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Richard Adams Watership Down 1978

You have done this deed in secret, but I will bring it about in the presence of all Israel, and with the sun looking down.’

2 Samuel 12:12

At their new location of Barber’s Crossing the Twin City Tea Party, Paul Craney Executive Director of the Mass fiscal alliance came and spoke about their checklist of votes.

Their voter guide mailer which went out to hundreds of thousands of homes in the state scores the entire 200 member House and Senate of Massachusetts on fiscal issues (nothing social, nothing 2nd Amendment nothing else.) and a further 20+ votes on their site, their mission? To inform voters of how fiscally responsible your representative is with your money.

Mr. Craney talked about the response to the mailing and how his organization has been attacked as a PAC (they’re not one) accused of legal violations (without evidence) and accused of not being transparent in their donor lists by the very legislators who have voted to keep committee votes private.

I found the argument Ironic, legislators demanding a transparent donor list to intimidate people exercising constitutional rights while avoiding transparency to the people their employers who they beg every two years for their job.

It the same premise behind Bill Maher rejection of Powerline’s John Hinderracker for an event when his condition for appearing was a copy of the video to keep them honest:

I found this episode revealing. Guys like Bill Maher are essentially bullies. They interact with conservatives for one purpose only: to make them look bad, and serve as foils for their leftism. The last thing they want is a real debate on a level playing field. The mere threat of being kept honest by not being the only possessor and editor of the video is enough to send them scurrying in a “different direction.”

That is the essential illustration of what it means to base your power on low info voters.  One doesn’t dare allow the truth to be seen for fear of waking the sleeping voter or  shattering a comfortable illusion.

The problem is while you might not see or acknowledge these illusions, you certainly pay for them.


At the Twin city tea party meeting this week Ben Selecky of PANDA (people against the NDAA spoke concerning his groups opposition to the anti-terror rules since 9/11

I’m much more of a hawk than Ben and his group given the state of the world but it’s fair to say that an administration willing to the IRS against political opponents will not hesitate to use even more draconian measures against them.

The PANDA site is here and there is one line from their front page I have to comment on

Since the mainstream media has all but ignored the NDAA, we’re getting the word out a different way: Through music.

Ah the innocence of youth, don’t you know there is a Democrat in the White House and not just any Democrat. Barack Obama, the first black president. The ONE™

You can’t expect the media to report on a group that suggests an administration run by a Democrat, let alone the first black president, is opposing civil rights any more than you can expect them to treat racist remarks by democrats, as if they’re news
and if Hillary Clinton or any Democrat wins in 2016 expect mean more of the same.

But take heart, once a republican holds the White House reporters all over the country will suddenly discover PANDA and the NDAA and decide it is the biggest threat to the rights of Americans since the Alien & Sedition acts and you won’t be able to hide from the cameras pointed your way.


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stills 006You might be forgiven for thinking that Charlie Baker is running unopposed for Governor on the GOP ticket but if you attended yesterday’s Twin City Tea Party meeting you would be aware that there is a second GOP choice to run for the corner office.

Mark Fisher
is a small businessman, political outsider and unapologetic Conservative. Opposing illegal immigration, supporting life and running toward rather than away from the GOP base. He makes the case Democrats who have run the state legislature for half a century are responsible for the deep institutional problems that they claim to be there to solve and is all about keeping Democrats on the defensive over it.

As for the idea that we play the “big tent” game in the hopes of not offending anyone, he rejects it calling it “against the wisdom of Lincoln” suggesting a different tactic.

My approach is this, a full platform, we stand up for what we believe and say it clearly, we appeal to everyone…appeal to everyone knowing full well we can’t please everyone, but our message is the right one and will resonate in the minds of the majority of the people, that’s how we win elections.

My interview with Mr. Fisher is here:

Imagine the GOP a candidate at the head of the ticket in Massachusetts running on conservative solutions and ideas as opposed to: Vote for me because I may be a republican but I don’t suck like the rest of my party.

It’s so crazy it just might work.

His campaign site is here.

Unlike most states in Massachusetts a candidate needs to get 15% of the delegates at the state convention to get on the primary ballot so it remains to be seen if the delegates who advocate a GOP “big tent” think it’s big enough to accommodate a candidate that appeals to the base of if they are determined to go “republican lite” with a candidate who only managed 42% in the Big Red Wave election of 2010.

We shall see.

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Monday I interviewed GOP candidate for the 2nd Massachusetts district Dan Dubrule after his speech at the Twin City Tea Party monthly meeting

It’s not every GOP candidate who is a union leader and he is passionate about the misconceptions about Union Workers as I write in my Examiner piece:

I’ve been a union rep and a shop steward for 18 years…so I know what it means to be a union member to be an advocate. Not all unions are what they have been portrayed to you. The members are just like yourselves and your neighbors they work … but they’re forced to pay into a system that in itself is potentially needed that’s questionable but their leadership they’re in a bad spot, they’re in a no win situation. What they’re looking for and what they know is what we all want, we want representation we want a good district & we want a good America for us and their kids and to get back to those union guys they’ve been lied to and stolen from for a long time they’re very upset”

The new Mass 2nd district voted for both Charlie Baker & Scott Brown nevertheless he still has an uphill fight to unseat longtime incumbent James McGovern but I can tell you one thing for sure. Dan Dubrule has a better shot at being a member of the majority party of the US House of Representatives that McGovern does…

Just two months ago, Democratic National Committee chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz insistedrepeatedly — that House Democrats would run on ObamaCare and win back control of the chamber. Just a day after Barack Obama himself defended ObamaCare in the State of the Union speech, they’re singing a different tune. Donors and strategists will move resources away from House races and instead focus on trying to salvage control of the Senate:

That must be why Henry Waxman is calling it quits

Rep. Henry A. Waxman (D-Calif.), one of the most prolific and successful lawmakers of the modern era, has decided to retire at the end of this congressional session.

You can see the full range of videos including Q & A below the jump,
Continue reading “Interview Dan Dubrule GOP Candidate Ma-2”

Other seed fell on rocky ground where it had little soil. It sprang up at once because the soil was not deep. And when the sun rose, it was scorched and it withered for lack of roots.

Mark 4:5-6

Today is election day and Gabriel Gomez faces an uphill battle to win what should be a well deserved victory against career pol Ed Markey.

Unlike the Scott Brown race there has been no democrat panic at the very end and not even an outlier to suggest that Gomez might make the same and no rush of national bucks to save the day (although anything is possible)

Yesterday at a Tea Party event I saw the leader who is both a tea party member and active in the local GOP committee (if only the GOP had someone like this as chairman) who I’ve seen at standouts and events for Gomez talk about her conversation with him this weekend extolling his virtues and I took off my “blogger” hat to make one final pitch to the tea party faithful assembled quoting from this piece that even if we have objections on some issues that it is vital that we get out and vote Gomez and encourage others to do so.

That such a pitch has to be made at a tea party event shows the difference between 2010 & 2013.

In 2010 nobody outside of Massachusetts gave Scott Brown a chance to win, when the GOP was giving only “pro-forma” support the Tea Party was active, working hard for Brown. It was the grass roots, the bloggers who led.

Brown campaign declared himself “Nobody’s man but your own” he ran on personality, and the closest thing he did to distancing himself from the tea party was declining to have Sarah Palin come to campaign for him. It was only when the National GOP saw that the Tea party and the grassroots were ready to drag him over the finish line did they jump in.

Brown’s victory, inspired activists nationwide and made the 2010’s Big Red Wave Possible giving the GOP the majority but also sent a wave of tea party members who voted not in deference to the GOP establishment but based on the support of the people.

While national republicans  appreciated their chairmanships they didn’t like having to bow to the people who made them possible.

In the next cycle the establishment supported non-tea party people in primaries, for congress and for president, Scott Brown distanced himself and the CPAC conservatives who once welcomed him as a hero noticed. In return while declaring they would vote for him, they would not work for him and without that grass root support both Mitt Romney and Scott Brown lost re-election (I suspect this had a lot to do with his decision not to run for this Senate seat).

Flash forward to 2013 a contested GOP primary for the seat Kerry once held. A conservative Tea Party candidate Mike Sullivan is winning straw poll after straw poll over Gomez and the dynamic Rep Dan Winslow.  The National Party supports Gomez who pitches himself as a “new kind of Republican” and gives him a huge money advantage and when election day comes Gomez has won over 50% of the vote  and the right to face Democrat Ed Markey.

And that’s where the miscalculation came in.

To the national party Gabriel Gomez was a dream candidate, Navy Seal, Vet, successful businessman and LATINO!

But to the grass roots locally and nationally didn’t care Gomez’s race, they looked at his positions. Pro Manchin/Toomey, Pro Gang of Eight, Pro Global Warming declaring himself “A New Kind of Republican” as if there is something wrong with being a member of the GOP.

I don’t blame Gomez. He has never to my knowledge attacked the tea party and has been very forthright about his positions not even bending before a conservative Fox News Sunday audience.  That’s more honorable than one who says one thing during a campaign to get money & votes and then flips. (hi Senator Rubio, how ya doin?)

Nationally the Grassroots who felt themselves burned with Scott Brown and Mitt Romney kept their pocketbooks closed. You saw no stream of activists rushing to Massachusetts to ring doorbells and sell Gabriel Gomez to the people of the state and locally one of the most prominent conservative commentators urged people to just stay home.

And that’s why on the eve of an election where every hand need to be on deck to stop a career poll like Ed Markey who votes dem 98% of the time I was obliged to make a pitch to Tea Party members to show up and vote for GOP candidate Gabriel Gomez.

That’s a really bad sign.

Perhaps I’m wrong, perhaps Latino voters who have been rather silent during this race will turn out in huge numbers without the left shuttling them to the polls or without local activist groups bringing them to vote for the first of their own ignoring those who call Gomez a LINO (Latino in name only)  For the sake of my state and my country I hope they do

If not the Miracle Max video in Ed Morrissey’s post will be quite apt.


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I spoke to Tom Weaver candidate for the GOP nomination in MA-3. He gets to the nitty-gritty of election 2012 simply by using two lightbulbs.

Simple isn’t it? His web site is here.

Update: Missed the link, now there.

On Monday the Twin City Tea Party held its first meeting at a new location Cornerstones Restaurant in Leominster.

In addition to several local, state and congressional candidates who mixed with the crowd there were top primary speakers. Brad Marston of Four Tier Strategies on the use of social media in campaigns:

A political operative in shadow

It was quite an education and every candidate in the room soaked it up, but the biggest education of the night came from Bonnie Johnson:

She talked about election law in Massachusetts and it’s enforcement or non-enforcement of election laws, many times due to simple ignorance. But the big bomb she dropped was referenced in my latest for the Examiner:

Every January Massachusetts Cities and town send out a city/town census to every residence. It lists the registered voters in the dwelling and how they are registered. I’ve filled it out every year without a thought, not noticing the warnings on the form if it is not done.

There is a warning on the bottom of the form saying: Failure to return this form may affect your voting status. I never paid much mind to it but Bonnie really dropped a bombshell on what that actually means:

If the form is not returned the people on them are marked as an “inactive” voter. By law an “inactive” voter who attempts to vote must fill out and sign a form and provide proof of both residence and identity to be able to vote.

Read the whole thing.

The problem seems to be a lot of people are not aware of the law, and if you want it enforced you need people at the polls volunteering and working to ensure it IS enforced.

OK if you are in Massachusetts and care about honest elections, are you willing to give a day working at a polling place to do something about it?

Update: Welcome Insty readers, if you’re up for some provocative reading I have a challenge for American Muslims, an Answer to Anonymous declaration of War on the US and of course there is my weekly under the fedora column here or here.

Yesterday at the monthly Twin City Tea Party event Mary Z Connaughton (affectionately known around here as Mary Z) former candidate for State Auditor spoke about her work at the Pioneer institute.

After her speech Connaughton took questions from the audience for quite a while fielding inquiries on topics on spending and judicial conduct to casinos and healthcare when talking about business she stressed “You don’t cut the pie into smaller pieces you make a bigger pie”.

I interviewed Mary before her speech:

The Pioneer institute
is a good place but I’d like to see her on the trail sometime in the not so far future

I attended the Twin City Tea Party Christmas Party on Wednesday. Justin Brooks the outgoing president and candidate for State Rep was honored by the group:

Near the end of the party I talked to him about his candidacy:

Brooks has built a solid record as a Tea Party leader, it remains to e seen if that will translate into votes in Leominster against a popular incumbent but half the battle is being willing to fight it.