Hope you don’t mind me saying all this in public. Speaking of which, best I introduce you to folk who, to their loss, aren’t aware of you and your work.

ST (short for pen name Sister Toldjah) is a lady of the South; North Carolina to be precise. She was blogging about politics long before it was the in thing to do and long before commercial blogging for corporate-owned sites came into being. ST, unlike many, doesn’t sit around all day searching for regular news stories to rewrite and/or comment upon as if this adds anything to the public discourse. She does research, digging deep to find the roots of current situations and analyzing same to detail not merely what is happening, but far more importantly why. She’s also an extremely nice, gracious young woman. Now, back to the letter.

ST, I noticed this morning the frustration you’ve occasionally mentioned over being routinely ignored by the blogosphere’s high rollers, not a few of whom you’ve generously helped along the way, boiling over. I understand, and boy can I relate. Here’s what I’ve learned along the way; hope it helps.

“They” (the Konservative Kool Kidz Klub”) aren’t worth it, ST. They’re a self-worshipping, self-satiated circle jerk with no talent save poorly rewriting stories taken from the mainstream media they insist they despise yet all the while would sell their soul for acceptance from same. They have never moved the body politic one inch in any direction even while claiming to be of great importance. They’re not. They never have been. They never will be.

Yes, it hurts when you know and have repeatedly demonstrated you’re more than worthy of the accolades and prestige gigs the KKKK routinely tongue bathes itself over. But they will never – never – accept you into the fold. You show them by simply showing up. They can’t handle the reality.

Find your heart, your passion, and pursue it even it it seems like the loneliest road in the valley and you’re wondering why you bother. It’s why I usually write about music, specifically my beloved classic Christian rock. I know I’ll never reach 1/100th of 1% of the people who’d voraciously devour every word if I churned out endless tripe about Obama being a poopyhead or Trump being a meanypants. But it’s okay. I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing. Reaching one person with information that can positively change their life beats ten thousand slapback reverberations within the echo chamber. Every single time.

There are those who possibly you’ll never hear from who are uplifted, enriched, and encouraged by what you bring to light. Write for them. Write for you. Write from the love inside of you.

The chaff proclaiming itself to be the finest wheat will in time be blown away by the wind. But that done from and for the heart? That will remain. And there will be a reward.

Don’t lose heart, sis.

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