A Chinese Leap Forward?

The National Congress of the Communist Part of China, which sets the course of the nation’s leadership and policies every five years, opens next week during one of the most critical times in the relations with the United States. President Xi Jinping, [pronounced she] who will be elected to a second, five-year term, faces some … Continue reading A Chinese Leap Forward?

#FireMcMaster – Preferably Out of a Cannon and Over Open Water

This guy, H.R. McMaster, the National Security Adviser, is an islamocoddling anti-Trump leftist sympathizer, at the very least, who is a deep state enabler, backstabber, and a leaker. He is disloyal as well as possibly treasonous. He has got to go! McNasty apparently opposes everything President Donald Trump stands for in areas of national security … Continue reading #FireMcMaster – Preferably Out of a Cannon and Over Open Water

President Trump – First Six months of #MAGA

I am one of those people you hear about who LOVES President Trump. I have loved him since I was a little girl, when he was called a "young entrepreneur", and I had always hoped he would run for President. Every day that Donald J. Trump is my President is a dream come true. I … Continue reading President Trump – First Six months of #MAGA

Who’s Really Lying?

Not surprisingly, the media failed to report a recent analysis of the lies told ABOUT Trump as chronicled by snopes.com, which is considered one of the most reliable sources of fact checking news and information. The article's title says it all, "The Lies of Donald Trump’s Critics, and How They Shape His Many Personas." Snopes.com … Continue reading Who’s Really Lying?

A brief summary of the witch hunt plots to overthrow Trump

By John Ruberry Donald J. Trump may not be going through a witch hunt, but he's surely the only president to face so many attempts to remove him from office. You are witnessing the single greatest WITCH HUNT in American political history - led by some very bad and conflicted people! #MAGA — Donald J. … Continue reading A brief summary of the witch hunt plots to overthrow Trump

Best Looking Bikes EVAH!

Deplorable Baskets are the coolest things that I have seen in a long time, and they are attached to neon green (my favorite color) rental bicycles! Via The American Mirror: Just when you think Los Angeles street artist Sabo can’t top himself, he ups his game. The artist recently posted several photos on Facebook showing his latest … Continue reading Best Looking Bikes EVAH!

@POTUS Trumps the Haterz

There is a whole lot of hullabaloo over the way in which My President chooses to defend himself against the lying media/#NeverTrump coalition of nasties who unceasingly try to dog pile on The Donald. President Trump uses Twitter as his main tool to bypass the hostile press so he can speak directly to America, and … Continue reading @POTUS Trumps the Haterz

Almost Too Much Schadenfreude

There is never a dull moment in the America that has Donald J. Trump as its President. While My Donald is busy doing his job, sourpuss kooks continue to lose their collectivist minds, and even if he did nothing else for the next four years, that alone would be almost too much winning. Almost. Here is a … Continue reading Almost Too Much Schadenfreude

Asia Notebook: ‘We Can Do Business with Trump’

For the past two weeks as a trekked across China, Myanmar and Thailand, I have been repeatedly asked this question: What do you think of Trump? Before I answer, I ask the questioners, from businessmen to government officials to tour guides, what THEY think of Trump. Almost universally, their answer is: We can do business … Continue reading Asia Notebook: ‘We Can Do Business with Trump’

A Syrian Survivor Offers an Important Message

Kassem Eid survived the 2013 sarin massacre in Syria in which 1,400 people died, so it wasn’t surprising that CNN contacted him to talk about the most recent attack and the Trump administration’s response. What happened next stunned CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin. “For the very first time, we see Assad held accountable just for once, held … Continue reading A Syrian Survivor Offers an Important Message

America’s eight-year long vacation from reality is over

By John Ruberry Barack Obama's Model United Nations style foreign policy of be-nice-to-rogue-nations-and-they'll-be-nice-to-you is a failure. Five years ago Syria's thug president, Bashar al-Assad, crossed Barack Obama's red line by using chemical weapons against his own people. Obama did not retaliate. Last Tuesday the brute crossed that red line--and on Thursday President Donald J. Trump fired 59 … Continue reading America’s eight-year long vacation from reality is over

Tommy and Trump

It’s difficult to determine which one of the columnists for DaTimes writes the most absurd claptrap. Charlie Blowhard? Paul, Nick, Frank? Tommy Friedman just moved to the top of my list when he calls Donald Trump a “Chinese agent” in a recent column. Here’s Tommy’s “proof”: No. 1: Trump ended U.S. support for the Trans-Pacific … Continue reading Tommy and Trump

The Unexpectedly Chronicles: Silence is suddenly Golden for Left/Media

The big story on the rightside of the blogosphere has been the Susan Rice revelations reported both at Fox: Multiple sources tell Fox News that Susan Rice, former national security adviser under then-President Barack Obama, requested to unmask the names of Trump transition officials caught up in surveillance. and at Bloomberg: White House lawyers last month … Continue reading The Unexpectedly Chronicles: Silence is suddenly Golden for Left/Media

But deliver us from the media, amen

Health care. Russia. Travel ban. Wiretapping. Budget cuts. Leaks. And on and on and on. Work up a lather, rinse, repeat. O Lord, grant me relief from the endless cycle of "news" based on the possibly informed insights, half-truths, pure speculation and outright lies that pass as journalism these days. Never has so much blather … Continue reading But deliver us from the media, amen

Trump Helps Right to Win WhoZox Game

Politicos may still believe "All politics is local," as Tip O'Neill famously decreed, but it hasn't been operative for ages. Republicans turned the ex-House Speaker's truism upside-down in 1994, when Newt Gingrich nationalized the congressional elections with the Contract with America and swept the GOP to control of the House for the first time in … Continue reading Trump Helps Right to Win WhoZox Game