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The general reception to these repeated declarations of the weakness of the Obama message, the sight of democrat after democrat running from Obama and repeated electoral defeats for the left have been a level of disbelief and skepticism from my fellow conservatives tinged with a degree of fatalism so large that I thought I was talking with Red Sox Fans circa 2003.

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That’s how bad the Obama economy is, Porn shops have to diversify and On Demand Porno is discounting.

& Captain Kirk

Interviewing congressmen, senators, governors and the next president of the US that’s great, getting tweeted by Shatner, now THAT’s Cool.

As I said that day..Jonah Goldberg eat your heart out.

is now available at the Minority Report where you can find this story

A letter to the President, from a small business owner who did it on his own:

So, this morning was a salient example of why my father [the owner of a small family bakery] hates this Administration, especially after this weekend’s speech.

The Conservatory where you can also find this story

The U.S. Energy Information Administration’s (EIA) June energy report says that energy-related carbon dioxide fell to 5,473 million metric tons (MMT) in 2011.

That’s down from a high of 6,020 MMT in 2007, and only a little above 1995′s level of 5,314 MMT.

Better yet, emissions in the first quarter of 2012 fell at an even faster rate — down 7.5% from the first quarter of 2011 and 8.5% from the same time in 2010. If the rest of 2012 follows its first-quarter trend, we may see total energy-related carbon dioxide emissions drop to early-1990s levels.

Wow. Victory for the enviro crowd, yes? Regulation has succeeded, right? The government has turned the tide?

Nope. In fact it has nothing to do with the enviro crowd, government or regulation.

Two dirty words: Hydraulic fracking. Two more for good measure: Natural gas. And the dirtiest word of all: Markets.

and Conservatively Speaking where you can find this story:

The top tax rate under Jimmy Carter was 70 percent. Obama says we need more money from the rich (increase taxes) so we can spur economic growth. Then why did we have the recession under Jimmy Carter (the top tax rate was 70 percent)?

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over at the Minority Report and the Conservatory and find out just why the MSM absolutely hates guys like us:

There was a time when such stories and columns would be consigned to the pages of magazines that would never been seen by the public. Unfortunately for our friends on the left, in the internet age these facts are easily accessible to the masses

Find out just what the MSM didn’t want to report here at the Minority Report or Here at the Conservatory.

The latest Under the Fedora Romney Bias and Courage is now up at The Minority Report and at the Conservatory. In addition to the topics mentioned in today’s column I finally tackle the issue that is apparently sweeping the country: Hayesgate!

When Obama isn’t slamming Sarah Palin, he’s going after . . . Rutherford B. Hayes?

One of my predecessors, Rutherford B. Hayes, reportedly said about the telephone, ‘It’s a great invention, but who would ever want to use one?’ That’s why he’s not on Mt. Rushmore, because he’s looking backwards. He’s not looking forwards.

That was too much even for The Washington Post:

Hayes, in fact, was such a technology buff that he installed the first telephone in the White House. A list of telephone subscribers published in the article “The Telephones Comes to Washington,” by Richard T. Loomis, shows that the White House was given the number “1.”

Now, for those on the left who might be upset at the Post for giving Obama “4 Pinocchios” on this: remember, it is perfectly safe for The Washington Post to defend Hayes. As a Republican who has been dead for over a century, he is no threat to Obama’s re-election campaign—and the Post did manage to slam the just-as-dead-but-still-hated Ronald Reagan in the same article, so that more than makes up for it.

Anyone who is surprised that the MSM found Obama’s gaffe on Hayes more newsworthy than the exchange on Sarah Palin simply isn’t paying attention.

At both The Minority Report and The Conservatory “Under the Fedora” is up and running:

Note that the Breitbartians list the “Top Ten Lies,” clearly implying that there are more. John Podhoretz discusses the way Palin is treated in the film:

“In this respect, Game Change handles Sarah Palin (Julianne Moore, blah) more charitably than you might expect. She is shown as a loving and caring mother with some kind of raw genius as a politician who is placed under almost unimaginable pressure at a moment’s notice when she is clearly unprepared for it. But in doing so, Strong and director Jay Roach exhibit not understanding but rather an almost excruciating condescension.”

It’s much like when people used to say that Willie Mays was a “great natural ballplayer”—which implied that a black man wouldn’t be a serious strategic student of the game. It’s not possible that a non-Ivy League person might be tactically more brilliant than they are—thus, their skill must constitute a kind of “raw genius.” This is why the Democrats keep playing the “quitter” nonsense—as if her resignation wasn’t one of the single most brilliant political moves she made.

I think the Democrats would have loved to have her tied down in Alaska, still serving a term, and unavailable to appear on television or campaign across the country for all kinds of candidates, as she does now.

Head on down to either spot and give it a read. And don’t forget the other great articles by other authors, for example a the Conservatory cities around the nation are finding that default isn’t just potentially for Greeks:

Oh yes, borrowing money from the pension fund to make “contributions” to the pension fund. Reminds me of spending all those Social Security “contributions” on current political desires, and stuffing the Trust Fund with IOUs. I tried something like that when I was younger. Spent about $100 on Magic cards and put a note saying: “I owe me $100″ in my wallet. That IOU was totally an asset!

Oh right. . . . I was a young idiot. So, what is the excuse of the various people involved in such shenanigans as pension obligation bonds, contribution holidays, etc.? I assume they were older than 19.

California is in a bad position. And so is New Jersey. And Illinois. And countless other government groups.

While at the Minority Report our friends on the left display a selective compassion for the poor:

I mean, these people on Maher’s panel were given so much (looks, wealth, fame, power) and they then decide to pick on the powerless and the toothless?! That is not good satire–any great satirist, like say Oscar Wilde, knows to only pick on the powerful. This is just pure meanness.

If you’re not reading both sites, you’re missing out.

Was a tribute to Andrew Breitbart:

In this interview Breitbart talked about calling out the lie put forth by Andre Carter and the congressional black caucus—who had claimed that Tea Party members had shouted the word “nigger” at them on Capitol Hill. (Never mind that a bunch of audio-enabled cameras were rolling at the time, and never picked that word up.)

“They didn’t think in a million years,” Andrew remarked, “that someone would challenge their authority.”

That was the essence of what he did: he used new media to push back against an entrenched left that had not been opposed in quite that way .

You can read the rest of the column at The Conservatory or the Minority Report where Under the Fedora appears twice a week.

Over at the Conservatory we have video of, as Glenn Reynolds likes to say, rubes self identifying:

MacIver videographer captured Tubbs telling the protesters, who did not have a permit, that they’d promised him they’d leave before the weddings that were scheduled to take place there for Valentine’s Day:

The video from the event is telling the chief can’t understand why these people aren’t willing to keep the “deal” after he has allowed them to violate the law, and his annoyance with the cameraman who notices this says even more.

Dishonorable people acting dishonorably, who wouda thunk it?

Now this is why Scott Walker is going to win this recall and win it big. The three couples who were planning to get married at the Capital. This was going to be a totally apolitical day. The brides, the grooms, their friends and families, the guests could be from any political background. Their primary focus is on the big day.

They planned and spent money to make it perfect, their expectations were high as they always are at the start of a marriage and relationship and what do they get?

They get the Fathers of the occupy movement in their way.

All the permits, planning and fees didn’t matter, a political point had to be made and the Capital Police knowing this conflict was coming were more interested in allowing the political point to be made than holding these protesters to the same rules as the three couples being married.

Let me tell you something, each member of that wedding party, each bride and groom, each person who had been invited and each facebook friend will remember who spoiled their wedding day and who allowed said day to be spoiled.

And that in a nutshell is the occupy movement and the democrats problem.

Andrew Breitbart, Lee Stranahan et/al might point to the occupy rapes and idealistically expect it to mean something to the party that stood behind Bill Clinton, however the real danger the occupy movement and its fathers in Wisconsin pose to the left is that sooner or later it gets in the way of regular people trying to do regular things.

A horrible crime happening to someone else far away in a shame, but it is a lot less likely to move a voter than to have their wedding day, their picnic or their day with the kids and family spoiled because some occupod somewhere is in the way. That changes votes.

It’s simple human nature and the left can’t see it any more than Jimmy Carter could see this:

In November these guys are going to get an education.

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Selective Outrage, DOMA and my Dad …is up at the Minority Report and at the Conservatory, a peek:

Speaking of Romney he has flipped flopped on Climate Change to my position. I think Moe Lane is exactly right on Romney, Conservatives aren’t afraid that they can’t force Mitt Romney to take conservative positions, we are afraid we can’t force him to Keep them.

I have had very little good to say about Jon Huntsman as a Republican candidate but his statement on Mitt Romney is exactly right “Mitt is a perfectly lubricated weather-vane.”

I’ll say this; a Romney Presidency would be interesting in the sense that during a second term with no more elections necessary to win we might find out what he actually believes.

You can find Under the Fedora twice a week at both of these fine sites.