Leonard: Should we talk to some of these women?

Howard: It’s way too early in the night for that. See, first we let the lawyers and the jocks thin the herd, and then we go after the weak and the old and the lame.

The Big Bang Theory The Hofstadter Isotope 2009

Janine Davis: Well, according to Ms. Jensen, you said that she was a slave to her biological urges and called her an egg salad sandwich. I don’t even know what that means, but I’m gonna go ahead and tell you you can’t say it.

Sheldon: Oh! I see the confusion here. No, no, Alex thought I was singling her out. No. I meant that all women are slaves to their biological urges, you know? Even you. You’re a slave.

The Big Bang Theory, The Egg Salad Equivalency 2013.

Ever since Erick Erickson wrote these comments

I also noted that the left, which tells us all the time we’re just another animal in the animal kingdom, is rather anti-science when it comes to this. In many, many animal species, the male and female of the species play complementary roles, with the male dominant in strength and protection and the female dominant in nurture. It’s the female who tames the male beast. One notable exception is the lion, where the male lion looks flashy but behaves mostly like a lazy beta-male MSNBC producer.

I’ve had this post in my dying to get out but a lot of things got in the way, but now that we have this story from Robert Stacy McCain that he had some fun with along with this post by PZ Myers (who usually doesn’t get a link from me) both talking about a man who is…

deputy editor of Skeptical Inquirer science magazine and a Research Fellow with the non-profit educational organization the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry,”

Now if these posts are correct I can certainly understand the complaints and the reactions about this fellow who is apparently …

“a predator who collects girls … [who] are chubby, shy, lonely, and insecure.”

He sounds like a regular pre-Bernadette Howard Wolowitz

Howard: You can modify it to calculate our chances of having sex by changing the formula to use the number of single women in Los Angeles, the number of those who might find us attractive, and what I call the Wolowitz Coefficient.

Raj: The Wolowitz Coefficient?

Howard: Neediness times dress size squared.

but while all these Big Bang Theory quotes are fun it leads to an interesting question.

As a Roman Catholic I can certainly see why this man’s behavior is not right. If I was the husband of Karen Stoltznow I might be inclined to rash action as would, hopefully any husband with character.

What I don’t understand are the objections from the atheist/skeptic community to this behavior.

I can hear the shouts now: “DaTechGuy, that’s an offensive remark!  Are you suggesting that the atheist/skeptic community has no standards of behavior?”

That sounds like a fair point, after all the atheist/skeptics I know are people who have proper standards of behavior that to a large degree would be indistinguishable from a religious person. You’d like them…

…but hear me out:

We have been told for many years that man is simply just another animal, not created in the image of God with a soul and an eternal destiny that we can either embrace or reject.

If this is true, if man is just an evolved creature, than the way people such as the “gentleman” in question are simply the end result of the current evolutionary process and any attempt to change or modify it is simply unnatural because this is just how humanity has evolved.

So if men deforest an area for wealth or hunt species to extinction, if a man gathers wealth to the deterrent of others, beat or rob a person to obtain their possessions. If a married man decides to go off and get laid at a conference or Amanda Bynes decides on self-destructive behavior, if humanity makes war on each other all of these are perfectly natural evolved behaviors.

It’s what humans DO.

To question this fellow atheistic skeptic decision to use his position to attempt to score on vulnerable women as “wrong”, or “inappropriate” or “unnatural” is just like being Rick Warren making the case against Gay Marriage:

I’m naturally inclined to have sex with every beautiful woman I see, but that doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to do. And why should I reign in my natural impulses? And you say well because I have natural impulses toward the same sex I shouldn’t have to reign them in. Well I disagree.

How DARE you impose a cultural paradigm on this natural evolutionary behavior

So while I as a Christian gentleman can certainly understand the objections Ms. Stollznow and can see why Rebecca Watson might give this advice to men at atheist conferences:

[Women complained to Watson they didn’t want to attend atheist events] because they felt uncomfortable in a room full of men. They told me about how they were hit on constantly and it drove them away. I didn’t fully get it at the time, because I didn’t mind getting hit on. But I acknowledged their right to feel that way and I started suggesting to the men that maybe they relax a little and not try to get in the pants of every woman who walks through the door. Maybe they could wait for her to make the first move, just in case.

I don’t see why THEY as believers in evolution and skeptics should object if such conferences are:

a Sausage Festival, and atheist guys are lonely desperate creeps with poor social skills whose only interest in women is sexual.

After all humanity in general and males in particular have evolved this way and if you object you must simply an anti-science religious fanatic trying to impose your own version of how mankind sorry humankind should be on the world.

Isn’t “predator who collects girls” a natural step in our Evolutionary Path? As Lady Gaga sang

Don’t hide yourself in regret
Just love yourself and you’re set
I’m on the right track, baby
I was born this way

Or am I missing something?


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