If the person involved was a 27 year old Trump supporter named “Bob” CNN would be running the story hourly breathlessly telling you of the police’s discovery of a private arsenal:

Minneapolis police uncovered an arsenal of guns and bomb-making devices during a routine arrest last week.

According to police, a man walked by a parked car in north Minneapolis about 5 p.m. Thursday and confronted the people inside after they threw food wrappers on the ground. They ignored him until he paused to get the car license number. The men then got out of the car and indicated they had guns, according to a criminal complaint filed Monday.

The man flagged down officers, the complaint says, but the men from inside car continued to yell at him and resisted the officers’ attempts to control the situation. The men were insistent they needed to be near the car because a drone was coming to deliver a package, the complaint said. Because of the suspicious circumstances and fear for the man’s safety, the men were placed in the squad while officers searched their car.

Inside, the officers found a hand grenade, handgun, assault rifles and magazines and a large quantity of ammunition, the complaint said. They also found cellphones, computers and electronics equipment, including drone parts.

But because this story  is about a “Minneapolis” man named Abdullah N. Alrifahe you won’t find the story on NBC, CBS, ABC or CNN.  It will be considered a local story not worthy of any attention from the National Press who would much rather report the latest breathless story from from unnamed sources that will supposedly bring down Donald Trump.


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You’ve heard about the media in general and twitter in particularly giveing Hillary Clinton “media privilege” well I think this visual of this tweet says it all

twitter clinton guard

I spotted this on instapundit and noticed the warning about sensitive material. Such a label of course automatically implies that what is beyond it is so terrible, so horrible, so beyond the pale that one risks crossing the bounds of propriety if one see it and it goes without saying such an image shouldn’t be shown to kids.

But we are an adult blog here so brace yourselves here is the actual image that is SO sensitive that twitter wanted it censored click MORE if you dare….

Continue reading “How Twitter Uses “Media Privilege” to Play Palace Guard for Hillary in One Image”

At the NY Post today there is a story concerning Hillary Clinton and Pay for Play

Hillary Clinton put the State Department up for sale, with top aides pulling strings and doing favors for fat-cat donors to the Clinton Foundation — including a shady billionaire, according to smoking-gun emails released Tuesday.

As you might guess the 44 newly released emails with this information generated a quick response from Donald Trump:

The revelations drew a quick rebuke from Donald Trump’s campaign, which said: “This is yet more evidence that Hillary Clinton lacks the judgment, character, stability and temperament to be within 1,000 miles of public power. She views public office as nothing more than a means to personal enrichment.”

The piece is titled Emails reveal Hillary’s shocking pay-for-play scheme and it’s written by Daniel Halper and Bob Fredericks. It’s a good piece but I do have one quibble concerning it.

The title.

There are a lot of words you can use to accurately describe the history of Bill & Hillary Clinton when it comes to “pay for play” in Arkansas, the white house, the state department and the Clinton administration.

“Shocking” isn’t one of them.

You know it’s a good thing that conservatives had a Dialogue with the folks at facebook or conservatives might be banned or suspended from facebook like this.

Do my eyes decieve me or is the date of that banning “after” the great facebook dialogue of 2016?

Paging Mr. Beck

I’m sure the facebook coffee klatch is shocked shocked by this development however facebook’s actions are easily explained.

You fool North Korea

They’re liberals, that’s what they do.

Update: the story has reached Heat Street and now Drudge. While it shows Facebook for the phonies they are it also shows the “dialogue” crow for the suckers they are too.

This will not end well.

Reminder: In 2009, President Barack Obama “Joked” About Auditing His Enemies.

Glenn Reynolds Instapundit (repeated meme)

On Sunday Morning as a perused the net while Dawife resisted waking, I saw this headline at Memeorandum

In an age where CNN honestly fact checking Hillary Clinton draws a “Wow!” an opinion piece at the Boston Globe hitting a presumptive GOP nominee for president as a potential authoritarian is practically evergreen.

Nor is the substance of Mr Cohen’s argument incoherent as it is, of particular note. After all you can’t lead a piece talking about the Trump flips and flops, describing a man whose words can’t be taken seriously and then tell us we should be concerned about Trump as an authoritarian thus:

But there’s a good reason why Bezos might be concerned about Trump going after him, if he became president.

Trump said he would.
Doesn’t “Be afraid because he said this”, this contradict that whole opening “You can’t believe a word Trump says” meme that he started with, or is it just me?

What caught my eye about this particular piece, what makes this something beyond the redundant, “GOP is Evil”, “Trump is Evil” media line was his big finish warning the American people about the oppression that would come under a Trump presidency:

What he’s hinting at is that he would use the anti-trust division of the Justice Department to go after a newspaper publisher who writes stories that he doesn’t like.

This is a direct threat. And even if Trump has no intention of following through, he is clearly trying to intimidate Bezos and in turn The Washington Post from running negative stories about him. Indeed, Trump is trying to get Bezos to use his position as owner of the paper to influence the Post’s coverage.

Trump, who is running for an office in which the oath for that position demands he “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States,” is actively calling for a measure that would violate the spirit if not the letter of the First Amendment. In an ordinary democracy, comments like these would practically be disqualifying for a presidential candidate. In America 2016, they barely garner notice. If anything, Trump is using it as a campaign selling point. Perhaps he should create a new tab on his campaign website titled “Planned Abuses of Power.”

It is easy to become inured to Trump’s obnoxiousness, crudeness, and know-nothingness. But, make no mistake, a man who so casually suggests using the awesome powers of the federal government to investigate newspaper owners is a direct threat to our democracy.

I’m sorry but ARE YOU KIDDING ME?
Didn’t we have the federal government selling guns to mexican cartels and then using those sales to attack gun rights? 
Didn’t we have the IRS targeting the Tea Party over their political beliefs, and the public spectacle of Lois Lerner take the 5th before congress rather than answer questions without anyone being punished?
Are not Catholic nuns being sued by the federal government to be forced to violate their Catholic beliefs?
Didn’t we see an elected official in February jailed for daring to insist on her religious freedom of conscience?
Aren’t we seeing AG’s across the nation ready to practice lawfare against anyone dares point out the holes in the entire Global Warming meme?
Are we not seeing the full force of the federal government being used against North Carolina for daring to decree that biological reality is in fact reality?
And in the last seven days did we not see this very government command by fiat that every public school in the nation must allow students to choose their own gender as if they were bidding on a flight on Priceline?
And only now, does Michael Cohen,  whose columns seem oddly lacking in content about the abuses listed above, have worries about authoritarian presidency.  Only now, when the target of potential government abuse shift from conservatives to an industry like the press, almost entirely a haven for liberalism, is the oath of office for a president a serious and sacred thing worth worrying about.


In the end this proves one thing: liberals are never worried about authoritarianism as long as they are the authorities.

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Ten Years ago Al Gore gave a speech saying that we have only 10 years to save the planet from Global Warming.

At that time Rush Limbaugh started a countdown clock at 10 years.

This is January 27th, 2006. We will begin the count, ladies and gentlemen. This is just… You have to love these people — from afar, and from a purely observational point of view.

Today it ran out


and Unexpectedly not only are we all waking up alive but if you are waking up in either NY or Washington odds are you are still seeing the snow on the ground from this week’s record setting blizzard and global warming as an issue ranks below , well everything.

But that’s OK, Al Gore has already made his millions off of it and there are still a few suckers out there to be taken who will be but the best thing to do today, is to look at the few fools who still fall for this hoax, and laugh

Closing thought: Taking Al Gore at his word it is now too late to do anything about Global Warming shouldn’t we immediately stop spending money on it?

For those of you who, like me Don’t read German here is the translation:


That explains just so much doesn’t it.

Incidentally I met MS Nienhaus when we were both covering Donald Trump in NH.

She is very much worth following on twitter.


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I know you can get the MSM for nothing, but that’s pretty much what most of them are worth.

…but if you’re going to be one of the faces of the mass rape of European women by publicly saying this:

The 26-year-old woman named Selina withheld her full name when she gave an interview to German television channel SWR Fernsehen last week. In the interview, she described her moment of terror being surrounded by dozens of men who looked at her like “free meat at the supermarket” and groped her repeatedly. She noted that her attackers spoke Arabic and did not seem to understand German. She described the group of men as “southern looking” with “darker skin.”

The end result is going to be this:

Someone posted a video containing a portion of her interview and suggesting all of the reports blaming Muslims for the Cologne sexual assaults were propaganda. Titles appear in the video which say, “Strange that Selina 1 day after this horror (3 days before this interview) on Insta still was happy.”

That’s apparently a reference to her Instagram account which the video creator found along with her Facebook page. The video not only suggests Selina is wrong about who attacked her but includes images of her full name and where she works from her Facebook page.

The video went viral and was viewed nearly a quarter of a million times. Selina eventually saw it on the Facebook page of an Islamic preacher who has been described as radical in the German media. She tells SWR Fernsehen she became frightened, wondering, “What if someone sees who believes it or has a radical background?” She began getting threatening calls at work and people were attacking her on Facebook as a racist and a right-winger.

Now in the old days attacking a rape victim in this way would have been beyond the pale but when you have a media meme to advance on both Islam and immigration all bets are off.

That’s why this story won’t get any traction either:

Police in the central Italian city of Florence have detained a man from Senegal spotted on CCTV footage with Olsen, who was found dead in her apartment last Saturday.

He was identified as Tidiane Cheik Diaw, who is in his mid-20s and arrived in Italy illegally a few months ago. He is accused of aggravated homicide, given the brutality of Olsen’s death, Florence chief prosecutor Giuseppe Creazzo told a news conference in the historic Tuscan city.

He added that DNA analysis of a condom and a cigarette butt found in Olsen’s bathroom had led to his arrest.

Alas for the late Ms Olsen and Selina if ONLY their attackers where white christian who voted conservative and were tea party members.  Their stories would lead the news.

Maybe they can talk some college frat to admit them in absentia? Then maybe at least Stacy McCain could find one feminist on Tumblr to object.


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I know you can get the MSM for nothing, but that’s pretty much what most of them are worth. the MSM for nothing, but that’s pretty much what most of them are worth.

Hot Dog Vender:  Got no opinions Sir, they’re bad for business

Inherit the Wind 1960


Via Instapundit and Don Surber comes this at Wired:

Firefox’s share of the browser market is declining rapidly, according to multiple measures. W3Counter says Firefox’s share has decreased from 21.3 percent of browser usage in November 2012 to 11.5 percent this month.

and this:

The Mozilla Corp. historically has made most of its money through a a contract making Google the default search engine on Firefox. But last year, instead of renewing that contract, Mozilla signed agreements with less popular search engines. Yahoo is now the default in the US, Yandex in Russia, and Baidu in China. Mozilla hasn’t revealed the terms of those deals and the report gives no indication of how much revenue the new contracts will generate, but there’s reason for concern.

While Mozilla spins the change as a way of being less dependent on a single company, it’s not clear whether Mozilla or Google pulled the plug.

Oddly enough while Wired mentioned the whole Brandon Eich thing it doesn’t connect the decision to tell half the population that they are bigots whose business they would rather not have to said customers decision to take them at their word and leave, particularly if they have plenty of alternatives to choose from.

I’ve not used Firefox since that day on any computer I own and I intend never to do so again.  I suspect millions think the same and I’ll wager Google has noticed this.

As Mr. Surber said, a Darwin award indeed

At least they will be to the MSM

Borders Group Inc. said it would liquidate after the second-largest U.S. bookstore chain failed to receive any offers to save it.

Borders, which employs about 10,700 people, scrapped a bankruptcy-court auction scheduled for Tuesday amid the dearth of bids. It said it would ask a judge Thursday to approve a sale to liquidators led by Hilco Merchant Resources and Gordon Brothers Group.

How unexpected! Another 10,000 jobs in the Obama economy gone.