Kanye Has Them Shaking in Their Boots

by baldilocks Back in 2003, when I started blogging, conservatives who are black were very popular. They (we) are now also, because we still are so few in relative numbers. And, for the most part, we were and are regular citizens. Even the very popular Candace Owens, Diamond and Silk, and Terrance Williams – persons … Continue reading Kanye Has Them Shaking in Their Boots

The Prophet Thomas, Part 2

by baldilocks As I said in Part One, Thomas Sowell outlined the two visions of human nature: constrained and unconstrained. People with the constrained vision of human nature believe that this nature is fixed, flawed and that all humans act with self-interest in mind. And because of innate self-interest, we should be free to pursue it, … Continue reading The Prophet Thomas, Part 2

The Prophet Thomas

by baldilocks Thomas Sowell, the informal patron saint of conservative thinking, is 85 years old and I think we all are hoping that he stays with us a little while longer. His work has been instrumental in clearing up thinking processes for very many of us. I read A Conflict of Visions over ten years ago, … Continue reading The Prophet Thomas

The Lesson of Valcour Island (Bumped)

Update: Given the victory lap the left is taking today this post is even more relevant than it was the day it went up, both for Tea Party people who are discouraged and the left that are crowing today The little American navy was wiped out, but never had any force, big or small, lived … Continue reading The Lesson of Valcour Island (Bumped)