The party is already in bad shape. If we show people we’re a bunch of thieves, it will destroy us. In the name of party unity, please drop this fight.

Paul Dever 1948 to Tip O’Neill after stealing a party primary from him

Then perhaps they wouldn’t have to worry about this:

At the heart of this matter is a knowable fact: are the votes of the DSCC delegates that were cast and counted on Saturday, May 20 in the California Democratic Party elections accurate and valid?

To answer this question, the California Democratic Party will need to investigate the possibility that individuals who secured delegate badges were not, in fact, those actual delegates. Additionally, the CDP will need to determine why ineligible individuals were awarded delegate badges as proxies and were not

screened out. The CDP will also need to explain why financial eligibility is not clearly marked on credentialing materials. Finally, the CDP will have to answer how multiple individuals were able to obtain multiple ballots and vote more than once.

This is what we’re getting Kimberly Ellis a San Francisco activist concerning her run for state chair against Eric C. Bauman as the NYT reports

The party is expected to issue a final ruling on Ms. Ellis’s allegations by Aug. 20; in an interview, she said she would go to court if the party ruled against her. This has left Mr. Bauman, who encountered a barrage of shouts of “not my chairman” when he delivered his victory speech, struggling to put behind him a contest that has been the subject of recounts even as he seeks to position Democrats for a challenging congressional election in 2018.

The irony of the same Democrat activists who have insisted for years that voter ID is racism and that voter fraud is a myth are going whole hog into this fight is delightful, but what’s really interesting is the contrast to 1948 when James Michael Curly and his machine stole a delegate election from Tip O’Neill and figured (correctly) that O’Neill would in the end drop his contesting of the election because such a revelation would have destroyed the Democrat party in Massachusetts at a time when the party had never held a majority in the Massachusetts House of Representatives.

That willingness to hide corruption paid off.  Other than a brief period from 1953-1954 the Democrats had had the majority in the state ever since from that point on Tip O’Neill’s was set on a path that would lead him to the Speakership of the House of Representatives.

Of course California circa 2017 is not Massachusetts circa 1948 and I seriously doubt that a A black woman who supports Bernie Sanders with a campaign slogan “Unbought and Unbossed” is going to left the party steal an election ( assuming they actually did ). With the Democrats supermajority in the state and current demographics  I doubt even being exposed as a bunch of thieves can cost them the Majority in California.

But we can still hope can’t we?

Via Hotair

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Leonard: Okay, fine. Live with cats. Be like my Aunt Nancy. She had dozens of them. And do you know what happened after she died? They ate her.

Sheldon:You don’t have to sell me on cats, Leonard. I’m already a fan.

The Big Bang Theory: The Zazzy Substitution 2010

There has been some fun in watching the GOP establishment in sheer Trump induced panic to the point where they supposedly think that Mitt Romney is going to ride in and play savior.  That insanity has been the bright side to my disappointment that Trump voters don’t know or remember that my man Ted Cruz has been fighting for all the big causes that Trump has been espousing.

However  there is one part about all this nonsense and panic that might not make sense to someone paying attention.  Why is the GOP so dead set against Donald Trump?  After all he is a dealmaker and it’s highly likely that he will make plenty of deals that favor the party big wigs to get the votes in congress that he wants and who says that the big money donors who finance the various candidates will not see a deal or two thrown their way?

What you have to remember is the difference between how an activist sees the GOP and how the party Establishment does.

To an activist the GOP exists as a vehicle to advance a certain set of principles that matter to them as the best thing to the country for the sake of generations to come.

To a member of the establishment the GOP exists as a vehicle to a comfortable job / office in government and/or party, a source of profitable influence in same, an even more comfortable living post government and entré to all of these things for family friends and children.

To the big money donor it’s an investment in his interests to either guarantee a favor or to ensure a hearing.

For the activist it’s what the office can do for their cause, to the establishment it’s what the office can do for you and other members of the club and for the donor that put them all there.

And that’s why the party wants to stop  Trump if they can because they envision a scene much like Tip O’Neill described on page 183 of his autobiography when he and a group of Massachusetts congressmen went to see President Johnson to pitch a friend from Boston in the General Service Administration for the head spot of that agency when it opened up in 1964.

As Tip explains things didn’t go as planned:

When we arrived at the White House, Johnson came in to the room and said, “Boys, I know what you’re here for.  You want this Kennedy man to get the GSA job, this guy who looks down his nose at me like I’m shit.  Well, you can tell him that he’s not going anywhere.  He’s damn lucky to be where he is.  Every time I see that elongated son of a bitch with his PT-109 tie pin, flaunting it in my face, I almost go through the roof.”

“Wait a minute—” somebody broke in.

“No, I will NOT wait a minute,” the president replied.  “No Kennedy man is going to get that job.  I’m giving it to a Johnson man.  Now let’s go in and have a drink.”

When people think of jobs in a president’s administration they think of secretary of state, Attorney General or chief of staff, but the reality is there are thousands of positions that carry prestige, pay well and guarantee a well paying position in the private sector later on that an administration fills not just at the start of their term but all during it.  (another argument for Glenn Reynolds revolving door surtax)

What happens if those positions go not to a party man, but to a Trump man?  What happens when the head of an agency like the GSA doesn’t owe his position to a party or to a donor but owes it to the Donald™ and it time to make a ruling that affects the party or could affect a chance in a big donor’s fortunes?  Even worse for the GOP what happens when Donald Trump remembers who treated him fairly and with respect and who did not?  There are few men in the this history of the world that can hold a candle to Lyndon Baines Johnson in terms of ego and remembering a slight but I suspect Donald Trump is one of them.

I can see that scene from the LBJ years being repeated over and over again as a President Trump remembers who granted him a favor when he needed it (Like Chris Christie) and who did not.

Cue Captain Picard:

I suspect a variant of this conversation is happening right now with a lot of Republican Establishment types being given the choice between joining the establishment “destroy trump at all costs” forces, waiting till after Florida to make up their mind or jumping on the bandwagon before Super Tuesday, although I suspect the language being used by the Trump people is not as diplomatic as the Captain Picard’s

For myself I’m a Cruz man. I urge all voters to support Ted and will keep doing so as long as he’s in this race.

But if I’m ever in a position where my choice is Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton for president, I won’t have to think twice and if nothing else the man who gets my vote will know it was given honest.


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My latest for is now up and it’s about Uber and Mathamatics:

Former Speaker of the House Tip O’Neill had a phrase–that “all politics is local.” He also knew the pulse of the House and of the voters, what could pass and what could not. When challenged on his evaluation of a bill, he often answered, “I’ve always known how to count”–and suggested that this skill was one of the most important any person seeking a political career should have.

This came to mind when considering the legislation coming out of  Boston concerning Uber, the driving service that has been challenging Taxi services all over the county.

Gov. Charlie Baker has filed legislation to institute statewide regulations around ride-sharing companies such as Uber, Lyft and Sidecar. The move, if passed into law, could potentially give the state more regulatory control over one of the fastest-growing sectors in the economy.

You can read the rest of it here.

Following up on yesterday’s post concerning how to go forward on the IRS investigation there question is going to be asked, do you have a special committee or do you just give this to the standard committee’s that would handle such and investigation.

While there are some advantages to a special committee there is a better case for using the existing committees.

The biggest problem with a select committee is both sides will be appointing members to it. In Man of the House Tip O’Neill talked about the issue both in terms of the Democrat Caucus:

John Moss, a California Democrat who came to Congress the same year I did, wrote up a petition calling for a special impeachment committee. More often than not the member who initiates a particular piece of legislation end up as the chairman of the special committee appointed by the speaker to deal with it and that’s probably what John had in mind –a select committee on impeachment with him as chairman.

The GOP doesn’t need someone specifically trying to advance themselves that way. Meanwhile on the side playing defense on the idea of a select committee…

.had plenty of allies on the Republican side . And there’s certainly no question the White House preferred a special impeachment committee as well. Ont only could they control the appointment of the Republican members, but they also hoped to influence Carl Albert to appoint enough conservative Democrats to protect the president. With the Republicans already in the bag it wouldn’t take many

and the GOP has a smaller majority then the Democrats had in O’Neill’s time and no majority in the senate (yet).

Additionally the committee’s that are in charge of oversight of the IRS and the members in those committees are going to be more familiar with their workings. Even better presumably such members are MUCH more likely to be outraged by any IRS excess.

The left, media, and White house’s is going to be all about making any investigation a “political” one, that will be the game plan and we’re already seeing signs of this card being floated. If we want this process to be and be perceived as a search for the truth this is the best way to go about it.

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…if Stacy McCain is your friend, he is your friend all the way.

Santorum didn’t have big money. He didn’t have praise from big-name pundits. He didn’t have the GOP Establishment on his side, and the major media gave him quite nearly zero coverage. But he kept plugging away — “Steady Eddie,” as he said — until he finally broke through.

So he did all that, campaigning for nearly a year, and now that he’s the leading rival to Mr. Inevitable, what kind of coverage does he get? “Gotcha”!

And too many conservatives, who should be defending Santorum against these attacks, are instead playing along with the media “gotcha” game, ready to throw Santorum under the Romney bus.

and if you don’t betray him it doesn’t matter who is against you or how much money or pull they have:

Let me tell you something: I remember when Charles Johnson tried to throw Pamela Geller under the wheels of his Little Green Bus, and I stood up and said not just no, but hell, no.

Maybe Rick Santorum’s not your favorite candidate. Maybe Pamela Geller’s not your favorite blogger. Maybe Rush Limbaugh’s not your favorite talk-radio host, but conservatives can’t let liberals tell us who our friends are.

Don’t let liberals tell you what to think. Don’t play along with the “gotcha” game. Don’t help them defame people’s reputations.


I’m reminded of this story from Tip O’Neill’s autobiography when he was supporting his friend Mike Neville for congress when a young man named John F. Kennedy entered the race for congress and started to run away with things:

Jack must have been everywhere during that campaign, and he must have approached me seven or eight different times to ask me to be with him. Again and again I explained that Mike Neville was my pal, that Mike had served in the legislature with me, and that he deserved my support.

“But I’m going to win,” Jack said.

“Maybe you will” I told him, “but I’m with Mike Neville if I’m with him alone. And I’m going to make damn sure we carry North Cambridge.”

In times of crisis you find out who your friends are and who your acquaintances are. I have absolutely no doubt that if and when the day of crisis comes for me, Stacy McCain will still be on the friends side of the ledger.

This weeks’s DaTechGuy on DaRadio featuring Zack Freeman of the college conservative is now available online here.

During the show the subject of being graded on your political beliefs came up. I have heard college kids talk to me about this but at Union College in Schenectady, New York via Meep at the conservatory we saw a rather distinct example of the mindset it during a speech by Lord Monckton on the subject of Climate change.

After his devastating presentation the Q & A provided an interesting example showed that it was the university that needed Climate Change:

The professor then asked the students in to raise their hands if they agreed with him that the IPCC’s use of the statistical technique questioned by Lord Monckton was correct. Dutifully, fearfully, about two-thirds of the hands in the room went up. Lord Monckton turned to the professor and told him he should not have done that. He then turned to the students who had raised their hands and asked them how many of them were statisticians. Just one student began to raise his hand and then – apparently realizing that admitting he was a statistician was to admit he had knowingly raised his hand to endorse a manifest statistical falsehood – slowly lowered it again, blushing furiously.

Think about that for a second. A professor using his students to try to buttress an argument he was losing, how many students from that professor’s class or others put up those hands for fear of their GPA’s of their scholarships?

Another true believer asked the figured he would turn the tables

Another student asked, in that shrill tone beloved of environmental extremists everywhere, whether Lord Monckton was a statistician. No, he said, and that was why he had taken care to anonymize the data and send them to a statistician, who had confirmed the obvious: since the same technique, applied to the same data, could produce precisely opposite results depending upon a careful choice of the endpoints for the multiple trend-lines that the IPCC’s bureaucrats had superimposed on the perfectly correct graph of 150 years of temperature changes that the scientists had submitted, the technique must be defective and any results obtained by its use must be meaningless.

That’s when he dropped the bomb (all emphasis mine):

Lord Monckton, sternly but sadly, told those who had raised their hands: “You know, from the plain and clear demonstration that I gave during my lecture, that the IPCC’s statistical abuse was just that – an abuse. Yet, perhaps out of misplaced loyalty to your professor, you raised your hands in denial of the truth. Never do that again, even for the sake of appeasing authority. In science, whatever you may personally believe or wish to be so, it is the truth and only the truth that matters.

That pin, if you had dropped it, could have been heard again. Many young heads were hung in shame. Even their professor looked just a little less arrogant than he had done throughout the proceedings. Quietly they shuffled out into the darkness.

And that is what has happened to the conservation. The “consensus” argument of the left shows they have forgotten their own lessons of classical liberalism. A lesson once learned by Tip O’Neill the hard way as he tells on page 190 of his autobiography Man of the House:

I made a big mistake that day by not voting my conscience, Politically, of course (Speaker John) McCormack may have been right. Had I been the only member of the House to vote against the resolution, I might have become highly unpopular among my colleagues. But that’s no excuse for voting the wrong way. Since that time I’ve often looked back and wondered what, if anything, would have happened differently if I had followed my instincts and opposed the president’s request, which opened the door to our full-scale involvement in Vietnam.

That resolution was the Gulf of Tonkin resolution. As O’Neil put it

I was free to vote my conscience, I just didn’t have the courage.

There was a time when liberals stood up to mobs for the sake of truth, now they have become the mob but the reaction of those students show there is still hope.

For the 2nd time in 18 months I’m reminded of James Michael Curley and Tip O’Neil and 1948 while I look at the Barack Obama re-election campaign:

After Curley’s election commissioner Joe Conners transposed the figures for the election to allow his group of delegate to win an election they had lost Curley had this reaction:

What the hell. They’re not going to protest it. It would mean a big fight and that would hurt the party. They can’t afford to raise a stink.

and Paul Dever the candidate for governor approached O’Neil saying:

“Listen the party is already in bad shape. If we show people we’re a bunch of thieves, it will destroy us. In the name of party unity, please drop the fight.” Man of the House 1987 pp 54 & 55

O’Neill did and took the step that lead him to National Power.

If is for this reason why president Obama has absolutely no fear of the democratic party or the left. Even with a new “Kinetic Military Action” , Gitmo staying open, military trials there and transparency out the window,the party understands they just suffered their worst congressional defeat in a lifetime and they can’t afford to divide themselves.

As for the hard left with budgets cuts being proposed by Paul Ryan and reforms advanced in Wisconsin, Ohio and New Jersey they are terrified that their chief source of funds, monies given through government will be gone.

And as for “run Hillary Clinton” nonsense let’s be blunt: The Democratic party in 2008 demonstrated emphatically that they can throw out the irrelevant “feminist” left who are congregated in states that are so blue that they aren’t a worry, but they can’t even think about winning a national election without the black vote in places like Pennsylvania. Hillery Clinton understands this, that is why she is not running (you heard it here). No matter how disappointed black America might be with Barack Obama, he is their own. They will go to the polls and support him in 2012 simply for the sake of defending the first black president and if the Democratic party challenges him they will stay home in droves and any democratic poll considered complicit in the political failure of the first Black President can kiss any national aspirations goodbye.

Barack Obama may not be much of a president but he understands this and knows they can’t afford to raise a stink.

Much better to push forward the Tea Party as a bugaboo to the far left and to blacks, and attempt to energize the extreme base where the race card is not overdrawn.

As you know I love the book Man of the House In it Tip O’Neill tells the story of Mrs. O’Brien during his 1935 race for the Cambridge City Council. The only race he ever lost. When she says to him that she will vote for him even though he didn’t ask.

When O’Neill protested that he had known her since he was a child, had shoveled her walk and cut her grass, and didn’t think he had to ask for her vote, she replied, “Tom, let me tell you something. People like to be asked.”

Yesterday after my dentist appointment I was going door to door to business in Leominster promoting the show and trying to sell ads. I was having no luck selling when I noticed a small insignificant looking African variety store with a Ghanian flag on the door.

Logic said pass it by after all at best I could hope to sell a $20 ad for a single week, so why bother when Wyman’s Liquor Mart Inc was across the street and Leominster Credit Union was there. But you know I was there and it never hurts to ask. Turned out the man there owns an international shipping company that ships to the gold coast of Africa: Ghana, Liberia, Guinea, Nigeria and when I told him the range of my 50,000 watt radio signal he asked me to come back on Tuesday with Ad samples.

If I had ignored that little story I would have lost my best lead of the day.

Which brings us to the blog htotherdizzle and Hallie Miller.

Last night I found a comment pending for my Good News runneth over post it said the following:

Hi! My name is Hallie and I have entered a Savvy Magazine photo shoot contest. I know you don’t know me but the winners are chosen by the public and if the public doesn’t know they need to vote…well, you guessed it, no one votes! Could you take a moment and look at my photos and decide if you would vote for me or not? Thanks! Here’s the link, could you pass it along?

It had all the classic signs of spam, an icon of a beautiful woman, a link different from the e-mail but I also noticed it was a wordpress blog, and my spam filter didn’t grab it. Intrigued I searched for the name, and did a search for the link and sure enough it goes to a modeling site that is having a contest.

I thought of Tip O’Neill’s story and I thought of all the doors I have knocked on in the last few days and realized she is doing the exact same thing I am. She is chasing her dream unafraid to ask a total stranger to help.

So Hallie Miller this is my gift to you, I am not only approving your comment, and voting for you but I am linking to your post on the contest and putting up this blog post to let everybody know about it.

I hope my readers go to the Explore modeling Site to vote for you.

Happy Thanksgiving Hallie!

Update: I didn’t include a picture of Hallie Miller because I didn’t have her permission, but I did tell the story to Stacy McCain who is a lot less shy.

Oh BTW you can vote once per day. Works for me.

…in the Sherlock Holmes story Silverblaze The Left bank of the Charles notes the something missing in an old e-mail that he received before the election.

Might I suggest to the person he is referring to that she read about Tip O’Neill specifically page 65 of Tip O’Neill and the Democratic Century (my Amazon review from 2001 here)

…that you really don’t get to follow other events and posts well in the process. You are too busy getting to the events, finding out stuff, composing posts in your head, and trying to get your stuff up in a timely manner to think about what might be cool on the net. I haven’t even had a chance to look at Robert Stacy’s video he shot at the North End Brown Rally or his Worcester coverage.

Oddly enough the Washington times reporter in the background on Stacy’s first film filed her report on the Clinton Rally from my dining room table last night.

It’s an interesting but odd life that these reporter types lead.

Personally I think the action at events involves not so much the event as the people around it. Just watching people’s reactions and keeping your ears open in a crowded hall or a busy street.

For example at the Bill Clinton event in Worcester at the end while I waited for my son to attempt to get the president autograph (in vain) I stood quietly next to some much better dressed men from the Coakley Campaign who were apparently talking to Union guys from out of state. The gist was that the “Cavalry was coming” and they talked with the quiet confidence of gamblers who know which boxer is going to take a dive.

In my two days of travels and week of asking ordinary people about the race, that was the only thing I have seen and heard that suggests anything positive for Attorney General Martha Coakley chances.

After hearing that I couldn’t help but think about yet another passage from Tip O’Neill’s autobiography Man of the House:

…Several years later, Joe Conners, the election commissioner, confirmed my suspicions. He told me that they were sitting around at five in the morning, counting the ballots. “Curley was licked,” said Joe, “and we couldn’t let that happen. So we transposed the figures.”

“What the hell,” Curley had said. “They’re not going to protest it. It would mean a big fight, and that would hurt the party. They can’t afford to raise a stink.”

He was right. The next day, we were all set to go before the Ballot Law Commission and demand a recount. But before we could register a protest, Paul Deer, our candidate for governor, came to see me. “Listen,” he said “the party is already in bad shape. If we who people we’re a bunch of thieves, it will destroy us. In the name of party unity, please drop the fight.”

It was his answer to that request that began his path to the Speakership of the Massachusetts House and the long national career that followed.

Could something like that happen this time? Well it isn’t 1948 and the net changes a lot of things, quite a few eyes out there. I’m sure attorney general Martha Coakley would not be privy to any such thing…

…and anyway this is an election for a Federal Office so I’m sure that US attorney general Eric Holder would give the case the same diligence that he has given other election irregularity cases.

Update: These guys aren’t just whistling dixie:

1948 anyone? via instapundit.