP there plenty of room for growth in the Fulton counties of America. In southern Illinois lies Wayne County, where Trump bested Clinton by over 70 points.

Call that the Roseanne vote.

And even in Illinois, the Land of Lincoln, there is hope for the Republican Party.

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From Trump’s Twitter feed

By John Ruberry

For as long as I can remember the words “Merry Christmas” have been pushed away from public life, in the both the political and business world. I get it. No one wants to offend people who aren’t Christian, or those few Christians, such as the Jehovah’s Witnesses, who shun Christmas.

However, 83 percent of Americans are Christian, and for many of them Christmas is their favorite time of the year. And I know some secular progressives who set up Christmas trees in their home.

When  President-elect Donald Trump on the later stops of his ‘thank you’ tour replaced his ‘USA’ lectern logo with a ‘Merry Christmas’ one, it got my attention.

And Trump’s Christmas spirit didn’t end there

“We’re gonna start saying ‘Merry Christmas’ again,” Trump said at a Michigan ‘thank you’ rally. “How about all those department stores, they have the bells and they have the red walls and they have the snow, but they don’t have ‘Merry Christmas. I think they’re gonna start putting up ‘Merry Christmas.'”

About ten years ago the ‘War on Christmas’ compelled Christians who wished to say ‘Merry Christmas’ at their workplace to bite their tongues, including those working extended Christmas shifts at retail stores to accommodate Christmas shoppers. Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly, one of the defenders in the ‘War on Christmas,’ declares the conflict all but over, as increasingly more retail outlets use the word ‘Christmas” in their holiday advertisements. On Christmas Eve I was greeted with a hearty “Merry Christmas” when I walked into the local Walmart–and when I left.

Meanwhile, the outgoing president’s final Christmas card, oops, I mean holiday card, oh wait, make that a seasonal card, features the first family and a sprig of holly. Nothing else.

I’ll be shocked if Donald Trump’s first presidential Christmas card isn’t much different, even though his oldest daughter is a convert to Judaism.

Howard Kurtz ended today’s always excellent Fox News’ Media Watch program with “Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah.” Yes, like a rare planetary alignment, Christmas Eve and the first day of Hanukkah share the came spot on the calendar.

And from me to you, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy Hanukkah.

John Ruberry regularly blogs at Marathon Pundit.

I wrote about reverse mortgage a bit ago and it hit me it’s a perfect analogy for what is going on demographically in Europe, borrowing for the present and letting someone else pay the bill later.  A great example of this is happening now in Germany.

The German government expects to receive 1.5 million asylum seekers in 2015, and possibly even more in 2016. After factoring in family reunifications — based on the assumption that individuals whose asylum applications are approved will subsequently bring an average of four additional family members to Germany — that number will swell exponentially. This is in addition to the 5.8 million Muslims already living in Germany.

What does that mean?  Well Mark Steyn has done the math based on the german birthrate (1.3) and the European Muslim birthrate (3.5) and computes that even if no other Muslim comes to Germany they will outnumber ethnic Germans 2-1 in German in just two generations.

Now if they were assimilating it would be no big deal but as Doug Ross reminds us :

Virtually none, and I do mean none, of these people have any intention of assimilating into the cultures where they “migrated” to. They have every intention of planting their culture in those places and demographically guaranteeing its survival.

Now you would think that a large migration of people whose culture embraces throwing gays off of roof, punishing their women for the crime of being raped and comes from nations with  legal systems where a non-muslim’s testimony is worth as much as a believer might provoke a unified national response.  You’d be wrong:

According to the president of the Bavarian Association of Municipalities (Bayerische Gemeindetag), Uwe Brandl, Germany is now on track to have “20 million Muslims by 2020.” The surge in Germany’s Muslim population represents a demographic shift of epic proportions, one that will change the face of Germany forever, “but we are just standing by, watching it happen.”

Well of COURSE you’re doing nothing, you’ve chosen a secular progressive society and the primary rule of secular progressivism is the now trumps the future. It’s the reverse mortgage principle applied to demographic change.

Consider:  Enforcing the secular progressive culture on the muslim “immigrants” involves risk both physical and legal. If the new “immigrants” are not willing to obey the laws and respect the customs of the nation is the policeman willing to risk life and limb to enforce those laws, is the teacher willing to risk assault? Is the alderman willing to risk the slashed tire or the schoolyard kid willing to risk the beating?  Or even if it’s not a physical issue, what about the lawsuits? Is an employer willing to risk a discrimination suit that could ruin him? A co-worker willing to face the wrath of the EU rules?

Why would the current Secular progressivism German generation take any of these risks to their current comfort or safety when all the problems it will lead to come in a future they might not even be alive for or will be in retirement perhaps in another country?  Let the future generations handle it, it’s not my problem

It’s an old Napoleonic tactic Europe has seen before:

You know his tactics; Your Excellency; A demand for concessions and when the concessions are granted then new demands each one more weakening than the one before, until the object of his attention is either too weak to oppose him further or is at least so weakened as to make armed resistance fatal.

C. S. Forester Commodore Hornblower p 167 1945

In a reverse Mortgage the borrower builds up not equity but debt and when it comes due at death his heirs have choice, keep the home at an incredible cost, or abandon it to the debtors

Germany’s elites have taken out a reverse mortgage on their country’s future.  They’re willing to trade peace and quiet now and will be happy to let future generations either pay off the debt or leave the house to the new owners.

The surprise isn’t that Germany is doing this, the surprise is that given its post Christian culture that anyone expected otherwise.

Live fully while you may and reckon not the cost

Omar Khayyam

Major Hogan:  What do you do when you’re short of cash Sharpe.

Lt. Sharpe:  Do without sir.

Sharpe’s rifles 1993

There are a lot of signs of sweeping cultural change in the United States that I’ve seen in my lifetime, brought on by the me generation of the 60’s,   many that their parents and grandparents would have disapproved of but one of the things that if you told me would be the case twenty years ago I’d have called you mad but the change that has struck me the most has been the rise of the reverse mortgage.

For generations the American Dream was home ownership.  People worked their entire life for that goal and once the home was paid off it represented a solid piece of wealth that nobody could take away from them.  Once you owned a clear home the possibilities were grand.  You could sell it and move to a bigger or better home largely paid for by the sale and by working hard own it clear in a much shorter time, You could leverage it for a business that would, again with hard work, not only pay for a home but mean not only your home but your livelihood was not dependant on others.  It could be passed on to one of your children or even a grandchild with the understanding that they would handle things you couldn’t while you were alive, or if all of your children had their own homes upon your death it could be sold  and the profits split among them.

Of course this meant sacrifice. Maybe you didn’t get that big TV that you wanted, or that deluxe grille. Maybe you went to a local pond or beach on a family trip instead of an expensive vacation. Your kids didn’t have the latest game system but they had money in a savings account that you could give them when they were older. You didn’t have to have everything now, you got ahead and enjoyed what you had.

It was the judeo christian ethic at its finest celebrating work and temperance and the well-being of others.

In other words you worked hard not only to have that real property not just for a place to live but for the future of your family. You did without extra comforts for your family.  It wasn’t all about you, it’s about them.

Consider instead the reverse mortgage:

A reverse mortgage operates on the exact opposite principle. Rather than building up equity that can be passed onto a future generation you are using your home to build up debt to provide either additional comfort or to get out of a current situation. Rather than something to pass on to your family your house passed to a creditor unless of course your heirs are willing to inherit your debt.

It comes from the idea that you wanted that big screen and the package with 1000 channels. You’re going to get that ultimate smart phone. You’re going on that expensive trip and eating out every chance you can get. Why setting for coffee when you have that triple mocha cappuccino. Who cares if there is anything for the children or grandchildren what did they do for you? Charge it now and worry later and if you can’t pay it off or I still want it when I don’t have the case anymore, the reverse mortgage can do the trick

It’s the exact opposite of the judeo christian ethic and the ultimate expression of the “Me” generation.

You worry about your present. You DESERVE those extra comforts now and you certainly don’t need a place to live once you’re dead. And why is it up to you to worry about those children or grandchildren anyways, presuming you if you have any, can’t they take care of themselves like you did? It isn’t about them, it’s about you. Future generations aren’t my problem it’s all about ME.

This might seem like a small thing but it’s what secular progressive culture is about, it’s about me, it’s about now and when it’s all about you, nothing else matters. It produces a group of people happy to mortgage future generations for their own immediate gratification.

This is the fruit of the secular progressivism of the Me generation. An army of Veruca salts.