Voice of the Left: Alan Rosenblatt

I don't run into a lot of people from the left but Alan Rosenblatt was one of two guys from the left who debated at the Newseum during Blogcon There is no reason why people can't disagree on politics and get along, particular when both are RedSox fans. You've also gotta respect a guy who … Continue reading Voice of the Left: Alan Rosenblatt

Voices of the voters: Joe in Washtington

Joe works in Washington and gives his views on what's going and what he'd like to see. When it comes down to it, guys like Joe are going to make the difference one way or the other and we are not doing our job if we ignore what he has to say.

DaTechGuy’s Field Guide to (Blogcon) Bloggers: Mark Robinson from the Giant Wakes

Mark of The giant wakes joins the field guide via the current land of Doctor Who: His point about people who come here by choice vs native-born Americans is well made.

Lisa DePasquale shows it’s never to early to talk CPAC 2011

Lesa Di Pasquale talks a little CPAC with me at Blogcon It must be nice for her to be at a conference that someone else has to work about.

DaTechguy’s Field guide to Bloggers Joe Schoffstall and Steve Gutowski

The field guide gets two for the price of one from the blast blog from eyeblast. You can catch the entire field guide here.

DaTechGuy’s field guide to Bloggers, Iowahawk: With special guest!

When it comes to serious consideration of the issues, no person in the blogosphere brings a more calm and sober head to a discussion than Iowahawk! The tribute to E. Blackadder in this discourse touched me in a special way.

DaTechGuy’s field guide to Bloggers Allie Duzett

The first of our new entries to the field guide is Allie Duzett who is now blogging at Accuracy in Media. I shot this interview just before the meet and greet with congressional staffers on Thursday, I was shocked with she gave me an autographed copy of her new book How to Save America. I'm … Continue reading DaTechGuy’s field guide to Bloggers Allie Duzett

Voices of the Candidates: Joe Truschelli (r) 12th Plymouth district State Rep

the latest in our series of Plymouth County GOP straw poll films from 9/1/2010 Without a question we need more people like Joe Truschelli running in Massachusetts, the state won't change until people step up.

Voices of the voters: Kevin O’Donnell

I didn't speak strictly to candidates at the Plymouth County GOP Straw Poll, I spoke to votes too, one was Kevin O'Donnell: As promised Kevin this made it up the day before the Fox news story on your favorite candidate.

Voices of the Mass. GOP: Guy Carbone write in candidate for AG

I interviewed Guy Carbone at the end of the Twin City Tea Party on Aug 30 2010. When it comes to demographics and religion and ethnicity there is no candidate closer to me that I've met.

Good Morning DaTechGuy Readers he is Michael Graham…

Who was on stage twice yesterday once before the Plymouth County GOP straw vote and once at the end. Our clips here are from is speech before the vote: I had to split this into two parts because it ran just over 10 min for YouTube and the other embed programs are iffy on wordpress. … Continue reading Good Morning DaTechGuy Readers he is Michael Graham…

Voices of the Candidates: Bill Campbell (R) for Mass. Sec of State

I briefly talked to Bill Campbell who is running for secretary of State in Massachusetts at the Twin City Tea Party. People often forget that the Sec of State has important powers that can be critical if a state has been suffering under one party rule. It is a race that should not be ignored.

Voices of the CNMC: Lisa Hendey

My last video from CNMC was taken just as I had to run off with Lisa Henley who gave me a sec just before the Cardinal speak. Unless my fortunes change a bit I will unlikely be able to make it next year, but I'm very happy to have been able to manage this one. … Continue reading Voices of the CNMC: Lisa Hendey

Voices from the Madonna Della Cava Festival: The Roma Band of Boston

The Roma Band of Boston played at the Madonna Della Cava festival last Sunday. We talked to the band before the festivities began: If you are looking for an Italian band for an event (And you should be) The Roma Band should be high on the list.

DaTechguy’s Field guide to (Catholic Bloggers) The American Papist

This is the last field guide entry from CNMC and the penultimate interview from the cnmc that I will be posting. He is also the only person from CNMC that was already on my blogroll. If Thomas Peters never wrote a word on a blog he would still be an impressive young man. I'd like … Continue reading DaTechguy’s Field guide to (Catholic Bloggers) The American Papist

Voices of the CNMC Sr. Sean Meyer

The only nun in my interviews had an interesting take on the conference: She would have liked to have seen more facebook and twitter. Her twitter account is saintsfortoday It's spooky to meet nuns clearly younger than me. I'm really not used to that.

DaTechGuy’s field guide to (Catholic) Bloggers Patrick Padley

His main focus is the podcast but he does blog as well: This is our first interview with an extra guest star! Actually two since we had Susanne. Considering what a sweetheart Susanne is I can't see why I had so much trouble with the camera whenever I tried to interview her, either events were … Continue reading DaTechGuy’s field guide to (Catholic) Bloggers Patrick Padley

Voices of Main Street Ray Tower of Viola’s Fitchburg Tire

One of a series of occasional posts containing interviews with people from local businesses concerning their area of expertise: Ray Tower has known Tires for longer than I've been alive. He talks about the incredible advances in tire technology in his lifetime and some of the big mistakes that people make where the rubber meets … Continue reading Voices of Main Street Ray Tower of Viola’s Fitchburg Tire