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Jeffrey Pelt: Mr. Ambassador, you have nearly a hundred naval vessels operating in the North Atlantic right now. Your aircraft has dropped enough sonar buoys so that a man could walk from Greenland to Iceland to Scotland without getting his feet wet. Now, shall we dispense with the bull?

Ambassador Lysenko: You make your point as delicately as ever, Mr. Pelt.

Jeffrey Pelt: It would be well for your government to consider that having your ships and ours, your aircraft and ours, in such proximity… is inherently DANGEROUS. Wars have begun that way, Mr. Ambassador.

The Hunt for Red October

I’m old enough to remember when this report would have made my blood run cold.

A FLEET of Russian nuclear ships have been spotted steaming out of base – and it is heading for Britain.

Vladimir Putin‘s policy of gunboat diplomacy continued as a giant aircraft carrier and nuclear submarine were among eight vessels snapped sailing south past Norway yesterday.

The fearsome fleet is headed for Russia’s Mediterranean base in Tartus, Syria.

But first, the ships are set to pass through the English Channel in the latest act of sabre-rattling from Moscow.

Royal Navy warships are being readied to intercept the fleet which could pass within miles of the British coast.

Russia’s flagship aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov was amongst the ships to depart from the Arctic port of Severomorsk on Saturday.

The 55,000-tonne colossus is travelling with the Pyotr Veliky battlecruiser, the Vice-Admiral Kulakov destroyer and large anti-submarine ships.

The convoy was caught on camera by Norwegian spy planes on Monday

The show of strength is the latest act of defiance from Moscow in the face of Western pressure over its bombing campaign in Syria.

Back when the War was Cold, I thought I knew who the enemy was. Now, however, it seems that the onion has endless layers waiting to be peeled back—to reveal the true nature of our enemies and our “friends.”

Too few care about this approaching feces storm. But I suspect that we will be made to care.

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There is one thing about the Syrian refugee crisis that makes no sense.

We are hearing the left demand that the west to all it can to accept and resettle Syrians displaced by the current war.

What about the right to return?

I mean after all, these Syrians lived in Syria just four years ago. They must have had places to live, either that they rented or owned. They had attachments to the land that went back a very long way and the only reason why they no longer have those places is due to a war that has driven them out even though many if not most of them had no involvement in the war or took any sides.

Yet we don’t hear any kind to demand by our friend on the left that their land and homes remain theirs. They don’t insist that the eventual winning side in the syrian civil war give back said land. They do not insist that any attempt to deny them that right to return is an outrage.

Contrast that to the Palestinians.

You had a partition of a UN protectorate divided between arabs and jews and yet the Arabs decided to make war against the jews (with a lot of help from neighboring countries. They lost time and time again and the state of Israel grew because of it, but the same leftists who INSIST that Palestinians have a right to return to Israel because a grandfather or great grandfather once lived there and lost a war of extermination to the Jews.

Perhaps the refugees in Syria can somehow tempt Israel into the war, one Israel takes a single step into the Syrian Civil War then the Syrians now streaming into Europe and their descendants can be sure the banner of their rights to their old homes will be carried by every leftist in the world


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Louis Winthorp: He was wearing my Harvard tie. Can you believe it? My Harvard tie. Like, oh sure, he went to Harvard. If he’s being driven around in my car, he could actually be living in my house. Maybe he’s even taken my job. For all I know, right at this moment he could be fondling my fiancée.And Coleman – after years of service, this betrayal. I don’t understand it. There’s going to be retribution. Oh, he’s going to pay. The things that I…

Ophelia: Shut up, Louis. Taxis cost money, food costs money and rent costs money! Now, you want me to help you out, I expect a lot in return.

Trading Places 1983

As you are likely aware I’m a friend of Robert Stacy McCain and have actively promoted the Free Stacy movement lamenting the attempts of people like @fremfreq and their feminist Star Chamber at Twitter Safety to silence said Stacy McCain for fearlessly presenting both the facts of feminism and expressing opinions that would likely send students in the University of Pittsburgh into a catatonic state and I intend to continue to do so as much as possible.


Meanwhile Stacy McCain, far from being silenced continues to not only pound away at the people who have unfairly targeted him but continues to cover stories like the special snowflakes in Pittsburgh, the sentence first verdict afterwards mob at Yale, Notice a series of crimes, many against young women that our feminist friends have not found newsworthy,  While at the same time covering and BEING COVERED at CPAC.

This is because Unlike the Pittsburgh students that fell apart at the very presence of Milo Yiannopoulos, thus providing a handy list to employers everywhere of who not to hire upon graduation, Stacy McCain for all his recent trouble, understands that he’s a very lucky man.  He lives in the greatest country in the history of the world, he has a fine wife, six fine (and honorable) children and a pair of healthy grandchildren with likely more to come.

And that doesn’t even count his friends and his fans.

While annoyed by Twitter’s actions and taking steps to hold them accountable Stacy understands that this is a “first world” problem that people safe enough and rich enough not to have to worry about daily safety or their next meal can worry about, as opposed to the feminists who believe Stacy’s words are the most oppressive  and evil things a woman can find themselves confronted with.

However I strongly suspect these women might disagree:

According to Reuters, “scores” of young Bangladeshi women have been trafficked to Syria and forced into both domestic and sex work.

The news agency’s report cited a senior Bangladeshi official from the Rapid Action Battalion, an elite police agency, who claimed that his unit came across about 45 cases last year involving women who had been taken to the war-ravaged Middle Eastern country, tricked, exploited and, in some cases, raped and abused.

The difference between Stacy and his opponents is Stacy that while he will of course continue fighting his battle:

The #FreeStacy hashtag campaign continues. I had people ask me, basically, “What’s next?” To which I answered, basically, “We’ll see.” There are people more influential than me who are working behind the scenes to try to correct the situation. Some of these people are lawyers.

You can figure out what that means.

he will regularly report on these kind of outrages and be outraged, not only because it’s wrong, but because he appreciates how easily life’s fortune could have turned.

His Feminist friends will, as they have for all the various outrages committed by our islamic friends in both the Muslim world be silent, because when it comes right down to it.  It’s always been about them, and always will be.

Rather pathetic isn’t it?


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PM Jim Hacker:  Surely we should use the debate to promote peace harmony, good will?

Sir Humphrey Applegate:  Well it would be most unusual.  The UN is the accepted forum for the expression of international hatred

Yes Prime Minister  A Victory for Democracy 1986

On Morning Joe today the table lamented that 10% of the population of Syria has been slain since the start of the civil war in that country.

It was stated that this was the disgrace of the west.  I take issue with this statement.

The west did not start the war in Syria, until the Russians decided to go in strong the only people who were strongly involved in the Syrian war were Iranian backed groups.

Nobody is saying that this is the disgrace of the Middle East or the Disgrace of Africa, or the Disgrace of Asia.  Nobody is, for example, asking the Chinese to send tends of thousands of troops to the area to make it safe.  Why is it the disgrace of America and the west and not anyone else?

Unless the west or someone else is willing to conquer Syria and impose a peace, one will not take place until all of the sides are exhausted or all but one of the sides are defeated and some, even if it’s someone we hate, wins..   Is it the argument that we should do this?  And PLEASE don’t give me the fiction of the arab states doing this.  The are neither inclined nor willing to do so and never have been.

If one isn’t willing to conquer Syria, the only alternative is to send enough troops to create a defacto safe zone for refugees.  That will take tens of thousands of troops, American Troops.  In fairness this is likely the best possible solution, but given the cost in treasure and blood (because are troops will be a target the moment they show up) do we ask our citizens to do it, because frankly nobody else will.


These are all hard questions and both doing something and doing nothing comes at a cost, but unless you are willing to advocate for troops ready to fight, you have no business critiquing the west for not stopping the slaughter in Syria.

Or put simply, we know what the solution in Syria is, the question becomes , are we willing to pay the price to achieve it?  How many US lives is it worth?

None of these questions are easy but I’ll be damned if anyone is going to shame the west for not getting our own people killed for something that is not in our strategic interest.

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We are still getting this line from the White House:

“In the Syrian seeking refuge today, we should see the Jewish refugee of World War II,” Mr. Obama said. Some Jewish refugee children were turned away from the United States during the period and were later killed by the Nazis.

Mr. Obama is struggling to fashion a message that reassures Americans that he is serious about battling the threat of the Islamic State while also avoiding xenophobia and alarmism. Polls suggest that many Americans believe he is not taking the threat from the Islamic State seriously enough, particularly after the deadly shooting in San Bernardino. Support among Republicans for banning Muslims is high…

The ceremony came as 25 Republican governors have vowed to block the entry of Syrian refugees into their states, including some where large numbers of Syrians have settled in recent years. Mr. Obama has condemned such comments as contradicting American values. The governors made their vow after the deadly terrorist attacks in Paris last month, and fears of terrorism have risen in the United States after the shooting this month in San Bernardino, Calif. But Mr. Obama said that such fears are unfounded

That’s the NYT drawing this comment from Robert Spencer:

How does he know that? Last February, the Islamic State boasted it would soon flood Europe with as many as 500,000 refugees. And the Lebanese Education Minister recently said that there were 20,000 jihadis among the refugees in camps in his country. Meanwhile, 80% of migrants who have recently come to Europe claiming to be fleeing the war in Syria aren’t really from Syria at all.

Meanwhile in England the spigot remains open:

Announcing that his target has been met, Cameron said: “Britain is doing its moral duty in terms of funding the refugees and the refugee camps. I made a promise that we would resettle a 1,000 Syrians by Christmas and I can confirm today that we have met our commitment. The charter flights that arrived yesterday at Stansted and Belfast mean that over a thousand have been settled, and another flight is coming today.

“The government has provided funding so that all these refugees get housing, healthcare, education, and I want to thank all the local authorities and all those who have worked so hard. I said that Britain would do its duty and with these 1,000 we’ve made a very good start.”

However Cameron isn’t saying much about this report:

DAVID Cameron was “warned radical Islamic groups including ISIS controlled refugee camps” from where Britain will fly in Syrian asylum seekers – BEFORE the Government began bringing in the first wave of 20,000, a shock new report claims.

The report talks about what’s going on in these camps and it’s not pretty

The AINA reported that in UN camps in Jordan, Islamist groups “have brought in similar violent Islamist practices” to those that the refugees had faced before they fled Syria.

These include coercion to join terror such as ISIS, and the buying and selling of women as sex slaves.

The AINA report quoted the director of a Christian relief agency working in Jordan as saying: “The Muslim gangs come as refugees, but they have their agendas.

“They’re like a mafia. People are even killed inside the camps, and the refugees are afraid to say if they saw somebody get killed. If you ask them, they’ll say, ‘I don’t know, I was asleep’.

While world leaders like Cameron & Obama continue to ignore this, in Sweden the People have decided to take matters in their own hands:

To get a gun permit in Sweden, you need to be at least 18 years old; law-abiding; well-behaved, and have a hunting license or be a member of an approved shooting club. In 2014, 11,000 people got a hunting license: 10% more than the year before. One out of five was a woman.

“There is also a high demand for alarm systems right now,” says a salesman at one of the security companies in an interview with Gatestone.

“It is largely due to the turbulence we are seeing around the country at the moment.” People have lost confidence in the State, he added. “The police will not come anymore. Truck drivers say that when they see a thief emptying the fuel tank of their trucks, they run out with a baseball bat. It is no use calling the police, but if you hit the thief, you can at least prevent him from stealing more diesel. Many homeowners say the same thing: they sleep with a baseball bat under the bed. But this is risky: the police can then say you have been prepared to use force, and that might backfire on you.”

When the Authorities won’t do the job the people end up doing it themselves

This is a very interesting read, because the whole of Europe is heading the same way as Sweden. Sweden is, so to speak, the future of Europe. And in this future, those who can afford it pay security companies – the rest gest license for firearms and forms vigilante groups.

and it’s not just Sweden, in Germany:

According to a report by Focus, following a 600% surge in sales over the past two months, Germany has run out of pepper spray, and the irritating substance can now only be purchased after weeks of waiting. Focus says that according to pepper spray manufacturers, “frightened Germans” have bought out all the available inventory. The alleged reason, according to the German publication: “die Flüchtlingskrise”, or the refugee crisis.

Focus goes on to say that in private, Germans are equipping themselves “massively.”

and Denmark:

The Danish police claim that they are “more pressed than ever,” mainly because of the terror threat and the migrant crisis. The rule of law is already undermined, as the police – as a result of being overburdened with handling Muslims – will no longer investigate thefts of less than 15,000 euros. Even if you call the police while the burglars are still to be seen inside your neighbour’s house, they will not come.

I wonder if Bernie Sanders will be holding this up as an example for us all?


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Following ISIS’s massacre of 129 people last Friday in Paris, where at least six of the Paris attackers reportedly had gone to Syria for training, Syria has been popping up on my news feed.

What is so unusual about this?

My news feed pertains Latin America.

The first one was about two families that simply turned themselves in at the border: Syrians Detained Trying to Cross Texas Border

Two families — two men, two women and four children — presented themselves Tuesday at the port of entry of the South Texas city of Laredo, the Department of Homeland Security said in a release. The men were taken to a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement detention center in Pearsall, and the women and children to one in Dilley.

“Due to privacy issues, no additional information will be provided at this time.”

And then the stories about the fake passports started coming up:

Breitbart Texas can confirm that a Syrian did attempt to enter the U.S. illegally through Texas in late September. The Syrian was caught using a passport that belonged to someone else and U.S. authorities decided against prosecuting anyone involved due to “circumstances.”

Another one: Honduras arrests five Syrians headed to US with stolen passports (emphasis added)

They had traveled by air from Syria to Lebanon, then to Turkey, Brazil, Argentina, Costa Rica and on to Honduras.

From there they were to make their way to Honduras’ second city of San Pedro Sula with the aim of going overland through Guatemala, then Mexico and on to the United States, [police spokesman, Anibal] Baca told AFP.

Allahpundit has some questions on those guys,

No reason to believe they’re terrorists, authorities are quick to note, as it’s not just terrorists who sometimes steal a passport to get where they’re going. Fair enough, but if this is simple illegal immigration in search of economic opportunity, why make a long journey through Turkey, South America, and Central America to the United States instead of taking advantage of Merkel’s open-borders policy and heading for Germanistan? Also, where’d they get the passports? And why steal them? Is it a simple matter of genuine passports being hard to come by amid the collapse of Syria’s civil state or is there another reason?

Some are women:

As reported by Breitbart Texas, U.S. Customs and Border Protection arrested 27-year-old Walaa Alrehawi and her brother-in-law 46-year-old Mohammad Ziad Alzalam last week in the border city of Hidalgo on the charge of misusing a U.S. passport.

Those charges were later dropped.

Another woman: Syrian woman using [fake] Greek passport arrested in Costa Rica, after arriving from Argentina.

And, a real biggie, about which I posted this morning:

Seham Al Salkhadi, a Syrian woman allegedly involved with ISIS, spent four months in Ecuador prior to traveling to Paris, France, via Bogota, Colombia, using a stolen Israeli passport last July

In the period from May 14, 2014 to July 6, 2015, Al Salkhadi traveled from Daraa, Syria, to Tripoli, Lebanon, where she stayed for eight months. She was later spotted in Turkey, after which she traveled to Ecuador, where she stayed for four months.

She used a stolen passport belonging to an Israeli man, and, after paying a US$1,300 bribe to a customs agent, departed on July 6 for Stockholm via Paris. Noticias Caracol’s video showed a letter from Air France confirming that Al Salkhadi traveled to Paris and did not complete the last stage of the trip to Stockholm.

French and Colombian authorities are investigating her possible involvement in last Friday’s attack.

Yesterday I asked,

Why bring thousands here? Why not do other refugee relief aid overseas, in areas secured in their country or adjacent countries?

I’m still waiting for an answer.

Fausta Rodriguez Wertz writes on U.S. and Latin American politics, news, and culture at Fausta’s Blog

by baldilocks

The Paris Terror Attacks—perpetrated by Muslims—seem to be short-sighted, from a strategic point of view—but Baldilocks minithey are not. Yes, I suppose it’s silly to talk about cogent strategy from persons subscribing to an ideology which has as one of its penultimate goals to die for its deity while taking non-believers along and who seem to be incapable of using any other “strategy,” but I’m not talking about them. I’m talking about the EU and people like German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Several of the European heads of government, the EU, and whoever else runs things on that continent seem intent on flooding every part of it with “refugees” from Islamic countries. Millions of them. And the normal, everyday citizens of these countries do not like it one bit–especially, citizens of this town. But what can keep those citizens from doing something like, say, overthrowing their governments or rounding up Muslims at the muzzle of a whole lot of guns? Being afraid of their new neighbors.

Can you sense where I’m going? I’ll get you to the destination quickly: the EU wants the immigrants to perform acts of terror and will continue to let them happen, the French president’s bravado notwithstanding. They know what these people—these Muslims–believe, know what some of them have been doing and know what they are thirsty to do again. And again. Why else would they allow hundreds of thousands of single young men from countries who view infidels as marks and women as booty (meant in both senses) to flood into the continent? And as we saw yesterday and long before, it doesn’t take a million; it only takes a few.

The European elites want the citizens cowed; in fear of being raped, shot, and/or blown up. Cowed citizens will do anything to keep the peace and are more compliant. So what, I hear you ask, do the elites want of the European citizen? To submit to protection; the protection of a One-World government…and One-World religion. And the only way that there will be peace under those circumstances is if that One-World religion is Islam.

Sounds crazy, does it not? Evil often looks like insanity.

Oh, and, speaking of “crazy,” don’t forget that President Obama wants up to 100,000 Syrian refugees per year to come to our shores.

Juliette Akinyi Ochieng blogs at baldilocks. (Her older blog is located here.) Her first novel, Tale of the Tigers: Love is Not a Game, was published in 2012. Her second novel, tentatively titled, Arlen’s Harem, will be done in 2016. Follow her on Twitter.

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There is an old joke from the Soviet Union that has stuck with me over the years.

Lenin Stalin & Brezhnev are in a train compartment together traveling in the Soviet Union when suddenly the train lurches to a stop.

After 10 minutes of waiting Lenin turns to the others and says “Comrades, don’t worry I’ll get the train moving.” He walks away the others hear a gunshot and he returns and sits. “Don’t worry comrades will be moving soon, I just shot the conductor.

20 minutes later the train still isn’t moving & Stalin turns to the others and says “Comrades, don’t worry I’ll get the train moving” he walks away shortly after the others hear multiple gun shots and he returns and sits. “Don’t worry comrades, we’ll be moving soon, I just shot the fireman and his crew.”

30 minutes later the train is still not moving and Brezhnev, says “Don’t worry comrades, I’ll get the train moving.” He gets up and pulls down all the blinds in the compartment so they can’t see outside of the compartment and sits down. “There, now we are moving.”

I couldn’t help but think of this when I saw this post from Neo Neocon the Obama Strategy in Syria quoting Ambassador Fred Hof:

as Syria began to descend into the hell to which Assad was leading it, I did not realize that the White House would see the problem as essentially a communications challenge: getting Obama on “the right side of history” in terms of his public pronouncements. What the United States would do to try to influence Syria’s direction never enjoyed the same policy priority as what the United States would say.

She applauds his very belated honesty but also expresses her frustration.

why didn’t he speak up in September of 2012, which after all was prior to Obama’s re-election? Might it have mattered? I really don’t know, but maybe. And why, oh why, had this very smart man not noticed that the biggest “policy priority” of the Obama administration has long been politics and spinning to political advantage?

Seriously, by March of 2012, how could he have not realized this? His bio doesn’t say much about his political affiliation—I would guess “Democrat” and probably “liberal Democrat”—and this is the most likely explanation for his failure to notice things that were absolutely obvious but would mean splitting with the party.

This illustrates the reality of the Barack Obama presidency, it doesn’t matter if the rest of the world is falling apart. It doesn’t matter if people are losing their insurance, americans are abandoning the workforce and can’t get 30 hour even if they try to get a job. It doesn’t even matter if our embassies are attacks or our ambassadors killed. As long as it’s possible to spin such an event and the perception of it, with the help of the media in the president’s favor, the actually reality is totally irrelevant.

It’s been clear for a while that this president has been a joke, but Neo’s post taken with the Soviet humor I started the post with make it clear that all Barack Obama is and has always been just another an old communist joke told to a gullible public by a compliant media and government.

How far have we fallen in only 8 years.

Missy: …Now, if the Doctor assumes he’s going to die, what happens then?
Clara:   We do.
Missy: He’s trapped at the heart of the Dalek empire. He’s a prisoner of the creatures who hate him most in the universe. Between us and him is everything the deadliest race in all of history can throw at us. We, on the other hand, have a pointy stick. How do we start?
Clara: We assume we’re going to win.

Doctor Who  The Witch’s familiar 2015

[said to Russian President Dmitry Medvedev] This is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility.

President Barack Obama March 27th 2012

Nature abhors a vacuum and with the US withdrawing from the world other are starting to assert themselves.  We saw an example of it over the last 30 days.

Back at the beginning of Sept the Russians started deploying forces to Syria

Russia has begun to deploy an air force contingent to Syria in order to undertake air attacks against the Islamic State (IS, also known as ISIS or ISIL) and other Islamic groups battling the regime of President Bashar al-Assad, according to the Israeli news site, Ynet.

Citing western diplomatic sources, Ynet reported Tuesday that an advance Russian party has already arrived in Syria and will be followed in the coming weeks by thousands of military personnel, including members of an “aerial protection division.” This presumably is a force to protect the air contingent, which is to include fighter jets and attack helicopters, from ground attack. The Russians will reportedly be making use of an existing Syrian air force base in the Damascus area.

A week ago CNN was talking about it:

Russia may be preparing to station troops at two new sites in Syria as it continues its rapid military buildup in the conflict-ravaged nation, a research firm says.

IHS Jane’s said Tuesday that it had spotted two previously unreported sites in satellite imagery of western Syria where steps appear to be being taken to receive Russian forces.

And lo and behold just hours after Barack Obama met Putin and later said this:

defeating ISIL requires — I believe — a new leader and an inclusive government that unites the Syrian people in the fight against terrorist groups.  This is going to be a complex process.  And as I’ve said before, we are prepared to work with all countries, including Russia and Iran, to find a political mechanism in which it is possible to begin a transition process.

Russia said this

Russia has demanded that American warplanes exit Syrian airspace immediately, a US official told Fox News on Wednesday.  

The official said that Russian diplomats sent an official message to the US ordering American planes out of Syria, adding that Russian fighter jets were now flying over Syrian territory, according to the report. 

US military sources told the news outlet that US planes would not comply with the Russian demand.

And did this:

While Moscow’s stated purpose in Syria is to fight Islamic State militants, Russian warplanes and helicopter gunships dropped bombs north of the central city of Homs, in an area held by rebel groups opposed to Syria’s president, Bashar al-Assad, a Russian ally. The attacks were unleashed hours after Mr. Putin pushed a measure through the upper house of Russia’s rubber stamp Parliament authorizing the use of force abroad.

John Kerry said this:

If Russia’s recent actions represent a genuine commitment to defeating Isil then we welcome those, and will find a way to multiply it.

But we must not and will not confuse in our fight against Isil with support for Assad.

He then says it depends where Russia has hit – and that if they have hit anti-Assad positions, it would send a bad sign.

Strikes of that kind would question Russia’s real intentions: fighing [sic] Isil, or supporting the Assad regime.

But the funniest thing I read was this line from an excellent piece at the telegraph

All of the targets were non-Isil rebel groups, including those supported by the Western powers. The SU-24s were in action not in Isil’s stronghold in eastern Syria or against Raqqa – the movement’s de facto capital – but in areas where Assad’s forces have been under severe pressure from the insurgents.

The suspicion immediately arose that saving Assad – not destroying Isil – was Russia’s main objective.

Furthermore on The Lead one of the worries was that by giving only one hour notice the Russians were acting “unprofessional”.


I think the Russians are acting very professional, they have a professional army and they are using it to support their allies.

Now I know that to this White House a country using their military might to actually support their interests and their allies is a concept completely foreign but in the real non obama world that’s how things work.

The reality is a person with a pointy stick with the will to use it is more powerful than a person with an army without the will to use it.



Riga's Old City
Riga’s Old City

By John Ruberry

Although there is no love lost between the two groups, contemporary Latvia is result of ethnic Latvians and ethnic Russians living together in the middle Baltic State.

When independence was achieved from the Soviet Union in 1991, only a slight majority of the nation was comprised of ethnic Latvians. Now they make up over a little more than sixty percent of the nation. Russians make up slightly more than one-quarter of the population.

Ethnic Latvians listen consume their media, Russian consume their media. Many young Russians attend Russian language schools. Older Russians for the most part aren’t citizens of Latvia–after independence, most of them did not qualify for citizenship and now they are unable or unwilling to learn Latvian–a requirement to become a citizen of the Republic of Latvia.

Politico reported last week that the two ethnic groups have found something they agree on–they don’t want any Middle Eastern refugees among their birch trees. Last week a rally was held in Riga, the capital, in which protesters who were largely ethnic Latvians proclaimed their opposition to accepting any Middle Eastern refugees.

Russians go home
Graffiti in Riga

Latvia is a member of the European Union and has agreed to accept 531 refugees. Right, that’s not very many. The mayor of Riga, an ethnic Russian who is a member of a party that is widely seen as the voice of other Russians, opposes accepting any asylum seekers from the Middle East. Yes, his party agrees with him.

Opinion polls show that two-thirds of Latvians oppose participating in the EU refugee resettlement plan.

But Latvia’s two largest ethnic blocs finally agree on something.

John Ruberry regularly blogs at Marathon Pundit. He has visited Latvia twice. John’s wife was born in Latvia. 

By John Ruberry

The clearest example of President Obama’s pusillanimous presidency is his approach to the continuing crisis in Syria.

Three years ago Obama warned Syria’s dictator, Bashar al-Assad, that if chemical weapons were used by the brute’s forces in his nation’s civil war, it would cross “a red line.”

Assad’s thugs responded by using chemical weapons in fatal attacks–and Obama did nothing.

A year earlier Obama declared, “The time has come for President Assad to step aside.”

Assad is still in office and it appears likely that the despot will still head Syria’s government after Obama returns to Chicago in sixteen months.

In 2013 France was within hours of leading a military strike against Syria–but Obama backed off when he told his French counterpart that he wanted to get congressional approval before permitting American participation. Obama knew what he was doing–no president can get authorization from Congress for a military attack in a few hours unless there is an amphibious assault on our eastern seaboard.

Oddly enough Obama did not request approval from Congress for American forces to participate in multi-national attack on Muammar Gaddafi’s Libya.

Where are we three years after Assad crossed Obama’s red line?

At least 300,000 Syrians have been killed in the civil war and over four million refugees have left Syria. Over 12 million Syrians need humanitarian help and over seven million Syrians have been uprooted but remain in that unhappy nation. These are huge numbers–and keep in mind that there are only 17 million Syrians.

John "Lee" Ruberry
John “Lee” Ruberry

The Syrian crisis has spread beyond the Middle East. Scenes of Syrians camping out in Hungary and Austria are a prelude of what will soon be common throughout the European Union. The ultimate goal of many Syrian refugees is not Muslim Turkey or Arabic Jordan or Lebanon, but the social welfare benefits of the most generous EU states such as Sweden and Germany.

Will the Syrian influx snap the European Union safety net?

We will find out–but by then Obama won’t be president and that red line might have arrived on America’s shores.

John Ruberry regularly blogs at Marathon Pundit.

MosqueBy John Ruberry

One of the five pillars of Islam is zakāt, that is, charitable giving.

It seems that the six Arabian Gulf States, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Obama, Bahrain, and Saudi Arabia have, according to Amnesty International, “offered zero resettlement places to Syrian refugees.” These Muslim nations have been exposed as hypocrites, but none more than the Saudis, whose autocratic king counts Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques as one of his titles.

Images drive the news–and the sad photograph of a drowned three year-old Syrian boy that washed up on a Turkish beach caught the attention of many people across the world.

The record of Gulf States and other Muslim nations in regards to Arab refugees is a poor one. Nearly seventy years after Arab armies were defeated in Israel’s War of Independence, millions of Palestinian refugees–nearly all of them descended from the original refugees from that war–are stateless. Some estimates are that half of all Palestinians are officially stateless, although they exist as sub-citizens in some nations such as Kuwait. They are pawns in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. If these refugees become citizens in a Gulf State–they’ll probably be less eager to return the their ancestral home.

While Turkey, Lebanon, and Jordan are hosting large numbers of Syrian refugees–many of them don’t seem eager to stay there. The welfare benefits of the European Union are attracting those people who are fleeing the Civil War. The Pope is calling for each European parish to adopt a Syrian refugee family.

Where is the call from the Saudi king to have each mosque in his nation to host a Syrian family?

John Ruberry regularly blogs at Marathon Pundit.

Stop the HatredBy John Ruberry

The Nazis used the term “Judenfrei,” free of Jews or clean of Jews, when all of the Jewish residents were removed from a city or town, or even a whole country, as was the case with Estonia in 1942.

The Islamic State is working to create a new Middle East that is Christianfrei–free of Christians–in the region where the faith was founded in 33 AD, 500 years before the birth of Muhammad.

ISIS is enslaving and killing Christians in Iraq–and Christian and girls and women are being regularly raped, as is also the case in Syria. Libya has a miniscule Christian population, but that hasn’t prevented the Islamic State from killing Christians there–21 Egyptian Coptics were beheaded last month in a grisly execution videotaped by the terror group.

Egypt and Lebanon are the other Middle Eastern nations with sizable Christian populations. Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, the president of Egypt, responded to the murder of his citizens by bombing ISIS positions in Libya and although a Muslim, al-Sisi has been a harsh critic of radical Islam. As for Lebanon, a newspaper there claims that it will be the next target for the Islamic State.

While condemnations of ISIS atrocities are for the most part universal, there has been little uproar over the Islamic State’s effort to religiously cleanse the Middle East of the Christian faith, unlike the ethnic cleansing campaign by Serbia–which was eventually stopped–in Kosovo and Bosnia.

“Never again!” was the cry after the Holocaust. Seventy years after the liberation of Auschwitz, another Holocaust is well under way.

John Ruberry regularly blogs at Marathon Pundit.

by baldilocks

The following text is the first part of the War Powers Resolution of 1973. The last time that I reminded readers of its existence was in 2011, when President Obama decided, without congressional authority, to pull the rug out from under Muammar Qaddafi.


SEC. 2. (a) It is the purpose of this joint resolution to fulfill the intent of the framers of the Constitution of the United States and insure that the collective judgement of both the Congress and the President will apply to the introduction of United States Armed Forces into hostilities, or into situations where imminent involvement in hostilities is clearly indicate by the circumstances, and to the continued use of such forces in hostilities or in such situations.

(b) Under article I, section 8, of the Constitution, it is specifically provided that the Congress shall have the power to make all laws necessary and proper for carrying into execution, not only its own powers but also all other powers vested by the Constitution in the Government of the United States, or in any department or officer thereof.

(c) The constitutional powers of the President as Commander-in-Chief to introduce United States Armed Forces into hostilities, or into situations where imminent involvement in hostilities is clearly indicated by the circumstances, are exercised only pursuant to (1) a declaration of war, (2) specific statutory authorization, or (3) a national emergency created by attack upon the United States, its territories or possessions, or its armed forces.

There are some who dispute the constitutionality of the Act, but I don’t think it matters anymore. I don’t think that President Obama ever got the approval of Congress for the incursion in Libya and I don’t think he will bother to get one for this war in Syria–which he is pursuing with a coalition of ten nations. Interesting number, that.

What I do expect: more unchecked tyranny by the person in the Oval Office.

Also, there’s this:

17 The burden of Damascus. Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap.

2 The cities of Aroer are forsaken: they shall be for flocks, which shall lie down, and none shall make them afraid.

3 The fortress also shall cease from Ephraim, and the kingdom from Damascus, and the remnant of Syria: they shall be as the glory of the children of Israel, saith the Lord of hosts.

–Isaiah 17:1-3

It’s fairly certain that I’m not the only one who is a bit unnerved at watching baldilocksbiblical prophecy unfold before my eyes.

Juliette Akinyi Ochieng blogs at baldilocks. Her first novel, Tale of the Tigers: Love is Not a Game, was published in 2009; the second edition in 2012.

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Yesterday while the Scots were deciding to stand pat the Senate followed the House in approving funding to train the Syrian Rebels in the  campaign vs ISIS as part of the continuing resolutions to fund government.

That’s not what this bill was supposed to be.

The unwillingness of a deal to be made on spending and Harry Reid unwillingness to pass any of the normal appropriations bills were meant to protect the left.  The timing of this latest continuing resolution was designed to put the GOP in a box just before the election when it came to shutting down the government or not.  All of the left was prepared,  from the media to the smallest staffer to talk about republican irresponsibility in holding up and/or delaying checks just before it was time to vote in November.

And then ISIS got in the way.

With the Beheading of American and British citizens in a very public fashion the game had changed, suddenly instead of a debate on spending and government shutdowns to hit the GOP at election time we had a debate about war with ISIS, and not just war with ISIS but arming the Syrian rebels, a highly dubious and quite debatable proposition in itself, all for the sake of preserving protecting and defending the poll numbers of the President of the United States and his perception as a leader.

And without a stand alone declaration of war or force authorization resolution this would be the vote on war:  Do we fight or do we not?

So instead of a united Democrat party watching a divided GOP try to make a deal with their Tea Party wing putting them in a bad spot with their base you saw a vote and debate on a subject that highlighted the Democrat divisions with a base that bitterly  opposed war in Iraq when George Bush was fighting it.

It just goes to show you that plans,  however solid they seem to be when you make them,  are subject to the realities on the ground and must be modified accordingly

Let’s hope as this war begins the administration takes that reality to heart

There has been a bit of a debate on if the congress should explicitly authorize military action against ISIS.

Different people have come down on different sides but I submit and suggest that not only should the congress vote authorization, they should formally declare war for the following reasons:

1. An actual declaration of war gives us the proper legal authority and the legitimacy in fighting this war and allows the administration to take actions reserved by law to wartime to win it.

2. A declaration places obligations on our enemies thus allowing us to pursue actions under international law against our foes to pressure 3rd parties if they choose to support them.

3. A declaration puts obligations on us which will not only keep us honest, but living  up to them will keep those in the country will try to hinder us in check.

4. A declaration of war limits our actions to the named enemy in the declaration, decreasing the chance of “mission creep”.

5. A declaration of war remains active until peace is made, this not only forces an administration to pursue war it continues to oblique further administrations to purse said war until peace is made, therefore it makes it less likely for an administration to make war recklessly or play politics with it.

6. It makes it totally clear to the rest of the world (and to the target of the declaration) that we mean business and will pursue it to the bitter end.

One of the most important things a person or a nation can do is learn from previous mistakes. Not having an “official” declaration of war (although the previous, “use of force” resolution might be considered one) in my opinion handicapped their fight and allowed his political foes not to take it seriously and manipulate the situation.

If Barack Obama is serious about his stated desire to destroy ISIS as a threat to America and if the left was serious to their objections to President Bush’s past actions a vote & debate on it will show without question their seriousness.

Update:  cleaned up a confused sentence in step 4




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Mr. Carter: Please, please can we call it a “tallywhacker”?

Porky’s 1982

We talked a bit about the motivations concerning the Barack Obama version decision to “destroy” ISIS, however John Kerry seems to be unclear on the method:

Secretary of State John Kerry said Thursday that the United States is not at war with ISIS despite bombing them and pledging to “destroy” the terrorist group, in President Obama’s words. “If somebody wants to think about it as being a war with ISIL [the administration’s name for ISIS] they can do so, but the fact is that it’s a major counter-terrorism operation,” Kerry told CNN.

Apparently we are going to kill them with kindness.

We’ve also been told that the administration is going to build a coalition to fight ISIS, however…

An airstrike campaign in Syria won’t have Germany’s support, and Turkey said it will only cooperate in humanitarian missions in the fight against the Islamic State as U.S. allies weighed in Thursday on President Barack Obama’s plan to “degrade and destroy” the militant group.

Well at least we can be sure that England will be right behind us right?

Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond told reporters at a news conference in Berlin: “Let me be clear: Britain will not be taking part in any airstrikes in Syria.” He said London won’t be “revisiting” the issue after Parliament decided last year against participating in airstrikes.

But a spokesman for Cameron’s office contradicted that position, saying Cameron had in fact not ruled out action related to the Islamic State group. A spokesman insisted Hammond was referring to a Parliament vote last year opposing airstrikes against President Bashar Assad’s regime.

British lawmakers are asking Cameron to clarify the government’s position and why there appeared to be a disparity between the politicians.

The last time we went to war or whatever the hell this is, without the brits behind us you have to go back to Vietnam & before that the Spanish-American War of 1898, but there are a few people behind us:

Ten Arab states have pledged to join the U.S. in its campaign to “degrade and ultimately destroy” the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, while some American allies in Europe are less eager to sign up to fight.

The agreement came out of talks between Secretary of State John Kerry and regional leaders in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. In addition to Saudi Arabia, the coalition includes Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates.

Now we don’t know if this means troops from any of these guys but I suspect ISIS isn’t quaking in its boots over the mighty Bahraini army.

Of course given that we’re committed to not actually sending troops into combat it will be interesting to see how many armies are willing to heed an Obama call to “Go” rather than the call of a leader to “follow”.

And of course there is President Obama’s promise to go to the UN which I suspect is not going to turn out well, wither in the security council with a Russian & Chinese vetoes at the ready or in the general assembly.

In the end all of this will take a lot of time and if anything happens it will be a while. This is by design because no matter what President Obama and the Democrats say, the only way to beat ISIS is boots on the ground and they know it. However they are determined to avoid that responsibility . Barack Obama is going to make sure the timeline of this “war” / “anti-terror action” / “tallywhacker” will be sure that the president who has to make that decision isn’t him.

If I’m John Boehner I bring up a war resolution tomorrow and make sure the vote takes place within a week and send it to the Senate and make every single Democrat up for re-election in 2014 & 2016 decide, do they want to destroy ISIS or not?

Calvera: Once I rob a bank in Texas; your government get after me with a whole army… whole army! One little bank. Is clear the meaning: in Texas, only Texans can rob banks.

The Magnificent Seven 1960

Sunday an Arab paper , Asharq al Awsat wrote about escalating fighting that caused the death of over 700 Muslims.

Abdul Rahman said the death toll of Thursday’s clashes was 396 people, while Friday’s total reached 314, adding that 90 more people were still unaccounted for, although they were also expected to have been killed.

Given that this total is more than double the number of people killed in that Malaysian Air shootdown one might expect the media to express their outrage, for Muslims on twitter to be appalled, for protests to break out all over the world and for the US and western governments to urge restraint.

Ain’t gonna happen, and Breitbart London explains why:

From reading the international and national news you would probably never have known that last Thursday and Friday alone, over 700 people were killed in Syria at the hands of jihadists and pro-Assad forces. Muslim on Muslim, Arab on Arab, human on human, whatever you like to think of it as – Western media is doing an awful job of reporting these abhorrent incidences – and I think I know why.

You see those people were killed in Syria and the people who killed the are fellow Muslims so naturally they don’t count.

Lawrence Askowitz points out that this is not a new phenomenon inFirst One Through. People who apply different standards to Jews than to others are by definition anti-Semites. And the world’s media and leftists consistently blame Israel for the deaths of Muslims, yet by his calculations, 90% of Muslim casualties in wars are at the hands of other Muslims.

You will not see the people doing social media for Hamas talking about these people, you will not hear their stories, our their parents or children crying over their deaths.  In fact if your only source of info is the western MSM media, you likely won’t hear about them at all.

Via Doc’s Talk.

Closing question I wonder if any of the feminists RS McCain or anyone screaming #waronwomen will object to this:

ISIS reportedly carried out the stoning of a woman charged with adultery in the main stadium of the city of Tabqa on Thursday. SOHR said ISIS fighters brought a car filled with rocks and stoned the woman they accused of adultery to death

or this:

“I was walking down the street when a car suddenly stopped and a group of armed women got out,” she says. “They insulted me and yelled at me. They took me to one of their centers and kept me locked in a room. Nobody talked to me or told me the reason for my detention. One of the women in the brigade came over, pointing her firearm at me. She then tested my knowledge of prayer, fasting and hijab.”

The fighter told Zainab she had been arrested because she had been walking alone, without an escort, and because her hijab was not worn properly. “You should be punished for taking your religion lightly,” she told Zainab, before threatening harsher punishment should she be arrested again.

Two hours later, she was released. But for Zainab – and other women here – the message was clear.

The last one via Jihad watch.

Actually I don’t wonder at all, if you can’t blame Jews or the western republican Christian patriarchy it just isn’t evil.


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on an Arabic Facebook page.

Syria Bazinga

They wouldn’t be able to handle it.

Here is the poster’s statement translated into English via Google Chrome

Dr. Faisal al-Qasim

Imagine: Israel is jealous of the preferential treatment received by the Assad regime from the international community: How do you boycott our goods, and Tgeshun universities against us, and you send fleets to lift the siege on Gaza, while suffering 15 percent of children are obese from eating too much. In Syria, Assad has killed more than 120 000 Syrian, and made millions homeless, with no one calling for a boycott, or the surge in international universities against his regime, and no one sends ships to lift the blockade on the besieged areas of Syria. Imagine: Even Israel is jealous of this international complicity with Assad. (We lived and Vena…

The real interesting action is in the comments.

There is a reason why these guys pushing these things always seem to be anti-western. It’s not a coincidence that you have a defender of Stalin pushing this boycott of Israel.


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What do you say?

Lee Stranahan in Beirut talks about speaking to a twenty something Christian Refugee in Beirut talking about giving up freedom for stuff

She was the most pro-Assad person however he notes these folks aren’t so much less pro-Assad per-se as they are Anti jihad.

His coverage has been absolutely incredible and if anyone deserves a Breitbart award it’s him.

Update: Hey maybe I should link to his blog where his coverage (but not this video as of right now) is.

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I’ve been all Ted Cruz all the time lately but some first rate blogging/reporting is taking place thousands of miles away as Lee Stranahan works from Beirut. He’s making stories on the plane:

On the plane into Beirut, I sat next to a man named Fadi, a Lebanese native and Maronite Christian who was now living in France. His father had passed away in Lebanon a few months ago and now the family was getting together for a memorial.

We talked about the strikes by the Syrian rebels agains the town of Maaloula that I’ve written about for Breitbart News. I explained how most Americans weren’t really paying much attention to what was going on in Syria until President Barack Obama began to talk about attacking it recently. Fadi asked me:

“The Christians in the United States, do they care about what’s happening to the Christians here?”

Well, that’s the question for Americans, isn’t it? That’s the question for you, really.

In the city

At one point, I was walking on Hamra Street, which is one of the main streets in Beirut for shopping and restaurants when I was approached by some kids with shoeshine buckets. They didn’t speak English at all but I understood them saying ‘Syria’ and pointing to themselves. I don’t know for sure that they are from Syria but I know that’s what they said.

In the cabs:

In this part of our conversation, the cab driver makes a great point about not the hypocrisy of complaining about America and capitalism while reaping the benefits of it. His analogy is about a well of water as an analogy for what America brings to the world. He says if you don’t want to use those things, fine; don’t drink from the well. But he doesn’t understand using those things and at the same time throwing a stone in the well.

And in the Churches:

I planned my Middle East trip with to Sundays in the schedule because I wanted to get some sense of Middle Eastern Christiandom was like. So Sunday morning I dressed up and went to the local church, right by St. George’s Hospital.

And he’s breaking news:

In an exclusive interview with independent American journalist Lee Stranahan, Syrian refugees say the attack on the predominantly Christian village of Maaloula was aided by Muslims living in the town.

The plight of Christians in the Syrian Civil War is a huge story and Lee Stranahan is covering it in person. it’s a story worth following & supporting.

Closing thought: The next time you hear the Kimberlin Crowd hitting Stranahan reread those posts and ask who you trust to report facts.

Remember the people the CIA & John McCain want us to arm are the good guys:

President Obama waived a provision of federal law designed to prevent the supply of arms to terrorist groups to clear the way for the U.S. to provide military assistance to “vetted” opposition groups fighting Syrian dictator Bashar Assad.

Some elements of the Syrian opposition are associated with radical Islamic terrorist groups, including al Qaeda, which was responsible for the Sept. 11 attacks in New York, Washington, D.C., and Shanksville, Pa., in 2001. Assad’s regime is backed by Iran and Hezbollah.

The president, citing his authority under the Arms Export Control Act, announced today that he would “waive the prohibitions in sections 40 and 40A of the AECA related to such a transaction.”

A simple clue if you have to wave anti-terrorist laws to supply people, odds are they are not the nicest of guys.

Expect Putin & the Russians to jump all over this in 3…2…


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Sheldon: Hello, Kripke. Yes, Sheldon Cooper here. It occurred to me you hadn’t returned any of my calls because I hadn’t offered any concrete suggestions for pursuing our friendship. Perhaps the two of us might share a meal together… I see. Well then perhaps you’d have time for a hot beverage. Popular choices include tea, coffee, cocoa… I see. No, no, no, wait. Don’t hang up yet. What about a recreational activity? I bet we share some common interests. Tell me an interest of yours. Really? On actual horses? Tell me another interest of yours. Oh no, I’m sorry, I have no desire to get in the water until I absolutely have to. Tell me another interest of yours.

Leonard: Uh-oh, he’s stuck in an infinite loop.

Howard: I can fix it.

Sheldon: Mmhmm. Mmhmm. It’s interesting. But isn’t ventriloquism, by definition, a solo activity? Yeah? Tell me another interest of yours. Hmmm. Is there any chance you like monkeys? What is wrong with you? Everybody likes monkeys! Hang on, Kripke…A loop counter? And an escape to the least objectionable activity! Howard, that’s brilliant! I’m surprised you saw that.

Howard: Gee. Why can’t Sheldon make friends?

Sheldon: Alright Kripke, that last interest strikes me as the least objectionable and I would like to propose that we do that together. Tomorrow. Yes, I’ll pay. Alright, goodbye. Alright! Time to learn rock climbing.

The Big Bang Theory The Friendship Algorithm 2009

An interesting change in tactics from the administration today via USA today.

President Obama will deliver a speech Monday on the fifth anniversary of the event that helped elect him back in 2008: The financial crisis.

Well this is a subject that this administration usually dodges.

Obama “will be joined on-stage and in the audience by people that have benefited from his economic recovery proposals over the last five years,” the White House said in a statement, “including small business owners, construction workers, homeowners, consumers and tax cut recipients.”

My first thought, it must have taken five years to find enough people to put on a stage how have done well during his presidency, but it hit me that a lot of his spending sent an awful lot of tax dollars to political allies in return for their support, so it can’t be took hard to find those privileged few.

But that’s not the most ironic thing about this speech that is being pushed on the various morning shows today.

For several years when the subject of the economy has come up this administration and the media that has supports it has done it’s best to change the subject.

When the state of the economy and the people and businesses trying to survive came up, there was the media to push the “War on Women”, “Guns” to Trayvon Martin, Tea Party “violence” or “extremism” the whole “47%” meme, and more.

But today this White House is going to highlight the Obama economy,  On purpose!  Why?

The answer is pretty easy.  Over the last two weeks the President’s performance in Syria vis a vis Vladimir Putin has managed to produce a humiliation that we haven’t seen since the Carter years or before.  Combine that with his performance in Egypt and you have people all over the world laughing at America in general & Barack Obama in particular.

The subject HAS to be changed but to what, the scandals?  The Keystone pipeline, Obamacare?  None of these topics are winners for this White House.

Amazingly the economy is the least objectionable topic for this administration.

That’s how bad the Syria Humiliation is, it’s so bad that Obama and his allies would rather talk about the worst economy in my lifetime.

Simply amazing.


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I’m going away with DaWife for a few days. I will be taking the laptop and trying to manage a post a day during vacation but while I might be feeling a tad ill (it figures, I haven’t been sick all year and NOW it comes) if I spend too much time in front of my laptop between now and Thursday I suspect my body will be found in an over-sized Lobster trap off the coast of Maine.

So blogging will be a little light this week.


I’m ‘Hurricane’ Peter McNeeley from Medfield, Mass.”On Saturday night, watch me kick Tyson’s ass!

Peter McNeeley August 16th 1995

Looking at President Obama and this Administration matched up with Vladimir Putin has been a painful as the results of the  Tyson/McNeeley fight over in 89 seconds.  To see the US so outclassed , so out maneuvered and so debased has to turn the stomach of any person who has studied US history or grew up with a WW 2 vet father and sat at the knees of his fellows as they told their tales.

But while it’s been a painful experience how could it have ended any other way?

Vladimir Putin joined the KGB in 1975 retiring the year the Soviet Union dissolved.  He cut his teeth seeing the difference between a weak US president (Jimmy Carter)  and strong one (Ronald Reagan).  As a KGB man he also knows the difference between false official propaganda, and harsh realities actions and events bring.   He can spew and twist the former with the best of them, while driving and manipulating the latter with all the tricks the secret police has taught him.

Against this you have Barack Obama a state senator who cut his teeth in Chicago voting present, spent a less than a single term in the US Senate and was elected based on dreams of what others thought he might do and re-elected despite one of the least successful four years that a US president ever had in office.

Watching Syria play has demonstrated the difference in the pair perfectly.

Since the very beginning of the Syrian civil war Putin’s goals have been Russia’s goals and has played the game like a great power.  While Iran is the primary ally of Assad Syria has been a client state of the Soviets & Russia for more than a half a century.   Putin has single mindedly pursued a goal of preserving that alliance arming and propping up Assad whenever possible while deflecting critique with all the skill that his 16 years as a professional liar may possess.

And if those goals meant tens of thousands had to die?  Well,  that certainly wasn’t going to bother a KGB man from a land that was second only to China in the mass murder of its own citizens during the 20th century.

The US has its own much simpler interests in Syria.  Keep chemical weapons unused and undistributed by the Syrian government and most important of all out of the hands of Islamist terrorists.

Unfortunately unlike Putin whose goals are the same as Russian interests Barack Obama’s have been strictly about his domestic political perception.  He reacted in Syria with the “red line” speech before the elections last near not to advance US policy, but to project the impression that he was “doing something” in the context of a presidential election.  He spoke up simply to make the question:  “What are you doing about Syria?” go away.

When setting his red line he forgot a basic lesson from the start of the previous century as demonstrated by a fellow named Teddy Roosevelt:

an ardent champion of military and naval preparedness, he adopted as his pet proverb, “Speak softly and carry a Big stick, [and] you will go far.”  If a statesman had the Big Stick, he could work his will among foreign nations without shouting; if he lacked it shouting would do no good

The American Pageant 6th ED 1979 P 593

And it did not.

When Syria crossed that red line last month Barack Obama’s reaction was not about the use of chemical weapons and respecting international law, it was all about protecting and preserving the myth of Barack Obama reputation.

Yet when the time came to make the call even after the country and media was convinced it was a Fait accompli  he blinked.  Instead he ran to congress to obtain political cover and deflect the political cost of his plans.

To his shock he discovered that the American people overwhelmingly opposed US action in Syria even when lead by him.  It was soon apparent that even with the MSM beating the drums of war  he could not manage even a simple majority in the Democrat controlled  US senate.

It was that moment when Barack Obama was the weakest, when he was preparing to make a final Hail Mary pitch directly to the US people to starve off an overwhelming political defeat & embarrassment that Putin,  the professional, pounced!

Putin knew Obama was looking for something ANYTHING that would cut the Gordian knot tightening around him.  The president  jumped at the chance to “delay” a congressional vote while “diplomacy” moved forward and his acolytes dutifully made the case that it was his strength that solved the issue with war.

Like Mike Tyson before the Peter McNeeley fight Putin let the allies of the president sprout off while he moved his plans forward to re-supply and secure  his ally and then with that done floored them with his NYT op-ed, knocking out any pretense of American strength and resolve to the world.

The after effects of Putin’s blows will be felt for the remainder of Barack Obama’s years in the White House and possibly beyond.  They will be much more painful to the US than the blows Tyson delivered to McNeeley that led to his 89 second TKO.

There will be no joy in seeing the left once again duped by the promises of a KGB man nor will there there be any pleasure when they finally figure out how badly they’ve been played by Putin, because it’s not just Barack Obama and his political allies that will pay the price, it is all of us.

It’s a sorry sight, but we had a chance to prevent it less than a year ago.  We could have replaced Barack Obama, we did not.

We’ve done this to ourselves and we’re going to have to live with it for another three years and so will our allies,  who I’ll wager would give almost anything for to have George W Bush and his team back in the oval office, even for just an hour in this crisis.

Update: the days of my youth have returned!

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Raj: Incredible. You managed to screw up the screw-up.

The Big Bang Theory The Tangerine Factor 2008

Eula GoodnightWill you take Ruben’s word for it or mine?

Judge Parker:  Rubin?

Rooster Cogburn:  <Loud sigh >

Judge Parker:  Well given past experience with Rubin I’m afraid I’m going to have to take yours

Rooster Cogburn 1975

Can’t anyone here play this game?

Casey Stengel on his hapless NY Mets

There is one factor in the Barack Obama’s speech last night that nobody has talked about nor did I see it until I had a full nights sleep.  The long term effects of this address at this time are going to be more damaging than anyone thinks.

Regular readers might know I really hate all the breast beating on 9/11 while the war on terror is still on. The culture of our enemies is such that it only serves to encourage our enemies on the day of their greatest single victory.

It’s no coincidence that the Benghazi attack took place on 9/11 It’s purpose was to put an exclamation point on the day for radical Islamists.

MSNBC’s replay of the Today show footage from 9/11 gives Islamist a propaganda victory, the headlines generated by Barack Obama’s speech has given them another one.

Think about it, on 9/11 the headline leading US papers is about the united States and Barack Obama backing down from attacking a Muslim country.

Never mind he would have helped Al Qaeda and Islamists by attacking.  Never mind that the empowerment of Assad at this time is the worst possible result in the field.  Never mind that not attacking or at least delaying an attack is not only in the best interest of the America people but reflects their will.  Never mind that this speech and the delay of the vote was all about the president’s single-minded narcissism to stop a disastrous vote at all costs.

None of these realities matter

What does matter is that on 9/11, the day Islamists would most like a victory over us, our president took an action that has produced headlines all over the world of an Islamic victory over America.  A “victory” they will be talking about in madrasas all over the world for decades.  A victory he could have denied them by giving that speech any time from Thursday on.

With this administration record of supporting the Muslim brotherhood at every turn one might think Barack Obama decided that if he couldn’t deliver the MB a victory in the field he decided to at least give them the next best thing:  A propaganda coup.

It’s a tempting delusion to fall into but before you do, let me remind you all of Hanlon’s razor:

Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.

Given past experience with the demonstrated diplomatic skill of this administration I’d say that’s one explanation that fits this move to a T.

Note: this post owes a great debt to Fletcher Pratt wonderful book from 1950 Preble’s Boys commodore Preble and the Birth of American Sea Power. Chapter 13

Today on the Sunday shows Denis McDonough and surrogates of the president continued to attempt to rally the US congress to support Barack Obama’s use of the military to confirm his manhood punish Syria for the use of chemical weapon. They continue to make this push while insisting he not only doesn’t need their votes but will not commit himself to any result he doesn’t agree.

Given the messterpiece that this administration has painted might I suggest that this administration in general and this president in particular take a lesson from history from a young naval officer by the name of Charles Stewart during another crisis facing radical Islamic foes.

Back in 1805 the Bey of Tunis, claiming international law didn’t apply to him, demanded the return of two ships caught running a US blockade (imposed because of the Bey’s ships preying on American shipping) and an indemnity for daring to prevent him from seizing our merchantmen. Our US consul being a sane and rational man refused. The Bey not being so threatened to send his fleet after our warships. As the US had a small navy of under 20 ships that threat had some teeth.

Unfortunately for the Bey while the US navy was tiny his timing was really bad. A fleet of nine US warships was nearby from the USS Constitution and four other frigates to the USS Enterprise and three other smaller ships 230 guns commanded by John Rodgers who in an age of honor and duels was certainly not going to let the Bey’s insult pass.

Rogers led his fleet to Tunis and sent Lt. Stephen Decatur to negotiate satisfaction but the Bey defiantly refused to even see him.

That was enough for Rogers he proposed to open fire and called a council of officers for approval before doing so. With one exception every single officer backed war, that exception was Lt Charles Stewart.

Stewart case was constitutional only congress could declare war. If even the president of the United States did not hold this power how could the commander of a squadron, that had not been subject to attack, claim that right?

Rogers didn’t like it but he abandoned his planned attack and was able to eventually bring the Bey around diplomatically.

While Rogers was not happy with Stewart, President Thomas Jefferson had a different view expressing…

“high satisfaction at having an officer in the squadron who comprehended international law, the condition of his country and the policy of his government,”

…and he expressed that satisfaction by promoting him to Captain.

That would prove to be a wise decision by Jefferson. Stewart would serve his country well as captain. He and William Brainbridge would be directly responsible for persuading the Secretary of the Navy and President Madison to allow the US fleet to engage the British navy during the War of 1812. Our tiny navy’s incredible string of victories shook the world and saved the country. Stewart himself would win the final one in command of USS Constitution taking the HMS Cyane & HMS Levent in a skilled action.

Stewart would go on to be the Senior Flag officer of the Navy, the first ever US Admiral and would, even after 67 different papers endorsed him for president in 1844 decline to run for an office that he was in an excellent position to win.

President Obama and his administration would do very well to take the example and wise counsel he gave. Then again if this administration was wise enough to take such counsel we likely wouldn’t be in this mess.


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Helen Ramirez:  It isn’t Kane, but I’m going to tell you something about you and your friend  Kane You’re a good looking boy, you’ve got big broad shoulders,  but he is a man.  It takes more than broad shoulders to be a man Harvey and you’ve got a long way to go.  You know something I don’t think you’re going to make it.

High Noon 1952

Buford Tannen: You know what I think? Ah think you’re a gutless yella turd. And I’m giving ya to the count of 10 to come out here and prove I’m wrong. 1…

Old Timer #3: You better face up to it son, because if you don’t go out there…

Buford Tannen: 5…

Marty (Clint Eastwood) McFly: What? What if I don’t go out there?

Old Timer: You’re a coward!

Buford Tannen: 6…

Old Timer #2: And you’ll be branded a coward for the rest of your days!

Old Timer #3: Ever’ body, ever were, will say Clint Eastwood is the biggest yeller belly in the west…

Buford Tannen: 10! You hear me, runt? I said that’s ten, you gutless yella pie slinger.

Marty (Clint Eastwood) McFly: He’s an asshole! I don’t care what Tannen says! And I don’t care what anybody else says either.

Back to the Future III 1990

All week I’ve been hearing the argument from MSNBC that he have to stand behind the president or the county will lose face. Yesterday I heard the same argument from my friend Michael Graham on the radio. At his site explains why he thinks all the talk about a congressional rebellion against the president is a lot of hooey

Forget the tough anti-war talk from MA’s Rep. Jim McGovern and his liberal pals. When the time comes to vote, they will abandon their principles and vote for war. Why? Here’s a quote from Politico that sums it up:

“At the end of the day, a lot of these Democrats are going to be with the president,” said a House Democratic aide close to the issue. “Because the choice is to vote against [the Syria resolution] and turn the president into a lame duck and destroy his credibility, or swallow it and vote for something that you’re not wild about. When you’re faced with that kind of decision, most of these fence-sitters are going to come aboard.”

One correction: it won’t be “fence-sitters” who give Obama the “yes” vote he needs. It will be hard-core, partisan liberals. They need Obama to help fight their fights, protect Obamacare, push amnesty, etc. An Obama who’s humiliated internationally by a Congress that then pays not cost for it (remember, Americans oppose bombing Syria) will have achieved his “fork moment” (as in “stick one in him, he’s done”) three years before the end of his term.

Loyal Democrats won’t let that happen. And neither will about 100 Republicans in Congress who don’t want a crippled President representing Americas to the world.

Michael has a point, the left will likely go along to keep the president seemingly strong domestically for the sake of their agenda.  I don’t expect better of them.

Michael and the conservatives I know who support this war do so reluctantly because they feel it’s in the US best interest for the president to appear strong internationally or else it will embolden nations like Iran who are already threatening to attack US interests if we dare to strike Syria:

And in an unprecedented statement, a former Iranian official has warned of mass abductions and brutal killings of American citizens around the world and the rape and killing of one of Obama’s daughters should the United States attack Syria.

The Lonely Conservative seeing this comments

Obama’s foreign policy reminds me of a little kid kicking at hornet’s nests, with no plan for dealing with the hornet’s once they’ve been kicked.

I like and respect Michael and the others, but they’re wrong.

There are legitimate reasons to attack Syria, I’ve listed them but that doesn’t change one thing.

Barack Obama is a weak man in charge of a strong country.  No amount of missiles fired at Syria or boots on the ground when that fails, is going to change this fact nor convince our enemies  who figured this out long ago, otherwise.

But while Barack Obama is weak America is strong and America’s around the world  isn’t just our military might or our economy, it’s the strength of our character as a nation. 

If we choose to go to war to simply save the face of this feckless president we will not be projecting strength, we will be protecting weakness and that false projection will not fool anybody…

…least of all ourselves.

Update: Jonah Goldberg nails it:

In Stockholm on Wednesday, the president said that the credibility of the world, America, Congress, and the international community is on the line. Everybody is on the hook for his red line, except for the one person who actually drew it.

Lewis Morris: Mr. Secretary, New York abstains, courteously.

John Hancock: Mr. Morris, WHAT IN HELL GOES ON IN NEW YORK?

1776 (1972)

In the special election to fill the seat vacated by John Kerry this year Gabriel Gomez only drew 45% of the vote that Scott Brown managed in 2012. Although I supported him once he was nominated many conservatives including Michael Graham refused to go along.

they didn’t like his running against his party or his positions on subjects like Immigration or gun control and when yesterday I suggested he might have superior judgement than Ed Markey on a vote concerning war my friend John LaRosa disagreed tweeting


That is true, it’s very possible that Gabriel Gomez would have voted with the president if he sat on the armed services committee and I might have strongly disagreed with his position…

…but at least he would have taken one.

The Massachusetts lawmaker, sworn in to office in July after winning a special election, voted “present” on a resolution giving President Obama limited authority to use military force against Syria. Markey, a liberal who often votes with Obama, didn’t vote “yes” as 10 of his Senate Foreign Relations Committee colleagues did.

He also didn’t vote “no” with seven others, including two Democrats. The “present” vote means Markey was there, but didn’t want to state which side he’s on.

Here is the vote

If he thought there was not enough evidence and needed more time for a vote he could have objected to the unanimous consent resolutions and have requested that additional time be granted. He might have been able to get enough votes to get such a delay.

But that would require the courage of his convictions, something apparently Senator Markey doesn’t possess. He actually makes Obama look decisive.

That vote is a disgrace to state of Massachusetts and there is no question who is to blame for our disgrace before the entire nation and world.

The voters of Massachusetts.

The citizens who voted for Ed Markey should be ashamed of themselves for knowingly voting for a hack pol with a history of expedient votes.

We who voted for Gabriel Gomez should be ashamed they were unable or unwilling to do their utmost to persuade enough people to join us.

Oddly enough the majority of Massachusetts voters who didn’t bother going to the polls should be overjoyed. They couldn’t be bothered to make a decision when it was time to choose a senator and he could be bothered to make a decision when it was time to decide to authorize their children to fight or not. He couldn’t have represented them better.

I thought this state was incapable of surprising me anymore. I was wrong.

Closing thought: Today should be the best day on the job that Kirsten Hughes has had since her election. How she handles this totally unexpected gift will say as much about the GOP’s choice of her as party chair as yesterday’s vote said about the state’s choice of Ed Markey as senator.

We’ve talked about various options in Syria. Pope Francis I has now weighed in:

He Elaborated:

“There are so many conflicts in this world which cause me great suffering and worry, but in these days my heart is deeply wounded in particular by what is happening in Syria and anguished by the dramatic developments which are looming,” the pope said, an apparent reference to the threatened airstrikes.

“I appeal strongly for peace, an appeal which arises from deep within me. How much suffering, how much devastation, how much pain has the use of arms carried in its wake in that martyred country, especially among civilians and the unarmed!”” However, the pope also said that people who use chemical weapons – as the Syrian government has been accused of doing – will face divine judgement.

Here is his tweet on the matter:


and didn’t mince words in his sermon

“With utmost firmness I condemn the use of chemical weapons: I tell you that those terrible images from recent days are burned into my mind and heart. There is a judgment of God and of history upon our actions which are inescapable!”

Ok he doesn’t want war, and he doesn’t want Chemical Weapons used so what’s his plan of action?

“For this reason, brothers and sisters, I have decided to call for a vigil for the whole Church,” he announced.

It will be “a day of fasting and prayer for peace in Syria, in the Middle East, and throughout world.”

The vigil will take place on Sept. 7, the vigil of the birth of Mary, Queen of Peace. Those who can will gather in St. Peter’s Square from 7 p.m. until midnight: other local Churches are requested to join in the fasting and prayer by gathering together.

So the Pope has called for Catholics worldwide to fast and pray on Sept 7th for peace in Syria. It’s a very biblical solution. Mark writes of a demon that couldn’t be driven out by Jesus’ disciples and after Jesus takes care of it they asked him.

When he entered the house, his disciples asked him in private, “Why could we not drive it out?” He said to them, “This kind can only come out through prayer.

Mark 9:28-29

I can see our secular friends guffawing. I can see the left that was happy to invoke previous calls by previous Popes for peace when George W Bush was president, saying it’s not enough. I can see Nancy Pelosi as she beats the drum for war dismiss this and I can see the MSM suddenly finding these pronouncements not as newsworthy as they might have been 10 years ago.

Fasting and prayer are of course never a bad thing but realistically can this solve Syria’s problem.   I’ll believe fasting and prayer can bringing peace to Syria when the NAACP & the KKK start having meetings.

NAACP-KKK meeting in Wyo. believed to be a first

Never forget With God all things are possible.

Via Live at Five.

Update: It’s just been confirmed that due to a logistics issue not only is the DaTechGuy on DaRadio remote at the Nashoba club Restaurant scheduled for Saturday Sept 7th postponed to Sept 14th but this week’s show is going to have to be taped Tomorrow or Friday.

By an odd coincidence this leaves me totally free on Saturday to fast and pray as the Pope requests.

This is what we in the church call a “sign”

Michael Weston:  Nando Nando Nando You’re dead.  You just don’t know it yet.

Burn Notice Things Unseen 2013


Monday we talked about why I oppose strikes in Syria (because it aids Islamic Rebels). Yesterday I put up a dissenting view from longtime reader and commenter Proud to serve. (It’s vital to show the use of Chemical weapons has a terrible cost)

Both points are valid so the problem is this:

How do you punish Syria for the use of Chemical Weapons while not enabling the rebels?

I’ve thought about this and as far as I can figure there are three options.

#1 The Big way

#2 The small way

#3. The Tiny Way

Let’s examine all three in order

#1. The Big Way

The United States would declare war on Syria and invade both via Israel & the Mediterranean Sea. The United States would slowly prepare an invasion force over the course of 3-6 months building up troops in the area and giving Syria the option to

1. Surrender their chemical stockpiles

2. Remove the Assad family (Perhaps a UN protectorate until free elections)

at which point we would call the whole thing off.

The advantages of such a move is clear:

1. A US invasion would assure that the chemical stockpiles would not fall into the wrong hands

2. The Al Qaeda/Islamists who wish to take over Syria would be checkmated.  Instead of being in a position to take the country they would have to fight us to get it.

3. Such an invasion would become a “kill zone” for Hamas, Hezbollah & Al Qaeda. It would be a place where our enemies would instead of striking at civilian targets would be engaged against the single most powerful military in history.

4. Given the amount of time it took to actually take Iraq out there is every possibility that Assad would take the US (even under this president) seriously and choose to give in either willingly or overthrown by his generals hoping to make a deal.

5.  Such a move would re-assert US power globally while making it extremely clear that any use of WMD would be the death knell for any two bit dictator who chooses to use them.

6.  It would not only solve the problem with killing people with chemical weapons it would stop the whole damn thing.

If your priority is US prestige and deterrent in the long run this is in fact the best way to do this but there are many arguments against.

1. The Public: The US public does not support such an action. Culturally we are not the country that liberated Europe & deterred the Soviets. The people simply do not want this war and when you go to war against the will of your people, it generally ends bad

2. The Army: I’ve talked to service personal who have told me the Army is not in a postilion to fight a war in Syria. In terms of morale our forces are dealing with massive social change while still exhausted from fights where we simply have not be able to trust the people we would be fighting for.

3. The Cost: Financially we are not in a position to pay for such a war. It would be a long term situation with even higher costs in the long term.

4. The Russians: Unlike Iraq & Afghanistan Syria is a Russian client state. It is highly unlikely that the Russians will sit still and let us take out their best ally in the area.

5.  The UN:  I suspect the UN would not be up to the task of administrating Syria until an election as they have proven to be rather feckless over recent years.

Do I think we could pull this off? Yes it’s likely but the price would be high and it wouldn’t be pretty. Even worse as has been the case for the last decade the highest costs would be paid by a tiny percentage of our population willing to make the fight.

For those worried at the very suggestion of such a thing don’t be.  The odds of this administration going with this choice are as high as me permanently replacing Rush Limbaugh on the EIB network.

2.  The small way

Rather than striking at military assets target personal assets of the dictator Assad both physical and financial.

One of the basic truths of dictators is they are pretty much interested in their own comfort and well being.  They don’t give a damn if thousands of people die including their own troops, but if they aren’t sleeping in a comfortable bed, drinking the best wines, eating the best food and dressed in their 10,000 suits that’s something they take notice in.

This is done in two ways.

1.   We publicly destroy the biggest and most prominent palace and/or residence of Assad and make it clear (both in public and through private channels) that any repeat of this behavior will result in the destruction of the next two remaining, then the next three etc until he finds himself lucky to find a Holiday Inn Express willing to put him up.

2.  We go after his foreign assets, every dollar, every assets around the world until Assad can’t afford to order a Dr. Who CD without shaking his tip jar.

Like the military option this has clear advantages:

1.  The damage is limited to the person most directly responsible for the use of WMD.

2. It doesn’t aid any of the Islamists who are trying to take over the government.

3.  It’s cost effective

4.  It puts very few if any US forces at risk

5.  It doesn’t preclude the use of the Big Way if necessary.

and like the big way it has several drawbacks

1.  It a small cost to pay for hundreds of lives.

2.  It doesn’t have a huge impact.  Going from 8 palaces to 7 or even 6 or 5 is an annoyance, not a hardship

3.  The small nature of such a strike may be used as a propaganda to suggest the lack of resolve or strength of the US by our foes worldwide.

4.  It gives the precedent of a “mulligan” on WMD.   A dictator might calculate that the loss of a palace or two is worth the price to send a message on the battlefield or worse to protestors or political opponents.  In fact such a dictator might after such a strike boast about his willingness to stand up and take strikes from the most powerful nation in history.

5.  Assad may have already converted or hidden financial assets in anticipation of this.

This is both a low risk and low reward  The deterrent value is highly dependent on the person you are dealing with.

3.  The Tiny Way

Kill Assad or put a price on his head

The US can present its evidence declare that Assad has used chemical weapons in violation of international law and declare that the policy of the US is to kill him or to reward the person who does.

As with the other methods there are advantages and disadvantages.

1.  The punishment for the offense is directed at the person who ordered it

2.  It is a life for the lives his actions cost.

3.  The sight of the dead, burned or destroyed body of Assad is something that every single dictator considering the use of Chemical or biological weapons will have in their mind when they consider giving the order.

4.  Even if you fail to kill Assad in an age of drone warfare it means that he can not show his face, sleep in the same bed or enjoy any of the perks or powers of his dictatorship.  He becomes Bin Laden without the cave

5.  It becomes almost impossible for a dictator to rule a nation while constantly in hiding.  It slowly destroys his command and control

6.  This creates a HUGE incentive to his generals to do the dirty work for us both for the financial reward and in fear that when the bomb or drone comes said general will die with him.

7.  It doesn’t reward the Islamists fighting Assad’s government.

8.  It’s the cheapest choice pricewise

And of course there are disadvantages

1.  This is a HUGE departure from international norms of acceptable behavior

2.  Once such a declaration is made the target is likely to surround themselves with human shields and the choice has to be made to kill him anyway (the right choice) or no.

3.  If the target chooses to go into hiding it may take months or years to carry out the attack.

4.  There is a real possibility that the opponents of a dictator or ruler will use chemical weapons and slaughter thousands in order to turn their opponent into a target.


All of these three choices would directly assert the principle that the use of WMD carries a price to not only Assad but any person or country who considers deploying them.  Each of them have drawbacks but empowering Islamists in the Middle East in any way shape or form is not one of them.

And I have an odd feeling that it is the reason why none of these options are acceptable to the administration.


Special Update: Some of you might wonder why you haven’t seen DaTipJar rattled on initial posts, that’s because we made our full paycheck on Sunday. However I am still looking for 24 readers who each know one business owner nationwide willing to spend $45 a week on a year worth of ads on the Radio Show & the blog. I’ve got up to $400 for such folk who can pull this off.

there are more details here. If you want more info or if you have any questions drop me a line here.

Yesterday I gave my case against action is Syria, Longtime commenter Proud 2 Serve dissents Strongly and I’m promoting his comment from yesterday:

We are losing the big picture. This is not, and should not, be about getting involved in a Syrian civil war.

This is the defining moment of our time on whether or not the world will enforce international conventions on the proliferation and use of weapons of mass destruction. This is about a tyrant who, for the first time since Saddam Hussein and the Kurds, has opened Pandora’s Box and used chemical weapons in a large attack (twice). It is also about the fact that Iran is watching; the current course has undoubtedly emboldened them in their pursuit of nuclear weapons. It is about all other two bit tyrants who now will consider the pursuit and use of WMD who may not otherwise have done so; times ten as when a neighbor pursues this path, all other neighbors have a survival interest to do so, too.

The very moment the second Sarin attack killing 1500 (half children) occurred, the US should have launched an immediate nerve gas attack of its own against a Syrian military target — specifically one where some high ranking military officials were present.

Of course, this would have been easier if we still had a national security strategy, as we did for 50 years, that advertised a chemical retaliation option. Now the world has no idea what options we may or may not use in response to an employed WMD.

Deterrence – think twice, all tyrants who wish to pursue this path. We reserve the right to retaliate in kind and the cost will be higher than you are willing to pay.

Compellence – the next time Assad, or any other official, orders such an attack, the military will have an incentive to ignore or revolt against such an order; they would know they will personally pay the price for such an attack.

I know this sounds extreme, but I argue that is only because we have lost our way. Is there any doubt that two of the greatest defenders of freedom, Harry Truman and Winston Churchill, would not have responded in a similar way above? We need return to an understanding that when our survival interests are threatened, extremely violent action is necessary and justified. In the end, the world would be safer.

Of course, we didn’t and we won’t; in five years expect the number of nations pursuing chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons to increase exponentially. But at least we can tell the more volatile and deadly world how peaceful we are.

OK I agree with the principle and it is true a “tit for tat” nerve gas attack at the Syrian Military Leadership does alleviate the problem of a the Captain in the field having to choose between firing the gas shells or being shot since the commander giving the order now shares the risk. That’s a plus.

The problem remains such an attack that decimated the military leadership hands the country and the Gas supplies to Al Qaeda that has absolutely no compunction to using said gas on civilian targets not only in the middle east but in the US, not to mention that Gas attacks are by their nature subject to wind and atmospheric issues which could turn a targeted strike on the Syrian Military into a disaster full of civilian casualties.

It’s a lousy option the question is this: If we take it as read that Assad has in fact used Chemical weapons how do we create a deterrent that Assad would respect without Handing the country over to the rebels?

It’s a fair question, and there are answers some better than others but that’s a post for tomorrow.

Bartlett: Look, sir, you talk about the high command of the Luftwaffe, then the SS and the Gestapo. To me they’re the same. We’re fighting the bloody lot. There’s only one way to put it, sir. They are the common enemies of everyone who believes in freedom.

The Great Escape 1963

Leonard: …I am clearly not the only person who is tormented by insecurity and has an ego in need of constant validation.

Sheldon: So you admit that you’re an egotist?

Leonard: Yes. (Turning to the audience) My name is Dr Leonard Hofstadter, and I could never please my parents so I need to get all my self-esteem from strangers like you. But he’s worse!

The Big Bang Theory The Cooper-Hofstadter Polarization 2008

Right now the Obama administration is looking to find support in congress and among the American People for a war in Syria. They sent John Kerry on all the Sunday talk shows to make the case for war to the American people.

Under normal circumstances any president, even this one, might expect my support for such an action.

Consider the record in Syria:

Syria is clearly an enemy and have been supporters of terror for a long time.

During the Iraq war Syria was actively supporting the forces fighting and killing Americans as an ally of Al Qaeda and were supplying terrorist in Iraq as late as 2010.

For a very long time Syria has supported Hezbollah a terrorist group that has been a thorn in the side of our ally Israel.

They have supported puppet governments that have undermined freedom in Lebanon that turned that state into a puppet.

They are the staunchest ally of our foe Iran

All of those reasons would have been, in my opinion,  more than a sufficient Casus Belli for us.  In fact if our army after taking Baghdad pivoted east and took out Assad,  or if at any time during our years in Iraq our forces drove to Damascus to bring down his tyranny I would have been all for it.  Of course that wasn’t possible, Bush didn’t have such a mandate and Assad was considereda reformer”  by this administration and their friends.

But DaTechGuy“, you ask, ” If that’s the case how can you oppose the president attacking Assad in Syria now, particularly after he’s used chemical weapons?  Are you just a racist bigot who suddenly opposes war just because it’s being waged by the first Black president?

No not at all, the problem isn’t Assad, the problem is the rebels.

You know the rebels who also have chemical weapons and demonstrated that fact last year

A person wearing a lab mask then mixes chemicals in a beaker in the glass box, and we see some gas emitting from the beaker. About a minute later, the rabbits start to have random convulsions and then die. The person says: You saw what happened? This will be your fate, you infidel Alawites, I swear by ALLAH to make you die like these rabbits, one minute only after you inhale the gas.

The rebels who plan on creating an Islamic state if they win

This led to a question about the future of Syria’s minorities such as the Christians. Ahmed, Basah, and Hamid Hassan all agreed – Christians could only live there if they either converted, or paid the ‘Jizyah’ – a special tax levied on non-Muslims in previous centuries in the Middle East. If not said Bahar, they could be killed. (emphasis mine)

When asked why, the answer was, to them, quite simple – because the Prophet Mohammed said so. I was then invited to become a Muslim.

The conversation verged on the surreal. There we were talking in a quite friendly manner, with the occasional joke, about killing people because they wouldn’t pay the Jizyah, which critics regard as effectively obtaining money through menaces.

Let’s not forget that these were the guys that the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt wanted to send their army to support.

At the June 15th rally, Sunni Muslim clerics used the word “infidels” to denounce both the Shias fighting to protect Syrian president Bashar al-Assad and the non-Islamists that oppose Mr Morsi at home.

Mr Morsi himself called for foreign intervention in Syria against Mr Assad, leading to a veiled rebuke from the army, which issued an apparently bland but sharp-edged statement the next day stressing that its only role was guarding Egypt’s borders.

These guys are our enemies, they are full-blown Islamists and Al Qaeda, you know the folks who attacked us on 9/11 and now this administration wants to use our air assets to take out military targets that are fighting them in Syria? Seriously?

The reality is Syria is not good, the humanitarian situation is horrific and is going to get worse but if you take nothing else from this piece remember this:

There aren’t a lot of things worse than an anti-US anti-Israel murderous Tyrant who slaughters his own people uses Chemical Weapons in warfare and has a puppet army fighting in Lebanon, in charge of a well armed state with access to the Mediterranean Sea.  An Islamic state ruled by and/or allied with Al Qaeda & the Muslim Brotherhood with the resources of a nation-state possessing chemical weapons bordering Israel Iraq & Turkey is one of them.

 Any debate involving intervention Syria should start and end with that paragraph.  If it doesn’t then it’s not worth having.

 Update:  Cleaned up the paragraph after the list of reasons to oppose Assad


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When you ain’t got nothing, you got nothing to lose

Bob Dylan: Like a Rolling Stone 1965

One of the things about making a living based off tip jar hits and advertisers is you have to do your best to maintain your credibility with your listeners and readers or you don’t get a paycheck.

Apparently this isn’t a problem Chuck Todd has to face.

Churchill like remarks? Really? That’s the funniest thing I’ve heard Chuck Todd say since he said this:

Lean Forward: Chuck Todd from Joe Gabriel on Vimeo.

Text: all emphasis mine

“My job is to bring up issues that Americans care about. It’s my responsibility to ask the tough questions. No matter whose leading the country they need to be held accountable. I have unique access to the president, his advisers, the candidates and members of congress. I’d better use that access for a greater good, use it for people who can’t get through the White House Gates, for people who can’t be heard. The American People deserve answers”

Jay Caruso mocks him


Not bad Jay, but it’s a waste. When a person doesn’t care about their personal credibility, being mocked or teased will have no effect or to paraphrase the Vogons from The Hitchhikes Guide to the Galaxy 

“Credibility?  Who needs it!”

Closing thought. Todd didn’t make this statement in a roundtable in the heat of the moment, he made it in a prepared segment that was played after the Rand Paul interview on Meet the Press. That means that it went through the normal editing process and NBC news heard that statement and decided to use it. For the benefit of those editors here is an example of the real thing.

You know what happens when you decide to go to war to not be mocked?

Stuff like this:

I would normally expect such a pronouncement but when the commander-in-chief is worried about people making fun of him you just never know.


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Professor Yana: Might I ask, what species are you?
10th Doctor:   Time Lord, last of. Heard of them? (pause) Legend or anything? Not even a myth? (blank looks) Blimey, end of the universe is a bit humbling.

Doctor Who Utopia 2007

Teach your children well,
Their father’s hell did slowly go by,
And feed them on your dreams
The one they picked, the one you’ll know by….

…And you, of tender years,
Can’t know the fears that your elders grew by

Crosby Stills Nash & Young, Teach your Children 1970

It’s axiomatic that people on the net in general or on twitter in particular, aren’t necessarily who you think they are that thought instantly brings to mind  the trolls or the stalkers but there is one other aspect that is not malicious.

When you are speaking to a person face to face  you have an idea of their age. You can look at a 20 something and know they won’t laugh if you say: “Yeah but I shoot with this hand.” but someone fifty like me will remember this scene from Blazing Saddles

That’s not the case on twitter.  Icons & profiles not withstanding on twitter you can only use the conversation  to figure out the experience of whoever you’re talking to.  A great example of this took place this morning.

I’ve watched, with some surprise,  the MSM that fought George Bush tooth and nail on Iraq do their best to enable President Obama in Syria. This morning they received a shock as the British Parliament debated (and rejected) war in Syria. Seeing the clip of the back and forth on Morning Joe I tweeted out:

and got this response from a liberal that I occasionally joust with.


I was taken aback, could his person really not remember the protests, the debates, the months of back and forth on TV and finally the vote to authorize the use of force?

Then it hit me, she may not.

A person under 30 or someone who only became engaged with the rise of Obama or the  tea party might legitimately not know about the Iraq debate.

So for her benefit and those younger let me remind you of the vote in congress:

On October 16 2002 the Bush administration after months of back and forth in the media and making its case both to individual members of congress and to the public the congress saw a vote in congress take place on a resolution to authorize the use force in Iraq.

In the House the vote was 297-133 all but 5 republicans voted for the war. democrats were split 82-126 against. Bernie Sanders then in the house voted no. Ron Paul voted no on the GOP side.

In the Senate the resolution passed with 77-23.  All republicans votes yes except for Lincoln Chafee who is now a democrat. A majority of Democrats voted for this resolution including the current Sec of State John Kerry and the last sec of state Hillary Clinton

Yet even after the vote war didn’t come, a month later the US went before the United Nations and secured through the security council resolution 1441 on a 15-0 vote giving Iraq one more chance to come clean.

It would not be until March of 2003 that the first shots were fired.

Each of those steps took time, took debate, by the time the first guns were fired the people had heard the arguments for nearly a year and there had been plenty of loud debate, discussion and protest in George W Bush’s “rush to war”,  all of which my young debating partner on twitter was unacquainted with but has told me she will become so.

If you ever wonder why the teaching of history matters and conservatives constantly push it. This is why.  When people don’t know the past, who don’t remember the lies of Bill Clinton, the evil of the Soviets, the greatness of Reagan or the years before they become easy targets for those pushing ideologies that have failed over and over, but are not in their memory.

So have a little patience with the young when they don’t know what we do and see if you can educate them, you might be pleasantly surprised at what happens when they see facts that, for them, weren’t in evidence.


Full disclosure: In my opinion there is no question that Assad is an evil, no good murderous bastard, I find it very easy to believe he has used chemical weapons to retain his power and his removal would normally be a clear positive. I think considering the involvement of Al Qaeda with the rebels and the likely hood that their victory would create another Islamist state even more dangerous to us that Assad a “surgical strike” would likely not be in the interests in the United States nor solve the actual problem.

I think if we go in, we should go in whole hog Iraq style with all that entails, if we are unwilling to do so, we should stay out and do what we can to relieve the humanitarian situation.

Update: Of course that should have said 2002 not 2012 fixed

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Jay: Man, we ain’t got time for this cover-up bullshit! I don’t know whether or not you’ve forgotten, but there’s an Arquillian Battle Cruiser that’s about to…

Kay: There’s always an Arquillian Battle Cruiser, or a Corillian Death Ray, or an intergalactic plague that is about to wipe out all life on this miserable little planet

Men in Black 1997

President Andrew Shepherd: Leon, somewhere in Libya right now, a janitor’s working the night shift at Libyan Intelligence Headquarters. He’s going about doing his job… because he has no idea, in about an hour he’s going to die in a massive explosion. He’s just going about his job, because he has no idea that about an hour ago I gave an order to have him killed. You’ve just seen me do the least Presidential thing I do.

The American President 1995

The story of Barack Obama’s presidency is still in the process of being written but there were three stories today that reminded me how far we have fallen as a nation in just five years of having this man in the White House.

The first comes from the Los Angeles Times

One U.S. official who has been briefed on the options on Syria said he believed the White House would seek a level of intensity “just muscular enough not to get mocked” but not so devastating that it would prompt a response from Syrian allies Iran and Russia.

“They are looking at what is just enough to mean something, just enough to be more than symbolic,” he said.


The president of the United States, the “Most Powerful Man on Earth” the “Leader of the Free World” the man who was given the Nobel Peace prize in anticipation of what he was going to do is going to attack Syria:

1. Not to neutralize Syrian Chemical Weapons

2. Not to save the lives of the innocents in the crossfire

3. Not to give notice to the world that using Chemical weapons will not be tolerated

He is going to hit them to keep himself from being mocked?  What is he a ten year old on a playground?  It’s one of the most obscene things I’ve ever heard of in my lifetime.

God forbid his manhood is ever threatened if he has the nuclear codes nearby.


Then we have the legal process to authorize these strikes


While the left might howl & moan all of their complains concerning George Bush and “warmongering” can’t change the fact that not only did the war Iraq have a UN resolution in place but President Bush secured congressional authorization in both Iraq and Afghanistan that he spent months making the case for before the actual votes in order to win them.

Barack Obama administration doesn’t think that way.  While back in 2007 both he and his vice president were sure congressional action was required apparently the act of lobbying or making the case to secure the votes of the congress is not worth their effort nor is any attempt to make the case to the American People who might persuade the congress to go along:

But Obama doesn’t want to do this. Why? Because he fears Congress might, after the debating the issue, say No.

So of course that’s what the Constitution’s war-making clause means: You have to get Congress’ authorization, so long as you know they’ll say yes, but if you think they’ll say no, then of course all war-making power vests in One Man Alone.

This is his same reasoning on domestic policy, too. Sure, he’d prefer to have actual laws passed which execute his preferred policies into law, but since Congress disagrees with him, naturally all law-making power flows into his singular person.

And if trying to convince the American people or the congress isn’t worth his time.

And don’t’ even start talking about trying to talk the UN into anything.

and the media that went after George Bush about illegal wars like the NYT?

Bomb Syria, Even if It Is Illegal

They’re singing a tune they wouldn’t play for a republican

Since Russia and China won’t help, Mr. Obama and allied leaders should declare that international law has evolved and that they don’t need Security Council approval to intervene in Syria.

When the president made his red line threat his job AT THAT POINT was to start making the case to the people and the congress why we had to back it up.  He had a lot of time to do this as he made his speech a full year ago.

But the reality is the “red line” speech was given in the middle of a re-election campaign to show that he was doing something, to give the image he was strong,  something just muscular enough to keep him from being mocked.

Some things never change.

Finally there was yesterday’s anniversary of the MLK march on Washington Event.  There are three branches to government the only Black US Senator wasn’t there (Tim Scott), the only Black Supreme Court justice wasn’t there ( Clarence Thomas) but the first Black President (Bill Clinton) was as was the current black president Barack Obama.

His presence was considered very symbolic , speaker after speaker , interview after interview and newsman after newsman spoke of how wonderful it was that on the anniversary of MLK’s speech a black president was to give the closing remarks.

Then came the speech itself.

The president’s speech writers produced a speech and Barack Obama stood at that podium before his teleprompters and gave that speech…

…and the media went wild!

Douglas Brinkley called the “beautifully written” speech “one of the best he’s ever given”

George Stephanopolus loved it

Ron Fournier said it should be on granite

The MSM’s praise was unrestrained and one might wonder the reason.

I don’t.

This president has failed on the economy, he has failed diplomatically, he has failed as a job creator, the scandals have been an ethical failure ,  he has failed as commander-in-chief in Benghazi, his position in Syria is self-serving and has certainly failed as a person who brought races together.

But there are two things he can do all day long.  He could be black and he can read a speech from a teleprompter with the best of them and because the media has no other reason to celebrate this president, they indulged themselves knowing the next day they would be back to covering a feckless president unable to lead, unable to govern.

All I can think of is this passage from the first Book of Kings Chapter 18 verses 26-29

Taking the young bull that was turned over to them, they prepared it and called on Baal from morning to noon, saying, “Answer us, Baal!” But there was no sound, and no one answering. And they hopped around the altar they had prepared.  When it was noon, Elijah taunted them: “Call louder, for he is a god and may be meditating, or may have retired, or may be on a journey. Perhaps he is asleep and must be awakened.”  They called out louder and slashed themselves with swords and spears, as was their custom, until blood gushed over them.  Noon passed and they remained in a prophetic state until the time for offering sacrifice. But there was not a sound; no one answered, and no one was listening

The media is in love with their God and will stay loyal to that love, even as his administration mistreats them come what may.

What does it say when the supporters of a president and the media are more concerned with a good visual than with the coming of war and what does it say about our country that it has taken only five years to reach this point that would have been unthinkable before?

Remember America you did this to yourself.

Update: Welcome Teaparty readers. We’ll be talking about this subject on my syndicated Radio Show DaTechguy on DaRadio on WBNW WESO, WPLM and FTR Radio Nationally Saturday Noon till 2 EST. Call in and give your opinion 888-9-fedora


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Pull a Homer: to succeed despite idiocy.

Urban Dictionary.com via The Simpsons Homer Defined 1991

Buck Murdock: Irony can be pretty ironic sometimes.

Airplane II 1982

Sometimes the most foolish decisions produce the most unexpected positive side effects.

The US decision to back the Muslim Brotherhood has already caused the new Egyptian Government to begin working with Israel without a buffer, a situation unthinkable not long ago.

Now yet another US mistake has the potential to accidentally solve another pressing problem.

America’s president has been exposed as feckless and weak.  He, not having the wisdom to avoid intervention in Syria nor the strength of character to go all in to both secure the chemical stocks and make sure the government neither is taken over by Islamists nor kept in the hands of the murderous Assad family finds it necessary to demonstrate to the international community his power.

So like Bill Clinton in 1998 Barack Obama will likely launch missiles that will at worst prove simply symbolic and at best give the Al Qaeda supported Islamist rebels the upper hand and in the end do little if nothing to prove his strength or save the lives of the innocents there.

But his decision like his last poor one has produced an interesting side effect a most foolish threat from Iran:

“No military attack will be waged against Syria,” Sheikholeslam was quoted as saying on Monday by Iran’s state run Fars News Agency.

“Yet, if such an incident takes place, which is impossible, the Zionist regime will be the first victim of a military attack on Syria,” Sheikholeslam said in an apparent response to the Obama administration’s increasingly stern rhetoric against Syria.

Oddly enough this threat is the single most positive development I’ve seen. It has the potential to solve a big problem.

It is an empty threat of course, Iran’s assertion that Syria will strike at Israel is of course perfect nonsense there is noting more likely to cause the fall of Syria then to find themselves facing instead of a weak set of rebels the might of Israel’s Army & Air force and the Syrian’s know it and so does the rest of the world.

And the Iranians themselves are too busy trying to keep Assad up and running to even think of striking Israel.

Whatever the reality, it is  the threat that gives Israel the one thing that it needs more than anything else, a Causus Belli.

Not to strike Syria, they are much to smart to get involved in that mess.

But Israel has been watching Iran’s Nuclear Weapon development with fear for years.  If the US strikes Syria as soon as this week then Israel, taking Iran’s threats seriously would certainly be able to justify a follow-up strike on Iranian nuclear positions.

With the Iranian threats fresh off the presses even the UN would be hard pressed to censure Israel for such actions and would make the US veto of any resolution or boycott much easier.

And of course assuming Israel having prepared for such a strike against Iran for months, perhaps years could not pick a better time. Egypt in disarray, Lebanon neutralized, Syria busy, their capacity to strike back militarily has never been weaker.

If A feckless US strike leads to Israel finally taking out Iran’s nukes once and for all than Barack Obama acting out of weakness will have accidentally triggered one of the most positive results in the region of his entire presidential term.

How Ironic.

Update:  moved a phrase in the 4th paragraph to the end of that paragraph


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A week ago yesterday as the crisis in Egypt began I teased Morning Joe substitute hosts Katy Kay & Mike Barnicle for attacking the GOP suggesting Hillary is old news while studiously avoiding her record as Secretary of State even as they discussed Egypt burning.

They spent nearly 5 minutes on this subject making fun of the GOP for the supposed attack on Clinton age in full “Is that all they’ve got” mode…

…totally oblivious to the fact that she was the Sec of State during the ouster of Mubarek and the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood that the people of Egypt are protesting against, the subject they were discussing just a moment before.

There was an obvious reason for this:

Nobody needs to bring up Mrs. Clinton age, we simply need to bring up her record as Sec of State. Egypt, Syria, Iran, Russia, Libya the list goes on and on.

Well it’s a week later Joe & Mika are back and to my shock after talking about Egypt…went back the week old Hillary age business again. I immediately tweeted out the following:

The linking of the record of the former Sec of State to, you know, actual events in foreign affairs drew an almost instant rebuke from Doug Mataconis, a nice guy in person but who is a bit of a concern troll online.

Doug’s first line of Clinton defense was the US couldn’t have changed a thing, I pooh poohed this while Doug insisted Mubarek was a goner no matter what the US did.  This wasn’t my memory of events, so I returned to my primary point on Hillary:

Rather than pointing out my poor spelling in that tweet “(“irrelevant & presidential)” Doug decided the best defense of Hillary was a good offense.

While his points were interesting these had little to do with the topic of conversation, Mrs. Clinton’s record:

Doug’s next Hillary defense: Her record was a matter of opinion

And that’s really the question at hand, so it was time to ask it bluntly:


Now this is a question that a defender of Hillary should have no trouble answering. After all in four years in office Mrs. Clinton accomplishments should be easy to name particularly for a lawyer and Senior editor at Outside the Beltway like Doug Mataconis. His answer to that question was revealing, or rather the lack of an answer was.

He tweeted about the GOP needing to fix their problems, about how Benghazi (that another tweeter interjected) didn’t matter according to the polls (I had deliberately not mentioned Benghazi) but this was my favorite:

Hillary Clinton isn’t even a candidate. She’s not running for ANYTHING yet, so her record is entirely irrelevant, I mean what difference does it make? I tried again:

Apparently the question was harder than I thought he wanted two years to think about it

then I pointed out Hillary’s record wouldn’t change in two years so he answered by attacking…Rick Perry:


While his sudden willingness to talk about a race 3 years away and dislike of Rick Perry was interesting it had nothing to do with Hillary’s record as Secretary of State

And that’s when Doug’s decided he had enough.

Yeah there is nothing more “tiresome” or blindly “partisan” than being asked to name an accomplishment of a woman who served four years as Secretary of State, particularly when you can’t think of one.


Now one might think a twitter exchange between two old fellows might not be all that important but I think it’s incredibly revealing.

1. In the forty five minutes my first tweet to his last, an informed, intelligent and prolific writer could not name a single accomplishment in the record of Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State.

2. While my twitter steam is alive with tweets from others agreeing with me, not a single tweet from a reader of #p2 @morning_joe or even #hillary2016 showed up to defend the record of Mrs. Clinton as Secretary of state.

3. The absolute need to change the subject from anything but Hillary’s record suggests her actual record is something that must be avoided at all costs.

There is a moral to the story


And the time to start these attacks and make this case is NOW.


It is vital to immediately begin the narrative of Mrs. Clinton’s failure as Secretary of State before the left & the media begins to build an alternative one. After all hey have the Major news networks, most of Cable Television, Newspapers and celebrates to help them do so.

All we have is the truth, it’s time to start deploying it.

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Spengler’s article quoted by Glenn last night pointed out something critical about the situation in Egypt concerning the Muslim Brotherhood, and the Saudi Monarchy.

Egypt’s people embraced the military because they remember that the military used to feed them. In fact, the military probably can alleviate the food crisis, because — unlike the Muslim Brotherhood– Egypt’s generals should be able to count on the support of Saudi Arabia. Saudi King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz congratulated Egypt’s military-appointed interim president on Wednesday night, while the United Arab Emirates expressed “satisfaction” at the course of events.

Why would Saudi Arabia, the land where so many of the radical Mosques in the world have been funded from, a land where the Muslim Brotherhood gets so much green cheer their demise? Spengler continues.

The Saudi monarchy hates the Brotherhood the way Captain Hook hated the crocodile: it is the only political force capable of overthrowing the monarchy and replacing it.

The Saudi Royal family is famous for funding Radical Islam, for enforcing strict Islam on others, but having quite a few members who are known to enjoy shall we say “the good life”. All over the world, due to their wealth they get deference and the best of everything

They’ll finance Islam, including radical Islam elsewhere as long as it’s not imposed on them personally.

In a sense the Military in Egypt is the same. Like the Saudi’s they have a comfortable life, they have physical power as a military & financial power due to a commodity. The commodity that provides that power is not tangible like the oil that the Saudis use to grease others, but inertia.

Egypt’s army has been highly subsidized and equipped by the US since Sadat made peace with Israel. The two generations of US money have made it a comfortable place for generals and their families.

Of course being a military they might be expected to, you know, fight someday and via Stacy McCain Ladd Ehlinger tweeted something rather…interesting concerning the Muslim Brotherhood and Egypt’s military via the Irish Times.

Army concern about the way President Mohamed Morsi was governing Egypt reached tipping point when the head of state attended a rally packed with hardline fellow Islamists calling for holy war in Syria, military sources have said.

At the June 15th rally, Sunni Muslim clerics used the word “infidels” to denounce both the Shias fighting to protect Syrian president Bashar al-Assad and the non-Islamists that oppose Mr Morsi at home.

Mr Morsi himself called for foreign intervention in Syria against Mr Assad, leading to a veiled rebuke from the army, which issued an apparently bland but sharp-edged statement the next day stressing that its only role was guarding Egypt’s borders. emphasis mine

The game, however, is really given away by that last bit. The Army’s only role is to guard Egypt’s borders?

That might sound innocent enough but such a role means one important thing. That role specifically precludes a war on Israel.

It may be hard to enjoy the good life if you are fighting in Syria and maybe killed but it’s even harder if a war with Israel, which the Radical Islamists would love to see, takes place.

You see War with Israel means Israel’s Air force tends to bomb you, Israeli Army tends to decimate you and Egypt tends to lose large swaths of land that have to be won back in negotiations. When things like this take place the populace gets angry and needs someone blamed. Since a loss in war is normally blamed on the army that fights it, almost certainly the highest surviving ranks would be the target of the people’s wrath. Good bye comfortable life for them and their extended families that they are supporting.

That tends to adversely affect your bottom line.

I approve of Egypt’s military booting out the Muslim Brotherhood as I approve of stopping radical Islamists whenever possible, but let’s not sugar coat this. The military in Egypt is interested their own comfort and survival. Morsi and the Brotherhood became a threat to them so he was out but I don’t doubt for one moment if they considered it more to their advantage to keep Morsi they would have ignored the people as long as possible.

If the military is wise rather than count on the house of Saud they will make sure some of their wealth is used to feed the people. It’s not only the right thing to do, but it’s the surest way to keep and retain their power and the friendship of the people.

Update: I’ve just GOT to show you this twitter exchange I sent out this tweet to promote this post:

My suggestion produced a tweet I found hilarious


Me, an “Obama boy”? Now That’s Funny.

Incidentally after a few tweets we got along famously but that’s classic. From now on whenever I’m attacked by the left I might just use this tweet to give e “Obama boy” credentials, if the MSM sees it they might even say: “He’s one of us” and invite me places.

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Sarah Palin has come out for my position on the war in Syria

“Until we have a commander in chief who knows what he is doing….let Allah sort it out!”

Given the great love of the media for Sarah Palin I always get suspicious when I see …. in a quote from her.

So lets see the entire speech and the quote:

Here is the full quote

Militarily, where is our commander-in-chief? We’re talking now more new interventions. I say until we know what we’re doing, until we have a commander-in-chief who knows what he’s doing, well, chief, in these radical Islamic countries aren’t even respecting basic human rights. With both sides they’re slaughtering each other as they scream over an arbitrary red line: Allah Akbar I say until we have someone who knows what they’re doing I say let Allah sort it out.

I’ll wager most of those hitting her will never hear the entire speech or the words in context, but that’s never been what hating Sarah Palin is all about.

Nevertheless the reaction of the left not only makes the lie out of her insignificance or irrelevance but speaks volumes.

The Moderate (HA!) Voice:

I long for the day when Sarah Palin will disappear from the political landscape because every time she opens her mouth she reminds us of why she was so unqualified for the vice presidency. Trying to sound knowledgeable about the Syrian crisis, Palin, who spoke at the Faith and Freedom Coalition Saturday, weighed in on President Obama’s decision to arm the rebels, saying, “Until we have a commander-in-chief who knows what he is doing…let Allah sort it out.” Really, Sarah, like you knew what you were doing as Alaska’s governor?

As a matter of fact the record shows she did. It wasn’t until she was considered a danger to the left and the entire national democrat party went all out against her that her numbers changed.

How about Alan Combs:

Sarah Palin says we shouldn’t get involved in Syria. Not that she isn’t a hawk, it’s just that she doesn’t believe we have a president who knows what he’s doing.

Doesn’t know what he’s doing. Haven’t we just gone through a month where the president has constantly denied knowing anything out anything until he saw it on TV?

I predict by the time I get home from a Father’s day trip to Funspot a lot more updates will be needed to cover the left going ape over Palin’s statements.

I submit and suggest they hate her even more now than ever because they know in their hearts this is true.