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I’m guilty of many things, but one is talking about race and Things Black too much.

The reputational demise of public astrophysicist Neil Degrasse Tyson elicited a great deal of Schadenfreude, but it depressed me for one reason: I liked seeing a black person talk about something other than race, being black, or crime–the last of which is all too often a byproduct of race. Finding out that Mr. Tyson is a bit of a charlatan made me sad.

That said, in this post, I will be again guilty of discussing race, but only to point to three pockets of hope on the subject.

The mindterm election this past week saw the turning of the U.S. Senate to the GOP and GOP gains for the House. Among these are Senator Tim Scott (SC), Representative-Elects Mia Love (UT-4), and the much-less heralded, but no less significant Will Hurd (TX-23). That these three people are black and Republican is remarkable in itself, but some might also find it equally remarkable that the majority of each constituency is non-black. (Mr. Hurd’s district consists of mostly of Americans of Mexican ancestry.) However, this shouldn’t be surprising at all.

Most (all?) U.S. congressional districts represented by black Democrats–Congressional Black Caucus members–have long been carved out for them. I contend that each one of them has been planted by the Democrat Party and the party heavily funds all of their campaigns.

It is a method of keeping each of these districts voting Democratic, keeping the voters quiet about economic progress, and it feeds on the indoctrinated notion that having a representative who looks like you somehow elevates you. That same notion explains why virtually all black American voters voted for Barack Obama, especially in 2012. And I need to repeat: it keeps each of these districts voting Democratic. This is how the fallacy of black=Democrat was born.

An inverse anecdotal example: I live in a district with a majority-black voting base–formerly represented by Maxine Waters and recently re-carved in order for Karen Bass to retain her place at the table–and have watched, cycle after cycle, as Republicans–usually black, but not always–have haplessly run, including the locally famous homeless activist Ted Hayes in 2008. These brave people get no publicity and, usually, little funding, though Mr. Hayes got a great deal of the latter.

Also related: the National Association for the Advancement of Communist Principles (NAACP) ignored the elections of Scott, Love and Hurd while nattering on about voting rights in its November 4 election statement. This omission is the very embodiment of the aforementioned indoctrination. Take a bow, LBJ!

Back to the newly elected black Republicans, the demographics of these pockets of post-racialism is the real progress: that three people who do not look like the majority of their constituents can be elected by them and that three black politicians can base their campaigns on issues other than race.

And, please, save it about the election of Barack Obama. We all know that his election and his subsequent two terms have not represented the onset of post-racialism. Remember, being black equals being a Democrat, according to the brainwashing.

However, I think that the ascent of these three legislators will make a difference. Maybe.

After all, wasn’t that what the Civil Rights Movement was really about, conflating public and private property notwithstanding?

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Juliette Akinyi Ochieng blogs at baldilocks. Her first novel, Tale of the Tigers: Love is Not a Game, was published in 2009; the second edition in 2012. Her second novel, Arlen’s Harem, will be done in 2015.

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Sheldon: All the non human apes are classified as “great apes” except one, That means taxonomists created the entire category of “lesser ape” just to single out the poor Gibbon as the weird kid on the playground. Now there’s a hairy little fellow with a genuine beef.

Leonard: But the gibbon doesn’t know what it’s categorized as, it doesn’t even know it’s called a “Gibbon”.

Sheldon: True. [Turning to Howard] Sorry kid You’ve got it worse than a Gibbon.

The Big Bang Theory The Prom Equivalency 2014

Ok this week Democrats lost the senate, lost the governorship of states such as Illinois, Maryland and Massachusetts, lost practically every close race there was to lose and the president’s post election presser was apparently a disaster.

How could things possibly get any worse? Ask the Star Telegram

In the end, Konni Burton was true to her word: She reclaimed Senate District 10 for her party.Burton, a Republican, claimed ​53 percent of the vote to Democrat Libby Willis’ ​44.5 percent

Seriously DaTechGuy, after all that’s gone wrong for Democrats you think they’re going to be upset at losing a state level seat in Texas? Well that seat had some significance:

The battle for District 10 wasn’t just about one Senate seat. It was about the ideological balance of power in the Legislature’s upper chamber.

Supporters dropped millions of dollars into the race, with some of the largest donations for Burton coming from the Texans for Lawsuit Reform PAC and some of Willis’ largest donations coming from the Mostyn Law Firm in Austin or the Mostyn-funded Back to Basics PAC.

Ok so it was an important state seat, but still that’s not going to drive Democrats nuts, but there’s more…

Burton, considered a rock star in Republican circles, drew support from a variety of people, including U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, a high-profile darling of the Tea Party, local GOP state Reps. Jonathan Stickland, Matt Krause, Bill Zedler and Giovanni Capriglione and Tarrant County Judge Glen Whitley.

OK so a tea party texan won it Texas, that’s still not so odd but here is the coup de grace

The decisive seat in Texas that affected the ideological balance of Texas that now belongs to a Tea Party Republican, belonged to a democrat for the last six year, that Democrat’s name?

Wendy Davis

thanks to the hubris of Democrat friends Abortion Barbie’s seat in the Texas Legislature goes now belongs to a Tea Party member

…who is proudly pro-life and ran on it.

The defense of the unborn is very personal for me. My husband Phil and I are the proud parents of Tori and Faith, whom we adopted through the Gladney Center in Fort Worth. This session I was proud to join thousands of conservative activists in peacefully supporting pro-life bills in the Texas Legislature. The people of Senate District 10 deserve a Senator who respects all human life. In the Senate, I will fight to keep Texas tax dollars from going to Planned Parenthood or any organization that provides abortions. I will also oppose any federal incursions into Texas designed to mandate that citizens purchase healthcare covering elective abortions.

And Burton knows who to thank for her win as well:

Konni Burton, the Republican who won it, is as conservative as they come. Burton is from the district and had trouble finding someone to challenge Davis, so she decided to just run herself (before Davis decided to enter the gubernatorial contest instead of running for re-election). After Davis’ 2013 filibuster, Burton told me for a piece I wrote for the National Review that her fundraising picked up.

“I was doing well with fundraising previous to this, but this has certainly helped, this pro-abortion stand that Wendy has taken,” Burton said at the time. “It’s a stand for abortions after five months! It’s helped immensely.”

Perhaps she will send a “Thank You” card to NBCCBSABCCNNNPRMSNBCNYT & Planned Parenthood for delivering the seat and a 2/3 majority to the GOP in the Texas state senate.


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by Fausta Rodriguez Wertz

CNN reports that “U.S. authorities estimate that between 60,000 and 80,000 children without parents will cross the border this year.”

The logistics of moving 60,000+ children across several countries and through the U.S. border and cities such as New York and Miami takes planning, coordination, and funding.

I don’t know who is behind this. However, the Mexican cartels control all the smuggling across the U.S.-Mexico border: drugs, weapons, people.

Every parent who puts their child in the care of smugglers is, at best, allowing that child to be a human shield for drug gangs, and in effect allowing that child to be used as a prostitute, a drug mule, and/or a kidnap victim. This is, plain and simple, child abuse in a very grand scale. Which, by the way, nearly ensures the child will get a special immigration juvenile status visa (emphasis added):

“The fact that they get up here, and that they’re fleeing violence, doesn’t give them any grounds for relief at all. So the only way they get to stay here in the U.S. legally, is through this special immigration juvenile status visa.”
To get that visa, the children have to first establish that the parent they left behind abused them.

Victor Davis Hanson looks at the immorality of The New Children’s Crusade:

This latest cruel episode — What sort of parent sends his children across the desert unaccompanied? What sort of country allows its youth just to walk away en masse? What sort of country facilitates their transfer across its own territory into the U.S.? And what sort of American administration tolerates this human tragedy as a way of building a future political constituency? — reminds us that almost everything we are told about illegal immigration is both a lie and amoral.

Neo-neocon explains

Now, we don’t know how families are getting the money to come here, and your conspiracy theory is probably as good as mine—and I do have some. But even if the majority of families/kids are coming for their own reasons (because they think they will be allowed to stay and get services, and/or to flee the violence in their home countries) rather than purposely as decoys for the cartels, they are serving as de facto decoys for them nonetheless. So if fleeing the danger posed by murderous drug cartels in their countries of origin is one of their motivations, then it’s highly ironic that escaping in this manner will serve to facilitate the entry of those very same dangerous people into the US, while the border guards are busy being babysitters.

As Neo points out, “their entry is flooding the border and distracting the guards’ time and energy while the drug cartels climb aboard.” The National Border Patrol Council Statement on Influx of Juveniles in Rio Grande Valley Sector confirms (emphasis added):

Cartels are forcing juveniles and illegal aliens to cross the border in between the ports of entries because it further ties up Border Patrol agents in the field. In effect, cartels are using these immigrants as a human shield to divert resources that would otherwise be spent interrupting their trafficking operations. Once the agents are taken out of the equation, the cartels are smuggling drugs, weapons, and special interest aliens across the border unfettered. At a time when agents are most needed to deal with the cartel threat, they are unavailable because they are either dealing with a tidal wave of humanity by either arresting juveniles and families in the field or by processing them in the stations.

That is why Texas’ top three leaders, Governor Rick Perry, Lt. Governor David Dewhurst, and House Speaker Joe Straus have directed the Department of Public Safety to immediately begin law enforcement surge operations along the Texas-Mexico border.

It’s a start.

faustaFausta Rodriguez Wertz writes on U.S. and Latin America politics and culture at Fausta’s blog.

by baldilocks

baldilocksOriginally posted at Ace of Spades HQ on August 26, 2013, so excuse anything which seems or is dated. Re-edited. And, do me a favor: please check out the links.

A few weekends back [sic], I made my way from my home in South Central Los Angeles to Albuquerque–where my parents and the vast majority of my family reside–for the wedding of my oldest nephew. During the twelve-hour drive, I contemplated the personalities of my nephew, his brother, his sisters, his male and female first-, second-, and third-cousins and his male cousins by marriage. All–18 to 26–are great young people.

Something that remains perennially in the news is the rate of unemployment for black teens, just over 40%. But here’s a thing about my family: my five nephews and my six first- and second-male cousins are all employed! (My nieces are all under sixteen and my three female cousins are over thirty. An additional male cousin–married, degreed and employed–is over thirty as well.) How could that be?

Well here’s one thing: only one of them lives in a blue state. So much for the alleged racism of Republicans. But their states of residence–New Mexico*, Texas, and Oklahoma–aren’t the only factors; the others are more personal.

  • All are high school graduates.
  • Three are attending two-year colleges, two attend a four-year university, one attends a technical college, and two are four-year university graduates.
  • All are literate, well-mannered and well-spoken They don’t even speak patois to their friends.
  • None have criminal or misdemeanor records.
  • All are prompt and know how to dress for employment. None have adopted the saggy-pants style.
  • Only one has a child and he is in his mid-twenties.

So what is this about? Only four of the young men have been raised by political conservatives. Two are illegitimate. Several are children of divorce–like me. All of them, however, have been raised by actual conservatives. So it is that they would not shame their families by failing to be responsible men.

My oldest nephew–the one who just married–is probably the most taciturn of the group. But he’s not so shy that he was unable to woo, win, and marry a smart, accomplished, and very beautiful young woman to be his wife. And here’s something about the two, my nephew, and my niece-in-law: both of their sets of parents are married to each other. And one thing about my nephew’s parents–my sister and my brother-in-law: both of their parents are still married to each other. (My mom and stepdad have been married for 42 years and my brother-in-law’s parents have been married for over 60 years.) And each generation consists of hard workers who have always wanted more for their children than what they had. This is what is known as a pattern.

But illegitimacy need not be a factor in producing children of poor character. Several months ago, I posited that illegitimacy by itself isn’t what has caused the breakdown of the black family and the consequent breakdown of black moral character. The cause? Government subsidy of illegitimacy. When a child, especially a boy, grows up without a father, he will often run wild if there is no other male authority to which he is answerable–an uncle or grandfather, for example. But when children grow up in communities in which there are no male authority figures, when they grow up in communities in which there are few to no married couples, a people run wild.

The widespread (over 70%) illegitimacy among black Americans can be likened to the biblical fall in the Garden of Eden. Satan talked Eve into eating the fruit that God had forbidden and she talked Adam into eating it. This original sin will destroy most of humankind. The government talked black women into having babies without benefit of marriage and this phenomenon has nearly destroyed black Americans. Yet another pattern.

But just as there is redemption to be had in the heavenly realm, there is a way for black Americans to keep themselves from been destroyed here on earth.

Recently, CNN’s Don Lemon–no political conservative, to be sure–was called a “turncoat mofo” for agreeing with Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly that black people need to clean up their act with respect to being ‘good citizens’–a phrase used because that is what I was exhorted to be when I was growing up in the much-maligned 1960s.

Mr. Lemon’s seemingly simple prescription is powerful.

You want to break the cycle of poverty? Stop telling kids they’re acting white because they go to school or they speak proper English. A high school dropout makes on average $19,000 a year, a high school graduate makes $28,000 a year, a college graduate makes $51,000 a year. Over the course of a career, a college grad will make nearly $1 million more than a high school graduate. That’s a lot of money.

And number one, and probably the most important, just because you can have a baby, it doesn’t mean you should. Especially without planning for one or getting married first. More than 72 percent of children in the African-American community are born out of wedlock. That means absent fathers. And the studies show that lack of a male role model is an express train right to prison and the cycle continues.

And there was this on Twitter:

For his trouble, Lemon was excoriated–which included being labeled a “turncoat mofo” by MSNBC’s Goldie Taylor.

“Turncoat mofo?” No. The turncoats are those who urge other black Americans to keep doing the same things over and over again while, each time, expecting a different result. The turncoats are those who exhort black Americans to keep riding that express train to poverty, illiteracy, prison and ruin. Like the feral teens that are a plague on our society, pattern-recognition is foreign to those who screech ‘turncoat mofo’ to a man who imparts the tried-and-true wisdom that black Americans used to impart to their progeny.

* * *

I have been called a conspiracy theorist–not to mention the equivalent of a ‘turncoat mofo’– a number of times. However, if most political and social conservatives can acknowledge that there are forces consisting of more than a single individual which conspire to destroy America-as-founded and the ideals on which she was founded, then it is plausible that such forces have used and are using strategies—by definition, long-term plans–to achieve their aims. It is for this reason—and for the vision of my lying eyes—that I put forth the following ‘conspiracy theory.’

For many decades, black Americans hoped and prayed to be considered equal to other Americans under the law–federal, state, and local. Well that goal has been achieved. It has been long past time for black Americans, as a whole, to do their part. What happened there? It’s this: too large a number of us have become prey to those who have always wanted to keep us down, keep us enslaved, and, ultimately, destroy us.

I submit that the Organized Left and the Democrat Party—now one and the same–have long been trying to rid our country of her black citizens. That goal is now almost reached. Think about it: blacks are vastly outnumbered by whites, Hispanics, and others. And blacks have been purposefully splintered in this way: we have been duped into nearly destroying the one earthly and seemingly unshakable foundation we had. That foundation is known as the family.

The feral teens we see today are the fruit of the splintering; they are angry and they know not why. They never learned fatherly discipline–and the compromised education system never bothered to inculcate in them the desire to think through their existential situation or any other situation. Often the only “men” in their lives are other mindlessly angry little boys wearing the bodies of men. Multiply this by millions.

So now, they are beating and killing innocents of all races out of boredom or avarice or whatever excuse they want to give. But the real problem is mindless and pointless anger, stemming from the lack of proper parenting by both mother and father.

But here’s the thing. Non-black people are already tired of their loved ones being raped, shot, beaten, etc. for merely walking around, for the crimes of others or simply for not being black.

And when some set of white or other non-black persons begin to retaliate; it will go badly for the splintered minority—both the guilty and the innocent–for numerical reasons alone. As a result, the Leftist-infiltrated government will come in and “save” however many black people are left, but goal will be reached: black people will be almost exterminated in the USA and whites and other non-blacks will be the slaves.

That’s been the plan all along…to kill all of us and to enslave all of you.

I am grateful to God that the young men in my family are fine, upstanding citizens. But I tremble for my peopleAmericans–as I watch the fruit of the rotten and satanic tree called Leftism poison us all, one way or another.

That’s why I pray to Lord who provided us with the Lamb who took away all of our sins. It’s our only hope, and I submit that it always has been.

*Yes I know. NM isn’s all that red. But, to this Californian, red is relative. One can open-carry in NM.

(Thanks to Monty and Ace)

Juliette Akinyi Ochieng blogs at baldilocks. Her first novel, Tale of the Tigers: Love is Not a Game, was published in 2009; the second edition in 2012. Her new novel, Arlen’s Harem, is due in 2014. Help her fund it and help keep her blog alive!


We are all interested in your sources of information, Hornblower,” prompted Cornwallis, apparently explaining something already asked. 

Hornblower shook his head in a decisive negation; that was his instant reaction , before he could analyze the situation, and before he could wrap up a blunt refusal in pretty words.

“No,” he said, to back up the shaking of his head

C. S. Forester Hornblower & the Hotspur 1962 p153

Burn this Letter

James G. Blane

Last night the 3rd Project Veritas video came out, showing state communication lead of Enroll America Christopher Tarango attempting to enable people attempting to purchase personal Obamacare info for political purposes, offering to talk to someone “who might be willing to have this conversation behind closed doors” .

As a person of the right who would like to see some coverage of this for a change I would push this video with one simple phrase:

“This conversation never happened”

Those words should be repeated over and over again by us, we should also stress that the media has totally bought into this phrase by their unwillingness to cover the story.

That phrase is the key to making this video break through.  If you are a blogger in any state where a Democrat is running for Senate this year, you want to call their office and ask for comment on this.

As far as the left goes their base plan is to take that phrase literally.  They will act as if the conversation never happened and like the first two videos will ignore it.

Plan B will be to attack James O’Keefe.  If you can’t contradict the contents of the video hit O’Keefe as  a “felon” and “unreliable”.  Even as I was typing this post this was taking place


Attack the messenger only goes so far when people have already lost their jobs over these videos.

If that easy to quote phrase still breaks through despite ignoring it, and attacking the messenger  the logical next tactic for the left is to point to the exculpatory parts of the video, and there are some.

Tarango offers several legal suggestions including the base registration list and repeatedly notes the law in terms of what he can and can’t do and I would expect the left to jump all over this although the back and forth is frankly what you would expect if someone is asking for something illegal.  The proper answer would have been a curt and blunt “No!” saying that if you continue to press the issue he would have to excuse himself.

Of course there is one defense that would be even more effective:  Why should anyone want to buy the Obamacare personal info when it’s so easy to hack online:

President Barack Obama’s site is riddled with security flaws that put user data of millions of people at risk and it should be shut down until fixed, several technology experts warned lawmakers on Tuesday.

The testimony at a congressional hearing could increase concerns among many Americans about Obama’s healthcare overhaul, popularly known as Obamacare. Opinion polls show the botched rollout of the online marketplace for health insurance policies has hurt the popularity of the effort.

they weren’t shy about it:

A panel of IT experts had one answer for Congress when asked if Americans should use the Obamacare exchanges on in light of its security concerns: “No.”

In fact they even demoed how a hacker would do it

Kennedy even ran a hacker demonstration, showing the congressmen the webstite’s vulnerabilities and how he could pull sensitive information from it. He was one of four experts who testified of the risks of 500 million lines of untested computer code.

Tarango would have been better off just saying:  “Cripes you don’t need me, just pay a high school hacker, he’ll have all the names you want at half the price.”

and THAT is more of a shock than the idea of political people willing to break or skirt the law.


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Over the last few weeks the public has learned Barack Obama managed to get Obamacare passed and win re-election by use of a blatant lie: “If you like your health insurance you can keep it.”

Well Wendy Davis running for Governor in Texas a Red State solidly against abortion apparently has taken notes:

Davis suggested that her views on abortion access do not mean she does not care about life.

“I am pro-life,” she said, borrowing from the label anti-abortion activists assign themselves. “I care about the life of every child: every child that goes to bed hungry, every child that goes to bed without a proper education, every child that goes to bed without being able to be a part of the Texas dream, every woman and man who worry about their children’s future and their ability to provide for that future. I care about life and I have a record of fighting for people above all else.”

Does anyone want to bet how many robocalls & mailers are going to go to pro-life voters with that “I am Pro-Life” statement and nothing else before election day comes?

She has learned her lessons well.

Update: The Washington Examiner:

Wendy Davis wants to be the governor of Texas, so the Democratic state senator famous for filibustering a bill that would increase regulations on abortion clinics dubbed herself “pro-life” during a campaign event Tuesday.

“I am pro-life,” Davis, a Texas state senator, said at the University of Texas’ Brownsville campus. She doesn’t mean the term the way that it’s usually used.

On Morning Joe today (where you go to find out what the left wants to say) there were two stories that seemed unrelated but taken together could mean an awful lot.

The first was a story out of Florida, the Transformation of Charlie Crist is now complete:

Charlie Crist is running for Florida governor as a Democrat.

The worst-kept secret in politics was confirmed Friday afternoon when the Republican Party of Florida spotted Crist’s official filing with the state Division of Elections.

The former Republican governor turned Democrat plans a formal announcement at 10 a.m. Monday at St. Petersburg’s Albert Whitted Park, 480 Bayshore Drive SE, but the state GOP beat him to the punch.

Crist is a poster boy for what I described last week when talking about political parties as fraternal orders:

It’s not the Elks, the Eagles or the Lions club. All are decent clubs that do good things but there really isn’t much of a difference between one or the other,

A political party isn’t supposed to be like that. A party has a platform and a particular beliefs. In theory a person joins and supports a political party because of those common beliefs and values and votes for one party over another because he or she wants to advance those ideas or values.

If people are however in a party because it happens to be the club they joined then belief and principles becomes “flexible” because the purpose is to serve the “club” rather than the people.

Crist doesn’t care what club he belongs to as long as it brings him power and status.

Joe Scarborough is likely right on the money when he said Rick Scott will eat him alive but you never know.

Our second story is not of a governor’s race but of a Senate Race, more specifically a Senate primary in Texas:

Texas tea party activists eager to send another firebrand in the mold of Ted Cruz to the Senate have launched a movement to draft evangelical historian David Barton to run against Sen. John Cornyn.

Barton, who hosts a daily radio broadcast, has wide name recognition and respect on the religious right as a Constitutional scholar dedicated to restoring the America the Founding Fathers envisioned, though his scholarship on that point has been widely discredited in the world of academia.

Given how far left the world of Academia is today that would be a positive plus in a Texas primary

Political analysts doubt he could take down a candidate as well-funded, well-known and widely endorsed as Cornyn. But they’re not willing to count out an insurgent from the right — not after watching Cruz come from nowhere two years ago. Barton has deep political roots, having spent nearly a decade as vice chairman of the Texas Republican Party. He is a skilled orator. And he’s got the stagecraft down pat: He travels the country to deliver rousing tributes to patriotism, often in red, white and blue Western shirts.

Now Cornyn is certainly a lot stronger than David Dewhurst and has a huge power base to draw on so normally this would be not be that bad a situation but there is one piece of his past that is about to be highlighted:

May 2009

A week after saying he wasn’t taking sides in the high-profile GOP primary in the Sunshine State, Cornyn, the chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, endorsed Florida Gov. Charlie Crist.

That didn’t sit well with the base and caused at least one blogger to decline an invitation to a conference call when he was informed any question on that endorsement was off limits:

Since that was the case, I declined to attend the teleconference. Going on the line with John Cornyn and not being able to talk about the Crist endorsement would be like doing a teleconference with Blago right after he appointed Burris and being unable to ask him about it.
I included these lines in my reply email to Mr. Cornyn’s staffer,

One thing he might want to think about though: If today, in May, he’s scared to take questions from his own side on this issue, how ugly is it going to get if he lets this build up for a few months?

It’s not too late for him to say it was a mistake to endorse anyone and publicly change his mind. It will save the NRSC millions in endorsements and will make that primary fight considerably less ugly.

It provoked outrage from bloggers

It smacks of a deal cut to get Crist to skip a re-election campaign to go after the Senate seat. While Crist’s popularity is an asset, Crist’s positions on issues are going to give conservatives and even moderates some angst in the party. Crist openly supported the Porkulus plan, which would have put him with Arlen Specter, Olympia Snowe, and Susan Collins as the only Republicans in Congress who did. Cornyn himself fought against Porkulus. So why is the NRSC endorsing Crist over Marco Rubio 15 months ahead of the primary?

A lot of outrage

The attempt of NRSC Chairman John Cornyn and Florida GOP Chairman Jim Greer to fix the Senate primary for their buddy, Charlie Crist, was the last straw in a long series of similar moves by the Republican establishment, which had been meddling in the primary process for years, although never so blatantly as in this Florida Senate race. When GOP insiders think they can hand-pick the Republican candidate 15 months before the primary, something has gone seriously awry in the party machinery.

It helped start the Not One Red Cent movement had democrats openly asking if they should just vote Crist

And when Cornyn was re-elected as GOP chair:

Please tell me exactly what justifies any need “to be fair” to John Cornyn? Thanks to his blundering interference in Florida, Charlie Crist walked off with more than $10 million in GOP donations.Why should Cornyn and the NRSC get a free pass while on their failures, while over at the RNC, political director Gentry Collins resigned and presented a specific indictment of the organization?

That was the last straw.

Now imagine 4 years later a GOP primary in Texas featuring John Cornyn against a strong Tea Party favorite with national name recognition at the same time that Charlie Crist is running for governor of Florida as a Democrat after switching parties and endorsing Barack Obama in 2012.

The ads write themselves.

I’ll give the last word to John Hawkins who Nailed it in 2009.

Mark my words, this is likely to get much nastier over time.

If I was Cornyn I’d be afraid:

Update:  And the bad news just keeps coming:

How on Earth does an allegedly seasoned GOP political operator like a Josh Holmes think it wise to run to the Times with what amounts to a jack-booted attempt to stifle both free market capitalism and political dissent? Those are supposed to be core values for the GOP. Yet, here we see a DC GOP establishment on display at its worst—saying, in effect, “If you engage in a form of commerce we don’t like, we will try to destroy you! If you attempt to exercise your First Amendment right to free speech to say something with which we disagree, we will try to destroy you!”

I think Dan Riehl  would rather be writing about the Obama administration trying to gimmick Twitter to silence dissent but instead we have this:

I’m ashamed to think that a party to which I am connected is even thinking in such terms within its inner circles.

THAT is the message Holmes sent to the base here. And whether the Beltway GOP likes it or not, it’s the only one an increasingly restive base is going to take away from all this. And that’s only the beginning of why this is so bad for Mitch McConnell, now likely facing an emboldened and even more empowered primary challenger back home in Kentucky.

This is as stupid as it gets.

I’ve always fallen within the camp that says that reforming the GOP from within, returning it to its anti-establishment roots, has the highest probability of success. There are plenty of other fringe parties afoot in the U.S.; adding a Tea Party to those ranks will succeed in widening the fringe, while simultaneously making the Democrat’s mopping-up operations easier.  And that position’s irrefutable, as we watch the elected Tea Party reformers like Cruz, Paul, Lee in the Senate do two things (1) inspire the base, and (2) receive fatwahs from the elite.

It’s really simple, does the GOP want conservative new media writing stories like this or would they rather have us hitting democrats?

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At Hot Air an interesting post links to this Politico post concerning a side effect of the success of Texas:

Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst said here on Saturday that Texas could turn blue if Republicans get “complacent.”

“If we’re complacent, yeah, it could happen,” said Dewhurst, who last year lost to Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) in the state’s GOP Senate primary.

The problem isn’t complacency, it’s success

But the new businesses bring a lot of people with them and then they recruit to fill jobs from all across America. The states getting hit the hardest with job losses – through no coincidence at all – are, in many cases, some deep blue ones, full of unemployed workers ready to pack up and move to where the paychecks are. So this has resulted in a new influx of fairly liberal blood strains moving in, working, buying homes, shopping… and voting. Combined with the previously mentioned demographic shift, it could eventually play out just as Dewhurst warns.

New Hampshire has seen this problem as well.  Person after person has left Massachusetts heading north to escape crippling taxes but now safe from the grip of Massachusetts they’ve forgotten HOW the state became what it is, not seeing the cause and effect as they cast those same votes in New Hampshire.

And the process is about to happen in New York City on an issue more important than mere taxes

It appears that New Yorkers will elect, as our next mayor, the Democratic nominee, Bill de Blasio. He is a true-believing leftist. A supporter of the Communists in Latin America. The whole nine yards.

One reason they will elect him, I think, is that they have no memory of the bad old days. And they have no idea what it took to turn New York into the delight it is today — the delight it has been for 20 years or so.

As Myron says, New York is “always a city of newcomers.” How many voters moved here during the Rudy-Bloomy golden age? Lots, no doubt. They probably think the state of harmony is normal.

By “state of harmony” they are talking about the safe streets, the reversal brought forth by Rudy Giuliani and preserved by Michael Bloomberg. Jay Nordlinger sounds the warning:

Everything Giuliani and Bloomberg have done is reversible. None of their gains is permanent. The barbarians are always at the gate. They are never vanquished, permanently. They may be kept at bay for a while — but they wait to be allowed back in.

What can reverse our reign of peace? A mayor who submits to racial bullying. A government that is complacent, inattentive — that lets New York’s guard down. “Yet a little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands to sleep: So shall thy poverty come as one that travelleth; and thy want as an armed man.”

The problem with history and culture is everyone tends to think of events in the past they were not present as things that were inevitable. It’s just not true!

The Japanese could have won at Midway and the Germans at Stalingrad and the Bulge. MacArthur could have failed at Inchon, Lincoln could have lost re-election,  Gettysburg could have been lost.  The Constitution was nearly captured by the British fleet.  General Howe could have headed north to support Burgoyne instead of south, Wilberforce could have failed in parliament, Islam could have won at Vienna, Magna Carta might not have been offered and the Church might not have preserved knowledge and the Christian concept of all people being equal before God might never have been advanced.

All of these things are the blocks that our free society is built on. Lose any one of them and time gets re-written.

And that’s the warning to the many people of the left who are now traveling to the Lone Star State in search of the life you can’t have in the blue states you are leaving. The life and chance for prosperity that you are coming for isn’t there by accident, it’s there because of the culture and hard work of the people in Texas, the land that you are entering.  If you change the land you change the conditions that generated what you came for.

You can have prosperity or you can try to re-create the faux progressive utopia which you fled, but you can’t have both.


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For a very long time we in the Pro-Life Movement have maintained that Planned Parenthood’s operation was based on Abortion and taxpayer money.

The left has howled in disbelief at the very idea that this might be the case, remember the Susan G. Komen business.  They were attacked mercilessly because they were removing money from an organization that was all about woman’s heath and mammograms and more.

And they can tell you one thing, that some who suggests that Planned Parenthood is just an abortion mill simply doesn’t understand what Planned Parenthood is all about.

Like Melaney A. Linton of the Planned Parenthood action center Gulf Coast CEO.

Planned Parenthood on Wednesday informed staff at three of its facilities in Texas that they would be closing, according to people familiar with the decision.

The three clinics are located in Bryan, Huntsville and Lufkin, Texas. They are closing in response to a new package of abortion restrictions signed into law on Thursday and funding cuts to Texas’ Women’s Health Program that were passed by the Texas state legislature in 2011. Out of the three Planned Parenthood clinics that are closing, only the Bryan clinic performs abortions.

Note that word “performs”, it’s carefully chosen. One could have said “Only one of these clinics ‘assists’ abortion.” or “only one of the three clinics ‘refer’ abortions”.

Yet all three clinics are closing now, at this time right after the passage of the new texas abortion law.

Byran Preston asks the obvious question:

The Huffington Post laments that after Gov. Rick Perry signed the bipartisan HB2 into law today, Planned Parenthood reports that it will now close three of its operations in Texas. Clinics in Bryan, Huntsville and Lufkin will now shutter.

How can this be, if only 3% of Planned Parenthood’s business is abortion services?

In fact the Huff-po had to revise their post as follows:

and goes further

The closing of these clinics tells us something else as well. In 2011 the Texas legislature cut Planned Parenthood off from state funding, as the organization had come under accusations that it mixes its public and private funding. Taxpayer dollars are banned from being used to fund abortion services. Mixing funds would violate that ban.

The fact that HB2 is now being blamed for closing these three facilities strongly suggests that Planned Parenthood is guilty of the fund mixing charge.

In fact he went far enough that the Huffington Post found it necessary to…clarify their piece.

This piece was updated to clarify the reasons for the closure of each clinic. An original version implied that all were being closed in response to the signing of the new abortion law.

Oh well that’s different still it’s quite a coincidence that those other two clinics are closing right after the Abortion bills passage. Planned Parenthood had more to say:

Planned Parenthood says the majority of the work they do includes family planning exams, birth control, and cervical cancer screenings.

They also do STD testing, treatment and vaccines and even pregnancy testing.

If that’s the case with all that other non-abortion related stuff isn’t it odd that the clinic in Bryan is closing?

And it’s quite a coincidence that all those other services are not sufficient to keep the other two clinics open.

But Hey, it has nothing to do with that abortion law and I’m sure Ms. Linton planned to close those other too all along and set that announcement date far in advance and it’s just a coincidence that it corresponds to the third closure.

Or perhaps they might argue that the environment in Texas that was tolerable advanced just over the line after that last bill.

A strange attitude for people supposedly so concerned about woman’s health. Isn’t it?

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Capt. Darling: So you see, Blackadder, Field Marshal Haig is most anxious to eliminate all these German spies.

Gen Melchett: Filthy Hun weasels fighting their dirty underhand war!

Capt Darling: And, fortunately, one of *our* spies–

Gen Melchett: Splendid fellows, brave heroes, risking life and limb for Blighty!

Black Adder Goes Forth, General Hospital 1989

You know I’ve heard the left telling for years that we should be happy to pay our fair share of taxes, how it’s patriotic to do so and those who balk at such taxes are just greedy.

Apparently this rule doesn’t apply when it comes to pot:

marijuana advocates fear excessive taxes could destroy the whole idea around voter-approved Amendment 64 and keep recreational pot users in the black market.

“If it is too much tax too quickly, it will kill the transition to the legal market,” said Michael Elliott, director of the Medical Marijuana Industry Group.

What? the voter approved amendment was all about tax free pot? I don’t remember anyone arguing for tax free pot, but beside the fact I’m sure many on the left hearing this are Shocked SHOCKED to discover that excessive taxes will hold back a market and Ed mentions another point that never hit me.

Of course, people can’t usually grow their own tobacco. That’s not true of marijuana, which as reader David K pointed out in an e-mail to me, is called “weed” for a very good reason. Now that marijuana has been legalized, David thinks there will be little appetite to bust people for growing their own supply — but if it’s being done to avoid paying taxes, I’m not so sure. Ask the citizen distillers in the South how they handled the “revenuers” back in the day.

Meanwhile we have been told how vital government regulation is to protect citizens from exploitation and danger, to be sure products and services are save for the public, when we’ve objected suggesting this handcuff’s business and costs jobs we’ve been told that we are putting profits over people.

But strangely enough our friends on the left have discovered rules and regulations that might actually hurt a business:

Planned Parenthood, the country’s largest provider of abortions, says the proposed stricter standards for clinics could cause all but six of the 42 abortion facilities in Texas to shut down. Bill author Republican Jodie Laubenberg said no facility would be forced to close.

How about that, regulations hurt businesses and the insistence of supporters of the bill that these rules will force clinics to be safer are not relevant.


It isn’t often that I disagree with Elizabeth Scalia on a matter of religion but this story is one of them.

For the few who don’t know. At the Texas capital as the new Abortion bill comes up for a vote a group of pro-life activists starting singing the traditional song Amazing Grace.

However the supporters of Wendy Davis and abortion were not to be outdone. Last weekend on every Sunday Show they the pro-abortion left lionized Wendy Davis and talked about her fight against Governor Rick Perry. Their supporters and Democrats around the country urged their supporters to show up and the Texas capital and fight. So when the pro-lifes sang Amazing Grace the flower of the Democrat Party, these brave warriors of the left, these people determined to prevent people from oppressing woman, fully supported by the national left replied thus:


Hail Satan? Really, as American Glob put it:

Maybe the makers of the History Channel’s Bible series were on to something after all…

Well I’m not convinced.  The CNN Reporter MUST be wrong.  Where is the video, I’m sure the Democrat National Campaign Committee, Emily’s List, Planned Parenthood, Media Matters and NOW will emulate the late Andrew Breitbart’s $100,000 challenge to produce actually video to back up this CNN reporters statement:

or not

Now the Anchoress being a kindhearted and godly person says this:

You get a gang of already pumped up, hysterical (and in some cases terribly, terribly young) idolators fully indoctrinated to the creed and the church of the Idol-of-I, and start singing “Amazing Grace” you’re striking at a jugular vein of the idol and the hysterics — having nothing to fall back on but the empty creed of self-worship, which contains no grace at all — have no depth in their recourse. All they have left in their bag of tricks is shock and chaos.

Last night they fell back on “shock.” Chaos will come later, and believe me, a mindless, stupidly spiteful chanting of “hail Satan” won’t be the half of it.

They know not what they do, though — very likely those who are not being paid to be useful idiots for The Party are members of The Church of What’s Happening Now, who can’t resist an urge to participate in this week’s “be-in”.

and advises the following:

Which is why I rather concur with this guy on Twitter:

Wow, the “hail Satan” thing is such a troll. Make fun of it or ignore it. No good can come of making a big deal out of it.

— Political Math (@politicalmath) July 3, 2013

I respect Elizabeth very much, but I have to disagree.

One of the things that our friends on the left have done for a long time is dodge just what abortion is, what it means and who it serves ask yourself why you can see all kind of medical procedures on TV but never abortion, why nothing engages the left more than the graphic pictures of the same.

It’s because it illustrates the truth of what abortion is and what it has always been.

In my opinion it is important to not allow our pols or these groups off the hook.

Every single reporter and every single pol who pushed Wendy Davis, who celebrated Wendy Davis and who urged people to go out and support Wendy Davis be made to distance themselves from the statements of these protesters. They should be made to stand or run as the GOP was made to do with Todd Akin.

They should be made to own this, the Lonely Conservative’s bumper stickers should be made it as one person said on twitter

This is life and death, literally let’s act this way.

I’ll give the last word to Captain Ed Morrissey:

The overall effect of chanting “Hail Satan”? That’s another story, but one of those effects is surely clarity.


Brooke: I want you to WANT to do the dishes.

Gary: Why would I “want” to do dishes? Why?

Brooke: See that’s my whole point

The Break Up: 2006

Penny:   All right. Let me give you a little girlfriend 101. Usually the first move out of the gate is you withhold sex, but that will work better after Sheldon hits puberty.

The Big Bang Theory, The Weekend Vortex 2012

I still have not read Helen Smith New Book Men on Strike (although I very much want to have her on the show ASAP) but something came up this week that instantly made me think of it. Vivian Norris proposed Sex strike.

But women, take heed: Don’t give in if your man, boyfriend, husband, toyboy is not voting for your best interests, your reproductive health — do not sleep with that man! I don’t care how cute or charming he is! I don’t care if he is your husband of many years. Resist! Go swimming! Meditate!

A 20 something man, the type who might be considered most vulnerable to such a proposition who I told the story to suggested this would fail as woman wouldn’t be able to do with out sex themselves.  This invoked a memory of a SNL skit  from over a decade before he was born staring Jane Curtin:

Earlier this October, Congress extended the period for ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment. Yet, since then not one additional state legislature has ratified this most basic affirmation of human rights. It is time we women took action. As a spokesperson for Weekend Update, I am therefore calling on the women of America to place a moratorium on the act of performing oral sex on any male until the ERA is the law.

I recall Bill Murray’s reply vividly

Well, okay, Jane. But remember that oral sex is a sword that cuts both ways. No oral sex — you know what I’m saying?

Of course we have since learned from liberals that Oral Sex really isn’t sex so it may not be included in Vivian Norris’ proposed strike but lets for the moment presume it is.  Even including a potential lack of Felicio Vivian Norris and her allies proposal to withhold sex until Texas approves late-term abortion on their terms is doomed to fail, mostly due to the limited number of potential persuadable men.  Let’s examine the subset

1.  By definition this strike will only be effective on pro-life men if they are having sex with pro-abortion women.  Since there is a large subset of women who are pro-life none of them are likely to join this boycott so those men are out

2. Religion is a strong driver in terms of abortion positions.  There are always the men who put principle or religion over sex, a small subset to be sure but that subset must also be removed from the equation.

3.  By nature people in high political positions have power and or money, both of these are power inducements for women to have sex with them (Ask yourself if the women at the playboy mansion care what Hefner’s abortion position is)  so the subset of women who are willing to boycott shrinks to the pro-abortion women who are not persuaded by either power or money to sleep with a man.

4.  We also have to subtract those with national ambitions in the GOP, coming out pro-abortion would mean death in a primary and would dry of vast quantities of donor funds from the base nationwide

5.  With the combination of masturbation going from a source of derision and humor to something society declares as “healthy & natural” and pornography becoming not only acceptable but so common on the net on cable and elsewhere that you have to take affirmative steps to avoid it, a man can find release easily.  For a few dollars more a strip club or a hooker on Craigslist is not far away.

6.  Finally you have to exclude one more subset of men, the long married.  A man who has been married for over 30 years put it well when I mentioned it to him saying he’s been married so long he’s forgotten what sex looks like.

7.  And of course this boycott will not effect pro-life women voting for the ban

So now Ms. Norris’ boycott now is now down to targeting the subset of  pro-life men,  who are not with a pro-life spouse or girlfriend, who are not strong enough of character to put their religion or principles first, are not driven enough by ambition to be pro-life for political purposes,  do not have sufficient money and/or power to override the willingness of women to copulate with, are not satisfied with either porn, hookers and strippers to provide a sufficient masturbatory release and who haven’t been married long enough to not notice the absence of sex as normal.

That’s when she hits the final wall.

Men in general tend to have a much higher tolerance for clutter and disorder than women.  What happen if the man figures, hmmm she not going to give me any anyway, why should I bother with dishes, or laundry or mowing the grass or painting that shed or picking up, or those errands etc etc etc.

Men need very little incentive to practice inertia, I suspect Ms. Norris’ boycott will provide more than enough to continue.

So who does that leave Ms. Norris to target?   The subset of non-religious pro-abortion straight men, without power or money, who have not been married long enough to forget sex, are unwilling to masturbate or spend a few dollars on a pole dancer and are too fastidious to let a house stay unkempt in Texas.

And I thought the GOP was a small voting subset in Massachusetts.

Well perhaps if Ms Norris & her voluptuous colleagues can pressure these men sufficiently  so they will implore the other men not vulnerable to the boycott  to give in for their sake.

Because there is nothing like knowing you are having more sex than the other guy to bruise a man’s ego.

Update:  Cleaned up some minor grammer mistakes

Memeorandum is all a buzz (I’d say all a twitter but these aren’t tweets about the following words by Governor Rick Perry about State Senator Wendy Davis:

Who are we to say that children born into the worst of circumstances can’t grow to live successful lives? In fact, even the woman who filibustered the Senate the other day was born into difficult circumstances. She was the daughter of a single woman, she was a teenage mother herself. She managed to eventually graduate from Harvard Law School and serve in the Texas senate. It is just unfortunate that she hasn’t learned from her own example that every life must be given a chance to realize its full potential and that every life matters.

and it produced the following reaction from the left.


Rick Perry Attacks Wendy Davis?, Jabs Davis for being a Teen Mom?


Far from attacking Wendy Davis Perry points out that Davis didn’t let being a daughter of a single mother, a person who started with a disadvantage stop her. Nor did she let being a teenage mother herself stop her from achieving, she managed to go to Harvard, graduate and progress to the point where she was able to stand in the Texas senate and become an instant Liberal Hero.

Perry tells a story of success of life, of proving that starting with a disadvantage doesn’t preclude a person from success and the fact that she didn’t choose to abort her own child obviously makes a statement that she didn’t believe being a teen mother meant her child was doomed to failure.

Perry clearly didn’t hit her for being a teen mother, he instead notes she didn’t learn the lesson that like her child and herself all life has the same potential and value and hit her political decision.

The MSM and the folks at Think Progress and Huffington Post have an interesting take on the word “attack”, but it is highly necessary to twist Perry’s words to falsely state he attacked Davis for being a teen mother. His actual words don’t fit the liberal template so we have to do something about it.

Update: Typo in title fixed


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Scarecrow: What happened?
Cowardly Lion: Somebody pulled my tail.
Scarecrow: You did it yourself.

The Wizard of Oz 1939

Via Right Wing Granny Massachusetts continues to jump the Shark of Liberalism:

Right now, a committee consisting of 3 House and 3 Senate members are meeting to negotiate the differences between the two tax bills. It is not a matter if the gas tax is increasing it is a matter of how much and how often.

What do I mean?

If the tax package is signed into law the gas tax will be forever linked to inflation. It is the gas tax increase “to infinity and beyond.” In other words, there will be an automatic gas tax increase every year. And the legislature never has to vote to raise it again. How convenient. But for the rest of us, it means taxation without representation.

Because NOTHING says a state is open for business than a tax indexed to inflation automatically raised year after year. As the Right Wing Granny put it:

If the bill being discussed is passed, the State of Massachusetts can automatically raise gasoline taxes without a vote by the legislature. Therefore, no one has to go on the record and be held accountable for the tax increase. This is a liberal lawmaker’s dream and a taxpayer’s nightmare.

If I’m Gov Rick Perry of Texas I’d be running ads on every TV & Radio station in the state suggesting they re-locate to Texas and I’d be sending a thank you note to every single member of the state’s house and senate delegation who votes for this bill.

Considering our willingness as a state to keep electing these idiots I don’t see how we motivate them to stop.


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What a difficult week this has been for Americans for many reasons. Bombs went off at the Boston Marathon. Bostonians were held hostage in their homes as courageous officers searched for the missing bomber. Letters were sent to country leaders, including Obama, with ricin.

While all this was going on, an explosion went off in West, Texas, killing at least 14 people, including first responders. Over 200 are injured and at least 60 people are still missing.

(Photo found at credited to G.J. McCarthy/TDMN).

Today, Obama declared a state of emergency and the search for survivors continues. The process of determining who is responsible for the explosion has begun and concerns over OSHA regulations are being discussed.

For a timeline of events, click here.


…considering what’s going on now in NY

Burglars broke into the house in New City, New York, on Wednesday and pried open two safes, before leaving with another one.

The criminals escaped with two handguns, two pistol permits, cash, savings bonds and jewelry. The firearms were in the stolen safe.

(HT Gateway Pundit) Newsday has more

The head of the White Plains Police Benevolent Association, Robert Riley, has been one of the fiercest critics of the Journal News map, saying it puts the lives of police and ordinary residents in potential danger.

“The Journal News printed a virtual treasure map for criminals,” Riley said Monday. “It lets the bad guys know who is vulnerable, due to not having a gun permit, and where to go if they wanted a gun.”

Well I think lawsuit talk is premature nor would I be all that worried after all didn’t NY just pass a sweeping new set of gun laws. I’m sure the burglars seeing this will swiftly see the error of their ways

And if not apparently gunowners in NY have options

One ad says in classic Western script: “WANTED: Law abiding New York gun owners seeking lower taxes and greater opportunities.” Clicking on the ad leads to a Facebook page touting the virtues of Texas, including the fact that the state has no income tax so “you’ll be able to keep more of what you earn and use that extra money to buy more ammo.”

After the last census Texas went from 34 to 38 electoral votes and NY dropped from 31-29. After a decade of this nonsense it will be interesting to see what the numbers are come 2022.

I will be posting interviews with candidates done at CPAC one a day starting today:

Meet Glenn Addison (R) candidate for Senate in Texas

Mr. Addison’s web site is here.

I find the title of this story at Washington Monthly very funny:

Revisionaries. How a group of Texas conservatives is rewriting your kids’ textbooks.

I have been reading textbooks for decades, the left complaining about a change in direction in Textbooks is an incredible laugh considering the leftward turn their version of “history” had taken. They give the game away in this paragraph:

Up until the 1950s, textbooks painted American history as a steady string of triumphs, but the upheavals of the 1960s shook up old hierarchies, and beginning in the latter part of the decade, textbook publishers scrambled to rewrite their books to make more space for women and minorities. They also began delving more deeply into thorny issues, like slavery and American interventionism. As they did, a new image of America began to take shape that was not only more varied, but also far gloomier than the old one. Author Frances FitzGerald has called this chain of events “the most dramatic rewriting of history ever to take place.”

The wording of this paragraph is interesting, the idea that textbook publishers “scrambled to rewrite their books” belies the left’s efforts for re-writes of American History to paint America in an unflattering light. For decades the left in Academia pushed this thesis practically without opposition. Unfortunately for them, the right has taken notice and has used things like the internet to mobilize with some success.

Let’s also not forget where the US was in terms of education before the upheavals of the 60’s and 70’s and where we are now. The policies and programs of the left can certainly take a bow for it. There is also a real irony in this paragraph:

Until recently, Texas’s influence was balanced to some degree by the more-liberal pull of California, the nation’s largest textbook market. But its economy is in such shambles that California has put off buying new books until at least 2014. This means that McLeroy and his ultraconservative crew have unparalleled power to shape the textbooks that children around the country read for years to come.

So in other words the leftist mecca that has been driven by an overwhelmingly democratic legislature and whose laws have gone farther and farther in the direction our objecting friends has desired have become such a basket state that they are unable to influence people to follow their cultural example? And this is a bad thing?

Cultural shifts and opinion are normal in a society. The left, unable to grasp that they have no divine right to shape culture nor able to obtain the imprimatur of the people can only insult and attempt to marginalize those who have beaten them. I’m not surprised, it’s easier than making an actual argument, particularly when history is against them.

My last post yesterday talked about how the media would be ignoring Palin’s appearance in Wisconsin yesterday. Since Politico had an article on the subject I thought there might be a chance that Morning Joe would bring it up in their Politico playbook section.

They managed to play a link clip of Donald Trump hitting Mitt Romney going into it but Politico story or no not only is the Palin speech not to be found, but her appearance in Wisconsin was not even worth mentioning.

As a said media Bias is mostly made up of sins of omission, but even more amazing to me was Joe and Mika’s second omission in that same politico segment.

They talked about Democrats having confidence in Texas and the candidacy of General Ricardo Sanchez for the Senate and how he would appeal to so many groups and even included a photo.

Yet the Abu Ghraib connection that as Ed Driscoll points out was worth 32 straight NYT front page stories is not mentioned once.

Morning Joe has hit the Afghanistan War over and over again, (mostly trying to push Rolling Stone stories that have gotten no traction) yet the idea that the democrats are going to run the highest ranking general involved in Abu Ghraib is not a story? How can you tell that story and leave that out? If they’re not ashamed they ought to be but I guess they prefer to paraphrase Teddy Roosevelt like so:

Journalism be damned, Democratic electoral prospects have to be protected for the good of the country.

Joe spends a lot of time dismissing bloggers on that show, now I know why. They have to, after all what would they do if their viewers knew that people like Ed Morrissey were reporting facts that they were ignoring?

Update: It’s worse than I thought. Politico mentioned the Abu Ghraib connection in their story yet they still didn’t touch it on air? Even I’m amazed.

Update 2: Instalanche, Hi all, in addition to checking out my latest radio show, find out when threats of arson are less interesting than lost puppies, why we need to drop celibacy requirement from public school teachers, and the sign that Donald Trumps attacks on Obama have been effective.

In 1941 Governor Lee “Pappy” McDaniel ran in a special election for an open Senate seat created by the death of Senator John Sheppard (an interesting fact is that a son of Sam Houston the 1st president of Texas born in 1793 was appointed as a “placeholder” senator during the time between the death and the election). His primary opponent was Lyndon Johnson then a congressman from the 10th district. The two primary candidates fought it out and both were involved in some underhanded tactics however at the end of the day it looked like Johnson had the game won until (According to Robert Caro in his book The Years of Lyndon Johnson the Path to Power) O’Daniel’s enemies contrived to steal the election FOR him to get him out of the governors office.

It turned out that Pappy although corrupt had one “virtue” and that was dislike for alcohol. Convinced it was the devil’s brew he was prepared to keep “dry” zones around military bases and his foes in the liquor industry wanted him out.

I thought of Pappy O’Daniel when I read this surprising quote from Jeffrey Goldberg’s interview with Fidel Castro:

Over the course of this first, five-hour discussion, Castro repeatedly returned to his excoriation of anti-Semitism. He criticized Ahmadinejad for denying the Holocaust and explained why the Iranian government would better serve the cause of peace by acknowledging the “unique” history of anti-Semitism and trying to understand why Israelis fear for their existence.

It was quite a shock to hear one of the monsters of the 20th century excoriating a modern monster for antisemitism and going on about the long history of Jewish suffering, that’s when I remembered Pappy.

Pappy was an opponent of the dangers of drinking, but it didn’t make him any less a corrupt pol.

Castro if this interview is to be believed believes that antisemitism is a centuries long disgrace and that Israel has a right to exist, that doesn’t make him any less of a murderous thug. I’m not going to fall for his pap any more that the Babliu blog guys will.

As the Doctor once told Margaret the Slitheen it doesn’t matter, you can oppress millions because every now and again you can speak up against an injustice that has nothing to do with you.

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