At Least He Didn’t Use a Gun

by baldilocks Sitting in for Fausta today and Friday. Just a Utah kid doing some research. ST. GEORGE– Police confirmed Tuesday that the device that caused the evacuation at Pine View High School Monday was a “homemade explosive device” left inside a backpack and the juvenile arrested in the incident has been charged with a … Continue reading At Least He Didn’t Use a Gun

Possible Purpose of Allowing Paris to Happen

by baldilocks The Paris Terror Attacks—perpetrated by Muslims—seem to be short-sighted, from a strategic point of view—but they are not. Yes, I suppose it’s silly to talk about cogent strategy from persons subscribing to an ideology which has as one of its penultimate goals to die for its deity while taking non-believers along and who … Continue reading Possible Purpose of Allowing Paris to Happen

Ramp Up

by baldilocks ISIS has executed Jordanian pilot Muath Al-Kassasbeh and they didn’t use their usual method (WARNING: Graphic Photos and Illustrations). The POW pilot is [...] soaked with petrol and set on fire while professionaly filming [sic] his slow suffering as a sacrificial offering to Allah and with no remorse to the screaming and melting … Continue reading Ramp Up

Following the Leader

by baldilocks Any discussion of the following subject reminds me that, in order to have even a chance of being in the ballpark of a correct conclusion, it’s necessary to be able to analyze information properly, rather than simply to gather it.  The will and ability to do this has become essential—not just to "win" an argument, … Continue reading Following the Leader

The Common Thread of the left: Today Islam

Yesterday we talked Hamas now lets talk Islam in our series of the common theme of the left series. Item: This story that has gotten very little press in the three days since it did: Four Southern California men have been charged with plotting to kill Americans and destroy U.S. targets overseas by joining al-Qaida … Continue reading The Common Thread of the left: Today Islam

Unreturned love, Islam or both?

And you thought Jody Foster had a crush problem: "I am falling in love with her... She is goregeous that I cann't forget her just right away" Apparently our arrested terrorist had a crush on an American girl and Eric Dondero has been doing some digging and asks if rejection drove him finally over the … Continue reading Unreturned love, Islam or both?