Well technically Twinkies yet available while both sides are in mediation the Hostess site informs us production remains closed.

But our show where we discussed these topics and culture with Ladd Ehlinger and Mary Lotz is now available here.

AP reports the following:

The bankruptcy judge hearing the case says that the parties haven’t gone through the critical step of mediation and asked the lawyer for the bakery’s union to ask his client, who wasn’t present, if he would agree to participate

And there are interested parties

Bimbo has already sniffed around the bankruptcy proceedings that have haunted Hostess for a decade, in a bid to further expand its North American portfolio and pad its $4 billion net worth. Bimbo reportedly put in a low-ball bid of $580 million a few years ago, Forbes reports, and may be rewarded for that move since the Hostess kit-and-kaboodle may fetch more like $135 million today.

But the big question is whether the same problems that haunted Hostess – high sugar prices tied to US trade tariffs, changing consumer tastes, and union pushback against labor concessions – will squeeze whatever profit is left in the brands.

Especially if a Mexican buyer is involved, production may go the way of the Brach’s and Fannie May candy concerns: south of the border. With US sugar tariffs set artificially high to protect Florida sugar-growing concerns, a non-unionized shop with access to lower-priced sugar in Mexico could be the Twinkie lifeline, economists suggest.

but it’s not just a question of losing the tariffs it’s losing the unions:

First, this development has no small amount of irony.  The labor movement has attacked Republicans for many long years for off-shoring jobs in the name of free trade. Thanks to the bakers’ union, we may end up with almost 19,000 jobs heading south of the border, in the factories of Grupo Bimbo.  The protectionist sugar tariffs that both parties have extended and championed may end up having their own ironic role in these job losses, too.

Will Twinkies survive?  If we are to believe the unions then no, because it’s all about demonstrating power at least that’s what they said.

Anyway I’ve broken open a box of devil dogs but we’ll ration the Funny bones etc for now until we know for sure.

If it works out there are going to be a lot of people who spent a fortune of Twinkies to put on eBay or people who have boxes on eBay who are going to feel like fools.

Update: No answer at the local Hostess thrift shop, might be too late for them.

Update 2: Both side now have agreed to mediation, no word if that means the thrift store re-opens but got some bargains Saturday.

Hostess, its lenders and the Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers International Union (BCTGM), agreed to go into mediation at the urging of Bankruptcy Judge Robert Drain of the Southern District of New York, who urged mediation rather than a more expensive, public hearing regarding the company’s liquidation.

“My desire to do this is prompted primarily by the potential loss of over 18,000 jobs as well as my belief that there is a possibility to resolve this matter,” Drain said.

Does the thrift shop return?

Update 3: The key words from the Hostess web site


Yesterday I headed off for Twinkie Quest to see if I could find the Twinkies

Yesterday I went to the Hostess Thrift shop in search of Twinkies unfortunately the shelves were already bare by the time I arrived:

And the bread shelves are were bare too:

Next stop was Shaw’s in Leominster

There was a a box of Chocolate Twinkies but those are not the traditional ones we are looking for, additionally it was ironic that there were not only Drakes Cakes but some were on sale, after all Drakes are made by Hostess and they will suffer the same fate as the Twinkie.

The next stop was Market Basket in Fitchburg:

While I was there people came looking for Twinkies and went away disappointed. However there was one place where Twinkies were to be found.

There was a variety store near my house and while there was not a Box of Twinkies available, single packages were there for the taking. So when I got home there sweets were ready for the table:

The next morning when the word got out to those not on the net the lines at the Thrift store were incredible:

And the parking lot remained full.

But in the end the quest for the Twinkie was to be unfulfilled. How unfulfilled? When I got to the studio and set up a display of the soon to be gone items including a single Twinkie from a box my wife scrounged.

People were actually looking into the window and staring.

The Bakers union can be proud, they gave the American people a lesson that 4 years under Obama failed to do. They taught the public about supply and demand.