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I’m guilty of many things, but one is talking about race and Things Black too much.

The reputational demise of public astrophysicist Neil Degrasse Tyson elicited a great deal of Schadenfreude, but it depressed me for one reason: I liked seeing a black person talk about something other than race, being black, or crime–the last of which is all too often a byproduct of race. Finding out that Mr. Tyson is a bit of a charlatan made me sad.

That said, in this post, I will be again guilty of discussing race, but only to point to three pockets of hope on the subject.

The mindterm election this past week saw the turning of the U.S. Senate to the GOP and GOP gains for the House. Among these are Senator Tim Scott (SC), Representative-Elects Mia Love (UT-4), and the much-less heralded, but no less significant Will Hurd (TX-23). That these three people are black and Republican is remarkable in itself, but some might also find it equally remarkable that the majority of each constituency is non-black. (Mr. Hurd’s district consists of mostly of Americans of Mexican ancestry.) However, this shouldn’t be surprising at all.

Most (all?) U.S. congressional districts represented by black Democrats–Congressional Black Caucus members–have long been carved out for them. I contend that each one of them has been planted by the Democrat Party and the party heavily funds all of their campaigns.

It is a method of keeping each of these districts voting Democratic, keeping the voters quiet about economic progress, and it feeds on the indoctrinated notion that having a representative who looks like you somehow elevates you. That same notion explains why virtually all black American voters voted for Barack Obama, especially in 2012. And I need to repeat: it keeps each of these districts voting Democratic. This is how the fallacy of black=Democrat was born.

An inverse anecdotal example: I live in a district with a majority-black voting base–formerly represented by Maxine Waters and recently re-carved in order for Karen Bass to retain her place at the table–and have watched, cycle after cycle, as Republicans–usually black, but not always–have haplessly run, including the locally famous homeless activist Ted Hayes in 2008. These brave people get no publicity and, usually, little funding, though Mr. Hayes got a great deal of the latter.

Also related: the National Association for the Advancement of Communist Principles (NAACP) ignored the elections of Scott, Love and Hurd while nattering on about voting rights in its November 4 election statement. This omission is the very embodiment of the aforementioned indoctrination. Take a bow, LBJ!

Back to the newly elected black Republicans, the demographics of these pockets of post-racialism is the real progress: that three people who do not look like the majority of their constituents can be elected by them and that three black politicians can base their campaigns on issues other than race.

And, please, save it about the election of Barack Obama. We all know that his election and his subsequent two terms have not represented the onset of post-racialism. Remember, being black equals being a Democrat, according to the brainwashing.

However, I think that the ascent of these three legislators will make a difference. Maybe.

After all, wasn’t that what the Civil Rights Movement was really about, conflating public and private property notwithstanding?

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By A.P. Dillon


Kay Hagan’s obsessive fear of the Koch’s and Democrat Dark Money isn’t her only slice of  hypocrisy. As a mother of three, she’s now backed by Planned Parenthood — the national provider of abortions which received taxpayer funds.  Planned Parenthood has launched a campaign tailored for her.

Planned Parenthood is dumping $3 million into the NC race.

Kay likes to play like she’s the ‘every woman’ of North Carolina, but her well-manicured Bio leaves out quite a bit. She’s been a political insider from a young age as American Thinker notes. Her attacks on her opponent, Thom Tillis, lay bare her continued hypocrisy and penchant for lies of omission. Snippet from American Thinker:

In 2014, the media’s preferred campaign narrative is shaping up to be how political insider and privileged white male Republican Thom Tillis wants to sell out North Carolina as part of the Republican #WaronWomen.  This narrative is false to the core. 

Unlike the connected Kay Hagan, Thom Tillis, age 53, was born into a working class family.  While he has been labeled a political insider in this election cycle, his background is anything but that of someone with longstanding  family connections.  Tillis he wasn’t able to go straight from high school to college.  He had to work.  It was the late 1970s and good jobs were very hard for young people to come by. 

For years Tillis juggled work with taking classes at community colleges and extension programs.  As a result, Tillis didn’t finish his BA degree until he was 36.  In the next decade he first became a partner in the consulting group at PriceWaterhouseCooper.  Then, in 2006, Tillis first ran for public office and won.  His new colleagues in the NC House of Representatives thought so highly of his talent that he became a whip during the 2008 legislative session. 

Tillis helped recruit and organize other candidates so that after the 2010 election there was a Republican majority in the NC House of Representatives, the first in over a century.  Tillis was elected speaker at the start of this third term, a very fast rise to top political leadership. 

Only in Obama’s America could a Horatio Alger rise such as that of Thom Tillis be written off as no more than white male privilege, even as the well connected nonentity Hagan is celebrated in the media as a woman who triumphed over the patriarchy.  

War on Women. Laughable given their long history of assaults on any woman who dare to show signs of  a spine, conviction of their beliefs or defend themselves.  Just look at their latest ‘rape culture‘ push. Good grief.  I’m not going to even get into the ‘equal pay‘ cannard or the #YesAllWomen bit.

No. The only war the Democrats are truly waging is a war on men.


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Florida Palm TreesBy John Ruberry

Tuesday is primary election day in Illinois and most of the drama is on the Republican side. The winner of the GOP gubernatorial race stands a very good chance of defeating unpopular Democratic incumbent Pat Quinn.

The US Senate race until recently hasn’t been attracting much attention in the Land of Lincoln. Competing for the opportunity to face longtime incumbent Dick Durbin  are Doug Truax and Jim Oberweis.

Truax, 43, is a political newcomer who is a West Point and an Army Ranger School graduate. He runs his own healthcare consulting business. Oberweis, 67, has been serving as a state senator for a year. He enjoys terrific name recognition, his Oberweis Dairy stores can be found throughout the Chicago area.

This is the seventh time Oberweis has run for office in twelve years–and his third time running for the US Senate. “Obi” has competed for governor and twice for the US House–and after spending $10 million of his own money on these contests, he can only look at his state Senate run as a victory. Oberweis is known for his gaffes and his overall sloppy campaign style. He’s Joe Biden with a full head of hair.

Oberweis is concluding his worst campaign effort yet. Last week NBC 5 Chicago’s MaryAnn Ahern discovered that a little more than a week before the primary, Oberweis, who has been ducking debate challenges from Truax, was at his second home in southwestern Florida. When Ahern contacted Oberweis by telephone, he refused to reveal his location to her.

I can’t imagine even Dick Durbin stooping that low.

Morton Grove, IL on Wednesday
Morton Grove, IL on Wednesday

Oberweis and his wife claim their Florida home as a homestead exemption, gaining a $50,000 tax credit. If they used their Sugar Grove, Illinois home for the same purpose, they’d get only a $6,000 break. Oberweis’ wife has a Florida driver’s license and is registered to vote in the Sunshine State. She won’t be voting for her husband on Tuesday.

As for the Florida trip, Obi claimed that he promised his wife that he’d spend her birthday with her. Of course the Oberweises could have done that in Illinois, which got hit with another snowstorm while they were walking among the palm trees.

Prior to the Florida trip and its fallout, the better-known Oberweis enjoyed a huge lead in the polls. But should the political gadfly win, Durbin will certainly hand him his next defeat. If Truax pulls ahead and beats Oberweis, he still faces an uphill challenge. Maybe even an up-mountain challenge. But if 2014 turns into a wave election, as the American Thinker’s Richard Baehr muses, Truax can score an upset.

Durbin, 69, is just sort of there. He has never been well-liked even in this Democratic state. For nearly his entire adult life Durbin has been a politician, or worked for a politician. Durbin, the second-ranking senator in the Democratic caucus, never votes against the party line.

Professional pols have destroyed Illinois–which has the lowest credit rating of the states and suffers from an unemployment rate much higher than the national rate. The Prairie State has the most-underfunded public pension system of the 50 states.

Illinois just might vote for real change.


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Agrippinilla: I shan’t be a cipher I’ll tell you that. If you give me power, I shall use it.

Why else do I think I’m giving it to you?

I Claudius 1976

Yesterday the Senate tried to advance Chuck Hagel nomination but failed to get the 60 votes to bring his nomination to the floor.

Harry Reid immediately went to the floor to say how it demonstrates how horrible the GOP is, almost instantly sock puppet accounts appeared deploring the entire republican party on twitter, the White House attacked. Even before the vote Chris Matthews was calling Ted Cruz “The Next Joe McCarthy“.

Given this large amount of censure & opprobrium that the left and the media is throwing at the GOP there is only one thing that should be done.


I’ve been saying this over and over again it doesn’t matter how often you try to appease them, if you are a republican the media is not your friend.

They will treat you nice as long as it suits their purpose, (supporting liberalism and defeating conservatism) but when you are no longer useful things change (as Jon Huntsman didn’t learn).

The 45 GOP senators serving were elected in their respective states. The people have given them office, and the rules of the Senate gives them power. They should use it.

If no matter what you do the Media is going to attack you the best thing to do is WIN, better to have them complain about your victories rather than praise you in defeat. Be Newt Gingrich, not Bob Michael.

and the story of that bill was told in cartoon form…

In those magical days congress worked in the following ways.

The House would pass a bill.

If the senate didn’t like the house bill they would pass a bill of their own.

And then the two bills would go to a conference committee and the details worked out.

And then when both sides had passed bills they would work out the differences.

Now things have changed:

The House has passed a budget, the house has passed a tax bill, they have passed bills tackling the big issues of America.

The Senate has not.

They have dodged the big issues, they have punted, the one greatest deliberative body in the world has made a deliberate decision to avoid any decision that might affect their electoral futures and the country be damned.

The response to this inaction? Nobody in the media has challenged the Senate, nobody has pressured the senate, until the last few days nobody has called on the Senate to do anything.

And because the rest of America is too busy simply trying to survive when the media has blamed the house for inaction and ignored the senate the country has ignored them too and not pressured them to do anything.

Perhaps if the media called the Senate on this the people would have pressured them and we would have a bill in conference committee already.

But that is not to be, after all if the American Public is unwilling to punish the Senate for inaction there is no reason for action to take place.

And we once again get the government and the consequences we deserve.

The End.

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The Doctor must be behind it! I sense the vicious doctrine of egalitarianism, Hade!

Doctor Who, The Sun Makers 1977

In my last post on the seeming willingness of Democrats to condone behavior against their foes that they would condemn if experienced by their friends I noted how familiar the arguments of those on the Democrat left sounded to the points their party forefathers of the nineteenth century made when explaining why a particular group of people were unworthy of the protections of law and culture.

While some on the left may not believe it right to comparing the arguments and attitudes of an Alexander Stephens in his famous crossroads speech or the majority opinion in Scott vs Sandford to their own, the objection fails due to their quite understandable mistake of seeing these arguments purely in terms of race rather than in terms of the real game here: social structure.

One of the distinct differences that social structure or caste brings is status. How one reacts to different behaviors and what actions can be permitted is based upon where you exist in the structure.

Here are three current examples of this:


The people we cover, we move in their world, but it is their world. You can’t live like them. You’ll never keep up.

The Paper 1994

Last Sunday David Gregory, while hosting NBC’s Meet the Press was interviewing Wayne LaPierre of the NRA held up a 12 shot magazine clip during a confrontational moment of the interview.

Meet the Press is shot in DC and these items are strictly banned with a stiff penalty for possession. NBC made it a point to ask permission of the DC police to bring in the studio, and the DC police refused yet Meet the Press and David Gregory felt unrestrained by this refusal.

As Stacy McCain put it:

in full knowledge that possession of a 30-round magazine is illegal in D.C. — where Meet the Press is recorded — David Gregory and NBC willfully violated the law just so Gregory could dramatize his anti-Second Amendment lecture to the NRA’s Wayne LaPierre.

NBC acknowledged directly the validity of the law by their request to the DC police, their ex-post-facto to provide ATF cover for their actions implicitly acknowledges the legal violation.

Yet the argument of the press is not a question of facts it’s a question of intent. Howard Kurtz laughingly states:

I don’t think Gregory was planning to commit any crimes.

I beg to differ, Gregory planned to possess an item in a location where it was prohibited by law.

If it was you or I or anyone else who possessed said device, the law would take it’s course but David Gregory is one of the elites of the media profession (not some grubby member of the Breitbart Crowd like James O’Keefe) as Noah Rothman puts it:

If the post-Newtown debate over gun control has shown that the media is somewhat out of touch with average Americans, the Gregory episode has revealed that they do not see themselves as average Americans.

He is not an average American, he is a member of a different distinct class, Bill Jacobson on the WCRN Morning Show’s case and Glenn Reynolds arguments  not withstanding as far as the media is concerned David Gregory is a courtier to the king beyond these petty rules and laws that an O’Keefe, Jacobson or DaTechGuy must follow.


“I — I couldn’t take a blow, sir. I suppose I’ve been too long with gentlemen”

Among gentlemen a blow could be wiped out only in blood; among the lower orders a blow was something to be received without even a word.

C. S. Forester: Hornblower and the Hotspur 1962 p 301

Sen. Daniel Inouye, who represented Hawaii in congress since statehood, died this week at the age of 88. Inouye served with distinction during World War 2, losing an arm, his death meant that governor Neil Abercrombie had to appoint a new senator for the seat and selected Lt. Gov Brian Schatz who flew back to the Washington with President Obama to be sworn in as Senator.

Not three weeks earlier Senator Jim DeMint of South Carolina announced his upcoming resignation. Governor Nikki Haley in response appointed newly re-elected GOP congressman Tim Scott to the Senate seat. Scott will be the only African American member of the United States Senate and the first Black Senator from the south since 1881.

Yet while the appointment of a black American to the Senate by a female Republican governor of color has elicited responses like this…

MSNBC: Tim Scott, don’t be a token senator

Black Voices News: No reason to celebrate Tim Scott

The NYT: The Puzzle of Black Republicans

…the appointment of Brian Schatz a White Male to the Senate over Rep Colleen Hanabusa by another white Male to replace the longest serving minority in the Senate in US history has not produced a murmur of objection by the MSM.

To supporters of the GOP on the right this contrast might seem unjust but for the media and left Mr. Schatz’s and Mr. Abercrombie status, established by their political persuasion, provides the necessary imprimatur for their choices. That status means their actions are unworthy of complaint while the critique of Mr. Scott & Mrs. Haley, they are to be received without even a word.


Is that you reading Kizzy?

Roots 1977

I follow several people of the left, some that I have met, some that I haven’t and some simply because the mood struck me. One of these people is a lady by the name of Reda St. Cyr.

I know nothing about Reda than what I’ve seen on twitter and what is in the description above. As she lives in Nevada that is unlikely to change.   We’ve occasionally had disagreements over the NRA, over show ID to vote and other issues over twitter, but I know absolutely nothing else about her.

Yesterday we tweeting concerning Guns & the NRA when a subject that is a pet peeve of mine came up, the slaughter of inner city blacks that is ignored by the media and by those who march. At the end of the conversation she tweeted something I found telling:

It is the confusion that is of note here.  I’m sure Ms. St. Cyr is a nice and reasonable woman and is thought so in her community but like Q on WCRN who sees the Tea Party as totalitarian see the GOP as a force for wrong. She, unlike Q, can not wrap her head around the idea that a seemingly nice fellow could be a Republican, and even stranger that such a fellow could make a public argument to support GOP or NRA beliefs. It’s a source of expletive generating confusion.  Why it’s as unbelievable as an illiterate reading scripture.


All of these examples, point to a different caste, a caste that lives under a different set of laws then beneath them, a caste where behaviors are not to be questioned, a caste that reacts with amazement when a member of a lower order displays traits that they would expect from their fellows.

In short this is Feudalism, and they are the lords…well almost. as I’ll explain later.

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From the “I can’t make this —– up” category comes this tidbit from Elizabeth Warren, who raised more money than any Senator, challenger, House member, or challenger, ended her campaign in debt.

n an e-mail, the Harvard Law professor – considered one of the nation’s preeminent scholars of American debt – asked for donations to help her wash away the red ink.

Warren did not say how much debt she needs to pay down, but blamed the shortfall in part on the thousands of volunteers who flocked to her campaign, saying “that meant even more last-minute coffee and pizza.”

“One of the results of our embarrassment of riches was, well I’ll come out and say it – we ended up with a little bit of debt,” Warren wrote. “Everyone, we need a little more money to pay off our final bills. Can you help one more time?”

Emphasis my own.

Coffee and pizza, folks, coffee and pizza.  That was before the ObamaCare taxes forced Papa Johns to up their prices, that will force Domino’s to post menus with 34 million different pricing options on them.  Heaven only knows how much more money her campaign would need if she were buying snack food from companies forced to comply with the policies she supports.

Some people – like Mitt Romney – can run a campaign on time and under budget.  They are also able to run their personal and business lives that way, and, in Romney’s case, the state of Massachusetts.

Maybe we ought to have a rule: if you out-fundraise your opponent, and you still wind up in the red, you don’t get to go to Washington.  Do not pass Go, do not collect millions of dollars.

Update (DaTechGuy): They put a woman who with one of the richest campaigns in history still managed to run a deficit on the Banking committee? What were all the seats on Budget full, doubt it after all Senate Democrats don’t believe in Budgets do they?

Today on Morning Joe the magic word is “mandate”

The people around the table are insisting that the president has a mandate for tax increases. Strangely enough the MSM didn’t have that opinion after a different president had a larger margin of victory:

Begin with the facts: A 51-48 percent victory is not a mandate

That EJ Dionne in 2004 as opposed to Dionne in 2012

Obama will have the strongest argument a politician can offer. Repeatedly, he asked the voters to settle Washington’s squabbles in his favor. On Tuesday, they did. And so a president who took office four years ago on a wave of emotion may now have behind him something more valuable and durable: a majority that thought hard about his stewardship and decided to let him finish the job he had begun.

Now what people are forgetting is that there was not one election on Nov 6th, there were 470 elections on the federal level and the result of that election was a GOP majority in the house but this apparently doesn’t count as a mandate.

And apparently some on the left seem to have forgotten just how this works:

Apparently now we elect the house based on the national popular vote, and if challenged on that fact the left has an interesting reaction. :

So we are talking “Moral” mandates? I wonder who just decides what laws are “moral” and which are not, does that now mean we can safely ignore the mandate of Obamacare? Gun laws? Tax laws?

The bottom line is our friends on the left can speak about mandates till they are blue in the face. The fact is that the GOP hold the house now, and after Jan 3rd will still hold the house, all spending bills must come from the house. What is required now is nerve.

If the house keeps it’s nerve they will be able to make the best possible deal for the both the party and the American People. And if you must have tax increases, some good suggestions are out there.

He should have known he was beaten but he didn’t

Marvin Albert  on John Paul Jones Broadsides and Boarders 1957

I never mind men running as long as they come back.

Wellington:  Sharpe’s Waterloo 1977

Keep up the Skeer

Nathan Bedford Forrest

The single most important factor in any kind of battle is morale. If you can break the morale of our opponent their physical advantages are irreverent. And as many frustrated players of the old Avalon Game Up Front can tell you, if you can’t rally your side, you are headed for defeat.

2010 should be remembered as a year when democrats were like the frustrated gamer looking for a rally card. It started with the big red wave and continued with democrats running from the administration over and over even in deep blue areas, the only victories managed by the left came by either dividing the electorate or by keeping the White House at a distance.

It should have ended the same way. The White House’s demands for the extension of the payroll tax cut, which directly funds social security was a contentious issue. The GOP over the objections of some, decided to go along with the idea of the payroll tax extension. The question being: would they finish the job or go for a temporary fix to get it out-of-the-way for Christmas?

While the House passed a full year extension the Senate version managed only two months and that after intense negotiation within the body. The media, being the media, jumped on the House’s failure to pass the Senate version, ignoring the house own bill, accusing the GOP of opposing a middle class tax cut, a lie on its face.

The house was faced with a dilemma: Do you pass the Senate bill or stand for the full year against the MSM? Although the pressure was on, I submit the situation was worse for the White House:

First of all it was amply demonstrated that the House Bill’s tax cut was considerably larger then the senate version.

Secondly; the idea that GOP prospects in the senate were in danger is again wrong on its face, many more democratic senate seats are in trouble than house seats and if the bill didn’t get passed they would have been part of the problem (and if the occasional blue state senate candidate wanted to point to his compromise with democrats as a positive that would still work too).

Thirdly; no matter how it is spun the man in charge is the man in charge. The president can attempt to run against congress all he wants but he is a single person vs 535 members, success or failure as the executive rests on him and if the extension didn’t get done it would have been his impotence that would have been the problem.

Finally the number of people in the country actually paying attention at this time is the smallest it would ever be. The MSM’s and the president’s ability to whip up support would never be lowest than between now and New Years day.

Instead of exploiting these advantages the GOP leadership panicked.

Let’s immediately give the caveat that beyond the ephemeral advantages that NRO sees there are a few concrete improvements here.

1. The change in reporting rules removes one of the most egregious issues with the two month extension that would have hurt small business.

2. The Keystone Pipeline decision forced on the president during an election year will be a GOP win no matter how he decides. If he allows it (he will) the GOP can note they pushed him into it. If he blocks it, then it’s a jobs issue.

Even so by caving the GOP has made two critical errors:

The first is to upset the grass-roots that gave them the majority that they possess:

Rep. Tim Huelskamp, R-Kan., said. “We were sent here with a clear set of instructions from the American people to put an end to business as usual in Washington, yet here we are being asked to sign off on yet another gimmick.”

The GOP does not retain the house without those tea party votes. These groups have already noted they don’t trust the GOP. If the GOP gives them further reason to abandon them, they will.

The more critical error is giving the democrats a desperately needed, a change in momentum.

All year the democrats have been in retreat, and all year my argument has been “Charge right through them they’re demoralized as hell.” Until today the confident pronouncements of the left and their sites have been an empty shell concealing panic.

Now the House has given the democrats the one thing they that needed more than anything else, a morale boost. By caving directly as the president was calling for them to cave they create a different environment.

Two days ago the only words coming out of the mouth of the media was “bi-partisan” when pointing to the senate bill quoting GOP senators who supported it, now that the house has folded those GOP senators are afterthoughts like the useful idiots they were. The only words out of the media’s mouth is “Victory for democrats“, “Victory for Obama! andRepublicans cave!”

Amazing once it was time to give credit how the word “bipartisan” disappeared from the media lexicon.

Bottom line the GOP allowed the left and the Democrats a victory they desperately needed at a time when their morale was as low as it could be.

The GOP should have understood this, the idiots in the senate who were hitting their fellow republicans should have understood this, and frankly Scott Brown should have understood that the tea party people who worked their asses off for him last time might still vote for him but aren’t going to work for him if he attacks them.

But I shouldn’t be surprised, after all they didn’t even have the good sense to wait a day so it would be reported on the Saturday before Christmas instead of on the Friday morning shows. That is even more foolish than trusting the promises of Harry Reid who will do his best to repeat this nonsense at a time when more people are paying attention

It was a critical mistake. What remains to be seen is if the GOP will allow the democrats to exploit this mistake to recover or if they will learn from it and avoid repeating it.

For those who still don’t get it, and for the benefit of those the president is trying to fool here is a video that explains it all in terms everyone can understand:

Any questions?

Update: I understand the argument that it’s all coming out of social security etc, but as the decision is just how long a cut.

Word is a deal has been made, big mistake but lets see what happens. is all a twitter about the hashtag #40dollars figuring that they a winner with the $40 a week that the payroll tax cut would make. They are encouraging people to tweet out what they would do with that $40.

Perhaps if democrats weren’t so wedded to the teachers unions they could have done the math.

An 8 week extension of the payroll tax (forgetting the expense the short-term change would cost) would generate 8 x 40 or $320.

A 52 week extension that the GOP has already passed would generate 52 x $40 or $2080 dollars.

Therefore the House bill gives a net profit of 2080-320 or $1760 dollars more to the avg taxpayer.

Instead of asking people what they would do with $40 that the house is keeping from them, perhaps they should ask what they would do with the #1760dollars that the tea party house has approved and the senate has not?

Update: Pity poor CNN they can’t add either

What does $40 a paycheck mean in your house? Put yourself on video and help us put a face on the impact of the payroll tax cut.

Strangely when the house passed the year extension they didn’t ask that same question.

Update 2: They may be basing this on a bi-weekly paycheck if so the numbers do the same thing

Senate: $40 x 4 weeks = $160

House $40 x 26 weeks = $1040

House bill $880 dollars more in tax cuts.

Alas poor democrats they get their math from Union teachers

Update 3: A straight post based on a bi-weekly paycheck is up at the Conservatory.

One of the principles in any kind of game or warfare is to, whenever possible, convince your opponents of something that isn’t true.

A few days ago Rudy Giuliani (who has as much chance of getting the GOP nomination as I have) advised the GOP to avoid the topic of “Gay” Marriage

“I think it’s wrong, but there are other things that I think are wrong that get decided by democratic vote,” Giuliani told CNN Chief Political Correspondent Candy Crowley. “I see more harm, however, by dwelling so much on this subject of gays and lesbians and whether it’s right or wrong in politics.”

Now you might or you might not agree with Rudy’s assessment, Jazz Shaw thinks he has a point:

I don’t have any problem with that message. You need to fish in the streams where the trout are, and right now the nation’s eyes are on jobs and the economy.

Jazz is exactly right, people are looking for work right now and that is where the main GOP effort should be, not to the exclusion of other issues, but as the primary focus.

It appears however our democratic friends have totally misread this issue and have decided to go on the offensive as USA today reports:

A Senate committee this week will put the spotlight on gay marriage, as Sen. Dianne Feinstein pushes for repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act.

via Gateway pundit who snarks:

With the Obama unemployment rate at a record 9.2% and a debt ceiling deadline looming, Senate democrats will tackle gay marriage this week.

Apparently our democratic friends who live in their Washington, NY, LA world saw Rudy’s piece and took exactly the wrong lesson from it. They have concluded that Gay Marriage is an issue the GOP is afraid of and thus are trying to showcase it.

I’m sure that the GOP will be more than happy to highlight these hearings. We would love to let the country know that the Democrat controlled Senate that has no time to come up with a debt ceiling plan and no ability to come up with a budget, let alone pass one as the average American struggles has plenty of time to spend on repeal of the Defense of Marriage act.

And the Democrats shouldn’t worry, after all just because the black community is: 1. Inordinately suffering from unemployment, and 2. implacably opposed to Gay Marriage, it doesn’t mean that this will be another reason for the single most vital part of the Democratic puzzle to stay home. After all it’s not like they are already disillusioned with Obama or something.

By sending the Democrats down the primrose path, Rudy Giuliani may have inadvertently done the best service he will do for the GOP during this entire election cycle.

What does this tell me? It tells me that Democrats see yet another disaster coming in 2012. It tells me they are desperately looking for something ANYTHING to swing voters to energize their voters.

And do you know what else it tells me?

Ride Right Through them They’re Demoralized as hell!

Aww you already guessed didn’t you?

Update: Yeah black Churches are going to have a great time spinning this one

the president “is proud” to support the Respect for Marriage Act, “which would take the Defense of Marriage Act off the books for once and for all.”

These guys must really be desperate to gin up that base.

My last post yesterday talked about how the media would be ignoring Palin’s appearance in Wisconsin yesterday. Since Politico had an article on the subject I thought there might be a chance that Morning Joe would bring it up in their Politico playbook section.

They managed to play a link clip of Donald Trump hitting Mitt Romney going into it but Politico story or no not only is the Palin speech not to be found, but her appearance in Wisconsin was not even worth mentioning.

As a said media Bias is mostly made up of sins of omission, but even more amazing to me was Joe and Mika’s second omission in that same politico segment.

They talked about Democrats having confidence in Texas and the candidacy of General Ricardo Sanchez for the Senate and how he would appeal to so many groups and even included a photo.

Yet the Abu Ghraib connection that as Ed Driscoll points out was worth 32 straight NYT front page stories is not mentioned once.

Morning Joe has hit the Afghanistan War over and over again, (mostly trying to push Rolling Stone stories that have gotten no traction) yet the idea that the democrats are going to run the highest ranking general involved in Abu Ghraib is not a story? How can you tell that story and leave that out? If they’re not ashamed they ought to be but I guess they prefer to paraphrase Teddy Roosevelt like so:

Journalism be damned, Democratic electoral prospects have to be protected for the good of the country.

Joe spends a lot of time dismissing bloggers on that show, now I know why. They have to, after all what would they do if their viewers knew that people like Ed Morrissey were reporting facts that they were ignoring?

Update: It’s worse than I thought. Politico mentioned the Abu Ghraib connection in their story yet they still didn’t touch it on air? Even I’m amazed.

Update 2: Instalanche, Hi all, in addition to checking out my latest radio show, find out when threats of arson are less interesting than lost puppies, why we need to drop celibacy requirement from public school teachers, and the sign that Donald Trumps attacks on Obama have been effective.

And because it is a “deal” that means there is good news and bad news.

Good news:

Cuts of 39 bil

Military will be paid

No Abortion Money in DC

Bad news:

Cuts of only 39 Bil

Planned Parenthood keeps money

NPR Keeps money

In terms of right and wrong, of course the planned parenthood money is evil, but it has been evil for years, the fact that it is now on the table and more importantly will be on the table again is very important. Democrats control the senate, they control the White House and the media and the Dems had to go all out to preserve it.

As Col Allen West put it this morning: “It takes 5 miles to turn an Aircraft Carrier around but it’s heading in the right direction.”

In terms of the Tea Party Agenda this is an important change; culturally the “idea” of these cuts is huge and it’s just the beginning, particularly when we see so many democrats forced to give lip service to them, Stacy’s opinion not withstanding.

I would liken today’s results to the beginning of Chickamauga campaign. It began with General Rosecrans almost bloodless advance into Georgia flanking Braxton Bragg out of one position after another. Like that situation in Democrats have talked big but been forced to retreat again and again.

When the debt ceiling bill comes up and the budget fight comes I suspect we will also see democrats flanked out of their positions again and forced to retreat.

Bottom line? Everything we got we got with 1/3 of the power, what do you think will happen next year when we have the senate and perhaps the White House? Do you think a democratic minority in the senate will want to shut down the government in, say 2013 with a filibuster over PP and NPR? Lets remember that one of the reasons arch liberal Ted Kennedy was so successful is he repeatedly took a part of the loaf until he not only had all the bread but people were using his recipe to bake it. There is no reason why we can’t do the same.

As long as we don’t make the critical mistake Rosecrans made in the final battle we’ll be fine, but we have to keep them on the defensive or to put it another way:

Ride Right through them, they’re demoralized as hell!

Here is one point concerning the GOP and the Democrats and taxpayer money going to planned parenthood that nobody seems to have mentioned.

If taxpayer money goes to Planned Parenthood a portion of that money will end up as democratic contributions or on “issue” ads supporting democrats, all funded by the treasury.

If taxpayer money goes to NPR a portion of that money will end up as democratic contributions or on stories spinning issue favoring liberals, all funded by the treasury.

If no taxpayer money goes to Planned Parenthood or NPR that money remains in the treasury to reduce the deficit.

That’s why the democrats are fighting so hard, they are fighting to preserve a source of taxpayer-funded contributions and media.

How is the Democrats fighting to preserve their access to government money not political when the GOP trying to deny it is?

Update: Instalanche and don’t forget to read about Fatwas and Chris Muir and when it comes to Wisconsin remember according to Media Matters and Richard Hasen there is no Macra fraud!

Update 2: How much money how about $250,000+ to democrats according to open secrets. They’re not fighting for planned parenthood, they are fighting for their cut.

Every day on the news the word concerning the budget has been, “The house is divided”, “Will the house compromise?” “Can speaker Boehner make a deal with democrats?”.

All of this is missing the point.

The house has ALREADY passed a budget deal, it was HR 1. It debated and voted and passed it overwhelmingly.

Normal process at his point would be the senate with its Democratic Majority and its Democratic leader Harry Reid to pass an alternative bill and then you go to a conference committee to work things out.

Yet the Senate has yet to manage even 50 votes (let alone 60) on any kind of bill and Harry Reid has shown no inclination to even try to move. This is no surprise, after all he was in charge of the senate with a huge democratic majority that didn’t pass a budget last year in the first place.

Have you seen a single news story this week asking when the senate was going to pass something? I haven’t (granted I spent yesterday in Bed sick) but I don’t see why it is up to the house which has already done its job to act again when the senate has been unable to do a thing and Republican senators do their country no favors by demanding compromise by the house before they have done their job.

Get something passed first, then we can negotiate based on the two versions available.

The Hill notices that the SEIU is saying one thing

The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) is lobbying hard against the amendment offered by Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell (Ky.) to repeal the healthcare reform law.

SEIU has sent e-mails to Senate offices urging lawmakers to vote against the proposal to unwind President Obama’s signature domestic initiative.

Their lobbying has proved effective:

every last Democrat voted no (Lieberman and Mark Warner missed the roll), which is a credit either to Reid and Durbin in keeping the caucus together or to the nutroots in intimidating vulnerable Dems with the prospect of primary challenges in 2012. For cripes sake, even Ben Nelson voted against it.

Meanwhile as they preserve the law for us for themselves it’s another story

SEIU’s outspoken defense of the law has prompted charges of hypocrisy from Republicans, given that some of the union’s chapters have sought waivers exempting them from a key provision of the law requiring the phaseout of health plans with low caps on annual benefits.

Michelle Malkin has been all over this

And the Service Employees International Union, which poured $60 million into Democrat/Obama coffers in 2008 and millions more into the Astroturf campaign for the federal health care takeover, added four new affiliates to the waiver list:

– SEIU Local 2000 Health and Welfare Fund, representing 161 enrollees
– SEIU 32BJ North Health Benefit Fund, representing 7,020 enrollees
– SEIU Local 300, Civil Service Forum Employees Welfare Fund, representing 2,000 enrollees
– SEIU Health & Welfare Fund representing 1,620

That’s in addition to three other previous SEIU waiver winners: Local 25 SEIU in Chicago with 31,000 enrollees; Local 1199 SEIU Greater New York Benefit Fund with 4,544 enrollees; and SEIU Local 1 Cleveland Welfare Fund with 520 enrollees — which brings the total number of Obamacare-promoting SEIU Obamacare refugees to an estimated 45,000 workers represented by seven SEIU locals.

And a fuller list listing all the other unions, is available here with the following note:

It is worth noting that there are 166 union benefits funds now exempted from this requirement, which account for about 40 percent of the exempted workers. This means that although there are only 14.6 million unionized employees in the United States, and 860,000 of them are already exempted from this provision of Obamacare.

Unions are huge democratic contributes, anyone who think this is a coincidence is fooling themselves

Reid BTW was very smart to get this vote over with ASAP, but I’m REALLY surprised that he didn’t give any of his folks cover. Either he figured it was early enough or that because of the first vote it wouldn’t have made a difference.

The Media will want to move away from this ASAP but the GOP will keep this vote in front of the faces for quite a while and if the opinion of the people I talk to door to door has any weight, it will be crushing come 2012.

Update: Hot air notices

The Obama administration seems very eager to impose regulation on everyone except their bestest buddies. If these policies are so bad that Obama’s friends and political allies need waivers to get around them, then perhaps they shouldn’t be in place at all. And perhaps the Obama administration should learn something about the rule of law, rather than the rule of whim — or as the rest of us call it, The Chicago Way.


A lot of people on the left are upset that the filibuster rules in the senate:

They could have recently used the “Constitutional Option” at the start of this new Congress to rewrite the Senate rules to either eliminate the filibuster outright or at least make staging a filibuster more difficult. Yet, due to a combination of a greedy refusal to give up any individual power, and a pitiful cowardice about a potential future in which the voters reject them, Senate Democrats collectively chose to throw away this opportunity. By doing nothing, they effectively voted to give Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell total veto power over everything.

Byron York explains that’s its just not future minorities that are the issue

Why did Democrats give in? Two reasons. One, they know they might soon need the filibuster themselves — not in a few years, but in a few months. Republicans now have 47 votes in the Senate. If they can peel away four Democrats on any given piece of legislation — say, the repeal of a portion of Obamacare — they could be stopped only by a Democratic filibuster. The Democrats who are now denouncing the filibuster when it’s used by Republicans might soon be employing it themselves to fend off GOP challenges to Obamacare and other Obama initiatives.

I’ve already pointed out that Harry Reid needs to give democrats the ability to vote against Obamacare, is there is no filibuster then he can only give that ability to three of them. (With Biden breaking a tie)

If the Filibuster exists then he can give this to as many as 12. But lets not also forget that the Senate was designed to slow things down as this story states:

“Why,” said Washington, “did you just now pour that coffee into your saucer before drinking it?”

“To cool it,” said Jefferson; “my throat is not made of brass.”

“Even so,” said Washington, “we pour our legislation into the Senatorial saucer to cool it.”

I think the filibuster is a good thing, I think it should stay right where it is no matter who is in charge of the senate.

Back in September I attended the 9/12 rallies in Washington I talked to a lot of tea party members gathered at the capital and asks many questions, this was the most significant one:

“Who here trusts the GOP?” Not a single hand went up, but people over and over promised me that if the GOP spent like the democrats they would be back to throw them out too. No wonder the GOP is scared of the tea party.

Yesterday’s vote on the Omnibus Spending Bill confirmed this. Remember that only Kirk was a tea party win bigtime. It is the most amazing thing to see. Republicans are so afraid of the tea party that even before the Tea Party people are in congress the Republicans are changing.

I really didn’t think I”d see this. I am very pleased.

What are people saying?

Here is Reuters:

Democrats abruptly abandoned a fight over spending on Thursday and said they would instead extend government funding on a temporary basis, a move that gives Republicans a greater chance to enact the deep cuts they have promised.

It’s really sets things up for a change.

Politico is sad:

The decision Thursday night sweeps away months of bipartisan work by the Senate Appropriations Committee which had crafted the $1.1 trillion bill to meet spending targets embraced by Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R—Ky.) himself prior to the elections.

Yup nothing more bi-partisan than taking the public’s money and spending it on pork.

Doug Ross comments on Politico:

See if you can detect the spin from The Politico, the last redoubt of former WaPo reporters who don’t even try to disguise their party allegiance.


National review’s Rich Lowry sees it for what it is

Tonight may indeed may be a “seminal moment,” as McCain said. This was to be the appropriators’ last hurrah. In the end, they couldn’t see it through, and it’s not going to get any better for them next year.

He cites McCain who deserves a lot of credit here

Gateway points out that there were plenty of republicans who started the day on board:

Reid says nine Republican senators approached him today to tell him that while they would like to see the bill passed, they could not vote for it.

This is very believable.

Interestingly enough the Frum Forum just quotes Politico but has no comments. I guess tea party victories aren’t worth commenting about over there.

Gay Patriot points out that this is happening because congress didn’t do its job:

You mean, Congress hasn’t even acted to fund the government for the current fiscal year? Wonder if we’re seeing any outrage on the editorial pages of the nation’s major dailies. Guess the Reid-Pelosi Democrats were so busy not letting a crisis go to waste than they created another kind of crisis.

Democrats you did this to yourselves.

Nice Deb isn’t dancing yet:

I hope some deal wasn’t struck with Republicans. I’m sorry I have a suspicious mind, but I do…

Well history would suggest this type of thing.

Cubachi asks a basic question:

Should a bill that will take two days to print and an estimated 50 hours to read on the Senate floor be passed? Of course not

That never stopped them before

Michelle Malkin points out the republican alternative to fund government is more than 2000 pages shorter

This is the Senate Republicans’ one-page joint resolution to keep the government-funded through February 2011 (via GOP Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell):

In fact it is one page and Michelle has it on her site. She also had a play by play of the night in the senate and in the house.

Jane Jameson at Right Wing News isn’t letting her guard down:

Let’s take a deep breath, give each other a tip of the hat, and maybe even enjoy a cocktail but this discredited and dingy Congress grinds on in lame duck session….. so there is no rest.

Put your computer on, pull up the two links to the House and Senate and keep checking to see what they are doing. CALL CALL the numbers below. The Democrats are hoping we will all be too busy with the holidays to care what is happening. DO WHAT YOU CAN.

good advice.

Bottom line we have to be on this every day. This is only the first step but the first step of a journey is always the hardest.

and I’ve made it clear that I preferred J. D. to John McCain, but isn’t it a contradiction to drop the republican nominee in Arizona for the libertarian, while rightfully screaming bloody murder over Murkowski in Alaska?

I want that senate to be a Republican one. If the people of Arizona were not as wise as the folks in Alaska it doesn’t mean we should take such a risk when we need every possible seat in the senate for a shot at changing the leadership.

The NRCC is being foolish if they are playing games with the results in Alaska and the grass roots are right to withholding funds from such idiots if they are spending their dough to contest a finished primary rather than in places like Ma-03 or ma-03 or Ca-36 where the cash would be a godsend, but that doesn’t mean we should do anything to risk an admittedly imperfect senate seat when we can’t spare a single one.

And do you really want to give the NRCC an excuse to spend more on Arizona when we have races we are in a real position to win that can use the dough?

If this report that the GOP is thinking of going wobbley over a horse race that they hold ever single year is true. Then the GOP is paying more attention to the beltway than to their base.

I frankly suspect this is a progressive/liberal fantasy a case of the media trying to wish something true.

If there is one thing the base has learned it is not to trust comprehensive democratic bills that nobody has read. Senate Republicans would be wise to remember this.

Update: Looks like another folding like a wet blanket profile in stupidity by the GOP. Not one red cent.