Nick Foles: The Preacher Man

It's a good thing that Nick Foles' Christian faith doesn't prevent him from playing football on a Sunday, particularly last Sunday. The MVP and Super Bowl champion has never shied away from his belief in God. His Twitter bio reads: "Believer in Jesus Christ, husband, father, son, brother." More than a few sports reporters cringed … Continue reading Nick Foles: The Preacher Man

The Super Bowl and Elites

Like almost everything, the Super Bowl has become as much a political event as a game. DaTimes’ Frank Bruni, one of the most leftist columnists at the newspaper, has written an incredibly obnoxious analysis of The Big Game. The headline itself is a neck-snapper: “The Existential Hell of This Year’s Super Bowl.” “Football, like Trumpism, … Continue reading The Super Bowl and Elites

Unpatriotic Kaepernick will opt-out of contract

By John Ruberry Position wanted: Starting quarterback. A dismal National Football League season will end tonight when between the Atlanta Falcons and the New England Patriots meet in the Super Bowl in Houston, after of course our national anthem is performed. Oh, Da Tech Guy himself, a Patriots fan, may not agree of my "dismal" … Continue reading Unpatriotic Kaepernick will opt-out of contract

Illinois fumbles $127K on worst Super Bowl Ad

By John Ruberry It's Super Bowl Sunday and besides the game, another story is the plethora of Super Bowl commercials. Yes, kickoff is hours from now, and the advertisement I'm excoriating will air on only on Fox 32 Chicago, but I'm confident that by 9pm Central Time, Mini Abe's Spontaneous Somewhat Super Premiere, produced by … Continue reading Illinois fumbles $127K on worst Super Bowl Ad

Super Bowl XLVIII preview

By Steve Eggleston Tomorrow, the 48th edition of the most-watched television event in America takes place from New York East Rutheford, New Jersey. Earlier in the week, Pete took a look at the waste of money that is spent on the ads aired during the game. Meanwhile, the Fox affiliate in Detroit did a compelling … Continue reading Super Bowl XLVIII preview

There’s a Sucker born every SuperBowl

Max Bialystock: Max Bialystock is launching himself into little old lady land. The Producers 1967 One of the strangest things about the spectacle we call the Superbowl is the fuss about the ads. It's become a reason to watch a football game that more often than not isn't that close and for people looking for … Continue reading There’s a Sucker born every SuperBowl