Troll-Feeding and You

by baldilocks I was just thinking about trolls; rather fondly, in fact. There are very few on my Facebook page, because I run a tight ship there. I don't want my parents, nieces and nephews rushing in to defend me when some imbecile insults me, so, while my page is set for anyone to read, … Continue reading Troll-Feeding and You

Organized Chaos

by baldilocks Yesterday was April Fools' Day and it was fun to watch on various online platforms as known friends and associates plastered various outrageous statements on their accounts. Much of it was political in nature and, because most of my associates are conservative, a lot of it involved switching to the Democrat Party and … Continue reading Organized Chaos

Let’s talk Defining down “Trolling”

Judson:  I'm agan it! Daniel Boone:  I can't think of a better reason to be for it. Daniel Boone Ken-Tuck-E 1964 One of the things that have noticed in a decade of being on the next is how the word "troll" has been redefined. It once was that a person referred to as a "troll" was … Continue reading Let’s talk Defining down “Trolling”