Well there is a blizzard, it’s cold it’s nasty and it’s against the law for people other than media, and essential services. That means that if there is one thing people need, it’s diversion.

Well your wish is my command so tomorrow on DaTechguy on DaRadio we’ll have some fun.

We’ll spend most of our first hour talking to Lee Stranahan about the Steubenville rape case. If what you know is what the MSM has told you then everything you know about that case is wrong.

In our second Hour Michael Graham will join us for to talk a bit about his own syndicated show that will start on Monday but he’ll also have time to tease the Mass GOP for acting like…the Mass. GOP.

In between we’ll tease Senator Menendez, Joe Scarborough and the MSM a bit, because what’s life without whimsy.

So be with us as tomorrow Noon to 2 PM EST and give us a call at 888-9-FEDORA to put your two cents in.

To hear us tune into AM 1390 Plymouth, WBNW 1120 Concord or 970 WESO in Southbridge to find me on your dial, or simply pick up the feed from here the Money Matter Radio Network.

And remember you can find us on TuneIn as well as FTR radio online, additionally FTR will be replaying the show Tuesday Mornings at 8 AM.

See you then.