Mercy Lives Here

Life has been rugged lately; don’t be shocked if I have to resort to a GoFundMe campaign soon to cover the bills. There’s been a not inconsiderable amount of screaming at the sky, yelling at God to kindly show Himself if in fact He’s there at all. You could accurately say my faith has been … Continue reading Mercy Lives Here

“The Color of Dreams” by Derri Daugherty provides pleasant aural dreamscapes

Miss me? Life spent most of 2018 punkpounding me on multiple fronts, hence my lengthy absence from this space. My deep thanks to Peter for his patience. Anyway, time to start catching up on things, starting with some new (well, it was new in August of last year) music by Derri Daugherty, guitarist/vocalist/tunesmith for veteran … Continue reading “The Color of Dreams” by Derri Daugherty provides pleasant aural dreamscapes

The Fundamentals

It's easy to get lost in this world even while pursuing a clear objective. Running into so many trees you lose perspective regarding the forest as a whole; unwillingly embodying the old joke about how when you're up to your neck in alligators difficulty ensues remembering the original objective was draining the swamp. It happens. … Continue reading The Fundamentals

Don’t Quit Asking Why

This weekend, two of my favorite veteran Christian bands (The Choir and Sweet Comfort Band) are playing some of their rare concert dates in Southern California. Great, awesome, and wonderful ... for those able to attend. Due to family work commitments, namely an annual inventory, this will be the one weekend of the year I … Continue reading Don’t Quit Asking Why

Hugh Hewitt, I’m Calling You Out

A few days ago, I ran across this story involving a recent speech by conservative radio host and author Hugh Hewitt: ORLANDO, Fla. (NRB) –  Christian radio show hosts have an obligation not only “to deliver great news talk” but to make certain the “fragrance of the Gospel is there,” Hugh Hewitt said Tuesday evening (Feb. 28) at Proclaim 17, the National Religious Broadcasters’ International Christian … Continue reading Hugh Hewitt, I’m Calling You Out

There’s Something Funny About A Lot Of Sad Things

The taste of your sweet breath The salt of morning tears Again I say good-bye to you Hold on tight So good to hurt so bad So sad to ride away renewed Go on laugh Go on cry It's alright There's something wonderful about love There's something wonderful about love There's something lost about me … Continue reading There’s Something Funny About A Lot Of Sad Things

Hopeless, Etc.

I'm hopeless Hopeless and tired Will you give me the sign I'm looking for? I am mired with the earnest and sight-inspired Hopeless A Kickstarter campaign is currently underway;  successfully reaching its initial goal in a few days. Objective? Remaster, and for the first time release on vinyl as well as a remastered CD, the 1992 album … Continue reading Hopeless, Etc.

We All Know

Jesus went on to say, “To what, then, can I compare the people of this generation? What are they like? They are like children sitting in the marketplace and calling out to each other: “‘We played the pipe for you, and you did not dance; we sang a dirge, and you did not cry.’ Luke … Continue reading We All Know