We all know several people whose Twitter accounts were suspended, no explanation given. They were sent to Twitter gulag.

Well, what goes around comes around, and Twitter suspended @Jack.

Jack who?

Jack Dorsey, Twitter’s own CEO,

That provoked angry responses from some people who asked how many regular users’ accounts might also have been accidentally frozen by the company in the past

Some were angry, but reactions varied, from the skeptical,

to the humorous,

As a publicly listed business, Twitter’s share price reflects its problems, namely slow growth and losing money,

Twitter has had a rough time in 2016.

Its share price is down 20% since the start of the year. The stock briefly surged in early fall on feverish speculation that a big company like Disney (DIS), Google (GOOGL, Tech30) or Salesforce(CRM, Tech30) might make a bid for it. But no potential acquirer came forward.Twitter has had a rough time in 2016. Its share price is down 20% since the start of the year. The stock briefly surged in early fall on feverish speculation that a big company like Disney (DIS), Google (GOOGL, Tech30) or Salesforce (CRM, Tech30) might make a bid for it. But no potential acquirer came forward.

As of the writing of this post, the share price is down to $18.21. Aside from laying off 9% of its staff, Twitter has been highly reliant on stock as a form of employee pay, so declining stock value makes it more difficult to retain valuable employees.

The company debuted on the New York Stock Exchange at $26 in 2013. As for Jack, he was forced out in 2008 and became CEO again last year.

Good luck with that.


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faustaFausta Rodriguez Wertz writes on U.S. and Latin American politics, news, and culture at Fausta’s Blog.

I missed work last Tuesday night so I was up an around Wednesday afternoon writing several posts and keeping an eye on twitter for the odd link here and there when I noticed something interesting.

I put out a tweet concerning the attacks on Donald Trump as still liberal, something to set the table for a post I had written going up on Thursday when I got the following response from someone I never saw on twitter called John ? with an icon of Andrew Breitbart

I found the response interesting so I took the liberty of looking at this person’s twitter account and history. I noticed that while the account was four years old all but 2 of the 511 tweets were about Donald Trump and pretty much retweets on various conservatives hitting him.

now rather than denying this the account responded thus:

to which I replied with this

and this

In the week that followed this account has managed only 3 tweets and for the rest of that day, the account hasn’t tweeted, after all once a paid (or unpaid) troll is publicly exposed (not blocked mind you just exposed) their effectiveness diminishes.

I thought it interesting diversion worth a post on the subject when later on during the day I noticed CNN tweeting on Adele’s endorsement of Hillary Clinton saying the following:

This prompted a tweet from a person called “Yankee fan that included me

Seeing the tweet and remembering the incident earlier in the day I checked the account history, sure enough while the account was old all of the tweets were hitting Trump or boosting hillary and what appeared to be auto retweets of pro-Hillary accounts so I tweeted the following

that account responded like this

To which I replied

and was promptly blocked.


Because nothing’s worse for a paid troll than to have someone outing them in their timeline.

So I had plenty of material to work with but then I noted Kellyanne Conway retweeting the stories out of Texas of people trying to vote Trump/GOP ticket

and the votes being changed to Clinton. I thought this was a good idea and tweeted:

and for the third time today an obscure unknown account noticed my tweet and replied

I looked at the account, like the other two it was obscure, and while it was fairly new, only a few months old, its entire history was hitting Trump

unlike the previous two this one had a sense of humor.

But as of this writing it has been inactive.

Now it’s possible that two  obscure people on twitter (and a third reacting to someone else) not only found my tweets and decided to reply within a few hours.

However unlike other conservative bloggers I’m not a twitter force. While I have several prominent followers I only have 4063 followers as of this writing overall, I don’t automatically follow back and my new followers come in drips and drabs so that would seem unlikely.

What’s much more likely is that because I have a decent sized blog, that draws hundreds of thousands of unique users each year and that is known and respected by people in the political and media world and that even though I didn’t support Trump in the primaries because I’ve decided that a Trump victory is necessary for the republic in general and conservatism.

I’m not worthy of the swarm that Scott Adams gets but perhaps I’m respected enough that such statements can not be left completely unanswered.

I find that a very great complement but the name of the post is “How to spot a paid (or unpaid) Hillary Clinton Troll from quite a long way away, so here is what too look for.

  • Look for an account with almost no activity outside of the election season.
  • Look for an account that consists mostly of retweets supplemented by the occasional attack rather than an original thought.
  • Look for accounts whose followers are either nonexistent or all other accounts doing the same thing.
  • Look for either a small amount of total tweets or a massive wave of permanent retweets of specific type of accounts, usually official accounts that toe the line being pushed.

Do this and you too will be able identify twitter trolls from quite a long way away.

Now I know that given the massive scale of such operations identifying and countering one or two such accounts is no big deal.

But the naming of such an account is fatal to it’s operation and every time you force a new one to be named or make one block you it make it that much harder for them to counter us.

I’d say that’s worth it.

I was going to hit the sack as I’ve been up all night but when I saw that Glenn Reynolds had been suspended by twitter it woke me up prompting a spake of tweets noting twitters double standards and the progressive increase in suspending conservatives from Stacy McCain to Milo to Him each one more prominent.

However Glenn Reynolds Instapundit did just fine before twitter and was set to do just fine after it so his initial reaction was rather amusing:

if Twitter doesn’t like me, I’m happy to stop providing them with free content.

It didn’t take long for Glenn’s banning to be picked up by conservatives all over. After all it isn’t every day that a prominent law professor, USA today columnist and one of the most prolific bloggers in history who inspired a ton of us. CNN Commentator Hugh Hewitt had him on his radio show where he said:


HH: And what would you say to those people who are urging that you be silenced and shut down and fired? This is a 1st Amendment that we’re talking about here. What would you say to them, Glenn Reynolds?
GR: That’s a lot for three words, especially considering all the hyperbole we’ve heard in this election already. We’ve heard plenty of people talking about the desirability of the assassination of Donald Trump and other things. It seems to me that that’s kind of a double standard, isn’t it?
HH: Have you read Ross Douthat’s column this morning, Hillary Clinton’s Samantha Bee Problem, about the cultural…
GR: I have read that column.
HH: What did you think of it? And do you fit into that narrative now?
GR: Oh, I don’t know. You know, there is a big lefty cultural apparatus that tries to enforce its views on everything. And frankly, it is probably the thing that is keeping Donald Trump alive, and it may be the thing that gets him elected, as Ross Douthat says. I think that’s totally right. And I think it’s funny, because you know, I grew up in the Civil Rights era. My dad was a moderately well-known civil rights and Vietnam protestor. And to be honest, it seems to me that then, the left was really all on for free speech, and now that they feel like they have gathered all the reins in their hands, they’re not so big on tolerance anymore.


Shortly after that was posted Instapundit’s suspension was revoked.

I have no idea if any explanation was given, I joked it was because he knows a lot of lawyers but re-reading his post on the subject I think I have isolated the twelve words Glenn wrote that really caused the suspension to be lifted


Twitter can do without me, as I can certainly do without Twitter.


Glenn Reynolds is a traffic machine, anyone who has ever gotten an instalanche knows this to be true, The only real value that twitter has is the ability to provide advertisers access to the tens to hundreds of thousands of people who want to see the tweets of a traffic machine like Glenn.

The Day the various traffic machines decide, like Glenn did, that they can do without twitter they are finished. Twitter not only loses its purpose but it’s ability to generate profit, in fact it might even lead to celebs demanding twitter pay THEM a per follower fee annually for using their platform and generating the traffic & eyeballs they need to have any chance of being profitable.

Twitter could survive anger, outrage or even venom from a major traffic generator like Glenn, but it can’t survive indifference.

Update: Stacy McCain comments thusly from his still continuing twitter exile:

What are we permitted to say about marauding gangs of thieves and thugs? The owners of Twitter have evidently hired Democrat Party activists to control the narrative on their platform, effectively turning it into a propaganda platform for a violent anti-white terrorist organization (to call #BlackLivesMatter what it actually is). Twitter’s policy can be considered an “in-kind” political contribution to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, which is counting on #BlackLivesMatter to help her win key swing states like North Carolina, Florida, Virginia and Ohio.
Do law-abiding citizens have no right to defend themselves against mob attacks? If a family is in their car on the highway and find themselves surrounded by a gang of criminals who have been roaming the streets committing violence, what are they supposed to do?


Why you are supposed to let yourself be killed of course

Update 2: Via Patterico

“Run them down” is sounding more and more like self defense to me.

Update 4: USA today has decided to suspend Glenn for a month, so I’ve decided to block them on twitter and in my web browser for (at least) a month

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You’ve heard about the media in general and twitter in particularly giveing Hillary Clinton “media privilege” well I think this visual of this tweet says it all

twitter clinton guard

I spotted this on instapundit and noticed the warning about sensitive material. Such a label of course automatically implies that what is beyond it is so terrible, so horrible, so beyond the pale that one risks crossing the bounds of propriety if one see it and it goes without saying such an image shouldn’t be shown to kids.

But we are an adult blog here so brace yourselves here is the actual image that is SO sensitive that twitter wanted it censored click MORE if you dare….

Continue reading “How Twitter Uses “Media Privilege” to Play Palace Guard for Hillary in One Image”

What else can one conclude when you see this

Twitter confirmed it has permanently banned Breitbart Tech editor and alt-right provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos for allegedly violating its “hateful conduct policy”.

The contretemps has been brewing all week, as Milo engaged in a barbed to and fro with embattled Ghostbusters star Leslie Jones over her Twitter feud with trolls who hated her new movie. At one point the CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey intervened himself, asking Jones to direct message him. Milo himself said nothing racist, though he joked that Jones’ grammatically challenged quips at him were “barely literate”, said America needs better schools and referred to Jones facetiously as “a black dude”.

Breitbart has more

Breitbart Tech editor Milo Yiannopoulos has been suspended from Twitter once more just 20 minutes before his “Gays for Trump” event takes place at the Republican National Convention.

The justification for the suspension is currently unknown, although it could be as a result of Milo’s run-in with Ghostbusters actress Leslie Jones on the site. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey publicly reached out to Jones late on Monday evening after she complained about “abuse” on the platform. Milo was suspended despite the fact that he sent no abusive tweets to the actress.

BuzzFeed gleefully reported that the suspension is permanent, citing a statement from Twitter promising a clampdown on “targeted abuse.” Milo has also received a message from Twitter confirming that that his ban is permanent

Let me clue you in a sec.

Actual strong women are, well strong. They can take critique, they can handle being quoted and are able to take care of themselves.

Weak women fall apart when critiqued and run for others to defend them if anyone says a word that gives them the vapors.

Apparently Twitter believes women need to protected from any word or phrases that does not fit their worldview.

Apparently Twitter believes women need to be protected from public debate as it might disturb them.

Apparently Twitter believes that women are so weak that they are incapable of defending their positions and statements for themselves.

To put it simply Twitter want to put feminists back into an 1880’s box and their feminist allies rather than objecting are calling it being empowered.

What a bunch of losers. I’ll give Milo the last word:

“No, of course, I don’t have any regrets,” Milo told Heat Street. “But feminists on the other hand should have regrets that they have taught strong women that they are victims and attacked people for having different opinions to them on Twitter.”

FYI Feminism not withstanding don’t think for one second this isn’t about silencing a high profile Gay Trump supporter who a huge megaphone at a time when Hillary is tanking at the polls.

Update: Analysis True

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So when they had assembled, Pilate said to them,

“Which one do you want me to release to you, (Jesus) Barabbas, or Jesus called Messiah?”

For he knew that it was out of envy that they had handed him over.  While he was still seated on the bench, his wife sent him a message, “Have nothing to do with that righteous man. I suffered much in a dream today because of him.”  The chief priests and the elders persuaded the crowds to ask for Barabbas but to destroy Jesus.

The governor said to them in reply, “Which of the two do you want me to release to you?” They answered, “Barabbas!”  Pilate said to them, “Then what shall I do with Jesus called Messiah?” They all said, “Let him be crucified!”

Matthew 27:17-22


If there is one thing that Stacy McCain knows it’s crazy and when looking at the Baton Rouge shooter that’s what he sees.

Besides which, I am a well-known expert in craziness. I’ve been studying kooks for years, and when I say somebody’s crazy? Trust me.

Gavin Eugene Long was deranged, daft, demented, cracked, zany, wacko, bonkers, off his rocker and a few fries short of a Happy Meal:

Now as he points out “crazy” and “racist” are no more mutually exclusive than “sane” and “racist” nor does a his craziness make those who encouraged or affirmed his racist opinions as he put it:

This kind of kook cult conspiracy stuff is always floating around out there. You’ve got white people who are into weird pagan sex cults, feminists who are into astrology, tarot, “goddess spirituality,” et cetera.

Was it entirely coincidental that a crazy kook cultist like Gavin Long was inspired to drive to Louisiana and shoot cops? No, because the “Black Lives Matter” movement appeals to the same kind of Afrocentric racial insanity that led Gavin long to rename himself “Cosmo Setepenra.”

This is the problem with media coverage that deliberately feeds into racial paranoia in the black community,

Now when it comes down to it, everybody has their own issues and if this guy had just remained a crazy black nationalist racist with a chip on his shoulder that would be fine, it would be on him and several police would still be alive today.

Instead radical groups of the left, with a big assist from both the Media and the White House decided to play into that crazy for their own political ends.

That’s why to Twitter, a guy like Robert Stacy McCain who owns more books written by radical feminists on feminism than most Woman’s studies majors and has read more of them than professors of woman’s studies professors can be banned from Twitter for quoting those feminists and others public statements while a guy like Gavin Eugene Long was considered just fine, until he started gunning down cops

The Jewish elders pushed the crowd to call for Barabbas for political reasons, the twitter Safety crowd called for Gavin Eugene Long in the same way because that choice affirmed their prejudices and didn’t dump him until it was inconvenient.


Exit question:  How many other Gavin Eugene Longs are now on twitter cheering the murder of police while Stacy McCain remains banned?  Anyone Bueller?  BUELLER?

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You might have forgotten the swatting of Stacy McCain and the threats against his family but the law didn’t:

The FBI contacted me earlier this month to tell me that the guy responsible for targeting me in a March 2013 SWATting incident was scheduled for sentencing in federal court, but I couldn’t report anything about it until after the hearing. Because of last week’s Dallas attack, the hearing date Monday slipped my mind, but here’s the official statement:

New York Man Sentenced To 24 Months in Prison
For Internet Offenses, Including “Doxing,” “Swatting,”
Making a False Bomb Threat, and Cyber-Stalking

WASHINGTON — Mir Islam, 22, of New York, N.Y., was sentenced today to 24 months in prison on three federal charges stemming from a conspiracy to commit various crimes related to the “swatting” and “doxing” of dozens of victims, and from a false bomb threat made against a university in Arizona and a pattern of online harassment constituting cyber-stalking against a university student, all occurring between February and September 2013.

And Stacy notes that things might not be over here.

FBI made a point of stating: “The investigation is continuing.” When I was notified a year ago that a then-unnamed person had copped a plea with the feds, I said: “Let justice be done. Let the guilty fear punishment for their crimes, so that the innocent need never fear.”

Mir Islam is now in federal prison, but there are still guilty people who have yet to face justice, and they should be afraid — very afraid.

If Mr. Islam wanted to silence Stacy maybe he should have just gotten a job at Twitter then he could have done so without worrying about the law

Now we don’t know who those others might be but anyone who has been following the Kimberlin cases on Hogewash  knows that the gears of the law grind very slowly, but they continue to move forward and I would not be surprised if some names readers of this site recognize get caught in them

Of course given that Stacy McCain supports Donald Trump and James Comey is in charge at the FBI who knows.

Closing thought, Why do I have a feeling that there is a job waiting for Mr Islam at Twitter as soon as he gets out?

Back in 2013 I got into a Twitter exchange with Doug Mataconis which started when I pointed out that Hillary Clinton’s record as secretary of state is an argument against her presidency:

Doug instantly came to her defense and over the course of our exchange I finally asked the following

45 minutes laters during which time he declared it’s not relevant as Hillary wasn’t a candidate, declared Americans didn’t care about Benghazi , attacked Rick Perry & the GOP he finally left my question unanswered saying:

Well it’s three years later. Hillary Clinton is now the likely nominee for the Democrat nomination and Donald Trump is the likely GOP nominee (I say likely in both cases because media reports notwithstanding neither has actually hit the magic number in pledged non-super delegates although Trump is likely to by June 7th) and our friend Doug Tweeted out the following about Donald Trump

Now looking at the assertions in this tweet as a person who didn’t support Trump in the primaries and has yet to decide if he will support him in the general election I’d say of the three attacks on Trump big government is certainly accurate and not in dispute. The 2nd attack of Xenophobia I would declare incorrect as he’s talking about enforcing existing law, but Doug could make a case for it and the left could make an argument for it, As for Ignorance I took it as a hit on Trump’s supporters although if Doug was making a point about Trump’s lack of political experience is by definition ignorance of the internal workings of government it would be a valid one but one that would have applied to every military man from Grant to Ike who ever ran.

All in all nothing all that unusual for an attack on Trump, but I thought something was missing from the conversation so I replied thus:

Now you’ll note there is nothing all the remarkable in that reply. Nobody can dispute Hillary Clinton is for big government, The donor scandals, the Clinton foundation are only the latest examples of her corruption that go back to whitewater, and given the current state of Libya, Syria, egypt and the email scandal an assertion of incompetence would not seem out of line.

It’s also worth nothing that nothing in this tweet disputed any of Doug’s assertions concerning Donald Trump. There was absolutely no reason that these two tweets could not have stood on their own and have it left at that.

Except that I dared attack Hillary Clinton and just as it was in 2013 that can’t be allowed to stand.

Now nothing in my previous tweet indicted that I was voting or Trump or even referenced him. I simply made an assertion concerning Hillary so given that reply I asked the natural follow up question:

Doug Didn’t take that kindly to that and after some back and forth and brought up a phrase that was once a favorite of the MSM:

Hmmm my statements were an example of “Clinton derangement syndrome?” The use of that phrase carried implications at least it did to me.

He thought the implications were different

I believe Ace of Spades referred to this as “virtue signaling”

Now Doug is a lawyer, I’m a former Tech who now works overnight in a warehouse but I felt pretty good about my public arguments and as we obviously weren’t going to convince each other for the 2nd time in the thread invited public comment.

Doug didn’t take kindly to this claiming that Glenn Reynolds and Jazz Shaw were my “attack dogs” and despite having triple my followers took exception to my inviting comment using the word “douchecanoe” and followed with what I thought was one of the most amusing tweets I have seen a person make:

This is what we baseball fans refer to as a hanging curve ball over the plate

Remember Doug is a Lawyer, he makes public arguments for a living yet when the subject of Hillary Clinton’s incompetence, dishonesty and commitment to big government is asserted publicly he felt compelled to attack Trump, throw insults at anyone who would support him (in a rather Trump like way actually) assert critique of Clinton implies “derangement” and then objects to my inviting public comment in a public forum that any member of the public and see.

Even more interestingly in the various bits of that thread, which I invite you dear reader to examine, as of this writing this is the only defense of Clinton i’ve seen

It speaks volumes that the best defense of someone with a quarter century politically in the public eye in politics is the assertion that while she is bad her opponent is worse.

No wonder they want to talk about Trump, it’s sure easier than defending Hillary.

What does all of this prove? It proves that a tweet I sent out just before this conversation began was spot on:

I think there are going to be plenty of people who, for good or ill, will decide to vote for Trump just to watch the heads of the anti-trump people explode.

Update: I can’t believe I spelt Doug’s name “Dong” in the title, I know it looks bad but it was totally unintentional. It’s now fixed and I offer a VERY pubic apology. No wonder he was so pissed this morning.

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We interrupt our coverage of the evil and stupidity of Europe concerning Islam to cover the evil and stupidity Jack Dorsey concerning Twitter.

Of the evil, basically targeting conservatives, banning people like Robert Stacy McCain and lying about it we’ve written about over and over.

Alas the evil has not persuaded the shareholder to revolt to change it.

But now there is the stupid:

TWITTER IS SHUTTING DOWN TWEETDECK FOR WINDOWS: Funny, when I joined Twitter in December of 2008, Tweetdeckwas Twitter for me. Built around multiple columns, with one for people in my Twitter Stream, another people responding to me, and another direct messages, Tweetdeck allowed me to have real time conversations, instead of trying to decipher the firehose of content coming out of my Twitter homepage. (That was back when I wanted to be interactive. After watching endless Twitter flamewars, I’m much happier to simply retweet interesting news and comments, and save my content creation for here and the main PJM site.)

“Twitter’s plan is to push all users to Twitter.com for their advertisement revenue,” as their stock price has cratered in recent months.  That that tends to happen when companies exit their original function to go full-on SJW instead. This despite the fact that “Tweetdeck is insanely popular among Twitter desktop users. They had previously bought the client.”

But this isn’t the first time that a Sillicon Valley corporation flush with cash has bought a product in order to eventually kill it.

And twitter is being kind enough to make sure every Tweetdeck users knows it when they open the app.

stupid twitter



Before I discovered tweetdeck twitter was of no interest to me, one had to have multiple windows open or constantly be checking items to see what people were saying.  It just wasn’t worth the effort.  With Tweetdeck twitter suddenly became user friendly and starting Tweetdeck became a regular part of my startup sequence for my computer and the ability to see Direct messages at the same time as tweets was VERY useful (although Anthony Weiner might disagree).

The impending end of Tweetdeck means I would need to have a browser dedicated to twitter that I would have to constantly refresh to see what is being tweeted.

Frankly it’s just not worth it and if it’s not worth it to me how much less worth it would it be to people who use multiple social media platforms.

Twitter is hemorrhaging users, so how does twitter react?  Make it harder for users to use twitter.

That’s going to increase the customer base isn’t it?

The shareholders at Twitter might be willing to forgive Jack for being evil, perhaps some of the bigger ones are ultra liberals who want to silence conservatives so they’re onboard with it.

But will they forgive stupid that costs them users across the political spectrum?

We’ll see.

Closing FYI:  After April 15th I won’t be tweeting regularly, If I see an embedded tweet on a site I might retweet it or comment on it via the site it is embedded on.  If you would usually DM me on twitter I suggest emailing me instead at DaTechguy AT Datechguyblog.com because I’m less likely to see it, or call me (not on my cell but on my home number, I rarely carry my cell unless I’m traveling).

Closing thought: Given Trump’s dependence on twitter to bypass the media could this be a tactic to decrease his reach down the home stretch?


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Yesterday we talked about and linked to the story of Twitter Hemorrhaging money but the more I think of it the more Twitter’s financial and publicity problems remind me of Marco Rubio.

Consider Twitter has a systemic problem of how to make money.  It’s business model depends on advertisers being willing to pay to get their ads before the eyeballs of tweeters.

So every single day advertisers see tweets like this:

and this

and this

And when we stories like this at Drudge

Liberals Turn Twitter, Facebook And Even College Campuses Into Unsafe Spaces For The Right

see power uses of twitter saying things like this:

I’ve gone off Twitter. Or, I should say, I’ve stopped being a Twitter user, and user is the right word.

It illustrates the issue. Twitter now has a reputation with conservatives who have an incentive to either leave it, ignore it or complain to advertisers.

We are rapidly reaching a point where even if Twitter reinstates Robert Stacy McCain, Disbands its safety council and offers profuse apologies to conservatives, the reputation that “Twitter is hostile to conservatives” will be ingrained and every potential company considering Twitter as a platform will be asking itself, “do I want to risk angering these people?

Once that rep is there it’s there, and I suspect Stacy holding court at CPAC will not help matters much.

Ironically that’s exactly the problem Marco Rubio has

Let’s start something that a lot of people forget. For all the stupidity of victory speeches after every loss the reality is Marco Rubio has a good record as a Senator.

He beat the horrible Charlie Crist. He has a 98% rating from the ACU, he’s been a vocal and eloquent defender of life and has stood side by side with Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and other strong conservatives on many issues and frankly if anyone told you the day he won in Florida that we’d be in an election where Marco Rubio was the establishment choice for president Tea Party Conservatives would be pumping their fists saying, We’ve won!

The problem for Marco is and remains the gang of 8.

For all of his good points Marco Rubio was a member of the gang of 8 pushing the amnesty bill. He was the face of the bill and as we’ve documented during the entire time it was pushed it was all about Marco.

And the voters have a very long memory on this issue:

“Over the last three months, Marco Rubio’s name and face and voice have been so attached to the comprehensive immigration bill that it has virtually killed any enthusiasm among Republicans in Iowa for a Rubio presidential candidacy,” said GOP State Central Committee member Jamie Johnson. “Most Republicans here now see Rubio as the amnesty candidate.”

That’s why Eric Cantor lost.

What’s really funny about this is regardless of what the MSM pretended supporting amnesty doesn’t nothing for a Latino who has an R next to their name as Gabriel Gomez demonstrated.

So let me get this straight, you have Gabriel Gomez who has a life full of achievement as a Navy Flyer, Navy Seal and businessman, who won a GOP primary with over 50% proclaiming loudly and publicly his support of the efforts of the gang of 8, and the reaction is to Question if he passes a litmus test for being Latino?

If this is how an actual Latino, a son of Colombian immigrants, a person to who English was the second language he learned what makes who supports the gang of 8 bill is treated can someone explain to me why anyone would assume Latinos will even give a hearing to the GOP if they support this bill?

And to top it off the forces of the establishment, the people who talked Rubio into joining the gang of eight in the first place are lining up to support him.

And that’s Rubio’s problem, he can make fun of Trump’s hands, he can try to spin Cruz’s amendments to the gang of eight bill, he can even make speeches about con men, the soul of the conservative movement and vow he will stay in the race all he wants.

But nothing he can do can take away the knowledge and the memory of his support for the gang of eight from GOP voters who care about it so as long as Trump is running on building the wall, Marco Rubio’s chances are practically non-existent.

That’s just the way it is and Marco Rubio can’t change it. The only question is will Twitter figure it out before they’re permanently in Rubio’s spot?


I got a call yesterday from my old employer and much to my surprise I’ve been called by from my layoff and I’ll be back working overnights Saturday night.

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Blackadder: Baldrick, have you no idea what “irony” is?
Baldrick: Yes, it’s like “goldy” and “bronzy” only it’s made out of iron.

Black Adder the Third Aim and Amiability

Dominic You:  We need no friends, and fear no enemy
British Captain:  I may have been misinformed I understood Mr. Lafitte was in command at Barataria
Jean LaFitte:  If your offer is good it will stand up under fire

The Buccaneer 1958

Back in the days when I had my radio show I had something called Da Magnificent Panel when I would have 2-3 guests join us to discuss the issue.  As a rule I would always have at least one liberal on these panels.  One of those liberals was a fellow named Mike Hummell who I became acquainted with after his activism concerning the Hostess strike put him in the twitter gulag.  This treatment was the reason why I invited him on my show:

I’ve dealt with more than my share of folks on twitter who would rather throw an insult than make an argument and I don’t hold them in high regard. If your point of view is valid it should be worth defending and able to accept a challenge. As for trying to silence people on twitter let me say underhanded tactics used to silence conservative speech I agree with are just as despicable if they are used to silence liberal speech I disagree with.

If anyone on the right is responsible for this, let me say I’m ashamed of you, you should know better. If you are someone on the left outraged by this I would ask you to show that same outrage the next time someone tries to silence Ann Coulter or my friend Pam Geller.

Either way Mike Hummell is going to be on this Sicilian’s radio show tomorrow, he’s going to make his points concerning the Hostess Strike, I and my co-host will make mine, our callers will make theirs and I’ll trust my listeners to make up their minds. Twitter Gulag or no Twitter Gulag I’ve agreed to have him on and that’s the way it’s going to be.  Period!

I bring this up because as the saga of Stacy McCain’s twitter exile continues one of the things I’ve been most disappointed with has been the relative silence from liberals concerning this matter (I’m not critiquing Mike BTW, I have no idea if he’s aware of the situation and haven’t asked) or the reactions of same.

I’ve argued often that the best way to counter speech you don’t like is more speech and if you’ve seen me on twitter you know that as a rule that barring profanity, nudity or spam it’s very hard to get me to block someone no matter what they are saying.  I’ve always figured that my readers are smart enough to figure out if my arguments hold water against some of the ahem interesting arguments the left makes but when the left chooses to make fools of themselves I WANT people to see it.

I believe the best way to discredit the left is to let people hear what they say in their own words, Ironically that’s the banned Robert Stacy McCain’s MO which gave feminists fits.

Which brings me to the subject of this post.  Ladies and Gentlemen meet Came the Dawn:


As you can see unlike Robert Stacy McCain and myself this is a person who posts on twitter anonymously.  I have no info concerning him or her I don’t know and can’t tell if this is a sock puppet account designed to pad someones numbers, a college student, or a robo account or any of the myriad of other possibilities.

The only reason why I’m aware of his account is it’s one of the few that turned up in the my RSMCCAIN search that was critical of Stacy so it stood in stark contrast so  naturally I took note

this was the first of seven tweets attacking Stacy, “white male entitlementand his readers, two of which are worth noting first of which this initial tweet suggests that said person actually read Stacy’s arguments on his site.

Now while we have no evidence to support that statement other than the tweet itself but let’s presume it’s true. If that’s the case it’s a point for said person because the first step in making an argument is to see the other person’s point of view.

The second tweet that caught my eye was this one:

This tweet mentions “femfreq” who if you read my earlier posts site might recall dubbed suspicion of twitter’s motives as a sign of hatred of women. Thus we can infer that camethedawn agrees with that statement wholeheartedly as if he or she made it him or her self. Of course since we are dealing with an anonymous account for all we know it Could have been made by @camethedawn but I digress.

I found the seven tweets comical at best, but being a person who believes in speech decided to answer said speech with, you guessed it, more speech!

Now give the possibilities available in the rich vocabulary of the English language built over centuries “hilarious” is a mild choice in response to the worldview publicly advanced by @camethedawn who now had the floor.

So how would @camethedawn answer?

Would we see a screencap of one of Stacy’s tweets claiming it was beyond the pale and justified his banning?

Would we see a series of tweets quoting Stacy’s posts (after all @camethedawn claimed to have read them) making the case that his arguments were ad hominem, or weak, or beyond the pale of polite society?

Would we see examples of the claimed “evil” of conservatives in general since there are apparently so many to choose from, the great benefits of the progressive movement that could b displayed for all to see?

Would we see a clever quip, crafted with the skill of a wordsmith taking using the 140 characters of twitter and the grander of the language to show me the fool to the entire world?

Well one of those choices might have been expected if @camethedawn was a conservative, but as @camethedawn is a feminist who attacks #whitemaleprivilege the response to my innocuous tweet is so predictable that it’s almost not necessary to include it.

Yup, I was accused of harassment and muted which is not only a good explanation why @camethedawn tweets anonymously since with the possible exception of twitter’s safety committee or CSULA no sane HR person would consider employing a person of such frail sensibilities in any responsible position but evidence that like Baldrick our liberal friends have no concept of irony since I can’t think of a response that could have made my point better.

Now being that @camethedawn has muted me It’s possible he she or it will never see this post but I’ve taken the liberty of taking a screen shot of the response in case being rightly embarrassed by said tweet suddenly disappears and coupling it an embedded tweet ensures that if the tweet is deleted you dear reader will know it.


While the first instinct is to laugh is Baldrick class (Stacy McCain might for example break out his “crazy cat lady starter kit” image), however if you consider that @camethedawn is a human being who is expected to function in society and deal with all of the normal trials that life brings that laughter quickly turns to pity and then resignation at the number of taxpayers who will be needed to support this person as the years take their toll.

It’s a sobering thought isn’t it?

Of course maybe we might see a 501c3 formed to support @cametedawn, after all apparently it’s working for @femfreq isn’t it

And if you are hopelessly naïve, let me clue you in on the secret of this hustle: Just because an organization is “non-profit” doesn’t mean nobody’s making money. “Feminist Frequency is a 501(c)3 non profit,” Anita’s page says in soliciting tax-deductible contributions for her alleged humanitarian philanthropic enterprise, but how much of this non-profit organization’s annual revenue is paid to Anita Sarkeesian in one form or another? Furthermore, doesn’t Feminist Frequency function as a publicity platform that helps Ms. Sarkeesian get income in other ways that don’t show up on her organization’s Form 990? How much free travel and how many free meals does she get every year? What sort of opportunities can a shrewd opportunist leverage from a 501(c)3 racket like that?


This blog is not a 501(c)3 so unlike Anita Sarkeesian I make no pretence that I’m not trying to make a living around here.

That being said it has been a good couple of days for the blog both in terms of the hits and the tip jar but despite that we’re still $1375 a  22 1/2 days  behind the $61 a day pace that can keep the mortgage and the writers paid.

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I’ve written a lot about Twitter and the BS we’ve seen toward Robert Stacy McCain the last few days and it has generated a lot of hits but I’d like to go off on a slight tangent.

For whatever reason HBO had one of their semi-annual “Free on Demand” moments and being newly laid off from the lowest paying job I’ve had since I left college in 1985 (Despite the spectacular Obama economy that everyone in the media is telling us we’re in’s talking about) I’ve been taking advantage of the situation to watch my two favorite series: John Adams: about the blunt spoken founding Father who Ted Cruz so reminds me of (more on that later this week) and Band of Brothers the true story of Easy Company in Europe during World War 2.

I bring this up because yesterday I was watching episodes six and seven which take place in Bastogne at the Battle of the Bulge where the 101st airborne are dealing with being surrounded in the dead of winter with little food, limited ammo, no winter clothing while under siege by a German Army five times their size with armor and artillery pounding them to pieces.

Their plight illustrates the difference between the fantasy that Robert Stacy McCain’s contrary opinions are causing oppression to the wealthy feminists now in charge at the Twitter “Safety” crew and feminist students at top line colleges whose annual tuition is double what I was making in my now non-existent job are suffering beyond measure by having their own public statements, expressed publicly on the net, quoted back at them, vs people actually suffering and risking something for a cause.

Furthermore one doesn’t have to go to drama to illustrate the costs of real suffering or risk, one can simply look at stories like this

The career criminal whose drawn gun sparked a wild shootout in which two Brooklyn police officers were wounded in Bedford-Stuyvesant early Saturday is a cop-hating, self-radicalized Muslim who is associated with other suspected extremists, police sources told The Post.

Jamal Funes, whose rap sheet stretches 17 years across three states, is “associated with people the Joint Terrorism Task Force are looking at,” one source said.

via Pam Geller who says:

The NYPD is a favorite target for devout Muslims engaging in jihad. As big as this story is, don’t expect the enemedia to report it. One resident said, “We felt like we were in Baghdad.” Uh, you are.

“When officers show up, they’re in the middle of a combat situation.”

Of course to the people who are silencing Stacy it’s the police who are the oppressors and the gunman the victim, just as the Muslim refugees who were assaulting women in cologne are the victims and the women assaulted in stories like this:

“Teenage Afghan migrant, 16, ‘rapes worker at Belgian asylum centre two weeks after attending a course on how to treat Western women,

Somehow don’t raise the ire of their feminist sisters that the words of Robert Stacy McCain Do.

That’s the real difference between those trying to silence Stacy McCain and Stacy himself.

Stacy surrounded by his children and grandchildren and well versed in the sacrifices both he and his ancestors have gone through to give said children and grandchildren their life in America, knows that even if Twitter never lets him back in, he’s a lucky man with a good life, better that most of the human race before him has endured and he is grateful to God for this bounty.

Meanwhile his critics who are trying to put him down, being ignorant of history and brought up in a culture that’s told them how special they are all their lives, continue to see themselves as oppressed victims of a terrible system even as they draw a healthy pay and enjoy one of the most comfortable lifestyles in the history of mankind.

What an unhappy life that must be. Even with all the financial issues I’ve had for the last year and the physical illness I’ve gone through for the last month, I wouldn’t trade places any of those people in the Twitter Safety crowd or those feminists crying in their cornflakes even if it came with the extra years of their comparative youth.

And I suspect neither would Robert Stacy McCain.

Update: I know I use this Screwtape quote a lot but it so fits here

The characteristic of Pains and Pleasures is that they are unmistakably real, and therefore, as far as they go, give the man who feels them a touchstone of reality. Thus if you had been trying to damn your man by the Romantic method…you would try to protect him at all costs from any real pain; because, of course, five minutes’ genuine toothache would reveal the romantic sorrows for the nonsense they were and unmask your whole stratagem.

I suspect Screwtape and his friends have a field day with modern feminists.

Oh and expect to see more of this:

“The intolerant student Left has even turned on me – a lifelong civil rights campaigner,”

First they came for RS McCain….


It’s been a good couple of days for the blog both in terms of the hits and the tip jar but despite that we’re still $1511 shy of the $61 a day pace that can keep the mortgage and the writers paid.

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This was totally expected


I must confess when Stacy was first banned I presumed it was the act of some overzealous twitter intern over the weekend that would be reversed once pressure was applied.

But It’s been 48 and despite Streisand Effect like attention Twitter has now banned Stacy’s book promotion account after it drew several thousand followers very quickly.

I talked to Stacy Last night (more details tomorrow) and we noted that Twitter’s actions in an election year reminded us of other leftist business like Salon or the endeavors of Tina Brown which habitually hemorrhaged money for their investors but served the purpose of reinforcing the memes of the left in culture meaning that the lost was not so much a financial hardship but an investment in the culture wars.

I submit and suggest that this is what is going on here. Stacy McCain is the test case and with a candidate even worse that John Kerry at the top of the ticket you will see Twitter acting decisively to suppress conservative opinions on their platform and by the time election day rolls around you will see things that will make his banning look like a kiss in the cheek.

Stacy McCain is the test case. Folks it’s time to choose sides

Update: OK I must admit I didn’t expect this:


Because what we really need in this world is a junior star chamber wannabe.

Just got off the phone with Stacy and he read me this email from Twitter:



You’re account was suspended because it was found to be violating the Twitter Rules…specifically our rules around participating in targeted abuse.

You’re account will not be restored.



Now It seems to me that if this is the case they should be able to produce screen caps of said abuse to back up this statement. I’m sure we’d all be delighted to see them.

Or perhaps they are as imaginary as the infamous claims of abuse during the Obamacare debate that oddly no microphone or camera managed to pick up.

Update 2: Twitchy notices and the Fedealist says this:

You get the same impression when Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey proclaims that “Twitter stands for freedom of expression, speaking truth to power, and empowering dialogue. That starts with safety.”

No, actually, “freedom of expression” starts with “freedom.” It’s right there at the beginning of the phrase. But by recasting it as an issue of “safety,” Twitter de-emphasizes the “freedom” part and sets up a rationale to limit or ban its users in the name of protecting others.

And so we see, less than two weeks later, a particularly sharp-elbowed and combative critic of feminism getting his account suspended.

and ends with this classic line

Follow Robert on Twitter, until they kick him off.

Hey Dishonorable people gotta act dishonorable.

Update 3: at Instapundit a link to The rise of intollorant liberals

What we have here is nothing less than a new and highly attractive form of illiberalism—an illiberal liberalism, if you will. Intolerance is championed in the name of tolerance, closed-mindedness in the name of open-mindedness, and hatred in the name of compassion. It’s classic double-think, and the deception is precisely the danger. Americans don’t expect liberals to be authoritarian wolves in sheep’s clothing. They are not prepared to be on guard all the time because liberals are supposed to be the good guys—the guardians of freedom of speech and the like.

As the saying goes: Evil preaches tolerance until it is dominant, then it tries to silence good.

Update 4: PJ media notices something

In truth, we’ve only heard from one side in this dispute. And if someone knows of a liberal figure who has had their account suspended, I’d certainly like to hear it.

But after searching on Google for several minutes, I couldn’t find a single complaint from a liberal who had their account killed. Considering the viciousness and abuse of liberal trolls that’s at least as bad as some conservatives, it would be reasonable to conclude that Twitter is being extremely subjective and partisan in defining “abuse.”

What’s the word UNEXPECTEDLY

Update 5: Stacy posts the email and asks the obvious questions

Well, what is “targeted abuse,” what constitutes “participating” in this behavior, and what are the “rules around” it? Where is the evidence that I have been “violating the Twitter Rules”? Who was “targeted”? What was the nature of the “abuse”? Questions like this multiply, you see, if we can be permitted to ask questions of the arbiters of “Twitter Rules,” but that’s just it: No questions allowed!

“It’s as if the grown-ups left for the weekend,
and the SJW interns are in control.”

This morning, again without explanation, the @SexTroubleBook account — which I created last year to promote my book — was suspended.

Everybody is shocked, shocked!

“Evil preaches tolerance until it is dominant,
then it tries to silence good.”

Feminism is evil. But you knew that, right?

Update 6: Actor Adam Baldwin spoke in favor of Stacy

Now his twitter account appears to have been wiped of all tweets but that one.

Update 7: Batteswarm

Actor Adam Baldwin’s verified account appears to have been “shadowbanned” (i.e., his account has not been suspended, but none of his Tweets, except the one he has pinned at top, appear are visible to other users.
Discussion of the current problem and how to fix it. Including “Dismantle the kangaroo court” and “Fire CEO Jack Dorsey.” “The ‘Trust and Safety Council’ was Dorsey’s brainchild, and he’s the one who chose to give it over to political hacks with an axe to grind. In other words, while Twitter’s user base has been leveling off and its share price has been going down in flames, he’s been busy hatching a scheme to drive away even more of its users.” (Hat tip: Stephen Green at Instapundit.)
Conservative writer John Podhoretz’ blue “verified” check-mark on Twitter was breifly removed over the weekend, then restored.
It appears more and more that Twitter’s “Trust and Safety Council” should be more properly named “Anita Sarkeesian’s Committee To Ban People Who Say Mean Things About Her.”

Author John Wright:

I do not use Twitter, so it is nothing to me that they have decreed themselves to be an arm of the Democrat Party, and vowed to use all their powers in an election year to belittle, harass, silence, and smother any conservative voices in the public arena.

But please keep in mind. The virulent strain of Political Correctness known as Social Justice Warfare, Fifth Wave Feminism, or Intersectionalism, also known as Morlockery, is hatred, pure and simple.

It is directionless, destructive, and omnivorous. They are not in favor of anything, they just hate you.

Why such creatures are tolerated among civilized men for even an instant is beyond understanding.

and Ace takes a stand

Update 8: Larry Correia too

Un freaking believable

Update 9: Instalanche and a quesiton: If Stacy, Baldwin and Correia were liberals would there be any other story in the MSM today?

Update 10: Not a big fan of Anonymous still (via Redstate)…

GhostSec, a counterterrorism group within the Anonymous collective, which battles ISIS online, issued the following statement:

“Anyone who supports free speech should support Stacy McCain. Censorship has been used throughout history by tyrants and oppressors. McCain simply criticized someone. If this is what led to his suspension, then Twitter’s feet need to be held to the fire until the actions against Yiannopoulos and McCain are reversed.

This is not a partisan issue. You either support free speech or you don’t. If you want free speech for yourself, you have to support free speech for others–including those with whom you disagree.

Quite frankly, anyone who has a meltdown over a difference of opinion is probably better suited to spending their time in a daycare center than on a social media platform through which the exchange of ideas takes place.

GhostSec does not target hateful speech because as unpleasant as it may be, it is still free speech. GhostSec targets illegal speech — threats, propaganda and recruitment attempts by terrorists and their supporters.”

Immediately following the addition of Twitter’s new council, several members of Anonymous, who work on thwarting ISIS online (#OpISIS), also had their Twitter accounts suspended. Many of these Twitter users had been very vocal in their criticism of Twitter’s lax policy in addressing terrorist activity.

Free speech can use all the allies it can get

Update 11:  Now Chris Loesch suddenly gone too? I’m told he’s on “hiatus” I don’t know what that means, surely if he choose to stop tweeting his account would still exist.


I’m told he decided to go completely off line and take time off, I guess we can’t blame this one on twitter.

Update 12:  Adam Baldwin has left Twitter in Protest

Baldwin, who currently stars in the TNT hit show ‘The Last Ship,’ tells Independent Journal Review that Twitter’s new policy of punishing users for speech it finds “offensive” is the reason for his departure from the social platform:

“It’s really a shame that so-called ‘liberal thinkers’ and the so called ‘tolerant crowd’ is intolerant of varying viewpoints. They’re so afraid to hear people disagree with them. Instead of ignoring it or providing their own arguments in return, they say “shut up!”

“I’ve had enough. Twitter is dead to me,” Baldwin tells us, “I’m going to find greener pastures elsewhere and I’m not coming back.”

Me I’m staying until they boot me, why make it easier for them to get rid of conservatives?

Update 13:  Deny Deny Deny: via Batshit crazy news

Of course there isn’t a shred of truth to this perception, but for the people spreading it, the truth is irrelevant. The tweets, blogs and videos are designed to incite rage and enlist more people to join the crusade against me. They are designed to make me out as a powerful enemy of free speech who is determined to crush the expression of any idea she doesn’t agree with, and they conveniently support the perception some have created that I am not a feminist pop culture critic but rather some kind of diabolical supervillain, hell-bent on creating an oppressive society.

This conspiracy and others like it are themselves a manifestation of misogyny, borne out of a deep distrust and hatred of women.

Object to our actions and that’s proof you MUST be a misogynist.

If you told me this would be twitter a week ago I wouldn’t have believed you.

Update 14:  Baldwin’s departure noted by Townhall  & Twitchy and the leftists at Mother Jones celebrate.

Gotta love the left’s love for free speech.

Update 15:  Stacy is not on twitter but there are ways around this to wit…

Update 16: Fake Harassment vs the real thing

I was laid off last week from my 3rd shift job so my plan to use said job to pay the mortgage while using the site to get out of debt in a couple of years is out the window unless we suddenly get 125 subscribers at $10 a month. When I say I could use a hand right now I’m not kidding. (We picked up the equivalent of 6 such subscribers this weekend 119 more @$10 a month to go)

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Before there was Milo Yiannopoulos there was Robert Stacy McCain. A chain smoking, beer drinking, coffee guzzling hard nosed reporter who rather than simply going with the flow and repeating the conventional wisdom dared to go out into the field and actually see and report for himself.

And when he didn’t have a spot in the MSM to do it anymore on a regular basis he began his web site The Other McCain (named to differentiate himself from his distant cousin John in the Senate) and with funding provided by his readers (and sometimes without it going places on a wing and a prayer) he would travel the country from Alaska to New Hampshire from Nevada to New Orleans to cover stories that the MSM would not.

And when Bill Sparkman’s death became a national story and there were cries of “Send the Body to Glenn Beck” it was Stacy McCain who was the boots on the ground who actually went to Kentucky and investigated the story finding no evidence of murder and was vindicated when his death was revealed to be a suicide staged to appear like a murder.

He has managed to do all of this while raising a family of six which now includes two grandchildren who are his joy (although they have considerably slowed down his travels, after all family comes first).

Bottom line though not a rich man Robert Stacy McCain is an American Success story he has built a nationwide, dare I say worldwide following presenting his viewpoint and highlighting the public viewpoints of others who would rather keep their actual words and opinions under the radar because Robert Stacy McCain is loyal to his family, his God, his friends and the Truth.

I know this because I’m proud to say he is my friend. I’ve learned an awful lot from him the most important thing being there is no substitute for actually being there, gathering factual evidence, seeing for yourself and reporting the truth.

I guess that’s why Twitter’s new Star Chamber has decided to Suspend him sometime yesterday evening:

Ironically this caused the hashtag #freestacy to trend on twitter overnight until it suddenly no longer was able to autocomplete

The hashtag associated with McCain’s suspension (#FreeStacy) was actually allowed to trend, at one point, but as Mike Cernovich points out, now it won’t even autocomplete. That’s one of the tools Twitter has been using to slow down hashtags, as of late. GamerGate no longer autocompletes, either, even though several anti-GG hashtags do.

Now in fairness Twitter is a private company and they do have the right to run their business as they see fit.

But I submit and suggest to twitter & their investors that the way to success is not to alienate half of your potential customer base particularly in an election year, furthermore as anyone who knows anything about tech can tell you today’s popular site can become tomorrow’s AOL & Compuserve in a heartbeat.

As for myself I’m going to monitor Stacy’s account on the “quitter” platform, anything he tweets there I’m going to tweet on twitter until they get around to suspending me, I’ve also tweeted out to some of his friends in the MSM like Jake Tapper of CNN and Dave Weigel of the Washington post suggesting that this might be a story worth covering.

And of course you can help out by buying his book

I would also remind our friends on the left who might be celebrating that trends tend to ebb and flow and the day may come when you might find yourself silenced by the heavy hand of government or industry. Perhaps you might be counting on us on the right to aid you due to our principles despite your silence or celebration today. I’ll let Amy Pond answer that one:

Either you’re for free speech or you’re not, it’s time to choose sides.

Update: From the latest post Stacy authored on his blog

My paratrooper son spends his days jumping out of C-130s and marching for miles with 70 pounds of gear on his back, but Rutgers students “broke down crying” and were “scared to walk around campus” because Milo gave a speech? Are there any sane students at Rutgers? Are there no responsible adults in the administration or faculty? Like every other university in America, Rutgers has been descending into decadent chaos for years,

I often joke that such people are screaming to HR people “don’t hire me” but perhaps they are just the type of people twitter is looking for.

They had better hope twitter still exists by the time they graduate.

Update 2:  A great quote from his old blog at the start of the Sparkman case really says what Stacy McCain is all about:

If it turns out that Sparkman was lynched by the Clay County Glenn Beck Palinista Wing Nut Militia, OK. If it turns out he was murdered by dope growers or ‘shiners, OK. If it turns out he was murdered for perverse motives by some toothless inbred banjo-picker who thought Sparkman bore a fetching resemblance to Ned Beatty, OK.

But if you’re not going to do any reporting, Andrew, your baseless speculation about the Sparkman murder is as far from actual journalism as your idiotic obstetric theorizing about Trig Palin.

Just the facts and it’s worth noting who he gave credit to for his ability to find them

I would never have been able to do that reporting without the generosity of the tip-jar hitters. When I got the wild notion of traveling to Kentucky to cover the Sparkman case, I wrote:

Figure 1,200 miles travel round-trip, at 25 cents per mile, that’s $300. Five meals at $5/each, that’s another $25. A carton of smokes, $50; ten cups of coffee, $20. If you add$125/night for a hotel room, I could make it a two-day trip for $500. . . .
So if the tip jar contributions between now and Sunday evening reach $300, I’ll take it for granted that the rest will come through while I’m on the road. I could be filing reports with a Kentucky dateline by Monday noon.

That’s why Stacy will forever be hated, because the only person who owns him is you.

Update 3: I haven’t spoken to stacy today but Ralph has:

My politics are conservative, my economics are Austrian, my faith is Christian. It’s that simple — and certain people HATE me for it. But those people hate everybody who is not a Democrat. Fine. I understand that kind of hate, having once been a Democrat myself, but Democrats think of their personal hatred as “social justice.” And so I understand them better than they understand me…They do not fool me, nor should anyone else be deceived by their bogus hustle, and the fact that my @rsmccain account got suspended? Just further proof of what I keep saying: Feminism is a totalitarian movement, and the First Rule of Feminism is, “Shut up!” Sarkeesian and her crowd cannot sustain their arguments against well-informed criticism, and so they attempt to “win” the argument by silencing all criticism.

This is why you can’t even state FACTS about these people on Twitter without being accused of “harassment.” Facts are harassment and truth is hate

Update 4: Instalanche, thanks Glenn & Now a Memeorandum thread, can you say “Streisand Effect?”

Update 5: Twitchy gets into the act and Hogewash who has some experience in these matters speaks thus:

Glenn Reynolds says he’s losing patience with Twitter. Professor, I lost a whole lot more than patience with ’em last year when I was suspended based of lies from Brett Kimberlin. Twitter is clearly an untrustworthy business partner. The only reason I use their service is the lack of a viable competitor. As soon as one appears, I will be an early adopter.

This is what we free market capitalists calls a “business opportunity” Charlie Baker take note.

Update 6: Author Vox Day links, I’m sure he’s high on the Twitter kill list also now a reddit thread. I think Twitter’s plan is turning out to be less cunning than any of Baldrick’s

Update 7: Stacy finally officially weighs in at his site:

Unexpectedly, and without explanation, my @rsmccain Twitter account was suspended Friday evening. Based on past experiences, my guess would be that this resulted from a complaint by one of the leading “social justice warriors” (SJWs) who have been at war with #GamerGate since August 2014. However, there was no reason stated for the suspension, and who knows? So I’ve switched to the @SexTroubleBook account I created to promote my book and meanwhile, friends who are fed up with Twitter’s bias and censorship started the #FreeStacy hashtag.

and of course stacy has an Instalanche ensuring the story gets even bigger.

Why do I have the feeling people at twitter are running to their safe spaces?

Update 8: At Protein Wisdom / Before it’s news

Twitter isn’t merely targeting spammers. For weeks, users have been reporting that tweets from populist conservatives, members of the alternative right, cultural libertarians, and other anti-PC dissidents have disappeared from their timelines.

Twitter, as a private company, has every right to do what they want. However, if they are going to censor or ban on ideological grounds, they should be honest enough to put that in the TOS and let the market decide.

But Leftism and honesty are not well acquainted.

Update 9: Some things are so predictable, yet still disappointing

Update 10: Legal Insurrection

McCain is a conservative blogger who has keyed on the decline of campus culture generally and in particular due process for defendants in campus sexual assault allegations. He is also a vocal critic of Twitter’s de-verification of @Nero’s account.

Taken together this paints a concerning picture. The Trust and Safety Council is a dressed up censorship board and will provide cover if and when Twitter shutting down or diminishing disfavored accounts.

Update 11: Rand Koch:

I’d like to say I expected stuff like this, but of course I did not think it could be so soon, or so overt. This was pretty quick.

It’s as if the grown-ups left for the weekend, and the SJW interns are in control. It was only supposed to be just in case the circuit breakers popped — it is a weekend, after all — but then those interns saw an injustice that needed to be fixed, and it couldn’t wait ’til Monday.

Twitter may or may not see this as a mistake. I assume they will adapt to the complaints.

Update 12:  Reason Magazine gets to the heart of the matter:

Twitter is a private company, of course, and if it wants to outlaw strong language, it can. In fact, it’s well within its rights to have one set of rules for Robert Stacy McCain, and another set of rules for everyone else. It’s allowed to ban McCain for no reason other than its bosses don’t like him. If Twitter wants to take a side in the online culture war, it can. It can confiscate Milo Yiannopoulos’s blue checkmark. This is not about the First Amendment.

But if that’s what Twitter is doing, it’s certainly not being honest about it—and its many, many customers who value the ethos of free speech would certainly object. In constructing its Trust and Safety Council, the social media platform explicitly claimed it was trying to strike a balance between allowing free speech and prohibiting harassment and abuse. But its selections for this committee were entirely one-sided—there’s not a single uncompromising anti-censorship figure or group on the list. It looks like Twitter gave control of its harassment policy to a bunch of ideologues, and now their enemies are being excluded from the platform.


Update 13: Classic RS McCain

Update 14: Drudge has linked to Legal Insurrection’s post on the subject this likely means Limbaugh will be talking the story on Monday and yet Twitter has not reinstated Stacy. I’m wondering if they’ve decided to go all in.

Update 15: The Lonely Conservative

Twitter recently started something called the Trust and Safety council, or something like. I think they should call it the Silence Conservatives council instead.

That’s pretty much it.

Update 16: They’ve now suspended his book account


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Ever think you had woken up and found you were still asleep and dreaming?

That’s how I felt when I saw this tweet from the Donald Trump camp.

My reaction to this was, wow, just wow, which is a polite way of saying:


In a way it makes sense. The Donald™ has decided (correctly btw) that there is little or no chance of winning over Ted Cruz voters so there is no downside for him here and given the abject hatred of Ted Cruz by the establishment GOP, the media etc etc etc this line of attack is likely to be repeated and popular and hopefully overshadowing the Marco Rubio surge. All part of the overall Trump control of the air campaign plan

Of course it’s also there is always the chance that he’s making this idiocy up as he goes along.

I was thinking it was most self delusional tweet you will see from a presidential campaign, or at least it would be if twenty minutes before I made this Joke concerning Rand Paul & Rick Santorum (both good men btw) leaving the GOP race…

….Jim Gilmore tweeted this.

My reaction of course is ARE YOU KIDDING ME, he really means it!

I’m trying to figure out which tweet is more delusional and just can’t decide so I think it’s time for a poll.

After all the world needs more laughter.

last Tuesday I got into a minor tete a tete with a Hillary Clinton supporter who answered a general tweet I had put out.  She didn’t care for my pointing out Clinton’s use of her sexually predatory husband as a spokesman while hitting Bernie Sanders as a sexist, it was the first post in my “are you kidding me?” series but I digress…

However I bring up the story not because of our exchange but because it was of interest to someone else.

Ladies and gentlemen meet Mr. Woosta


Judging from his self description you will note that we are both from central Massachusetts. As I used to broadcast out of worcester I presume he first found me via my radio show and for a while and for all I know he could be someone I actually know personally, but there is one thing that is rather unique about MrWosta that is different from most other people who I have twitter exchanges with.

He’s been blocked by me.

Anyone who knows me understand this is very atypical behavior for me. Unless a person is a phony account, or a person trolling the #catholic hashtag selling nazi stuff or tweeting nudity or profanity into my timeline I don’t block you, in fact I’m known for purposely not blocking people so that folks can see our full exchanges and judge who is right and who is not based on the facts.

For quite a while Mrwosta and I had regular exchanges, sometimes friendly, sometimes testy but generally respectable although he delighted in trolling my timeline if I said something he disagreed with which I confess I found occasionally annoying.

But if you want to really understand why I blocked him the answer is after the jump but if you look carefully at the post above you might already know why, since apparently he is upset enough to literally be searching my timeline to find exchanges like the one above.

Continue reading “My Gift to MrWosta the explanation he so desires”

Judson:  I’m agan it!

Daniel Boone:  I can’t think of a better reason to be for it.

Daniel Boone Ken-Tuck-E 1964

One of the things that have noticed in a decade of being on the next is how the word “troll” has been redefined.

It once was that a person referred to as a “troll” was used sparingly, only one whose provocation was bcene or completely without argument would be labeled such, even one who used sarcasm to make a point wasn’t considered a “troll”.

The idea was that the internet was this wonderful place where people could safely say what they thought and engage each other, maybe even persuade each other, without worry or fear.  Positively utopian.

What a quaint idea.

The reality is that in the early day of blogging and the net, you have a small subsection of the population (much like the crazy uncles)  who had something in common in the net and thus, to some degree were able to use that common connection to mitigate other reactions that might normally come.

But once the net, and blogging were found to be commercially viable, politically valuable,  and accessible to the vast majority of the public the realities of dealing with human beings trumped all.

1.  If you were trying to use the net for propaganda the last thing you want is someone contradicting you on your site, particularly since a contrary argument & the evidence to back is up is only a click away .

2.  If you are using the net for revenue and do not have a niche market, the last thing you want is anything that can threaten that revenue stream, such as anger, debate or controversy of any type.

3.  And of course you if have all the normal foibles and faults of humanity those foibles and faults are not going to go away just because.

Because of this we’ve reached the point where all it takes for someone to disagree in a comment thread, reply to a public twitter message or link a piece that you might have blogged to find yourself labeled as, at best a “troll” and at worst a “stalker”.

I think this is all nonsense so for the benefit of those sensitive types out there let me point out some basic facts.

1.  If your ideas are worth the pixels they are being displayed in then they should be able to handle critique, if they can’t the fault is not in your critics, but in you.

2.  If you put something out on the net available to the entire world then you have no business complaining when people in the world link to it, comment on it and ridicule you for it, that is what public speech is.  Blogs, listservs and twitter have private settings so you can limit your exposure to those who you wish to speak to, if that is your wish.

3.  If one choose to be anonymous on the net I dont’ care, but if you choose to try to deprive a person of their living and their livelihood be aware that there are thousands if not millions of people who can figure out who you are simply by a few google searches so act accordingly.

4.  Like all other freedoms they come with a price, freedom of expression does not mean you are free of the consequences of that expression.

5.  If you are that worried about what a bunch of strangers think of you on the net, you really need to get a life.

and finally

6.  All the various net platforms are all owned and run by someone, while people may think of them as a public platform unless you are paying for a subscription service you are playing in someone elses yard.  Even if I disagree with how they keep that yard if they are paying for it then they get to run it and if it’s their site and their comment section they can run it as they see fit.  If you don’t like this, there are plenty of places on the net where you can put up an opposing view.

As for me, let me repeat my own rules here:

1.  Comments that agree or disagree are welcome.  I expect you to not use vulgar language that I would not have in my house, or to at least edit it down.

2.  I like sarcasm & humor, even if directed at me, one of the joys of the English language is how it can be used in this way.  You will not be banned or blocked for that and if you can’t take a joke, well that’s on you.

3.  If you want to comment please have it be relevant to the topic of the post.  I dont’ mind you linking to your site or others but don’t just put an off topic link, stay on topic and you’ll be fine.

4.  If you want to spread what I consider calumny against a 3rd person not present do it elsewhere.

5.  There is no automatic comment approval here, I approve them all and might edit out profanity.  I reserve the right to edit but will not do so without

A.  giving you the chance to edit an objectionable comment first.

B.  Noting that said edit was done by me.

 6.  I have a life and I don’t have a smartphone that means that if you leave a comment and it’s not approved with 5 min it’s not because I’m ignoring you, it’s because I’m out, or on a contact job or away from the computer or asleep etc etc etc.

8.  Because my time lately has been at a premium and even when it’s not I’m a poor speller I will on occasion mangle a word or phrase or hit publish before I should, correction comments are most welcome.

9.  This isn’t the NYT, the layers of proofreaders at this site consists of me.  If you want to argue that my points or tweets are without merit because of bad spelling or grammar you are welcome to do so, and by the same token I’m welcome to make the point that you’ve got nothing in terms of an actual counter argument because if you did you’d use it.

Personally I think that if more people used rules like this we’d all be better off but if you disagree, that’s what the comments section or a link that refutes this post is for.  Have at it!

Or perhaps I should call it the “reply” of the year:

David Burge is one of the funniest men that will never be acknowledged by the media in general or exposed to the public at large.

Their loss.

The War Doctor:No More

Doctor Who: Day of the Doctor 2013

Capt. Roc Brasiliano: I’m giving you fair warning, Hawke!
Brian Hawke: That’s very generous of you, Captain. I’ll give it the fair attention it deserves.

Against All Flags 1952

One of the things that puts a damper on following the #Catholic hashtag on twitter is the occasional trolling/attacks on the church, primarily by atheists liberals and gays although occasionally but increasingly rarely from protestants or people of other faith traditions.

Now I should point out that attacks are different than disagreement.  I’ve enjoyed discussions on doctrine, the existence of God , sin and the like with people inside and outside of the church and/or christianity.  Listening to strong reasoned arguments or difficult questions stimulate the mind and are an excellent way to reach out to people, and make friends.  Furthermore you can’t convert those you don’t engage and to all those on twitter and the net who have shared those conversations with me I think the world of you and nothing that follows applies to you.

As for the others, their attacks usually fall into two categories

#1  An attack on the wealth of the Church

#2  An attack on the churches unwillingness to redefine sin

Point 1 on wealth is fairly easy to refute.  The numbers concerning charity,  particularly in africa are publicly available and staggering.  the number of people who are fed, clothed, educated, housed treated medically & socially by the church is overwhelming and generally quickly tend to cause trouble for the attacker.

Point 2  is also not hard to counter as once relativism or even cultural imperialism but as most of these arguments comes from secularists or atheists the best answer involves the voluntary nature of the church & their obsessive need to have a church & a faith they supposedly believe is myth to justify their beliefs.  That tends to send anti-Catholics over the edge.

What is really interesting however is not either of these attacks per-se as they are simply variation of things thrown at the church by those who hate them for hundreds of years, what’s interesting is what invariably follows when such attacks are checked:  Both sides follow-up with the sexual abuse scandal in the church.

It’s a painful topic and one that tends to cause most Catholics to abandon the fight since while one can point out the statistical rates of pedophilia in the church vis-a-vis the public, the strong proactive reforms the church has instituted and the silence of those critics on similar scandals in other institutions the facts of the scandal and the slow cowardly response of Bishops can’t be defended nor should they be.

However it is also a mistake to be completely silent in response to these attacks which are designed to chase away souls from potential salvation and left unchallenged can be successful.

There is a response and that response tends to completely unhinge the attackers.  In the interest of arming readers of the #catholic tag who are tongue-tied in this situation allow me to share with you my tactics that have been, since I’ve instituted them, uniformly successful.

It begins with a simple statistical fact concerning the church sexual abuse scandal.

78% of the abuse involved homosexual acts, men abusing boys.

Given that the secular media culture that hates the catholic church has spent the last decade advancing a cultural meme of priests preying on boys in everything from drama to humor one would think such a fact stated aloud wouldn’t rattle them, however when you respond to their attacks with this fact the Catholic haters simply begin to fall apart.

Their first response is always to accuse you of being anti-gay saying you’re claiming that all gays are pedophiles or that gay are claiming that gay people are more likely to be pedophiles than straight people or that gay pedophilia is any more sinful or criminal that such acts committed by a straight person.

However that argument tends to fall apart because that sentence is a simple statement of a statistical fact that no more comments on rates of pedophilia among gays or straights than stating North America composes 16.4% of the land mass of the earth.  Those accusations eventually die when you repeat the fact and ask if they deny it.

The next argument that follows is the denial that the people are  “pedophiles” not “gay”.  That tends to fall apart pretty quickly as pretending that a gay person can’t be a pedophile  in a pubic argument is untenable in a twitter feed full of people with internet access to news stories around the nation and world.

What then follows is the suggestion that it’s just a question of “availability” of boys, as if there are no girls ( or women or men)  available to a priest willing to sin.  It’s an argument so ignorant no person whose knowledge of parish life in the 21st century didn’t from some completely from TV would dare to make it for fear of looking the fool.  Moreover the idea that availability trumps sexual orientation not only clashes with memes that the people making this argument have pushed culturally for years but can be counted by the examining almost any large groups of gamers, geeks and comic book nerds, filled with sexually frustrated males whose conventions somehow don’t end with them taking advantage of the availability of other frustrated males looking for release.

Usually by the time the argument reaches this point your opponent is not only gratifyingly reduced to simple name calling but the #catholic tag has been conveniently removed from their counters in order to keep their weak defense out of public view.

While all of this is to some degree amusing there is real irony involved.  The sins of the priests involved in the church scandal were their own, but the source of the sin of the Church is the Bishops etc who didn’t address what these priests were doing.  That source is the same source as the arguments of those condemning the church.

A pathological fear of admitting an unpleasant facts. In the church’s case it was the existence of the scandal, in the case of our liberal/secular/atheist/gay friends the fact that said scandal was overwhelmingly homosexual male one.

This is where you deliver the very telling coup de grass to end the conversation,  a challenge that will inform you if the person you are dealing with is at all degree reasonable.

Make the point that you as a faithful catholic take ownership and condemn the actions and inactions of those involved in the scandal including covering it up.  State categorically that any people who committed crimes should be prosecuted according to law…

…then challenge them as a critic of the church to take ownership too and admit that the people involved in committing those crimes were overwhelmingly gay men.

If they are willing to make that concession then you can part in agreement, make future polite conversation and perhaps even eventually make friends.

If they can’t then pray for them because they are consumed by their hatred of the church beyond their ability to cope.

But be forewarned if you are a hater of the Catholic Church intending to  troll the faithful online and attack the church in the words of the 10th Doctor:  It is defended!

Update:  Really want to send them over the edge?  Show them this story out of the vatican:

A scandal-ridden Catholic diocese in Italy where priests posted naked photos of themselves on gay websites, raided church coffers and sexually harassed parishioners is to be investigated by a special envoy to Pope Francis.

The Pope reportedly intends to send an “apostolic administrator” to assess allegations that the diocese of Albenga-Imperia, in the Liguria region of northern Italy, has hosted a string of “playboy priests” moon-lighting as barmen, stealing parish funds and getting tattooed.

how bad was it?  This bad:

The bishop himself is not accused of any wrongdoing, but is reported to have been overly-charitable in recruiting “black sheep” priests with distinctly chequered pasts, including trainee priests expelled from seminaries for misconduct.

They include a priest who was found guilty of organising an under-age prostitution ring and others who posted nude photos of themselves on Facebook and gay websites.

Given the silence of our secular friends on this one might conclude that it’s an example of the the more “inclusive” church they wish to see.

Mike “Meathead” Stivic:   I’m trapped, I’m trapped! I shoulda left a flap. Archie was right!

All in the family 1976

Yesterday while I was looking at twitter a person I follow Dr. Pat Peters PhD tweeted out a joke picture hitting Senator Clinton:

Now I’ve bow to nobody in my disdain for Hillary “$100,000 reward if you can name an accomplishment of mine” Clinton and I like a good joke but that hit me the wrong way.

She running for President of the United States, not for movie star in chief. Her job is not to have Lynda Carter’s legs at 66 but in fairness…

and quipped:

Well the next day I turned on Morning Joe and the lead topic was Hillary Clinton and the talk was all about her appearance on Jon Stewart’s show. Showing clips about the shape of the office he wanted to have, the shape of her office etc etc etc.

The show spent five minutes talking strictly how she successfully played the gimme joke that Stewart fed her on no substantive subject. They never did get to anything that actually mattered concerning Mrs. Clinton except fundraising.

So when Pat was making light of Mrs. Clinton’s legs, apparently he wasn’t just making a superficial point. He was actually making an argument in the wheelhouse of the low information voters who can’t name an accomplishment of Hillary’s. An argument that the liberal viewers of Jon Stewart and Morning Joe care about come election day. He knew the reality better than I did.

So Dr. Pat, I owe you an Apology, you were right.


By Pat Austin

SHREVEPORT:  Let me join the #hashtag chorus for a just a few minutes and let’s look back at one of the weirdest weeks in #foreignpolicy in recent memory (and that’s saying something.)

I’m #baffled, really, by this #hashtag #diplomacy.  What in the heck is going on here?!

Fausta posted earlier in the week on #hashtagdiplomacy in response to Michelle Obama’s now infamous tweet in which she held up a sign saying #bringbackourgirls.  It is beyond bizarre to me that the First Lady would do this.  Not that she’s done anything wrong, mind you, just that it’s weird.  When I first saw the photo my first response was “Is this what we’ve come to?”  Really?

I wasn’t alone in that thought.  Cut to Mark Steyn:

It is hard not to have total contempt for a political culture that thinks the picture at right is a useful contribution to rescuing 276 schoolgirls kidnapped by jihadist savages in Nigeria. Yet some pajama boy at the White House evidently felt getting the First Lady to pose with this week’s Hashtag of Western Impotence would reflect well upon the Administration. The horrible thing is they may be right: Michelle showed she cared – on social media! – and that’s all that matters, isn’t it?

The key word in that, at least to me, is “Western Impotence.”

What in the world is a #hashtag going to do?  Doesn’t the world already feel terrible about the kidnapping of 276 Nigerian school girls who will be (have been already?) sold in to slavery?  A #hashtag is going to make us more aware?  #seriously?

Steyn again:

There’s something slightly weird about taking a hashtag – which on the Internet at least has a functional purpose – and getting a big black felt marker and writing it on a piece of cardboard and holding it up, as if somehow the comforting props of social media can be extended beyond the computer and out into the real world. 

Absolutely weird.

It’s #pandering is what it is.  MO is taking a terrible event and pandering to her social media fan base; look at the gloomy, sad face she has adopted for the photo shoot.  Was she just sitting around in the White House with this poster board in her lap when the White House photographer stumbled upon her?  I think not.  It’s #pandering.

That being said, I now can’t help but wonder why Reagan didn’t deal with Gorbachev by just pulling out a poster and marker:  #teardownthiswall.

For that matter, Patrick Henry could have used the old hashtag trick:  #givemelibertyorgivemedeath.  It would have saved us a lot of trouble.

The #hashtag theory of foreign policy would have served Roosevelt well:  #daythatwillliveininfamy.

The point, of course, is that Michelle’s staged photo simply illustrates the feckless foreign policy of this administration.

Rush Limbaugh, Friday:

I was aghast.  I mean, it’s embarrassing that a Twitter hashtag is all we’ve got.  And, in fact, I was further embarrassed that a Twitter hashtag is assumed to be enough because all we have to do is show that we’re concerned.  All we have to do is exhibit our proper intentions, and that covers it  We don’t have to actually do anything.  It’s perfect liberalism.  You don’t solve anything.  You don’t do anything.  You just show that you care and you have good intentions.

We are impotent.  We arm Mexican drug cartels, we bow to foreign leaders, we alienate our allies, we appease dictators, we leave our people behind in foreign countries after a massacre and never seek justice.  #embarrassing.

What country is this?

Which leads us to Hillary Clinton who refused to use her power as Secretary of State to designate Boko Haram a terrorist organization:

What Clinton didn’t mention was that her own State Department refused to place Boko Haram on the list of foreign terrorist organizations in 2011, after the group bombed the U.N. headquarters in Abuja. The refusal came despite the urging of the Justice Department, the FBI, the CIA, and over a dozen senators and congressmen.

“The one thing she could have done, the one tool she had at her disposal, she didn’t use. And nobody can say she wasn’t urged to do it. It’s gross hypocrisy,” said a former senior U.S. official who was involved in the debate. “The FBI, the CIA, and the Justice Department really wanted Boko Haram designated, they wanted the authorities that would provide to go after them, and they voiced that repeatedly to elected officials.”

And she’s going to be our next president?  #sayitaintso.

As I said, it’s been a most bizarre week in politics, the least of which is our now most powerful weapon in foreign policy:  the hashtag.


Pat Austin blogs at And So it Goes in Shreveport.

by baldilocks

This week’s racial controversy involved Ebony Magazine senior editor Jamilah Lemieux  and RNC staffer Raffi Williams—son of Fox News commentator Juan Williams. When you’re reading the conversation, stop seeing red and try to see green.

#SMH @JamilahLemieux is harming the Ebony brand. Questioning “blackness” is something @EBONYMag has fought for yrs! pic.twitter.com/yhBOeIXGhl

— D.J. Jordan (@_DJ_Jordan) March 27, 2014

I’ve had this happen to me before; commented on some Twitter topic regarding black persons and been told by some self-appointed guardian of Twitter blackness—a member of the “Black Twitter Mob” (BTM)–to “stay out of black folks’ business.” I guess the photo of my sandaled and very dark foot, which serves as my Twitter avatar—not tbaldilockso mention my African surname–was not enough of a clue for another of these guardians.

One might wonder why this sort of thing occurred at all. Why would a senior editor of a venerated publication like Ebony behave in this manner? And, regardless of Mr. Williams’ race, if she really didn’t want to talk to white people, why would she be commenting on Twitter in the first place?

Why don’t these conversation segregationists create a “Black Folks Only” version of Twitter, and go spew there?

I’ll tell you why not; because they don’t have to. It’s easier and free to attract the like-minded via a Twitter-feud. (Conceiving an innovative means of communication, building it and attracting users/customers, however, is a much more difficult set of goals to meet. Plus, work is involved.)

Here’s how to further understand the financial reason as to why this happened. The first thing that needs to be observed about Ebony Magazine is this: it’s a corpse; its heyday was in the 60s and 70s. They were putting copies in the mail gratis during the last few years of my great-aunt’s life (she died in 2012 at age 91). They couldn’t even get her to buy the magazine, not even on past subscription or reputation. Therefore, its publisher and editors are attempting to re-animate it by any means necessary.

Therefore, this Lemieux person is attempting to attract BTM Internet bada**es to the magazine by doing the thing which the BTM will always applaud: attempt to intimidate white people.  A slap-down on a “white” guy or one of these dreaded, scary black Republicans—the same thing in their minds—might serve this purpose, and, at the same time, help to shed Ebony’s old-school, grandma and grandpa, Uplift-the-Race image.

And even though the publisher of Ebony responded to an open letter from RNC Chairman Reince Priebus with a real and classy apology, the tactic can be considered an initial success, since BTM sorts are still in a froth.

Only Ebony’s accountants can determine if the tactic has long-term success.

I predict that there will be none, however. Black Twitter Mob types don’t read anything longer than 140 characters.

(Thanks to Ace and to Twitchy)

Juliette Akinyi Ochieng blogs at baldilocks. Her first novel,Tale of the Tigers: Love is Not a Game, was published in 2009; the second edition in 2012. Her new novel, Arlen’s Harem, is due in early 2014. Help her fund it and help keep her blog alive!

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By John Ruberry

An article posted last week in Buzzfeed, Occupy Wall Street’s Final Implosion, caught my eye.

Occupy has devolved into a Twitter war.

Take a look at this Tweet:


Big deal. Occupy is all but dead and Tunney, a Google software engineer, is a general with no army, along the lines of the delusional “King” Viserys Targaryen in Game of Thrones. Actually the Occupy movement is dead, all that remains is the name calling and competing claims as to who founded the collective of leftists.

While I didn’t visit the Zuccotti Park Occupy camp, I did so at its counterparts in Chicago, Las Vegas, and Denver, and I attended an Occupy march in Milwaukee. Oh, were these people cocky. “We can change the world,” Vermin Supreme sang at an Occupy Chicago rally. The movement was going to morph the energy from Cairo’s Tahrir Square protests and the drive to recall Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker into the far-left’s ultimate dream–a world wide uprising that would make the Russian Revolution look like a brush war.

But the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood became the ruling party in Egypt and Walker survived the recall challenge. And now Egypt is run by the military.

The world has changed–no one believes it won’t–but not the way Occupy Wall Street had in mind.

Meanwhile the Tea Party, a true grass-roots movement, is alive and well.  And while thousands of Occupy activists were arrested during its halcyon days, I’m still waiting for the first Tea Party bust.

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by Baldilocks

On Christmas Eve, former presidential candidate Mitt Romney offered a photo of himself, his wife Ann, and their gazillion grandchildren.

In response to the photo, an MSNBC panel, conducted by the infamous Melissa Harris-Perry, proceeded to mock one of the grandchildren, young Kieran Romney, who is adopted and black.

“One of these things is not like the others, one of these things just isn’t the same,” panelist Pia Glenn offered as a caption for the photo, which the Romneys tweeted on Christmas Eve. (Lyrics of the original Sesame Street song are, “One of these things just doesn’t belong.”)

“And that little baby, front and center, would be the one,” Glenn said.

Comedian Dean Obeidallah joked that the baby is a token.

“It really sums up the diversity of the Republican party and the RNC, where they have the whole convention and they find the one black person.”

Of course, these people were excoriated, and why not? Good grief, it’s like reading the banter of elementary school children! And the panelists show themselves to be what they claim to denounce: those who would isolate a child who is externally different from most of his family members–than most of his countrymen.

After taking a well-deserved Internet pummeling, Harris-Perry–who is half white and half black herself–put forth an apology.

Now, she is taking an Internet beating for that, but that’s just gratuitous.

But there’s something even more disturbing than the behavior of Harris-Perry and company. That something is the logic implicit CNN’s Dr. Marc Lamont Hill’s commentary on this incident. From Right Scoop:

Dr. Hill:

Some would say maybe that it’s an exploitative picture that they’re exploiting the kid by hauling out this black person …

Embedded in this seemingly ridiculous notion is a frightening idea: that Kieran Romney’s race was bound to be mocked and that his grandparents, knowing that he is different, set him up for ridicule by publicly acknowledging him as their grandchild.

The notion of “some,” that the Romneys are exploiting the child by including him in a family photo and by sharing it, is merely a foundation–a fabricated pretext to shift the blame from the MSNBC panel to the Romneys for the actions of the former.

The Romneys should have never post the photo; or they should have never included the child in such a photo. But because they did, the Romneys deserved what they got from the MSNBC panel…according to Dr. Hill’s logic.

“You deserve to be assaulted because you tempted us by wearing that short skirt/being out too late at night/leaving your meat uncovered. Wear a burka.”

“You and your grandson deserve what you got. He got mocked because you showed him to us. Don’t try to exploit him again by include him in pictures with your white grandchildren and we won’t be tempted to mock him or you.”


Right. The buck-passing never stops with these people.

(h/t The Other McCain)

Juliette Akinyi Ochieng blogs at baldilocks. Her first novel,Tale of the Tigers: Love is Not a Game, was published in 2009; the second edition in 2012. Her new novel, Arlen’s Harem, is due in January 2014. Help her fund it and help keep her blog alive!

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When last we left Tami Erin she was involved in the Hustler Halloween Party

and that involvement has to some degree had the desired effect:  She has passed 6700 twitter followers

tami progress 2

and her website has cracked the top 900,000 mark in Alexa

tami progress

Personally I’d put a twitter button on that web site to increase the number of followers (no charge) but alas the attention has started to wane.  If you do a google search for Tami Erin under news But alas there hasn’t been much in news since that last burst of activity.
tami progress 3
And the news that’s there isn’t good:

Tami Erin, now 39, starred as Pippi when she was just 14, but images from her childhood role as the red-headed character are being used on multiple websites to promote her recent porn flick.

Now, according to TMZ, Columbia Pictures—the studio behind the family-friendly movie—is ordering the images of 14-year-old Erin not be used to promote the X-rated film.

TMZ reports that lawyers for Columbia demanded sites remove the old Pippi pictures, or else the studio would sue.

That’s from Nov 5th and if you look at Ms. Erin’s twitter stream you will see the latest fan tweet is also from Nov 5th.

So already the interest is down and in fact the problem that I mentioned before remains:

Experience, intelligence and chemistry have little or no value. Her only card against other younger women is a 25 year old children’s movie remembered by fewer and fewer people as time goes by. There are already plenty of younger more voluptuous women ready and willing to carry themselves more provocatively than Ms. Erin. It won’t take long for the novelty to fade and then the stray lesbian kiss, topless shot or swing around a pole will not be enough to retain the interest

And therein lies the problem, is there a formula,  an example,  a business model for the almost 40 year old Ms. Erin to follow to establish and maintain a living in her now chosen field? 

Oddly enough there is. Continue reading “Tami Erin & the Magdalene St. Michaels Business Plan Calculated Risk Required (Content warning)”

Bryan: I don’t know who you are. I don’t know what you want. If you are looking for ransom, I can tell you I don’t have money. But what I do have are a very particular set of skills; skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. If you let my daughter go now, that’ll be the end of it. I will not look for you, I will not pursue you. But if you don’t, I will look for you, I will find you, and I will kill you.

Taken 2008

There are quite a few people on the left who I almost totally disagree with but we still get along. Dominic Nanni, Maxine Baptiste is another, but the longest debates I have tend to be with a fellow by the name of Mike Hummell.

My lead post today was delayed by many things but one of them was a debate with Mike over Syria that started with an interesting tweet from yesterday that I didn’t notice till today:

the gist of his argument was that this was skilled diplomacy by the president. We had a rather long exchange that included a tweet that I couldn’t believe could be said with a straight face


You should check out the entire exchange, you will see vastly different opinions on Syria and some strong words but there is one thing you won’t see from either Mike or Me during its course…

…any attempt to suppress the other.

That’s because for all our disagreements we respect each other basic rights as Americans. Just as important it demonstrates we have enough faith in our own positions that we do not fear others expressing theirs and considering them and if others find Mike’s opinion on Obama diplomatic skill as I do, or think I am just pushing a right wing meme and we get some mocking, no big deal, we are big boys and can handle it.

That’s the type of debate on twitter that makes it worthwhile. Unfortunately my friend Stacy McCain is seeing something else.

We all occasionally get fake tweets and/or followers they tend to be used to try and promote a link or install spam. Today Stacy Got something very different.

He explains what is going on in a post today:

Go out to smoke a cigarette, come back 10 minutes later and there’s the message: “You have 863 new followers!”

Why is this bad, this is why

Evidently, this tactic is used to try to get someone’s account suspended: A troll buys fake followers for his targeted enemy’s account, which then makes it easier to then get the target account suspended. Considering that I’ve got 20,000+ real Twitter followers and run a high-activity feed, the troll had to buy thousands of fake followers in this sabotage effort, and they need to be deprived of this resource..

If one or two people are targeting an account it’s hard to get it suspended. But if suddenly THOUSANDS do so then the twitter guys are most likely to suspend now and ask questions later. This shows a fundamental disrespect not only for the basic rights of Americans but of sheer fear. You can’t out argue a foe or defend your own position so you attempt to destroy them. It is disgusting, dishonorable and despicable. My friend Mike above might be wrong but he’s worth a million of any of the people who have done this. Who might use such tactics, well there is a clue:

Inquiries were made, and it turns out that this same troll-tactic harassment phenomenon has also been used in recent days against the Twitter accounts of John Hoge and Aaron Walker, who happen to be my co-defendants in a lawsuit filed by Brett Kimberlin. Just a coincidence, I’m sure.

And twitter seems to be ignoring this so Stacy is bringing out the big guns:


And here is the worst of it, he COULD stop this by making his account private but there is a catch:


This is restraint of trade. Stacy McCain like me, makes his living freelance, his ability to pay his bills his directly related to his ability to reach people and these people are trying to stop it.

This is no different from what Charles Johnson was doing that first acquainted me with Stacy with the exception that Johnson at least didn’t pretend it was someone else trying to destroy Stacy.  It was his baby and he ran with it.

This is simply an evil act, and I have something to say to whoever is doing this be it the Kimberlin crowd, which is the rational and logical rational assumption, or someone else.

You are fools. If you are purchasing followers there will be a trail. In normal circumstances Robert Stacy McCain is a reporter who grabs a story like a dog clings to a bone and chews it till it breaks. with the attempt to stop him from feeding his family I expect the cry to ring out:

“Chlanna nan con thigibh a so’s gheibh sibh feoil!”

I’m uncertain if this is worse than having people of my ancestry after you but it’s a damn close call.

There were a fair amount of tweets last night that simply should not have sent I’d like to talk about this one:


I was VERY surprised to see this tweet in my timeline, and it provoked some strong reaction from people who saw it as well it should.

At any time that phrasing would be racist on its face, it sounds like something out of Jim Crow, but to tweet out such a phrase right after one of the most watched racial case in the country while people are still worried about rioting is not only outrageous, it’s irresponsible and provocative.

But there are two outrages in this tweet and while one is easy to spot most will ignore 2nd.

The fact is for all his poor choice of words and the lack of sensitivity in both content and timing Mr. Haley is telling the truth.

Don’t believe me, here is something from Afrodaddy.com

In relation to homicide the number one killer of black men is other black men. It is a national tragedy that black-on-black crime ranks as the 4th leading cause of death for black men. In the age group of 15 – 34 black-on-black crime is the #1 killer of black men

This has been true for a long time, and none of the people in the MSM seem to be all that upset about it.  I think what I wrote the day the Zimmerman case first became a national story still holds up:

I have sons near the age of Mrs. Martin. I can’t imagine what she’s going through and I don’t begrudge her one bit of her anger or desire for justice for her son. It seems to me however, that the activists and media personalities so outraged today, had none for the young black men who’ve been slaughtered in cities for years:

That is the true disgrace, daily bloodshed in the Black community that is left unchecked. The statistics are telling:

The hundred or so homicides in Oakland each year are part of nearly 6,000 murders nationally committed by blacks, mostly of other blacks, compared to just over 5,300 homicides committed by whites and Hispanics combined. (Blacks are 12.8 percent of the U.S. population, whites and Hispanics, 81 percent.).

Where is the outrage in the black community. Why does not the black leadership or the elite liberal opinion address this outrage, because it doesn’t fit their template of racism as the primary cause of the suffering of the Blacks in America.

You can’t find that outrage because it has no political value to either activists of the left or to the self-appointed black leaders that you will see on every channel for the balance of the Trayvon Martin case.

The Trayvon Martin case is a tragic, but the regular murders of young black men in the cities by other young black men and the unwillingness of people to talk about it nor the media’s willingness to write about is the real national outrage.

“…because it has no political value to either activists of the left or to the self-appointed black leaders”

I don’t begrudge anyone being outraged about the words used in that tweet, but if you are more outraged by Mr. Haley’s use of language then the fact that young black men are being slaughtered in cities by other men of color, then I submit and suggest that like the black “leaders” who can’t find the time or the inclination to make this a national issue,  your moral priorities are off, way off.


Final thought,  A person can send out a single tweet that they might regret I looked at Mr. Haley’s timeline after that tweet and didn’t see a repeat of such language,    Marlon Waynes has no such excuse.

Fr. Michael Harvey: I was trying to make it easier for you.

Maggie Harvey: I didn’t want it made easier, I wanted you to say ‘No’.

Cracker My Brother’s Keeper 1995


While Stacy McCain has simply owned the story of Kaitlyn Ashley Hunt (You might want to go and read his posts on the subject which I will link at the bottom of this one if you are unfamiliar with the case) I’ve only touched on the subject with a single post, an hour on my radio show and in a few twitter exchanges.  I’d like to talk about one of them.

During once such twitter exchanges I ended up speaking to a person named Alaini the Greek.


She (or he, you really don’t know who people you haven’t met actually are on the internet) was of the opinion the charges against Ms. Hunt should be dropped. That being the case I asked our Greek friend the following question


Our Greek friend hemmed, hawed, threw an insult or two but never did answer the question however there was one thing she DID say that fascinated me and I think really crystallizes this debate and problem.


I asked my three teenage daughters what they thought.

Facts in the case not withstanding I found that statement extraordinary.

Now I don’t know the age of the daughters in question, we could be talking triplets who are 19 or 13 or a spacing of 18, 16 or and 14 but this is exactly backwards.

It’s no secret that I have very little respect for my generation one of my pet peeves is parents not being parents but trying to be friends.

Part of being a parent is to restrain your children. Even the least skilled or most foolish parent has simply the act of living has more experience than their children and are in a better position to make judgments. A parent needs to set boundaries and establish a code of behavior for them to not only teach them how to be adults but to keep them safe in their formative years. It is not to be their pals.

For example I do NOT allow my sons to call me by my first name, I made it very clear that while I love and respect my sons I am their father, I will always be their father. This is NOT an equal relationship. It is a parents legal and moral duty to raise them and teach them and when that involved saying “No” or punishing them that doesn’t matter.

If you are more interested in being a friend to your kids or to make your their friends think you are cool, then you are abrogating your duty.

Now I haven’t met Katie Hunt, I don’t know her parents and I don’t know how much the father’s issues have to do with what has been done to this point but I would not be surprised if they were the best friend of their darling daughter.

Meanwhile the parents of the minor in this case Jim and Laurie Smith continue to be pilloried because they didn’t “ask their daughter” if she thought it was OK for her at 14 to have sex with an 18-year-old adult in the bathroom at school. They instead took the less progressive view that it was their responsibly to teach their girl right and protect her from what was wrong or from things she was just not mature enough to decide for herself.

Perhaps if the Hunt family followed that example their daughter might not be in the trouble she’s in now.

As for our friend from BC it’s not my place to tell her how to raise her daughters but it’s my opinion her girls will be better off if she more Smith family than Hunt family but even better as she boast of her Greek Ancestry, I’d suggest thinking of her old Greek Grandmother and following that example whenever possible.

But that’s just my opinion.

BTW here are Stacy McCain’s pieces on the subject:


I suggest reading them all:

Update:  The Pink Flamingo notes the cost the Smith Family has paid for deciding to practice parenting:

James and Laurie Smith don’t have insurance for family counselling.  They’ve been harassed so badly, they’ve disconnected their phones.  They’ve taken down web sites.  They are being harassed and under protection. Their family has been threatened.  Jana Eschbach of http://www.cbs12.com is one of the few people helping the Smiths.  If you want to help them, email her.  She will make sure the funds get to them.  Thanks to the Hunt family they are in bad shape.  This is one of the interviews with the Smith family.  The press conference for the Hunt family.

Facebook pages down

Under protection

Hunt’s supporters harassing them

No way to raise money

No support group for the Smiths

This was the first time the Smith child had had sex

The child ran away from home to be with Kate

There is little support for the Smith family online

Meanwhile the Hunts as of this moment have raised over $24,000 via GofundME apparently not parenting pays.

Update 2: Apparently it was unclear that the list in the last update was part of the quote, fixed.

Update 3: Stacy McCain links and gets to the point:

A child, if left unsupervised to pursue his pleasure, is likely to spend all his time watching cartoons or playing video games, to eat nothing but junk food. Not only is this bad for his health and intellectual development, but if he is permitted to acquire such habits, he also acquires the idea that it is his right to live exactly as his chooses, without any obligation to society to make himself useful or productive.

To indulge the child in the illusion of his own competence — to surrender authority to him — is to persuade him that you, the adult, have no superiority to him in terms of knowledge or experience.

Your home cannot be a democracy; children are naturally tyrants.

Let the child have Sudetenland and next he’ll invade Poland.


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While America celebrated or remembered the Memorial Day Holiday DaTipJar also took a holiday

Last week was a poor week for DaTipJar and this week has managed to start worse.

You can change that by simply hitting DatipJar below.

Yeah you can’t trust those Sarah Palin Types who’ve been saying crazy stuff like this since 2009

And by the way, [with] health care being so big in D.C. right now, be wary when some kind of tie-in occurs. Because it will crop up: a tie-in with guns in an attempt to take away our rights under the guise of some new health care plan. You know that this is coming–that the two issues will somehow crop up and they’ll be tied together. So we have to be very wary of that.

What a bunch of nuts eh?

Update: Instalanche & Irony Overload in three tweets

Because NOTHING says irrelevance like getting elected.

Today is our annual all Catholic Christmas show on DaTechGuy on DaRadio.

In the first hour we talk to Linda Binggelli, she was one of three people whose questions the Pope answered in his initial tweets.

In our second hour we have our taped interview with Bishop Reilly on the Church, the Year of faith and his memories of Vatican 2.

It all starts at 10 a.m. EST till noon on WCRN.

If you are outside our 50,000 Watt Range you have a lot of streaming options.

You can listen live using the three different links for the WCRN live stream

If you are using Windows media player click here
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If you are using something else, then go to Tune-inhere

To all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and thanks.

Update: Dropped a “G” in Linda’s name, fixed

Been on the road today and when I came home I found that an idiot had acted like an idiot and had received an idiots reward.

Here’s the despicable racist tweet that got University of North Alabama player, Bradley Patterson, kicked off his team:

The tweet was brought to the University’s attention after it was highlighted by Deadspin.

Within the past several hours, Patterson deleted his Twitter account.

Goodbye and good riddance:

Forgetting the stupidity, (assuming you have cable one could change the channel to CNBC) this type of public racism deserves condemnation and received it not just from Twitchy but from sites like Crooks and Liars:

However, there was a segment of the population less taken with Obama’s speeech, especially since it pre-empted NBC’s coverage of the 49ers/Patriots game. A few of them took to Twitter to voice their complaints more…er…shall we say, colorfully.

I would offer a couple of screen grabs of these tweets, but they violate our editorial standards for hate language. Let us just say that there is something so enraging about missing football that brings out the racists.

and Eclectablog

University of North Alabama kicks racist football player/tweeter off the team

There is no question that this crossed a line and he deserves all he gets, but just a week earlier there was a different involving the same word said in public by an angry largely white crowd involving destroyed property belonging to a fellow named Clint Taver. I looked at Crooks and Liars to see how they reacted, after all an angry white crowd destroying the property of a small black business man combined with racist statements spoken in person is much more serious than a single tweet:

or not.

While Crooks and Liars finds Clint Taver not newsworthy in the least, Eclectablog did a bit better but their post was…interesting here is the title

A bit of truth-telling about the Lansing “Hot Dog Guy” whose “cart was destroyed by union thugs”

As you might guess it goes down hill from there:

Nonetheless, much like, Kenneth Gladney, the St. Louis guy who faked getting injured at the hands of union members then solicited funds for his hospital bills even though he had health insurance, a collection has been taken up on Tarver’s behalf. According the article, they have raised over $10,000 for him (UPDATE: MIRS News reports that it’s now over $16,000.) The total value of what he lost in the scuffle?


I wonder what they’ll do with the thousands of extra dollars not needed to buy more buns, hot dogs, ketchup, mustard and a couple of folding tables and coolers?

Apparently there is a deductible that must be applied when white liberal Union members cost a black man money. It’s also a poor reflection on Mr Taver that strangers gave money in excess of his base expenses. Somehow that somehow makes it illegitimate.

After 12 paragraphs along these lines from the author we finally see this:

Certainly Clint Tarver didn’t deserve to be treated as shabbily as he was by the union folks there. His wife claims he was called a “nigger” and jeered for working for the enemy. If true, that’s reprehensible and inexcusable. But the off-the-charts poutrage from the right on this is an absolute joke. Some of the same people decrying the verbal taunts that Tarver experiencde are here on this very website calling union members all sorts of hideous names. So let’s keep it real, shall we?

By this standard the football player on Twitter shouldn’t have been kicked off the team because so many people on the left have hit Michelle Malkin with racist & sexist slurs.

But maybe because what happened to Clint Taver is all about an evil conservative plan to distract the public:

Let’s not kid ourselves about what “Tentgate” and “Hot Doggate” are all about: distracting the country from noticing that corporatist ideologues have turned the birthplace of American organized labor into a Right to Work for Less state.

I submit and suggest that if Mr Taver had been a democrat and the people involved Tea Party members this would not consider it a “distraction”.

But then again, I suspect the standards being used are based upon the Obama/Liberal version of the Bill of rights so I don’t expect better.

And for the record I’m sure conservatives would LOVE people to see what Michigan had done, because as time passes the benefits for people in Michigan will be apparent for all to see.

In my post on the subject yesterday I talked about the purpose the Pope on Twitter

Most twitter accounts are about the people or organization who have them, the purpose of my account is to promote me, keep me in touch and aid me in making my living. That’s not what the Pope is shooting for. His purpose is not for his own aggrandizement but to spread the good news of Christ for the salvation of any who hear it.

And it’s not just the spreading of the world but as the Anchoress notes, what matters is how he communicated to the faithful

I love this piece by Cathy Grossman in USA Today, in which she makes not of the real people behind the questions that Benedict answered, today:

At noon, he addressed a mom who asked: “Any suggestions on how to be more prayerful when we are so busy with the demands of work, families and the world?”

Benedict replied: “Offer everything you do to the Lord, ask his help in all the circumstances of daily life and remember that he is always beside you.”

Let me introduce you to the lady in question:

Meet Linda Binggeli:

If you do a search of “Linda Binggeli” on the internet for the period of Jan 1, 2008 to Dec 1st of this year you will find 37 results the most interesting one being a story of an app for Eucharist Adoration for the iPhone. The woman in the picture resembles the photo above and the location is right so I assume the developer is her husband.

So Linda this ordinary wife and mother posed this question on twitter on December 6th:


and I’m sure to her surprise the Pope answered it directly:

Now that tweet got the attention of not just the news but people all over the world. The English Language version of it has been re-tweeted over 16,500 times.

That however isn’t the story. The story is a member of the faithful, an ordinary person, asked a question to the Pope and he answered.

This answer was not delivered by the Vatican, not by a Cardinal, an Archbishop, Bishop, Monseigneur, Priest or Deacon. It was delivered directly from the Pope.

It was not filtered by any media service, not the Vatican News Agency, CNN, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, FOX, The New York Times, Washington Post, London Times, or even her local paper before the Pope stated it.

It was not dissected by Morning Joe, Made fun of by Maureen Dowd, scoffed at by Fr. Richard McBrein or Denounced by Richard Dawkins before the Pope expressed it.

This was the Holy Father, the Supreme Pontiff, the direct Successor to St. Peter, the holder of the Keys who can bind and loose on earth and in heaven, speaking directly to the faithful and interested in general and to Linda Binggeli in particular.

It’s been my experience that the many of the objections to the church (particularly among Christians) are objections the a Church not as it is or as it teaches but what they think it is and teaches based on what they’ve been told it, perhaps from a minister, a secularist or perhaps even from a priest who has given poor catechesis.

In other words they object to or attack a Catholic Church that doesn’t actually exist.

But with the Pope now able to tweet directly to the masses, that is eliminated. There is absolutely no question that the message given is consistent with the authentic teaching of the Church.

That power and ability to bypass the media filter will only grow over time and that effect will be profound, The Anchoress again at the Washington Post:

I’m tempted to say there is a danger that the pope can be misconstrued, but it’s difficult to imagine how Benedict can be any MORE misconstrued than he usually is in most media stories about him — witness the silly headlines following the release of his latest book, suggesting that Benedict was naysaying the Christmas narratives. On the other hand, if His Holiness is misconstrued, setting the record straight is much faster and more efficient online. He won’t have to wait four days for a “clarification” (in section C, page 36) of the screaming headlines that had appeared front page, above the fold. In that sense, I guess you could say Rome has a shot at grabbing the wheel of the Barque of St. Peter from the hands of the media and being its own helmsman-of-perception.

And it is this fact more than anything else, the potential to do this and actually save souls that causes that anger and venom spewed in his direction. The Anchoress however notes this will backfire in a special way:

It’s interesting to see folks indulge themselves like that; lashing out at an 85 year old man — or tweeting risque pictures to try to shock him — reveals a great deal about the people who do it, but if folks think they’re hurting the pope, they should think again. All they’re doing, when they try to shock, or vent, is opening the door to their own salvation. They’re only prompting Benedict to pray directly for the healing of their souls, as the Vicar of Christ encounters their need.

Seen in that way, it’s impossible to take offense at these tweets; easier to see them for what they are: cries from the shadows, by sheep in search of their shepherd but wounded, and cold — and so very afraid — that they do not know how to trust.

as Thomas McDonald put it:

When you tell the world to hope, pray, and look for Jesus in the faces of the needy, and they respond with “f*ck you you child molesting old queen,” that doesn’t say a thing about the pope or his message. It says volumes about the demonic forces unleashed in our world. It’s nice for Catholics to see a tweet from the pope, but it’s important for the haters to see one. emphasis mine

No matter if it’s a cry for help, demonic forces unleashed or a little of both, they will get the word of Christ and his Church directly from the Chair of Peter.

And that reality will not change no matter how they protest, but it might in the end change the world.

When the Pharisees heard that he had silenced the Sadducees, they gathered together, and one of them [a scholar of the law] tested him by asking,

“Teacher, which commandment in the law is the greatest?”

He said to him, “You shall love the Lord, your God, with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind. This is the greatest and the first commandment.

The second is like it: You shall love your neighbor as yourself. The whole law and the prophets depend on these two commandments.”

Matthew 22:34-40

There was quite a bit of fuss when the Pope Benedict XVI got an actual twitter account where he would tweet directly to the faithful. Actually 7 accounts in languages from German to Arabic) with a low of 8070 followers in Arabic to 728083 in English, a combined on 1m124301 followers as of 7:41 AM EST on Wednesday.

Today the Holy Father sent out his first highly anticipated tweets in fact he sent three, here they are:

OK starting with a basic greeting to all, makes sense, but now here comes…the MESSAGE:

This being the newly declared liturgical year of faith…here it comes….

A simple clear and succinct way of describing what to do as a Christian.

The message (in English) received over 5000 re-tweets in the first hour and good responses from the faithful, there are some who were not impressed.

Meet Stephan Faris

Here is his twitter profile

My first introduction to Mr. Faris was this tweet in response to the Pope today that was re-tweeted by someone I follow:

Anti-Climax? It seemed to me as the vicar of Christ the Pope was delivering the basic message that he is charged with delivering: How to follow Christ. So I asked Mr. Faris what he expected and he answered:

And THAT tweet says an awful lot.

Forgetting for a moment the confines of 140 characters per tweet. Mr. Faris objects to the simple message that “he could have written himself”. I ask: how often have you written it? How often have you thought about that simple message in terms of your own life?

There are a lot of people today who don’t understand faith, who don’t understand the Church and only see Christianity in general and the Catholic Church in particular through the secular progressive lens. Their only exposure to the Church is the NYT editorial page or from those who dissent from outside or from within.

To such people the concept that people might actually follow the Church and be Christian because they believe it to be true (which is the only reason to be a Christian in general and a Catholic in particular) is totally foreign to them. To them Christianity and the divinity of Christ is just a con, believers are rubes and the purpose of the Christianity is to keep them that way.

So to these enlightened elites, the concept of using a platform reaching over a million people instantly to reinforce the consistent message of Christ and the Gospel, love of God and love of your fellow man, is totally beyond their ken.

In reality helping people find Christ IS the primary job of the Pope and all Priests from the humblest friar to the most celebrated Cardinal. This is the message and purpose of the Church for 20 centuries.

The message of Christ, like the ten commandments, is simple, but because it is simple it’s very hard to follow, and needs to be reinforced whenever possible.

Most twitter accounts are about the people or organization who have them, the purpose of my account is to promote me, keep me in touch and aid me in making my living. That’s not what the Pope is shooting for. His purpose is not for his own aggrandizement but to spread the good news of Christ for the salvation of any who hear it.

I expect most of the Pope’s tweets to be along similar lines, and I also suspect they will produce the same confusion and disappointment among our secular media friends as this message did, I’d be surprised if it generates much else.

But I’m sure the Holy Father thinks and prays otherwise. His faith is much stronger than mine.

Update: And here is why it matters so much

In keeping with my last posts here are some tweets from those trying to create change in Egypt:

The Big Pharaoh


Rasha Abdulla


Seif Moussa:

Marie-France Lakah


Ahmed Ezzat

and one tweet from a person named Melinda Carter who asks a great question:

I’d love an answer and the people in Egypt risking their lives fighting the Muslim Brotherhood would too.

BTW here is a handy dandy map of some of yesterday’s marches

Because of personal issues I haven’t given the events in Egypt any coverage, that couldn’t really been helped but for all the fuss about fiscal cliffs and pregnant princesses the protests of the last few days might in fact be the most consequential events of the 21st century, for the entire world.

On Thanksgiving day just a few hours after being praised by Obama/Clinton team for his role in the cease-fire that prevented Israel from wiping out Hamas sites where rockets had been launched against Israel from (a cease-fire the Muslim Brotherhood needed badly to safe face) President Morisi claimed far-reaching powers over the state and the courts in a rather dramatic move that caught many Egyptians by surprised and was almost totally ignored by Americans busy with Turkey, Football and Black Friday shopping.

Since then there have been loud protest reaching a point where Morsi actually fled the palace for a short period of time.

However the Muslim Brotherhood was not going to sit back and let this happen, yesterday they organized counter-protests and that means violence:

The Egyptian army has begun to clear demonstrators and media organisations from outside the presidential palace in Cairo.

It follows violent overnight clashes between supporters and opponents of President Mohammed Morsi that left five people dead and 644 injured.

Yesterday While picking up a pizza at a local place the protests were on the air on a satellite channel in Arabic, the owner of the place in Fitchburg talked about the violence of the Muslim Brotherhood in an attempt to suppress protests.

There isn’t much news in English from the Horse’s mouth but here is something from the Egypt Daily News.

First of all, I would like to thank you. If it wasn’t for the massive organised effort and insane amount of money that you poured into having a strong showing in Giza and Alexandria last Saturday, and the full Panic mode that you put all the secular people of Egypt (who are now the majority after five months only of your rule), we wouldn’t have seen yesterday’s massive, nay, colossal turn out in all of the governorates. Not only did we pack Tahrir, we completely covered the huge area surrounding the Presidential palace (despite security checkpoints placed there by your security forces to divide the crowds and make the numbers look small, and which were naturally removed by the protesters), not to mention the massive turnout in Alexandria, Assiut, Minya, Daqahliya, Suez, Port Said, 6th of October, Mahalla, Hurghada, Sharm El-Sheikh, Damanhour, Damietta, Aswan and others.

Wanting to get a few from the front lines I took a look at the twitter feed of Egyptian blogger Sandmonkey to get a better idea of what is going on and discovered something interesting…

As might be expected there is a lot of arabic as Egyptians of all types talk about what is going on here

That’s a real problem for a person like me who doesn’t know arabic, but there is one thing he says in English loud and clear:

Who is Gehad El-Haddad? Let me introduce you or more properly I’ll let him introduce himself:

So it seems to be Mr. El-Haddad is deeply involved in both the Muslim Brotherhood and in media. As the Brotherhood man involved in TV I would expect he’d have a lot to say about what is going on, so I looked at his twitter feed, Here is what the front page of his twitter feed looks like as of 8:48 AM EST Thursday

This screen shot seemed odd to me, so I kept scrolling down for a 2nd then a 3rd and then a 4th. Then I came to the 5th page:

Now doesn’t it strike you as odd that you have to go down 5 pages before you find a single tweet in Arabic, and that a retweet?

If this man is communicating to the people of Egypt, to the Arab world, to people who follow Islam, surely you would expect to see a large amount of tweets in Arabic with the odd English tweet mixed in more like our friend Sandmonkey?

Why is this so? The answer can be found in Sandmonkey’s twitter feed

Here is what I think. I think this fellow Gehad El-Haddad’s twitter feed is for lazy westeners who don’t want to sort though arabic, I think it exists to build a real time narrative for the western world. As Nervana Mahmoud puts it in the Daily News of Egypt:

The Muslim Brotherhood is waging a war of perception, not just for domestic consumption but for a western audience, too. Perception is crucial for two reasons: To defeat non-Islamist opponents, who may lose faith quickly when watching the endless number of pro-Morsy protestors in comparison to their relatively lower number in Tahrir and, secondly, to convince western nations that Islamists are the only reliable, powerful force in Egypt and that they are backed by the “majority” of Egyptians.

That’s why Mr. El Haddad’s tweets are not in Arabic. If you consider how easily the west bought the Hamas narrative I can see why he would be sure to tweet “facts” in a language that the lazy western press could understand but the majority of Egyptians would not.

Update: Instalanche! and more from Stacy McCain and Captain Ed

Today on Morning Joe Chris Matthews absolutely lost it on Reince Pribus:

Visit NBCNews.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Now lets face it. Chris “Tingle up my leg” Matthews is scared. This is not the reaction of a side that is winning as evidenced by how uncomfortable Mika is or as I tweeted.

But as Amusing as this video was the real treasure was something he said earlier:

He called Barack Obama “A Skillful deft politician.”

Skillful? Mr. Matthews? Barack Obama? really?

It inspired a series of tweets…

The fact is Barack Obama is a horrible inexperienced, arrogant pol. He had a good election team that took advantage of the perfect storm of a sudden crisis, a weak opponent and the historic nature to create a false image that the public fell for. Now after four years the con is up and the people who ran it and those in the media who fell for it are worried, and that adds up to the final tweet that says it all…

Update: Ed Morrissey

Matthews obviously doesn’t want any discussion of Obama’s record, and wants to scare Republicans away from it by toxifying those issues as raaaaaaaaaaacist. The aromas of desperation and fear are strong in this clip.

That’s the entire point they can’t run on his record, they have to cry raaaaaaaaacist which means…

“Ride right through them, they’re demoralized as hell”!

Today on Twitchy we found out that the great Star Trek / Star Wars debate between William Shatner and Carrie Fischer is still on.

I favor Star Trek over Star Wars myself but since I’m a Doctor Who fan over all I tweeted the following:

Imagine my shock when I got this tweet in reply:

I’ve interviewed Senators and congressmen, TV personalities like Joe and Mika, I’ve spoken to Todd Palin (although never managed to get a direct question to Sarah) and even questioned the man who will be the next president of the United States twice, but in terms of coolness this definitely tops the list and impressed the hell out of My youngest who was sitting next to me at the time and my oldest and wife who just got back from Foxwoods celebrating his 21st birthday. As I put it:

Stacy McCain might argue (correctly) that his hard-earned tweet & retweet from Alyssa Milano is more desirable and nobody can deny she is a beautiful woman, but while there will never be a shortage of beautiful women in Hollywood there will never be another William Shatner.

Is that cool or what?


Cool as this is it will not put a single dollar in the DaTechGuy Fundraiser now in progress. Still over $2200 short of the $3000 goal. Hey a Shatner tweet has GOT to be worth at least a fiver. For details click here for the progress check the thermometer to the right and to kick in hit DaTipJar”.

Have you ever wondered why the left always seemed to take the side of the totalitarian states during the cold war. Well look at what’s happening on twitter and wonder no more:

Last night Twitchy reported that liberals had launched an assault on conservative Twitter users, reporting them as spam to trigger account suspensions and renewing their abuse of the flag-spam feature when conservative accounts were reinstated.

You can usually tell spam when it comes, you look at the account, it 0-10 followers and tweets out the same link to different folks hoping you will click on it (they also as a rule have an image of an attractive lady but I digress) Our friends on the left after seeing conservatives on twitter beat them time and time again have decided to abuse the reporting system to shut down debate:

the Left has begun organizing stalker mobs to falsely report conservatives for “spam”/”abuse,” in order to silence the Right on Twitter. Why?

Silencing opposition is the Left’s only hope for success.

If conservatives are permitted a fair chance to critique the Left’s agenda, to expose the Left’s tactics and demonstrate the failure of the Left’s policies, the Left loses. Not content to dominate academia, public schools, the entertainment industry, book publishing and the mainstream news media — all of which cultural institutions are characterized by an overwhelming liberal hegemony — the Left is now determined to silence conservative opposition in the few bastions of freedom that remain: Talk radio, cable TV and the Internet.

Ed Morrissey notes the real winners will be the spammers:

Here’s the problem. There actually is a ton of spam on Twitter, usually triggered by key words picked up by autobot searches. In the ideal model — and one that had been working fairly well until now — legitimate Twitter users would report the spam, and Twitter would suspend the accounts. That keeps traffic moving smoothly (a performance level that Twitter occasionally fails to maintain anyway) and disincentivizes spammers, at least to some extent. Now that the Left is abusing the spam mechanism, Twitter will almost certainly have to suspend its use, which means the only people who will win this game are the spammers, and we’ll have no way to deal with the flood of annoying marketing messages.

Gee, thanks, progressive activists!

This has been picked up by the Washington times Breitbart.com and is at the top of memorandum.

I find the most interesting that not a week earlier I was writing about low tactics being used against the Lonely Conservative and Zilla of the Resistance as well. What still amazes me is how these people are so willing to do this openly.

If Twitter is playing along with this nonsense it might even be actionable. I wonder what will happen if our sides lawyers start contacting Twitter and the people doing this. It would be….interesting.

As the truth of the left’s prospects in this election become more apparent expect more of this because the bottom line is our friends on the left can’t compete in the market place of ideas so they want to shut it down. These are the tactics of the Soviet Union, Cuba and Communists throughout history afraid of the voice of the people and the prospect of them hearing any message other than their own. It’s the tactic of fear and that means one thing:

Ride Right Through them, they’re demoralized as Hell!

Final thought, is this yet another example of the left acting like Fedual types? Can’t compete, instead of better arguments, send in the thugs.

Update: Just One Minute reminds us these tactics might seem familiar to pro-Clinton bloggers who had interesting google blog problems during their primary against a certain Illinois Senator in 2008.

Fight! Are you warriors or children?

Star Trek Friday’s Child 1967

All over the net the story is how the tea party and the GOP is losing the fight on the payroll tax cut.

House Republicans faced mounting pressure Wednesday from critics inside and outside Congress who worry that their standoff with President Obama over whether to extend a payroll tax cut could do lasting damage to the GOP.

The MSM is pushing this will every bit of ink and every pixel they possess but no matter how hard they push this theme it it doesn’t change the math:

Senate Tax bill

(8 weeks extension / 2 a bi-weekly paycheck) x $40 per check= $160 dollars

House Tax Bill

(52 weeks extension / 2 a bi-weekly paycheck) x $40 per check = $1040 dollars


House bill $1040 – Senate Bill $160 dollars = $880 dollars more for taxpayers in the house bill!

All over twitter I’ve seen Democrats

Retweeted by a new bot posting their $40 stories

making their case and over and over I’ve been giving them the same answer:

It’s not hard to make the case that $880 dollars is better to have than $40 dollars. $880 dollars is a new washer or dryer.

This is a fight the Tea Party and the house can easily win but you have to be willing to fight.

Let’s hit them straight on, we have both right, and basic math on our side!