The blogger Zombie is known for his extensive and solid photo essays and for his place as one of the greatest members of the old LGF crowd before Charles Johnson went mad. PJ Media is lucky to have him, but reading his piece on the ca-36 race seems to me an attempt to re-write history after the fact.

Let’s be Blunt: From Zombie’s own numbers Craig Huey has no business winning this race. In the primary he drew only 22% of the vote. The combined republican vote on the ballot (according to Wikipedia not my favorite source) was under 41% of the vote.

Meanwhile the Democrats on the ballot combined for a total over 55% of the vote. That is a margin of 14 points. Closer than ever before but still a huge hill to climb to win.

After the primary nobody was paying any attention to this race, the National GOP was doing nothing, nobody was writing about the race and it looked very much like Craig Huey was going to be yet another republican who was ready to “lose with dignity” with the words “former GOP congressional candidate” on his resume.

Then the Turn Right USA ad came out. Zombie has this to say about it:

The ad draws national attention but backfires and causes more damage to Huey’s campaign than it does to Hahn’s.

Say WHAT? Let’s look at Zombie’s own time line verbatim from his post:

June, 2011: Outside PAC group unaffiliated with the Huey campaign releases offensive YouTube rap video parody attacking Hahn for her support of a program to give millions of taxpayer dollars to convicted violent gang members as part of purported “gang amelioration” efforts. The ad draws national attention but backfires and causes more damage to Huey’s campaign than it does to Hahn’s.
Early July, 2011: The general campaign begins to turn nasty as Hahn, stunned by poll results that show her lead is razor-thin, releases several underhanded negative attack ads against Huey.

Now in the world where I live in, this is what is known as: “cause and effect”

Later on in the post Zombie does it again (all emphasis mine):

…Hahn’s team immediately recognized the dunderheaded video as a godsend, something that played into their hands.

From that day onward, Hahn and her surrogates have been mentioning the ad incessantly, trying to tar Huey as a racist by association— even though it was Huey himself who called the ad “racist.”

To this day, the “Give Me Your Cash, Bitch” ad remains the only aspect of this race which has drawn national attention, much to Huey’s dismay.

One last detail, though: Despite backfiring disastrously, the ad (as noted at Slate) did succeed in bringing the money-for-gangs story back to light, and ever since that time, a growing pall of scandal has been cast over Hahn’s reputation as well, as various other media outlets and blogs have followed up on the ugly story which seems to exemplify Hahn’s “no accountability” reputation.

Succeeded in bringing the money-for games story to light? It did a whole lot more than that:

  1. It caused a Hacker (who has since been caught) to attack the site of the Ad.
  2. It resulted in a death threat at Turn Right USA’s HQ and not just a simple call or e-mail, a threat delivered with Gasoline and a lighter.
  3. It resulted in the NRCC finally getting involved actually putting up a web site highlighting the charges while denouncing the ad.
  4. It resulted in the Hahn campaign blowing a 10-1 campaign cash lead to try to drown the story out.
  5. It resulted in his stories on the association of Janice Hahn with gangs to be the primary association on YouTube if you search for her.
  6. It resulted in the unbelievable scene of a lily white candidate and a bunch of lily white leftist sites playing the race card against calling two longtime black rappers for a video and song not different from any other rap music you will see.
  7. And most incredibility it has caused the Hahn campaign to be stupid enough to attempt to repress the story by a cease and desist letter to the TV network that ran it, resulting in a new story highlighting her gang links again in the week before the election.

In other words this ad succeeded in causing the Hahn campaign and the left to spend time money and give national exposure to an issue that she was vulnerable on.

If this is what Zombie calls a “backfire” I’d like to see what he things it is a direct hit. As General Nathaniel Greene said after Bunker Hill:

I wish we would sell them another hill at the same price.

The truth is, with all due respect to candidate (and I hope soon congressman) Huey the only reason he is poised for an incredible upset is the Turn Right / Ehlinger video, period! It broke the dam and made everything that followed possible.

Zombie’s piece seems to attempt to do one of the following depending on the result:

  1. In the case of a Huey longshot victory, deny any credit to Turn Right USA
  2. In the case of an unsurprising Huey defeat, blame Turn Right USA.

This attempt to marginalize Turn Right USA is eerily similar to the campaign by establishment republicans to blame Sarah Palin for the 2008 presidential defeat when her presence on the ticket is the only reason why McCain had a prayer at all.

It could be I’m being too hard on Zombie, after all everyone gets it wrong once in a while, but as a friend of Ladd Ehlinger (so perhaps I’m biased) you can object to his tactics, you can object to his style, or his tactics, but to deny their effectiveness in this race; That’s just nonsense.

Update: As the bible says, to every time there is a season as Ladd Ehlinger reminds us:

If Huey’s ridiculously expensive campaign consultants at Gilliard Blanning (A Professional Loser Corporation) want to blame me for a loss, they should do so after the election. If they want to get credit for a win, then they should also worry about that after the election.

First things first.

Update 2: Zombie kindly links back to my post and we exchange opinions in his comments.

If there is one things you can definitely say about Filmmaker Ladd Ehlinger, he enjoys his work.

Our interview concerning his new viral video (that I’ve written about this week) had almost a continual laugh track as he reacted to question after question with laughter before and after each answer he gave. Considering that his video has gone from Zero to 402k hits in less than 50 hours he has a lot of cause to be laughing.

I talked to Ladd Thursday afternoon approximately 48 hours after the launch of his viral video. As you might gather from the video in question his language can occasionally be a spicier that I would normally use but it is what it is

DaTechGuy: What impact has the video has on the race in CA-36?

Ladd Ehlinger: It put Janice Hahn on the defensive. She’s alleging collusion between the Turn Right USA PAC and the Huey campaign. There is none, and has she has filed an FCC complaint. Since the video has only aired on the internet I’m not sure what the basis of that complaint is.

DTG As the Huey campaign hasn’t hired you or the PAC why the video in this particular district?

LE: Rick (from the PAC Turn Right USA) lives in the district as do I occasionally, and I did do an ad on the Matte Fein campaign.

DTG: Have you had much media from this campaign?

LE: NPR, local stations in LA, done a lot of local media, practically the only people who have not called have been Fox and MSNBC.

DTG: MSNBC did hit you for the video?

LE: Yes but they are too “wimpy” to have me on. I’d be happy to face sit across from Rachel Maddow in NY. I’ll bring the beer.

DTG: Now I didn’t run the video on my site because I didn’t think it was appropriate but many of the sites most strongly condemning it have embedded it. Isn’t that a contradiction?

LE: Yes. They think it’s a fundraising opportunity. That it’s good for them. They’re wrong. When you wrestle with a pig you get muddy.

DTG: And has this caused the issue of the program to be raised?

LE: Hahn answers all question on the gang issue as “debunked” but that’s a load. A complete load! Too bad the consultants of the Huey campaign are wussies but hey, that’s nothing unusual, just like the condemnations of the ad from the state party. Unfortunately the GOP in California is squishy and flaccid. They’re all Bob Dole. Of course Arnold & Whitman didn’t help matters here any. Whitman was a disaster.

DTG: Are you worried it will cause people to hesitate before hiring you in the future?

LE: I couldn’t care less. If a candidate doesn’t have the balls to hire me, I don’t want to work for him.

DTG: Let’s talk the video itself, how long did it take to shoot?

LE: About a week.

DTG: And the rappers you used?

LE: They’re a group called Splack Pack. They perform nationwide.

DTG: Did they have any objection to the material?

LE: Dude, we had a blast shooting the video. It was a parody of a song they perform called “Shake Your Ass Bitch”. They didn’t consider it sexist or racist. Hell, they helped write it and come up with some of the gags. Oh my god! CueDog doing the cowboy butt-spank! That dude does physical comedy better than Chaplin, and UncleHead is a master at facial expressions.

DTG: Have they gotten any flack over it?

LE: They don’t care, they love it, their reaction to me was “whatever man!”

DTG: I notice that your TRUSA and site that the video directs viewers to has been down for quite a long time

LE: Yes we’ve been subject to almost continual DOS attacks within a few hours of the video’s release. I figure they will continue right up till the election.

DTG: They must take it very seriously. Do you plan anything more in the future?

LE: We have a few things in the works. Nationwide stuff and local stuff. Want to do a great viral on Obamacare. Should be very funny.

DTG: Ladd thanks for your time.

LE: Thank you!

Update: A hacker uncovered