The MSM’s 2018 Tet Offensive on the GOP

As The Washington Post’s Saigon bureau chief Peter Braestrup documented in his book The Big Story, reporters systematically used Tet to turn the reality of a U.S. victory into an image of American and South Vietnamese defeat...That campaign of misrepresentation culminated in Walter Cronkite’s half-hour TV special on February 27, 1968, when he told his viewers that … Continue reading The MSM’s 2018 Tet Offensive on the GOP

Media Myths and Vietnam

The media myths surrounding the Vietnam War continue to shape U.S. policy in Asia and throughout the world. As I recently wandered through Vietnam, particularly the area near the DMZ, or the demilitarized zone that separated North and South Vietnam, I couldn’t help but think how media narratives had changed the course of the war … Continue reading Media Myths and Vietnam