by baldilocks

We generally think of lies as one-off events.

There are “harmless” lies—are they still called white lies? Women lie about their ages, their weight and how many sexual partners they’ve had. Men lie about how much money they make, the nature of their relationship with a given woman, and how many sexual partners they’ve had.

Such lies are can vary in how much harm they do, but the harm is small in numerical scale it can only effect a small group of people. However, the habitual liar does build a mountain within his/her own soul. I think most have met at least one person who lies so much that he/she believes said lies, even when a pair of lies contradict each other.

But why is it that many do not believe that a set of habitual liars can get together and build an entire mountain range of lies? And why is it that those who do believe that such a thing can happen are ridiculed as conspiracy theorists?

Because the idea that we may be surrounded by massive edifices of falsehood and have been for years, decades, and, keep-calm-the-devil-is-a-liar-and-the-father-of-all-liespossibly, centuries, is too much for people to bear. Normalcy bias exists for a reason. One of those reasons: without this normalcy as an existential basis, many people will go insane and will do so because they perceive that there is no other basis. Without the normalcy perception, existence becomes a black hole for them.

“Current Level of Deception” – a friend coined this phrase and I have been enamored of it since hearing it. Among other things, it is an acknowledgement that forces beyond our five senses exist–both good and evil.

Blessedly, the Living God has good intentions toward those who acknowledge His being and who trust Him. But one of His aspects is that He is the Truth. I think that He wants us to see what the truth is about this world, ugly though it may be. We have but to ask, seek, and be prepared for what we find.

And the truth about this world is, indeed, ugly as sin.

BTW: I’m in my eighth day of not smoking. Thank you for all your prayers, tips, and well-wishes for my success.

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When I saw this story concerning West Point graduates:

Sixteen black West Point cadets who posed with raised fists for a pre-graduation picture won’t be punished for the gesture.

The U.S. Military Academy said Tuesday it concluded the group photo didn’t violate any Department of Defense rules limiting political activity. West Point says in a statement an internal inquiry found the picture of the 16 female cadets captured a spur-of-the-moment gesture intended to demonstrate unity and pride.

The decision comes with the seniors poised to graduate May 21.

It brought to mind a single question:

If these West Point Graduates were posing with Bibles, Rosaries and Crucifixes would they decide it was not “political activity”?

If people want to argue that such political activity is NBD that’s fine, that’s fair debate, but don’t insult my intelligence and claim it’s not.

This is why this administration of the big lie has been poison, because when your leaders sell you the big lie on a regular basis, those lower down the food chain will follow suit.


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