As you know two days ago Barack Obama made it a point to go to Dallas Tuesday to speak at the memorial service of the police officers that the media keeps telling us has united the country in grief.

That being the case one might think that the President in recognition of our national mourning might have lit up the White House Blue in honor not only of the five Dallas police slain but others who have been targeted for murder since then. After all he lit up the White House rainbow for Gay Marriage surely you would think the President would light the White House Blue for the murdered police in Dallas?

You would be wrong:

President Obama ignored a request made by a federal government police union to illuminate the White House in blue to honor the five Dallas police officers massacred during a Black Lives Matter protest last Thursday, according to a report by Police Magazine.

Flags were ordered lowered to half-staff by Obama to honor the Dallas officers.

Obama has lit up the White House to mark Breast cancer awareness in 2013, and to celebrate the Supreme Court legalizing same-sex marriage in 2015

Now this might surprise you, after all given the outcry you would naturally expect a cause and effect relationship here, rest assured there is one.

You see the Democrat party is a party of coalitions and Democrat politicians understand a part of that coalition that they are completely dependent on for re-election either supports the murder of police or at best doesn’t disapprove of it.

So given the fragility of the Campaign of Hillary Clinton and the need to once again gin up the vote of those who would see police dead in an election year this White House will not be lit up in honor of police, at least not unless the political pressure becomes so great that not doing so could cost the Democrats elections.

I think conservative bloggers and GOP candidates for office would be rather wise to arrange for phone calls to Democrats running for election and re-election in the House and Senate asking them if they will call upon the White House to be lit up blue in honor of the Murdered Dallas police.

I think their answers would prove very informative to the voting public don’t you?

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Jim Hacker:  I understand that one of your officials spends all his time paying farmers to produce masses of surplus food while someone in the next office pays people to destroy the surplus.

Maurice:  That’s not True!

Sir Humphrey Appleby:  No?

Maurice:  He’s not in the same office, he’s not even on the same floor!

Yes Minister Party Games 1984

Earlier today I had a post up noting a WW 2 vet talking about his decision vote for Brexit.

While everyone rightly talks about immigration people might not realize the old gentleman might have decided it was time to leave, because of stuff like this:

The EU is poised to ban high-powered appliances such as kettles, toasters, hair-dryers within months of Britain’s referendum vote, despite senior officials admitting the plan has brought them “ridicule”.

and this

A sales ban on high-powered vacuum cleaners and inefficient electric ovens in 2014 sparked a public outcry in Britain. 

Oh and one interesting note to this story

The plans have been ready for many months, but were shelved for fear of undermining the referendum campaign if they were perceived as an assault on the British staples of tea and toast.

You know I thought young people didn’t like folks telling them what to do.

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Yesterday Milo Yiannopoulos, one of the most prominent gay activists in the nation  held a press conference in Orlando which was livestreamed and Milo being Milo had several newsworthy quotes which I livetweeted

Given his rather provocative statements and the amount of news everywhere he goes you would think the MSM in their quest for eyeballs would have covered him.

They did not and Stacy McCain explained why:

The news industry seems intent on pretending Milo does not exist.
This is called “no platforming” — effectively marginalizing opposition to progressivism by denying opponents access to audiences. This practice has been used, for example, to prevent Christians from defending their faith against atheists, to prevent pro-lifers from debating abortion advocates, and to marginalize critics of global warming theory. In recent years, radical feminists who oppose the transgender cult have been “no platformed” by the National Union of Students in Great Britain.
On Wednesday, Milo was briefly suspended from Twitter — where he has 300,000 followers — on the same day he gave a news conference at the site of the massacre in Orlando. Milo is a very “out” homosexual, and you might suppose that his appearance at the Pulse nightclub would be considered newsworthy, except for three minor problems:

Milo is pro-Second Amendment.
Milo is pro-Donald Trump;
Milo is warning about the danger of radical Islam.

He is an un-person, from the perspective of the New York Times, CNN and other propaganda organs of the Democrat Party.

Milo, like Pam Geller before him is Fiver from Watership Down warning of the snares in the warren while the MSM and the Democrat left (but I repeat myself) tell him to shut up.

Alas for the left in these days of social media the word will get out without them.

And people wonder why the MSM is dying.

Color me completely unsurprised by this story out of Spain:

Cardinal Antonio Cañizares Llovera of Valencia, Spain, faces criminal charges for a speech in which he said that gender theory is “the most insidious and destructive ideology of humanity in all history.” 

The Spanish Network of Help to Refugees filed a criminal complaint against the cardinal, saying that his statement was a hate crime. The group charged that Cardinal Cañizares “is an ultra-conservative trying to subvert the constitutional order.” Under Spanish law, law-enforcement officials are required to conduct an investigation when such a charge is filed.

Cardinal Cañizares was the prefect of the Vatican’s Congregation for Divine Worship before his appointment in 2014 as Archbishop of Valencia.

Religious freedom is likely going to be a thing of the past if our liberal friends have their say (except for course of Islam as they fear being slaughtered by them )  and to profess Christ and to teach scripture will be condemned by all “right thinking” people.

But there is a bright side:

Blessed are you when they insult you and persecute you and utter every kind of evil against you (falsely) because of me.  Rejoice and be glad, for your reward will be great in heaven. Thus they persecuted the prophets who were before you.  Matt 5:11-12

and as Jesus told the apostles this is part of the job description

If the world hates you, realize that it hated me first.  If you belonged to the world, the world would love its own; but because you do not belong to the world, and I have chosen you out of the world, the world hates you.  Remember the word I spoke to you,  ‘No slave is greater than his master.’ If they persecuted me, they will also persecute you.

If they kept my word, they will also keep yours.  And they will do all these things to you on account of my name, because they do not know the one who sent me.  If I had not come and spoken to them, they would have no sin; but as it is they have no excuse for their sin.  Whoever hates me also hates my Father.  John 15:18-23

As I’ve said before, we’re going to shortly find out who actually believes and who does not.  I hope I measure up.


Just an FYI A documentary film maker who believes the facts are you their side never does this:

or this:

The irony of the cowardice by a group of anti-gun activists is not lost on me.

At the times of Israel (via Ed Driscoll at Insty) they are wondering how the media will react to this departure of the official Narrative™ of peaceful persecuted Islam

This is notwithstanding that according to this article by the BBC, Belkhiri said in an interview that she took the photos in order to show “that we can live together, not next to each other but with each other”. Perhaps the caveat of us being able to live together is that this clause is nullified if you happen to be Jewish.

Belkhiri has since gone on a deleting spree and has attempted to get rid of many of her old antisemitic and racist tweets, most of which are now only available on archive, but not before some savvy redditors wised up to what she was doing and captured the messages. In some ways, though, it is too late; the original story, with a compartmentalized narrative of an innocent Muslim woman heroically standing up to ‘hate’ and taking selfies for the cause of peace and love has already spread across the world.

One wonders how eager the HuffPost and Vice will be to make addendums to these articles to the effect of “Oh yeah, but she also hates the Jews — sorry, forgot to write about that one”.

What Tweets is she trying to delete?  stuff like this

Given that Vox and the Huffington post are both online publications whose origins are in the net age you might thing that they would have thought to looking for this, but that’s assumes two things:

That they wanted to find such tweets if they existed

That they disagreed with them

I submit and suggest neither of those things should be assumed of these publications or the left in general these days.

Closing thought:  If I was Donald Trump I’d be ready to throw this story in the face of any media who hits him over screening muslims coming to the US.

Update: The BBC has reported on this:

“This wasn’t a protest at all, this was just to share joy and peace,” Ms Belkhiri told Trending in an email at the time explaining her actions. The 22-year-old added that she wanted “to show that things can be different. And that we can live together, not next to each other but with each other”.
However, since then a series of deeply disturbing anti-Semitic statements made by Ms Belkhiri on social media have come to light.
In one tweet dating from November 2012, she wrote: “Hitler didn’t kill all the Jews, he left some. So we know why he was killing them.”
And in another Facebook post from March 2014, she used an expletive to describe Jews before adding: “I hate them so much.”
After these and other statements emerged, Ms Belkhiri deleted all her social media accounts. As the backlash against Ms Belkhiri grew, a meme appeared showing the now-famous picture of her snapping her selfie but with Jewish concentration camp prisoners and scenes of various terror attacks photoshopped in place of the line of protesters.

Note to Ms. Belkhiri, this isn’t the arab world were one can just state a myth and expect people to believe it to save face.

Update 2: Can I get another “unexpectedly” here?

Ms. Belkhiri’s social media accounts were first subject to mass deletions and now have been deactivated in their entirety.

But screen caps and the internet are forever

On Tuesday Jake Tapper showed once again that is one of the few actual journalists in journalism.

One of the most frustrating things about the contest between Ted Cruz and Donald Trump for the GOP nomination was the MSM’s almost compete willingness give a pass to accusations by Mr. Trump concerning Senator Cruz that had no basis in fact and instead note how effective they were. That’s what made Tapper’s statement so extraordinary, it was the exception rather than the rule for the media.

But that was during the days when Donald Trump was hitting Ted Cruz now that his primary target is Hillary Clinton we now have headlines like this:

Trump Blames Hillary for Birtherism, Wolf Blitzer Summarily Fact-Checks Him

And stories like this:

Original birther Donald Trump today tried to push birtherism on Hillary Clinton, but Wolf Blitzer didn’t go to commercial break without fact-checking that little claim.

That is a bit ironic because while it was completely necessary to take liberties with the facts for Mr. Trump to hit Ted Cruz all that will not be necessary for Trump to attack Hillary Clinton is to tell the truth as in this case since the reality of course is that Hillary campaign of 2008 were the first people who brought up the question of Barack Obama’s birthplace

But that is not relevant to the media. From this point on the media will question Mr. Trump with ruthless abandon and anything Donald Trump says about Hillary Clinton will be presumed false by them until proven otherwise, and perhaps not even then.


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Today on Morning Joe it’s been all about “Marco Rubio and accomplishments” fueled by the inability of Rick Santorum to name one.

They’ve been all in on the “lack of Rubio accomplishments” meme that Chris Christie launched in the debate and in fairness it’s not an unreasonable argument to make about a 1st term Senator running for President.

However there is an irony here that everyone seems to miss.

Let me take you back to April of 2014 Bill Kristol is on the Morning Joe table and he asked the assembled members of the press there to name an accomplishment not of first term senator from Florida or Texas, but of Hillary Clinton a Two term senator, former Secretary of State first lady and former presidential candidate. Here is what happened.

The full segment is here.

I’ve been talking about this subject for three years and nobody in the MSM seems to be interested in it.



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