On Inauguration day I interviewed three people about the election of Donald Trump, the first was Mike Rogers of Granite Grok who hosted the inauguration party that I attended.

Among Mike’s guests was Former GOP speaker of the NH House of Representatives Bill O’Brien who was one of Ted Cruz’s co-chairs and hosted one of the events that I covered exclusively during the campaign. He also gave me some time.

We both agree that Cruz will be an invaluable ally for Trump if he advances conservatives causes.

My final interview was with Documentary Filmmaker Andrew Mudge who attended the event as part of a Documentary on the first year of the Trump administration. I interviewed him while at the same time he interviewed me for the Documentary

It will be interesting to see if I make the cuts, but he isn’t the final editor as he is one of several filmmakers around the nation working on this project.

My gist from talking to people at the event is that most are impressed with the cabinet choices that Trump has made but are more impressed by is gutting of the MSM and exposing their weaknesses combined with the absolute insanity he produces from the left. The worse they get the more these people embrace Trump.

If the stunts like the woman’s march and the pussy hats continue at this rate by the time 2020 rolls around the GOP will have solidly embraced him nationwide and will pull the lever for him with much more enthusiasm than they did this time.

During the CIS reception on Thursday there were several bloggers in attendance who sat for interviews.

The first was John Hawkins from Right Wing News

You will note that old friend Jeff Dunetz of the Lid blog walking in not knowing I was mid interview, he sat with me as well

It’s worth noting that he also did a 2nd longer audio interview that will be available in this week’s DaTechGuy off DaRadio Podcast

I must admit despite my delight at seeing old friends I was particularly pleased to meet one of the pioneers of blogging Mickey Kaus who gave me 10 minutes at the end of a very long evening.

His blog is of course Kausfiles and he’s been doing it before most people knew what a blog was.

I will be posting more interviews later in the day and tomorrow if you are burning with anticipation and simply can’t wait the interviews are now available on my youtube channel

Previous interview posts from CIS event
Mark Kirkorian Cis
Senator Jeff Sessions

While CIS kindly sponsored my attendance at their event there are still quite a few incidental expenses involved, not the least of which was the loss of two days pay from my regular job (my thanks to them BTW for permitting me the time off to accept CIS’ invitation)

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IMG_0377Yesterday all over the country protests took place at Planned parenthood locations highlighting the horrors that we’ve seen from the planned parenthood videos that have been released not only selling organs of children but revealing the slaying of born alive children to get bit of them for profit.

In Massachusetts while there were large protests in Boston and Worcester and Springfield. I choose to attend the small protest in my city of Fitchburg in front of the planned parenthood location there as it was not only the closest but it started at Noon rather than 9 or 10 AM. the closest.

Because Fitchburg is the smallest of the protest cities and unlike the other Planned parenthood locations no abortions take place in Fitchburg it tends to draw small crowds from 15-30 protesters given the day I was curious as to how many people I would see.

I arrived about 11:15 and sat in my car reading in the parking lot across from PP, waiting to see when the first person would show up, at the same time there was loud music in Spanish behind me. Apparently in the city park by the river a small festival was going on and occasionally a spanish family would turn up and head down there.

Around 11:40 I say my first “Choose Life” license plate turn up. It was a family I’d never seen before and they consented to an interview.

As it got closer to Noon a few people I recognized tricked in, I asked one about the turnout and she joked. “you know us Catholics, we like to show up at the last-minute.”

She was right in one respect at about 11:55 people started showing up in quantity many of them from my new parish St. Bernard’s Parish at St. Camillus church including our Pastor and Religious solitary nun, but the turnout wasn’t strictly Catholic.

I saw many faces that I didn’t recognize including Sarah whose family had signs that I absolutely loved. She spoke to me next.

At about five past 12 the crowd was over 60 and things began. Dr. Mark Rollo was the primary speaker.

And he was followed by Tom Harvey who despite the very blue state legislature is taking the fight there and looking for help.

After the speeches the organizers began in prayer, including the Rosary and the Divine Mercy chaplet. In one respect this worked out pretty well because the 25 person Protestant contingent kept holding the signs while the 50 person Catholic contingent was praying, although our protestant brothers did occasionally break into song and prayer as well.

We had a few people yell at us but for me the highlight was one woman who stopped by and asked why we don’t do more than just pray and protest. She was amazed to hear about the various efforts to help pregnant women that are sponsored such as Bellmont Abbey College’s program for pregnant college students and the work done locally at Visitation House.


It’s the part of the story that is rarely told.

In the end the count got up to 80 as local people who had attended the Worcester event turned up but other than one other new media person who interviewed me there was no sign of press. This was apparently consistent with the national coverage as the media either pretended we didn’t exist or avoided mentioning the videos that promoted us to come the exception being in Louisiana thanks to Bobby Jindal who beat Planned Parenthood at their own game.

The efforts of American journalist to hide and downplay these videos makes them complicit in the actions in them and unlike the German’s after world war two they don’t even have deniability.

I suspect the fight will go on long after I’m gone but the day will come when our descendants will look at us the same way as we look at Dietrich’s character above.

Update: Glenn put it well:


If this had been a black lives matter protest it would have been everywhere in the new but as more black babies are aborted than born in the US in a sense a “black lives matters” protest is exactly what it was.

The 2nd of three posts on Donald Trump in Derry NH. Part 1 (The Pros & semi Pros) is here.

Once the people started arriving I went toward the main entrance. There were solid metal barriers separating the two sides of the entrance with a table to process people with tickets. The only way to get to one side vs the other was through the entranceway of the building.

Since I was on the ticked side I asked the people there first, however none of the 25 or so people there were interested. Perhaps is was the hat and scarf in 90 degree weather, or perhaps it was a reasonable distrust of the media but they all declined. So I went through the double doors to the other side. That side was for the handicapped and volunteers. There was a man named Ken happy to share his views.

If Ken’s voice sounds familiar to you that might be because he was shouting out a lot during Mr. Trump’s speech later that day.

Once the people saw from my interview with Ken that my interviews were straightforward and I wasn’t out to trap or spin anyone people were happy to talk. Shirley was next

That she changed her registration to vote for Trump was significant to me.

Trina, a Trump volunteer (and a big fan of my pal Pam Geller) was supposed to be next

But she was delayed briefly by a phone call so I talked to Jim and Lana before her

It’s worth noting that of that first four only Jim & Lana weren’t ready to pull the lever for Trump.

At this point I went back to the other side and in the twenty minutes or so that those interviews took the crowd had more than tripled and with the influx of people came many people willing to talk to me, one of the most interesting was a 13-year-old boy who had, for his birthday asked his mother to take him to see Donald Trump

Another surprise was Luke. He has come up from Maryland to scope out colleges and decided to detour after checking out Dartmouth to see Trump. He even had a copy of his book (which he would end up getting signed during the speech).

However more typical were people like Bruce


and George:

What was interesting was as soon as I would talk to someone near the end of the line, the line would get longer and I would continue down the line doing interviews. EVentually I took a count of the line and Elena was #307

To be sure there were some interviews that were different. David had come with his brother and I didn’t realize at the time he apparently had a handicap. There was another fellow a young guy who called himself Ryan R Ryan who seemed to me to be trolling but since I made an open request for interviews I uploaded rather than erased them.

At the end of the line was a 2nd line for people who didn’t have tickets. Based on what Fred had told me their odds of getting in were pretty slim but that didn’t stop me.

The first person I talked to was Cheri, who believe it or not was a Hillary person but was considering Trump

I asked her about the email scandal but she thought it was much ado about nothing (proving Neo Neocon right)

I then talked to Nancy who was all in for Trump

and Richard

who was going to wait till he heard all the candidates before making a final decision.

By this time I headed back toward the press area it was getting closer the time of the Trump press availability. On my way back I did my last and in one sense most interesting interview

But the most interesting interview which was Carl

Who said he was interested in Trump but as a 3rd party rather than a GOP candidate, but it remains to be seen if the Donald can change his mind.

If you watch the interviews above you’ll notice several consistent thoughts

1. People consider Trump a truth teller.

2. People like that he’s politically incorrect

3. People really like his immigration stance

All these things were in my mind as I checked the time and headed back to the press room to get ready for Mr. Trump’s arrival…

Update: Matt Lewis not withstanding Those people didn’t seem dangerous to me


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Raymond Hanna of Act for America had been scheduled to speak at the Twin City Tea Party last night (July 25th) in Leominster, however due to the appearance of presidential candidate Buddy Roemer he was bumped at the last-minute. He was kind enough to stand for an interview

Hopefully he will be rescheduled for an appearance at a later date.

I started the Day in Fitchburg, once I got out of my driveway I had to ditch into a snowbank to let a plow through. Here is what I saw when I got into Worcester:

The Lady I saw didn’t want to talk

when I finished my pre-recorded interview with Lisa DiPasquale of CPAC I started heading back and ran into Andy plowing the parking lot:

The drive back to Fitchburg was …interesting:

I 90 around 11:30 am 1-12-2011
another I90 photo

the 5th Street diner was open and Steve stopped down to have some lunch in between plowing:

Now its down to shoveling.

Update: I talked to Tony while I was shoveling so I was out of breath, Tony didn’t want his face on camera so I shot around it.

A cup of coffee can go a long way.

I talked to Jeff Perry at his Quincy HQ today:

ma-10 was the only race that the national media before the last month gave republicans a chance to win. It will be the start of the Big Red Wave.