8 AM Friday Morning

7:30 AM Saturday Morning

Update: Here is the post shoveling view


[thermometer raised=314 target=1200 Height=225 ]

We have reached the weekly goal for Week Number #1 of operation paycheck Any of this week’s excess goes to the monthly goal (shown at left) Thanks to all who have assured me of that $300 (sans Paypal fees) paycheck this week. If I can do that every week then the show can go on!

…or at least that is my assumption since there is so much snow on the ground:

It's a wet snow that sticks fast

The Bridge got covered pretty fast

5th street bridge Fitchburg

Vote for who for city council?

My wife’s decorative grass has done poorly

Please don't snow on the grass

As have my grape vines

No guard snake in sight

and here is my quick video of the area:

If there was ever a good time for Mitt to shift on Global Warming, this is it.

Update: Driving really bad, at Mass St. Anthony church lost power just before the 1st reading, finished the mass by candlelight, trees bending and plows out in force, several signs of sirens and ambulances all over. Don’t travel unless you absolutely have to.

Update: Instalanche and a post storm update in the AM