A lot happening on DaTechGuy on DaRadio today on the Money Matters Radio Network and FTR Radio nationally at Noon EST today today.

In the first hour we welcome Bill Jacobson the founder of the blog Legal Insurrection who will talk about the ASA boycott of Israel and how he and others have made it into a turning point in the attempt to stigmatize support for the Jewish state.

In the 2nd hour Da Magnificent Panel will join Joe Mangiacotti & I to talk the issues in the news this week and this weekend.  The panel this week is:

Gary Goldman from WCRN’s Business Politics & Lifestyle

Smitty from the blog The Other McCain

and in the Bob Beckel liberal chair Mike Hummell  Union activist & Daily Kos diarist

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Join us, you’ll  learn something and we’ll have fun.

One week of a Double Dose of DaTechGuy on DaRadio was fun but DaTechGuy on DaRadio Syndicated. That’s awesome!

DaTechGuy syndicated run begins at a temporary time on the Money Matters Radio network from 1-3 PM EST bringing you Matt O’Brien talking about a new initiative to stop Obamacare in its tracks in our the first hour and in our second hour the great debate. Chris Smitty Smith of The Other McCain on one side and Cynthia Yockey from A Conservative Lesbian on the other with the topic, Gay Marriage!

The call in number is 888-205-2263 the live stream for the Money Matters Network is here and or you can listen live via TuneIn.

So get your DaTechGuy Dose this Saturday Syndicated and talk those Saturday blues away!

Update: You can of course call in at 888-9-FEDORA as always.

The first year I went to CPAC I skipped Mass. When I got home I went to confession and confessed it matter of factly. I figured it was a small sin because I was so busy doing work etc, I never forgot what Father told me:

“You had 5 days to do other things and couldn’t spare one hour for God?”

That stung me and since then I make it a point to never miss Mass when I’m on a trip.

I got in at Smitty’s at 1 a.m. (Much thanks to Smitty’s classmate who gave me a lift in the snow) I fell asleep near 2 a.m. with the computer still up trying to upload.

Smitty got me up at 5:45 so I could make it to Mass on time and we were off:

Even from a distance the dome of the Basilica is an impressive site:

And close up it’s really something too:

Smitty dropped me off 15 min before mass but had to leave so I brought in my stuff and quickly filmed the walk in

I was hauling some heavy bags and was very tired hence the huffing and puffing but I was very confused. Where was everyone if mass starts in 10 minutes. I didn’t see anyone in the side areas readying a smaller mass?

About 15 min later an usher told me that mass was downstairs in the crypt. I found my friend there and headed down getting there in time for the 2nd reading.

When the mass was done I did a quick film of the Crypt chapel

And my friend and I had breakfast in the cafeteria, one of the best meals around at a price you can’t beat.

I was disappointed that we couldn’t get my CPAC crowed to the same mass but I talked to this gentleman.

It appears that one can reserve a side chapel for a mass if a priest is provided. I think that a CPAC group should consider having an evening mass after the keynote or perhaps if one of the great blogging priests chooses to go to CPAC one year he might be willing to have a post keynote 6:45 mass.

Of course maybe a late Sunday Mass might be better, post party confession you know….

Before anything else may I offer my congratulations to Chris and his charming wife, parenthood changes one’s life, mostly for the better, may that change be a great one for you both.

and now for the serious quote:

And a little note to all those blighted souls who think pregnancy is a license to kill: repent. Some fool may have discovered a sophistry by which snuffing the unborn could be deemed ‘ethical’. This does not mean that you’re pleasing anyone but the Adversary when you frivolously crush a blessing from the Almighty. Repent, and may the Almighty have mercy on you.

It takes a certain type of denial to be willing to kill this kid and defend it as a basic right.

Oh BTW my suggestion is Dominic Israel Smith. Dominic for St. Dominic Savio (and my father) whose famous line was “Death but not Sin” and Israel for Israel Putnam the famous early patriot.

This post yesterday over at the Other McCain seems unremarkable, a simple statement against the fed but the start of the post was special:

by Smitty

It’s good to see that #1 Smitty is ok, and #2 He’s still got it.

Stay well Smitty, hope to see you home soon.

Update: a toofer!

Simply put, Peggy, you know jack-all about Jones, Halsey, Zumwalt, leadership, the military, and what we should do in the case of Honors. He’s a great litmus test; anyone in an authority position who things that cashiering him was a good idea should, instead, be cashiered.
Salon, in a takes-a-clown-to-know-one moment, pegged you so beautifully:

Her recurring theme is a return to the innocence and purity of the past. Specifically the “Mad Men” era, or just before it. She allows herself Camelot-worship (as Reagan did), but it’s Eisenhower she pines for.

Peggy, just stick to writing about Reagan, please.

That’s gotta smart.

Over at the other McCain the Christmas Present of the day has been given, a post from Smitty.

Remember when the Christmas bills come and that sweater looks a little odd, think of a soft-spoken man 12,000 miles from home who is spending his Christmas serving his country and his friends and the hundreds of thousands just like him, and give thanks.

There were a lot of touching Veterans day posts today but the most touching was Smitty’s announcement of his last post for the duration of his deployment.

I’ve been aware of his impending deployment for a while, things being how they are in Afghanistan REMF or no there is not guarantee of safety anywhere in the nation.

I would hope that even those who have disagreed with Smitty over the years will respect the service he will be doing on behalf of all of us. On a personal note. Smitty has hosted me in his house. We have shared our troubles with each other and laughed together.

I look forward to the day that he comes home and we can laugh together again.

Smitty puts up some video of me opining

I give some good advice to Republicans in terms of blogs but my football analogy to the president should be used in every legislative election in the country.

If the football metaphor concerning the president doesn’t get picked up by Rush, then nothing I say ever will.