After seeing this post at Stacy McCain’s site:

Feminism’s Campaign of Sexual Terror

and this excerpt:

If we recognize how feminist theory applies to the current “rape culture” discourse focused on college and university campuses, we also recognize this: Feminists are attempting to criminalize male sexuality, so that every sexual interaction between men and women occurs under the threat of prosecution if at any point, for any reason, the woman becomes unhappy with the interaction. Feminists now vehemently insist that males must be presumed guilty of rape if any woman ever accuses them of rape. No evidence is necessary beyond the accusation, and anyone who does not accept this no-evidence-needed standard is angrily condemned by feminists as a “rape apologist.”

This is anti-male terrorism, creating on university campuses a climate of fear in which “ordinary heterosexual initiation,” to borrow Professor MacKinnon’s phrase, becomes extraordinarily difficult due to the pervasive danger to males that their female partners might accuse them of a felony sex offense, the mere accusation being a de facto conviction.

It hit me that feminist’s attempts to silence dissent out of abject fear is comparable to the French Terror after the revolution where the wrong public or even private thought could mean the guillotine.

Moreover if the feminists and their allies are the modern equivalent of Robespierre how would we classify the man who has spent the last year exposing this terror for what it is both on twitter and at his site?

Well as he imitating Sir Percy Blakeney the Scarlet Pimpernel who was the scourge of revolutionary France and he is a loyal Alabama fan whose masculine football team infuriates feminists everywhere.

Ladies and gentlemen I give you the Crimson Pimpernel:

He tweaks fems here

He tweaks fems there

Ole Stacy tweaks them everywhere!

Is he a prophet?

Is is insane?

That damned infernal RS. McCain


Of course this would make Smithy Sir Andrew Ffoulkes his second in command & Wombat Lord Anthony Dewhurst, as for myself I would be proud to be part of the League of the Crimson Pimpernel or perhaps as Stacy is known for his hat, the League of the Crimson Fedora.

For those totally unfamiliar with the Scarlet Pimpernel here is the 1934 movie staring Leslie Howard of Gone with the Wind fame.


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