I talked to Jeff Perry at his Quincy HQ today:

ma-10 was the only race that the national media before the last month gave republicans a chance to win. It will be the start of the Big Red Wave.

David Anderson came from RI to volunteer for Sean Bielat

I went to two different Bielat offices yesterday, in both I’ve seen volunteers come in and help make calls. When you talk to these people you very much get a Scott Brown meme.

Stacy & I interviewed Sean Bielat at his Newton hq:

Byebyebarney.org is the moneybomb site and feel free to spread a little for Bill Gunn in Ma-1 to retire John Olver, Tom Wesley in ma-2 to retire Richard Neal and Marty Lamb in ma-3 to retire Jim McGovern as well! They don’t build robots but send them some love ace

Update: The link for byebyebarney was right but it said .com instead of the correct .org, my bad

My final entry for the field guide from Blogcon comes courtesy of the Kruiser Cabana

Vodka Pundit’s drunk blogging has proven to be an excellent way for people to get through a boring political speech. Will it earn me another trip to this week in blogs?

The Cranky Hermit talks to an exhausted techguy at Freedom Works on 9/11

It’s actually amazing how many people I missed for the field guide.

As I was leaving the 9/11 marches there was a large event on the mall, it was the Black Family Reunion an annual local DC event that I was not familiar with.

I’ve always wondered why black Americans who are so religious are so loyal to the democratic party.

Talk about getting an A-List blogger on the Field Guide:

One thing about bloggers like Jim, everyone wants their attention so if you want someone like Gateway Pundit for the field guide you have to be persistent.