If you are a conservative in Massachusetts there isn’t a lot to cheer about this morning.

Yes Charlie Baker has won the corner office which means that Big Government in Massachusetts will be run by an honest man who is a competent manager, that’s an improvement.

However he had all the coattails of a streaker at a football game which isn’t the way to build a party, of course considering how little we heard of other GOP candidates one might conclude the state party’s concern was winning all the patronage of the appointed positions by the governor without electing any of those icky conservatives to office who might rock the boat.

There were two bright spots in the evening.

Ballot Question 2 which would have expanded the bottle bill went down to a crushing defeat, while ballot Question #1 passed 53-47 removing the onerous Gas tax linked to inflation allowing taxes to go up without a vote (A hearty well done to all involved particularly Marty Lamb there).

It is that result, combined with Democrats sweep at the state house and the left’s victory on Question 4 which mandates businesses provide earned sick leave for employers that really explains the mindset of voter in Massachusetts. It’s about what is in front of their faces & nothing else.

If Question two, the bottle bill expansion passed every person would have to pay that extra nickel (to start) whenever they purchased a non carbonated drink and to get that nickel back they would have to carry that bottle to a redemption center. It would affect people across party and class and racial lines which is why it lost by almost a million votes out of 2.1 million cast. 73-27%

Question one had even more dire consequences, a Gas tax linked to inflation would mean a regular tax increase every year forever. Every person & company who drives a car or truck and pays for gas was would be affected. Because there are a large amount of people who don’t drive and therefore didn’t see the effect on them (in the form of increased prices for good) the margin was smaller but enough of the general population still fills their tank weekly to allow the question to pass by 53-47% the margin being just under 120,000 votes.

But Question 4 Sick Pay law that passed by 18 points (59-41) was another story. Most voters didn’t understand what it means to supermarkets like Market Basket Restaurants like Singapore and even pizzeria’s like Espresso’s in fact all you might see if you are a bagger, a busboy or a pizza driver all you know is you’ve just got an hour of paid sicktime for every 30 hours you work up to a maximum of one paid 40 hour “sick” week a year. That’s likely why it passed by almost 400,000 votes.

Even when the supermarket inch up their prices the Restaurant cuts your hours and the pizza place decides not to hire the votes won’t make the connection that the cost of that effective 2-3% pay raise that you forced them to give is going to have to come from somewhere.

That disconnect from reality is why the same “highly educated” voters who repealed the onerous Gas tax can re-elect almost every single state senator and representative who voted to impose it upon them without batting an eyelash.

The folks at the statehouse will learn from that result and be smarter next time. They’ll make small gradual changes, and reach into your wallet more subtlety, not stealing over their weight or attracting attention.

They know if they do they’ll be all right, the votes who might notice and the business that employ them moved out of Massachusetts a very long time ago.

I’ll give Governor Baker a chance, but if he doesn’t attempt to build the party on the local or state level my advice to young people of talent when it comes to Massachusetts will remain the same.

Get out while there still isn’t an exit tax to do so.

Scarecrow: What happened?
Cowardly Lion: Somebody pulled my tail.
Scarecrow: You did it yourself.

The Wizard of Oz 1939

Via Right Wing Granny Massachusetts continues to jump the Shark of Liberalism:

Right now, a committee consisting of 3 House and 3 Senate members are meeting to negotiate the differences between the two tax bills. It is not a matter if the gas tax is increasing it is a matter of how much and how often.

What do I mean?

If the tax package is signed into law the gas tax will be forever linked to inflation. It is the gas tax increase “to infinity and beyond.” In other words, there will be an automatic gas tax increase every year. And the legislature never has to vote to raise it again. How convenient. But for the rest of us, it means taxation without representation.

Because NOTHING says a state is open for business than a tax indexed to inflation automatically raised year after year. As the Right Wing Granny put it:

If the bill being discussed is passed, the State of Massachusetts can automatically raise gasoline taxes without a vote by the legislature. Therefore, no one has to go on the record and be held accountable for the tax increase. This is a liberal lawmaker’s dream and a taxpayer’s nightmare.

If I’m Gov Rick Perry of Texas I’d be running ads on every TV & Radio station in the state suggesting they re-locate to Texas and I’d be sending a thank you note to every single member of the state’s house and senate delegation who votes for this bill.

Considering our willingness as a state to keep electing these idiots I don’t see how we motivate them to stop.


Olimometer 2.52

While it might be easier to just leave Massachusetts as I advise my newly graduated magna cum laude business major son to do. Somebody has to stay here to fight the fight.

Being able to stay and fighting means being able to pay the mortgage and that were the $305 a week goal and you come in.

If you’d like to help me fight that fight by ensuring I can make my newly increased mortgage bill consider hitting DaTipJar below to make this weeks paycheck.

Today I stopped by one of my older advertisers Little’s floor covering in Fitchburg. The owner’s daughter was there working on the book while holding new child. I mentioned that perhaps some day she would be at the same desk doing the book for the family business. Her mom said she hoped for something better.

The more I think about it, the more I’m coming to the conclusion that for an example of freedom, you can’t do much better than a small business.

A citizen through his time and efforts creates the means to support himself and his family though hard work. If the work is done with quality, he thrives, grows and provides the means for others to support themselves and their families. All of this from the sweat of his brow and willingness to work hard, how much he earns, what he achieves how high he lives, all on his own shoulders with. Small business is the very essence and expression of American Freedom.

What hold him back, to some degree fate, to another his competitors chasing the same dream but the biggest anchor are the rules and levies the government can lay upon him.

So when you see (via hotair) a story like this

Minneapolis is the fourth-largest printing center in the U.S., according to Printing Industry Midwest, a trade association. Bolger said he’s fine with paying higher personal income taxes.

But he said his Bolger Printing company had to shed more than 100 of his 320 jobs because of the recession, and “I never want to go through that again” if he starts losing jobs to lower cost competitors.

“I’m a 58-year-old Minnesota boy. Wisconsin is probably not in my future,” Bolger said. “But I would have to shrink employees, decent middle class jobs. I thought that’s what this is about.”

…don’t be surprised. The state can’t control people who are not dependent on them and nothing makes a person more independent than running your own business.

People say liberals/progressives raise taxes for the common good and any harm to small business is incidental, accidental or for the greater good.

I disagree, to the liberal/socialist/progressive/Marxist the state is all, only its power can bring the utopia they believe in. The independent small businessman on his own, stands in his way both as a source of revenue for their foes, and as an example of what a person might be able to be outside of the states protective blanket.

That example given by the small businessman crystallizes the left’s greatest fear and that’s why, protestations not withstanding by progressives, they must see him destroyed.

It’s Tax weekend and tomorrow’s edition of DaTechGuy on DaRadio belongs to the small businessman.

Instead of our usually array of Bloggers we have invited small businessmen from the area to talk about running a business in tough economic times.

Do you own a business and want to share your experience? We’d love you to call AM 830 WCRN at 508-438-0965 and tell us what you’re doing to get by and what you would like to see government do (if anything) to help things along.

So give us a ring tomorrow and when we’re done join me at the Border Grille and Bar on Mill street in Leominster at 1 p.m. and we’ll have a round table of listeners who would like to give their opinion too.

For those of you who missed yesterday’s show with Sister Toldjah, Steve Foley, The Right Winger Gamer, Tom Bowler, Brian Henchey and of course John Weston of Conservatively Speaking here is the podcast.

Next week we will have a special tax weekend show, with local businessmen, you know the people who actually have to make a living while dealing with all these tax and healthcare plans. After the show I’ll be heading to the Border Grille and Bar Leominster on Mill Street Leominster (right near the Mall at Whitney Field). Join me at 1 p.m. for an early Dinner with DaTechGuy (or late lunch) and we’ll talk the issues together.

I can tell you for a fact that yesterday killing of the Omnibus spending bill will be cheered by almost every business I’ve talked to as I stated in my Examiner column today:

I submit that if a congressman, state rep or MSM reporter came with me for a week door to door; they would not dare advocate the taxes, spending and regulation that they do.

Read the whole thing as they say.

Michelle Malkin talks a bit about the Wavers and what position the administration has put business:

One company official expressed concern to me that media coverage was demonizing businesses who applied for the waivers. I certainly don’t see these waiver applicants as villains. They were potential victims of top-down government mandates and they did what they needed to do to survive. As for the unions who all pushed hard to ram Obamacare down America’s throat and then rushed to the front of the line for tax and regulatory exemptions, thanks for proving what an ill-fated scheme the federal health care takeover was from the get-go.

But a lot of friends of the O have been taken care of too:

It’s all about control. If central planners can’t dictate what health benefits qualify as “good,” what plans qualify as “affordable” and how health care dollars are best spent, then nobody can. The ultimate goal, of course: precipitating a massive shift from private to government insurance.

McDonald’s, Olive Garden, Red Lobster and Jack in the Box are among the large, headline-garnering employers who received the temporary waivers. But perhaps the most politically noteworthy beneficiaries of the HHS waiver program: Big Labor.

The Service Employees Benefit Fund, which insures a total of 12,000 SEIU health care workers in upstate New York, secured its Obamacare exemption in October. The Local 25 SEIU Welfare Fund in Chicago also nabbed a waiver for 31,000 of its enrollees. SEIU, of course, was one of Obamacare’s loudest and biggest spending proponents. The waivers come on top of the massive sweetheart deal that SEIU and other unions cut with the Obama administration to exempt them from the health care mandate’s onerous “Cadillac tax” on high-cost health care plans until 2018.

This is simply foolish, if companies and unions have to escape Obamacare to survive then how much the small business and the avg guy?

It’s like a man named Walter once told me, You fish where you can catch them.

Chris has been in business for 27 years so he knows how to stay in business during good times and bad:

His advice keep up or increase quality, decrease quality and give some low-end options for people who can’t afford a $20 steak but can afford a $9-$12 meal.

It sounds like some business didn’t take that advice:

The manager of Don Otto’s – a recently shuttered food market in the South End – is blaming neighborhood patrons for its untimely demise, cooking up an angry message to fair-weather fans of the Tremont Street eatery.

Blaming the customer? It gets better, or worse depending on how you look at it.

“People don’t understand their purchases make a difference, and that by buying something that wasn’t exactly what you want, it gets you closer to what you want. It’s an investment.”

It’s not our job to provide you with what you want. It’s the customer’s job to buy what you don’t want to keep me in business.

And unlike Tom Kahale advice Don Otto’s believes price should be no object.

Among their customers were U.S. Rep. Barney Frank and Mayor Thomas M. Menino, who has stopped by for their locally made lasagna. But in this economy, $28-per-pound steak and $8 cartons of eggs was not a recipe for success.

The arrogance is simply astounding. That’s why Don Otto’s is out of Business and Williams is about to start its 28th year without the advantages of a major metropolitan area or customers like Tom Menino or Barney Frank.

Moran Square Diner The Sunday of Labor day weekend
If you have watched Mike Barnicle on TV you have probably heard him say the phrase “The people at Moran Square Diner” when talking about the average person and what he thinks.

Well the Moran square diner is a real place that has been cooking breakfast and lunch for people for

You don't get more old fashoned than that menu board
over 70 years. It’s named after Fitchburg Native Pat Moran who played 14 seasons in the major leagues. He played on both Chicago Cubs world series teams ( 1907 & 1908 ). but is best remembered for his 1919 World Series victory in 1919 (with some unsolicited help from disgruntled White Sox Players) as manager of the Reds. That’s a shame as the hardball times says Pat Moran might be the most underrated manager in baseball history.

Your breakfast cooked right in front of you
.wife and youngest stopped down for breakfast there today and the family was hard at work dealing with the Sunday rush. If you are looking for fancy this is definitely the wrong place for you, but if you want a good breakfast in a quaint old fashioned dinner cooked to a T this is the place. You will be hard pressed to find a better sausage patty and eggs.

When I told Mary during breakfast that I would write a post about the place she smiled, She was really surprised when I came back 15 minutes later camera in hand.I showed up after breakfast camera in hand.With the Sunday Rush on Chris had absolutely no time to talk to me, but Mary was able to find some time after a little wait. I didn’t mind. I enjoy a watching a master at work. You might not think of short order cooking as an art to master but then again you haven’t tried his breakfast and just watched as he goes through order after order.

Working steady

When you make your living $5-$6 dollars at a time you have very little room to factor in a bad economy so if you want some advice on making it in a diner, I’d listen to what Mary has to say. BTW I was actually surprised to find out that Cousin Mary and her Husband Chris are only the 2nd owners in all of those years. I still think morning Joe should broadcast from here some day

BTW somehow this post got mixed up with a post in defense of Stacy McCain that I put up earlier

One of a series of occasional posts containing interviews with people from local businesses concerning their area of expertise:

Ray Tower has known Tires for longer than I’ve been alive. He talks about the incredible advances in tire technology in his lifetime and some of the big mistakes that people make where the rubber meets the road:

You can find him at Viola’s Fitchburg Tire. Stop by and tell him DaTechGuy sent you.

Here is what appeared on this blog March 24th:

Remember it is a lot cheaper to pay the fine than to actually cover the employee, so who is going to have to pay that cost? Back to Dennis:

Next year you’re going to have to purchase the insurance yourself or pay a large fine and face the possibility of prosecution and imprisonment.

So the end result thousands of dollars spent by people on health insurance that will not be spent on other things, like vacations, or restaurants, or that x-box 360 or COLLEGE or the MORTGAGE.

Well look at what it at Hotair today:

It’s not just the calculus of mandates and penalties that has employers considering the option of dumping health care and paying more in salaries instead. The mandate to keep “children” on plans until the age of 26 has employers seeing a steep cost curve. For Caterpillar alone, the 26-year-old mandate will cost over $20 million a year. Under those conditions, the penalties look pretty good. Add on the “Cadillac tax” on some health plans and the expected jump in medical costs from providers dealing with their own set of mandates, and health insurance looks like a very bad risk.</blockquote

They link to this story that says:

Internal documents recently reviewed by Fortune, originally requested by Congress, show what the bill’s critics predicted, and what its champions dreaded: many large companies are examining a course that was heretofore unthinkable, dumping the health care coverage they provide to their workers in exchange for paying penalty fees to the government.

And if that doesn’t do it check this article:

Section 9006 of the health care bill — just a few lines buried in the 2,409-page document — mandates that beginning in 2012 all companies will have to issue 1099 tax forms not just to contract workers but to any individual or corporation from which they buy more than $600 in goods or services in a tax year.

The stealth change radically alters the nature of 1099s and means businesses will have to issue millions of new tax documents each year.

This is a business killer, a large corporation has the staff already doing this kind of thing but smaller business will be paying the price helping to drive them away. I thought the democrats were against large corporations? Amazing how CNN never figured this out before the vote huh?

Remember America, we (collectively) elected these clowns. You wanted Barack Obama and the democrats you’ve got them. Enjoy!

Market Basket supermarkets Friday had a big poster up on the windows offering a fully cooked and prepared “Holiday” dinner for purchase. The poster showed all the fixing of either Ham and Turkey etc.

I was ready to get upset when I took a closer look at the poster and realized that it was something that could be re-used for Thanksgiving and Christmas. It is the same dinner and would certainly be an acceptable choice if you don’t want to cook.

Since the dinner is the same and Market Basket has a bunch of stores that would need multiple copies of these very large posters for each location it would seem to me foolish to make duplicates for different holidays.

So although this is normally a pet peeve for me and others I’ll give them a pass, after all its not like they are a Catholic College or something.

One of the things that I have done a bit has been to talk with people who run small business about their businesses. One of those businesses is Belanger’s Hardware which has been on Water street in Fitchburg since 1946.

We come to the front door and prepare to enter.

For what is pretty much a one man operation it was really jumping that morning:

Bob has been working there since he was 13. He explains the difference between himself and a Home Depot.

The best judge of a place can be their customers, Clyde was willing to talk on Camera:

He and Bob talked a bit about his issue:

And as Clyde explains there can be specific advantages to someone who has done the job since the 50’s

We close with Bob explaining what the government can and should do to help small business.

The government would be smart to listen to a man who has seen it all since before the current president was born. It’s all a question of if they will listen.