Today, broadcast television was interrupted with breathless “Breaking News” that Steve Bannon had been fired from the Trump administration. You would think that nothing else was happening in the world today or that nobody at home wanted to actually watch the end of their shows which had been preempted for this news and the endless public pontificating and bloviating over what it all means. Talking heads had been predicting this event and/or wishing for it for a long time, having long smeared Bannon as a raaaaacist (FYI, they have done and will continue to do this to pretty much anyone and everyone who works for President Trump, or defends him, or fails to denounce him sufficiently to their leftist liking).

The left and their #NeverTrump enablers are delighted and spewing their gloat at any public platform they can find. They think they have a major victory that will further their insidious goal of bringing down President Donald J. Trump. They are as wrong as they are obnoxious, and they are plenty obnoxious!


Not to mention smug.

You know what?

It doesn’t matter.

In the final analysis, Steve Bannon was staff, always staff; simply staff.

Political Strategist Bannon did not create any of President Trump’s policies or platform issues.  The political policy from President Trump is directly from President Trump.

Here is a little experiment you can try: Go to the local grocery store or gas station and ask someone on line with you what they think of Steve Bannon getting fired, ask again at the waiting room in your doctor’s office or at the mechanic or hairdresser or wherever you go in your every day life where Americans are going about their lives away from the hair-on-fire histrionics of cable news and new media. Odds are the answer you get will be along the lines of, “Steve who?” – even among people who voted for Donald Trump.

And that is the point, people: we did not vote for Steve Bannon, or Sean Spicer or that Scaramucci fella – or anybody else who President Trump has fired or will fire in the future for that matter –  we voted for Donald J. Trump and as long as he is still our President and as long as he is still doing everything he can to MAGA despite the opposition he gets from all sides, it is all gravy. We don’t care. Covfefe on that for a while.

UPDATE: Mt.Bannon has landed on his feet, back at Breitbart, and he remains loyal to President Trump.


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Donald Trump took hard shots from the media for months before he was elected. From his victory until inauguration day, those shots increased in frequency and strength. Upon taking office, the media was in a state of frenzied panic spraying every bullet they had in haphazard manner like an 80s action hero. The President deflected them all. That may be changing.

The latest focal point for media outrage isn’t what Trump is doing but rather who’s making him do it. The conspiracy theories that’s floating around in major publications like the New York Times and TIME all surround his top adviser Steve Bannon. Their current narrative is that Bannon is really in charge and pulling Trump’s strings.

Trump replied with attacks on NYT:

Unfortunately, it isn’t just liberal media. Even some on the right are starting to ask questions about Bannon’s role, including reliably favorable Fox News. None of it’s sitting well with Trump who prides himself on calling his own shots:

This needs to be put to rest immediately and it’s going to take more than a few Tweets to do it. In fact, it will take more than Sean Spicer or a press release. Trump needs to come out and address the media directly. That’s when he’s best. He needs to boldly declare that Bannon is his top adviser, but that’s all he is. As these reports continue to circulate while the President fails to address them properly, it only encourages the media to believe that Bannon really might be in charge. Despite initially dismissing it all, I’ve had my own concerns about Bannon’s seemingly exceptional influence.

The media will perpetuate this narrative for as long as it has legs. Liberals want to believe it. Conservatives are starting to wonder. It’s time for Trump to express his indignation about rumors of Bannon’s control. A few Tweets will not be enough. He needs to get in front of the press and put them in their place.

One of the big moments of Blogcon Charlotte was the screening of the first few acts of “Occupy Exposed” the film Andrew Breitbart and Citizens United made about the Occupy Movement and it’s creation as a media phenom by the MSM.

It was presented as a tribute to Andrew who had been scheduled to be the keynote speaker. I talked to Steve Bannon after the presentation about the film and its reception by the crowd

The film has not had its final edit but you can see the trailer here: