Today while watching Morning Joe this morning he brought up the Clinton record on taxes and I put out the following tweet:

A few minutes later he mentioned how the GOP congress moved Clinton, but at the same time I noticed that my youngest had not come down for his bus, had to get him up and running. He ended up missing the bus so I had to get dressed and get him to school. On the way home I stopped at Moran Square diner (ironic as Barnicle has mentioned it more than once) had breakfast and came back home about an hour after I left totally forgetting about the tweet.

A few min ago Joe sent this tweet.

It had been several hours later so I didn’t remember what he was talking about, but after seeing the tweet and remembering he had a real point so I tweeted the following:

Normally that would do but it occurs to me the tweet was up for 4 hours uncorrected. As it was not put up in error deleting it would be altering the record and the simply mea culpa tweet is in my opinion an insufficient apology so Joe I put this post up as a formal apology and correction that you deserve and honor demands beyond a simple tweet.

My bad.

Update: Maybe Meghan McCain can use this post as a template for a bad tweet.

Q: What was the first thought in my mind after coming home from a couple of hours of errands and seeing the following tweet from Michelle Malkin concerning James Jay Lee.

Not knowing who he is what would be your first thought?

Again that was before I knew anything about what was going on just seeing the tweet. I think that is the strongest critique of liberal academia today that I can think of.

Honestly if you knew nothing about that man other than the information from that tweet wouldn’t your first thought be NGO or Tenured Professor?

They attack anything that facilitates the uncensored passing of information among people they rule:

Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez has announced that he now considers Twitter messages and social networking as terrorist threats. He is quoted in this Spanish-language news report as calling for more state control over the internet.

via who else but Glenn.

Meanwhile on the China Google front my favorite Free Speech Diva continues to speak up concerning China. And she describers her dream speech on the subject:

My dream speech would be about how the Internet poses a challenge to all governments and most companies (except those companies like Google whose business is built around that challenge). I would call on all governments to work together with citizens, companies and each other to build a globally interconnected, free and open network that enhances the lives of everybody on the planet, enables commerce and innovation by big and small players alike, makes everybody richer and freer, and improves all governments’ relations with their citizens by making government more transparent, efficient, and thus more credible and legitimate.

I would quote Benjamin Franklin, who wrote in 1759: “Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

The speech would remind us all that all power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, and that American democracy was built on this assumption. The Internet empowers governments and law enforcement agencies as well as citizens, upstart candidates, and dissidents.

Somebody ought to write a book about that. If you care about free speech then you should be reading Rebecca MacKinnon.

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