As I mentioned yesterday during my vote for Ann Wofford in Ma-3 piece I haven’t talked much about the House and Senate but I would like to talk a bit about the Senate race in NH, specifically today about Senator Kelly Ayotte.

Kelly Ayotte who you might remember was elected during the big red wave of 2010 thanks to support from Sarah Palin has not been a conservative favorite, they are lukewarm at best on her and some of my friend hold her in disdain.

I don’t.  There are plenty of reasons why I’m happy to endorse Kelly Ayotte, here are six of them that my fellow conservatives should note:


First:  She’s a former Prosecutor.  I’m always partial toward former prosecutors in federal office. They are used to having to prove a case to win so they tend to be practical in terms of advancing legislation.  That’s the kind of thinking that’s good for DC and at a time when police are targeted for murder and the left excuses it a former prosecutor in the senate is a good idea.

Second:  She was one of the few national figures to speak out against swatting when conservatives were being targeted, not just when it became a celebrity issue latter on.

Third:  she was one of the conservatives who spoke out and voted against the budget act of 2011

The 19 Republicans who voted against read like a Who’s Who of the conservative movement in the Senate: Sessions & Shelby from Alabama, Rubio from Florida, Chambliss from Georgia, Coats of Indiana and Grassley of Iowa, from Kansas Moran & Roberts, Paul from Kentucky, Ayotte of New Hampshire, Coburn & Inhofe Of Oklahoma , Toomey of Pennsylvania, Demint & Graham of South Carolina , Hatch & Lee of Utah.

Fourth:  Ayotte has been excellent on defense issues and the war on terror like Benghazi

On Morning Joe, on CSPAN they highlighted Senators Lindsey Graham and John McCain and the questions concerning Benghazi. During their segment with Angus King the senator elect from Maine they asked about Senator McCain and Graham.

There were however three senators at that press conference.

Senator Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) was also there and spoke to this issue, (as she had during the campaign). She gave a strong statement on the situation and answered questions as well.

You would think it’s kind of hard to ignore Kelly Ayotte at that event, She is tall (she towered over both Senators McCain & Graham) but she is a younger, photogenic woman who had a strong interest in this matter. I’d think that would be something to play up instead of just “two old white guys”.

I suggest that is exactly WHY she is left out.

She also spoke up during the Hagel hearings mentioning the Green Revolution in Iran:

Yesterday she raised an incredible point at the Hagel Hearings that nobody seems to have caught

Of course he also voted against a sense of the senate in designating the Islamic revolutionary guard corps as a terrorist organization and he told us during the hearing that it was because of it was part of an elected legitimate Iranian government.

I don’t think that the people who rose up in 2009 in the green movement who were persecuted and shot at by the Iranian government would call that government a legitimately elected government. Nor would, at the time that he voted against designating the Islamic revolutionary guard corps as a terrorist organization at the time they were assisting those in Iraq who were murdering our troops.

You might have missed both of those because the same MSM that tries to distort and destroy Trump buried both of those stories to play the “old white men” card vs the GOP and to keep Kelly out of the spotlight.

Fifth:  (and best) For my money the best reason to support Kelly Ayotte was her vote against Manchin Toomey.  She took a stand for the 2nd Amendment when it counted and the MSM tore her apart for it.

MSNBC went batshit crazy but Morning Joe really went overboard.  After months of calling opponents of Manchin-Toomey the survivalist wing of the NRA the day after the vote lost they were running images of the various senators with huge scare graphics saying VOTED NO as is each one of them were responsible for the Newtown shooting

I recall there was particular ire at Kelly Ayotte for not going along. They talked of the Millions Bloomberg would spend to defeat her, how the Northeast was turning blue and so was NH and how this vote was the beginning of the end for her. I commented at the time:

Morning Joe today is running the Pictures of the senators who voted No under big scary graphics

Now as I’ve already said it’s fair to say she is not as conservative as I’d like and she has occasionally disappointed, particularly on immigration and my friends at Granite Grok have held her feet to the fire over it through the years, to those people who are still upset let me give you one last reason to support Kelly Ayotte that you might have missed

Sixth:  Kelly Ayotte is without question the most conservative US Senator northeast of New Jersey and it isn’t even close, I’d gladly swap her for either of the people we have here in Massachusetts.

If you are a conservative and want to either forestall a president Clinton or help out a president Trump you need to vote for Kelly Ayotte on Tuesday in New Hampshire

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“The target audience for all this activity was 535 people in Washington,” Treglia says — 100 in the Senate, 435 in the House. “The idea was to create an impression that a mass movement was afoot — that everywhere they looked, in academic institutions, in the business community, in religious groups, in ethnic groups, everywhere, people were talking about reform.” …

Instapundit Jan 26th 2016

Dr. Peter Blood: Nuttall, me lad, there’s just one other little thing. Do you think you could find me a good stout piece of timber? About so thick and so long?
Honesty Nuttall: Yes, I think so.
Dr. Peter Blood: Then do so and lash it to your spine – it needs stiffening. Courage!

Captain Blood 1935

Yesterday I talked about my fear that the only thing standing between us and the loss of the republic is the courage of the GOP senate.

It didn’t take long for my fears to begin to be realized.

Senate Judiciary Committee Chair Chuck Grassley, who said Saturday it “only makes sense” to let the next president pick the justice, wouldn’t rule out holding hearings for Obama’s eventual pick.

“I would wait until the nominee is made before I would make any decisions,” Grassley told reporters in a conference call on Tuesday, according to Radio Iowa. “In other words, take it a step at a time.”

Senator Thom Tillis of North Carolina, who sits on the Judiciary Committee, also sounded skeptical of simply rejecting any nominee at the outset. 

“I think we fall into the trap if we just simply say, sight unseen—we fall into the trap of being obstructionists,” Tillis said on The Tyler Cralle Show.

What’s most interesting the sudden cracks in the wall is the difference between the reality and the propaganda.

The reality is that the Senate Republicans have the absolute power to stop president Obama in his tracks.  No amount of editorializing, speech making or angst on the part of the President, Democrats and the NY & Washington Based media changes this fact.

The only thing these people can do is generate fear, and that’s the plan.

You will see editorial after editorial, story after story, advocate after advocate appearing on cable news channels, in newspaper editorials, on sunday shows, in tiny protests stage-managed for the eyes of the press,  on college campuses, on radio news at the top and bottom of the hour excoriating the GOP about how upset the public will be about them failing to confirm Barack Obama’s Supreme Court Pick and how that backlash is going to doom them.

This despite the fact that the same predictions concerning a government shutdown preceded the GOP taking of the Senate in 2014

and stuff like this (emphasis mine)

In July of last year, popular perceptions of the conservative jurist were evenly divided, with 29% seeing him favorably and 27% unfavorably. Scalia, whom one prominent legal scholar named “the most influential justice of the last quarter-century,” was nonetheless unknown to nearly a third of Americans (32%) and generated no opinion from another 12% in 2015, Scalia’s 29th year on the nation’s top court.

So let me ask the obvious question:

Assuming I’m right about the media meme that’s about to be sold to members of congress, how can said meme be accurate if 44% of the pubic doesn’t even know or care who Justice Scalia was?

and provide the answer:  IT ISN’T.

The left’s media meme and online blitzs that are coming are the equivalent of John Magruder or Nathan Bedford Forrest marching the same group of troops over and over again around a hill to make a small force seem like a mighty host, and like their modern democrat successors using the same tactic, their success in that endeavor was dependent on their foes falling for that ruse and losing their nerve.

Don’t fall for it, and if you want to be afraid of something ask yourself this:  Do you really think that the Tea Party and the NRA will forgive and forget if you give in to the Democrats on this?

I’ll give the last word to Jake Tapper

Antonin Scalia pray for us.


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By Steve Eggleston

Fresh off the betrayal of the pro-life movement by their House counterparts by their refusal to harmonize abortion policy with Europe’s ban on abortion after 20 weeks (though they did pass a permanent extension of the Hyde Amendment, which generally forbids federal funds for abortions), a couple of key Senate Republicans are mulling a formal extension of Senate Democrat Leader Harry Reid’s “nuking” of the filibustering of Presidential nominees to Supreme Court nominees (H/T – Jazz Shaw).

The “good” news is that Sens. Lamar Alexander (R-TN) and Roy Blunt (R-MO, and the chair of the Senate Rules committee) will seek to do that through the regular order of having 2/3rds of the Senate vote to change the rule instead of Reid’s parlimentary trick of using a simple majority to change the interpretation of Senate rules. The bad news is a multitude: they are confidants of Senate Majority “Leader” Mitch McConnell (R-KY), they appear to have no intention of restoring the filibuster for other Presidential nominees though that is still on the books, and they somehow got Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) on board.

The excuse that the filibuster for Supreme Court nominees has to go now in order for it to be gone for the next President is a bunch of hogwash. The next Senate will be sworn in before the next President. Rather, it has all the hallmarks of yet another betrayal by the more-or-less minority half of the bipartisan Party-In-Government, especially since two of the four Supreme Court Justices most likely to not make it to 2017 are not ultra-liberal and one of those is one of the three reliable conservatives.

At the moment, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) is one of the few who wants to keep the filibuster for Supreme Court nominees. I somehow suspect he’ll change his tune once McConnell and company explain who gets shafted the most.

By Steve Eggleston

Thanks to the fracking boom (no thanks to President Obama and his eco-nuts on that) and the Saudis attempting to do to said boom what they did to the Soviets in the 1980s, the price of gasoline has plummeted. In fact, most of the stations in the Milwaukee area are charging less than $2 per gallon, a level I thought I would never see again.

However, the Political Class has deemed that gasoline is too low, and that government, in this case the federal government, needs more taxes, using the temporary situation of relatively-inexpensive gas as the pretext to push the gas and diesel taxes higher to “save” the United States Highway Trust Fund.

Notably, the push includes the three Republican Senators who have the chairs of the three committees that likely would have jurisdiction over such a move – Environment and Public Works Chair James Inhofe (R-OK), Finance Chair Orrin Hatch (R-UT), and Commerce, Science and Transportation Chair John Thune (R-SD). For their parts, Inhofe and Thune claim to not favor doing so, but that the option should be “on the table”. That is DC-speak for “let’s do it”.

Inhofe then destroyed his credibility on the issue by calling it a “user fee”. The fuel taxes haven’t been strictly a “user fee” since 1982, when a penny of the 5-cent increase to 9 cents per gallon was dedicated to mass transit, with another 0.1 cent dedicated to fuel tank clean-up. Mass transit’s share has since increased to 2.86 cents per gallon.

There already is a “bipartisan” proposal from Senators Bob Corker (R-TN) and Chris Murphy (D-CT) to jack up the taxes by 6 cents per year over the next 2 years, and then automatically raise them every year by indexing the taxes to inflation. The latter portion has been proven to be quite unpopular, with Massachusetts repealing by popular referendum its automatic indexing.

Simply removing mass transit and the tank from the fuel taxes won’t solve the Highway Fund’s problems, but it would be a start.

Marshall Isaac: America’s the land of second chances

Doctor Who:  A town called Mercy 2012

There are solid logical arguments for not changing back the Filibuster and some have been made this week at HotAir:

As Ed Whelan notes, in the course of U.S. history, presidential nominees have typically enjoyed confirmation by simple majority. Only in the last ten years has filibustering nominees become normalized. McCain’s hypocrisy point is fair enough, but so what? Hypocrisy is par for the course with the filibuster; liberals who spent six years screeching about obstructionism from the “party of no” in the Senate will rediscover the filibuster as a wise, tempering procedural move if Republicans control the government in 2017. McCain has an … interesting set of values if he’s prepared to tolerate a “different rules for the two parties” approach in perpetuity simply to avoid being called a hypocrite.

I disagree, I think that the old filibuster rule protected the rights of the minority and such rights are still important and I believe it to be true.  I thought it was harmful for the country when the rule was changed and I still think it is.

I propose giving the Democrats this chance, if at least a dozen Democrats in the senate will give their word publicly that they will if they regain control of the chamber oppose any attempt to return the nuclear option,

If they are wiling to make that commitment then I’d return the rule moreover I’d be nice and friendly about it and make a bid deal in the press about how important they believe Minority rights are, but keep your ears and eyes open.

Be Michael not Sonny.

I had to laugh when I saw this at Twitchy:

It produced some interesting exchanges such as this one:

Meanwhile at the same time that Landrieu is trying to run from her base by pretend she is something she is not Barack Obama is running toward his by being what he is:

Obama has pledged to use his executive powers to alter the immigration system before the end of the year, though it remains unclear exactly when he will act. He has asked senior aides and Cabinet secretaries to present him with options but has not formally huddled with them to make a final decision, according to administration officials.

This has produced a lot of shock of argument from the right and talk of a big fight, with many figures arguing that the president is making a huge mistake by ignoring the will of the electorate.  Why can’t they be more like Mary Landrieu & try to pivot toward the electorate.

They have it exactly backwards.

Not in terms of policy, the idea of a mass amnesty is a horrible policy that is going to hurt the country tremendously for years to come, and both the building of the Keystone pipeline and defending life iar the right things to do.

But politically the President has it exactly right and Mary Landrieu has it wrong

Absolutely nothing he may do is likely to expand his popularity among the people who just rejected his agenda and after six years of president Obama in office it’s highly unlikely he’s going to earn any new followers among the general public.

Politically The only thing he can do is to play to his base that has stuck with him, and since said base, and while some of his media base would like to play up to the candidates running in 2016 they are still afraid of the race or the sex cards being played on them.

The President may not have any gumption in dealing with Putin or Syria, but when it comes attacking his political foes he’s a tiger. This is exactly the type of thing that’s necessary for him to be relevant not only in terms of the remainder of his term but in terms of the next presidential election. Bill Clinton is right:

He also said Obama should maximize his pulpit and not give in to being a “lame duck,”

Mary Landrieu on the other hand is making a mistake.

Now in fairness to the senator from Louisiana she is in a horrible position. Her odds of winning a runoff in a red state where President Obama is highly unpopular are long to begin with and her opponents are smelling blood in the water.

If she had been given proper support from Harry Reid over the last 18 months she might have had time to separate herself from the White House and be in a better position, but with only a few weeks to go she doesn’t have that luxury. She has no good options, only a series of longshot options and her best longshot option is to completely energize the base, that is the black vote.

She needs to go whole hog for Obama, she has to remind every single person that she ever pulled a sting for, crooked or straight of every single favor she ever did for them and bluntly tell them their choice is simple, someone who will pay off and someone who won’t.

Running as pro-life isn’t going to win a single pro-life voter any more than Scott Brown running as pro-choice was going to win a single abortion friend while going after positions dear to her base is only likely to prompt them to stay home in a race they figure is lost anyway.

In the public service business you have to decide if you want to be a statesman or a politician. It’s kinda late for either Obama or Mary Landrieu to pretend to be a statesman so they might as well be a politician who plays to win.

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As everyone knows I supported first Karen Testerman and then Bob Smith for the GOP Senate in NH furthermore I argued that nominating Scott Brown might cause 2A and pro-life people to stay home.

However not only did Scott Brown win the primary but he’s run an excellent campaign overall. Combine this with a poor campaign by Shaheen, and the record of president Obama on Ebola & ISIS and viola Senator Brown has a real chance to take that seat.

In one respect win or lose Brown has already done a huge service for the GOP. When the election season began nobody was picking NH as a state the GOP could flip. Thanks to a strong well-financed campaign by Brown the left has spent an inordinate amount of 3rd party/national money resources defending New Hampshire that they could have spent in Louisiana, or Alaska, or North Dakota, or Colorado, or Arkansas, or Iowa, or North Carolina or Montana or Virginia or in the Florida Governor Race etc etc etc.

Taking money from the left is good, but winning the Senate is better and now the Tea Party and Conservatives in New Hampshire have a chance to not only spike the ball providing a final service for conservatives running nationwide.

Until election day an election is like a marketing campaign, but on election day it’s like a battle where morale is critical. As New Hampshire is one of the eastern states it will be reporting earlier than many other states.

If the Democrats media allies can project a victory in New Hampshire fairly early it will keep up the morale of liberals farther west where pols are still open who will be working as hard as they can to hold senate and house seats. It will provide a narrative that will make it easier for Democrat talking heads to keep the troops fighting till the last poll closes.

But picture if by 9 or 10 PM New Hampshire is still in doubt, or better yet imagine if the networks find themselves calling the state for Brown.

Picture the analysts on MSNBC trying to spin a Brown victory as not a fatal disaster for Democrats, picture them trying to give hope to their party faithful farther west, that a loss in NH doesn’t mean the Senate is going GOP bigtime while wearing drawn faces. Even a race that can’t be called will have a depressing effect.

Such a blow could be critical, if the left decides there simply isn’t hope how many may choose to give up? How many will go home, stop working, vote for a green or 3rd party liberal or even to not bother to vote figuring they can’t make a difference. Picture what that will mean not just in Senate & House races but up and down the ticket for the GOP.

While Senator Brown is not the ideal candidate to many conservatives aiding a victory by him on Tuesday might in NH might make the difference between winning and losing for stronger House and Senate conservatives across the nation.

So I urge you , if you are a New Hampshire Tea Party voter, a second amendment defender or even like me, a strong pro-life voter and considered staying home or even voting 3rd party reconsider, because choosing to elect Scott Brown may do more for your cause than you can possibly imagine.


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If you are a regular reader of this blog you know I think Senator Scott Brown NH Senate run is a mistake that has some potentially disastrous consequences for the GOP in NH. I think it would have been better if Senator Brown had choose to run in Massachusetts and I suspect Charlie Baker would have preferred the same., instead.

But with Brown’s candidacya fait accompli it’s time to look at the bright side, particularly for people like me who support other GOP candidates..

First of all lets acknowledge the biggest advantage of the Brown Candidacy the money.

Before Brown’s entry in the race where Shaheen had a huge advantage in both name recognition and cash.

Scott Brown is a money machine that is drawing national money to the NH GOP race,

Because of Senator Brown’s high name recognition and his strategy of totally ignoring his primary opponents practically all of his money and media can be spent attacking Shaheen. Brown’s high media profile combined with the media wanting him to be the candidate guarantees those attacks will get exposure other attacks would not.

Suddenly Jeanne Shaheen has to play defense against a well funded primary opponent attacking her.  It also means Jeanne Shaheen will be spending the vast majority of her money counter attacking Senator Brown to the exclusion of anyone else.

And the media, cheerleading for Shaheen will be doing the same, practically pretending the remainder of the GOP field:  Smith, Rubens & Martin are ignored.

Now in almost any other state such a situation would be the sound of doom for the rest of the GOP field, but in NH it’s a potentially spectacular development.

Imagine that you are Bob Smith or Jim Rubens till September 9th, the entire air war that you would need to launch against Senator Shaheen is going to be fought for you while at the same time Brown takes all the flak allowing you to take no damage in return.

Now if you live in Ohio, or Texas or even Wyoming you might think this is a real problem but New Hampshire is the perfect place to run a small budget ground game.

NH is a small state, its 10 counties consist of only 244 Cities and towns. Only 26 of them have a population over 10,000 and only Manchester has a population over 100,000.  It is also a small state in area, one can drive from on end to the other in just a few hours   A candidate who did three events a day from May through August could literally do an event in every town in the state, give two extra visits to the cities & towns with over 10,000 residents and STILL take one day a week off to unwind.

If you’re, Bob Smith Jim Rubens that’s very doable.

While Brown courts the big money Donors & the GOP establishment Smith & Rubens can concentrate on the base,.  Now that my candidate Karen Testerman has pulled out and endorsed Smith it’s even a bigger deal since Rubens draws from the same pool that Senator Brown does.

It is time for all of us to put aside pride and focus on our greater GOAL, that of fighting for Family, Faith and Freedom.  I will not force our principle-driven primary voters to make a self-defeating choice.  After much prayer and consultation, I will step aside to allow Senator Bob Smith to be the ONLY conservative name on the primary ballot.

Senator Smith has a well-earned reputation of standing firm for our conservative beliefs and values and for fighting Washington to stop their overreach. Bob Smith was TEA Party before it had a name.

While the rest of the MSM doesn’t get it Jazz Shaw does:

Smith was already nearly within the margins for going head to head against Shaheen – down by roughly six – and any significant bump from former Testerman voters could easily put him in the lead.

And if that’s the case Shaheen could pivot but she does’t DARE pivot, because Brown attacks aren’t about to stop and Shaheen’s record of support for the increasingly unpopular Obama becomes more dangerous by the day.  I’ll give Jazz again

… …All of this spells trouble not only for Shaheen, but for anyone perceived as being soft on conservative issues. So is Brown simply destined to steamroll to the nomination with a pile of out of state money, only to lose to Shaheen later? I still wouldn’t bet the farm on it. We may be seeing more of Bob Smith’s name as the summer wears on and we slowly make our way to the state’s very late, Sept. 9th primary.

If Bob Smith wins the GOP primary Jazz Shaw will look like a genius to the MSM only just shy of Nate Silver.

Today the NYT is reporting on the runoff race in Mississippi with the headline: Cochran Asking Blacks to Rescue Him in Republican Primary

Bishop Ronnie C. Crudup stood before roughly a dozen of his colleagues at a weekly Baptist fellowship meeting last week and asked for their help in a fight that, until now, would have been unthinkable for a black pastor in Mississippi: “Let’s send Senator Thad Cochran back to Washington,” he urged.

If you if you look at the web site for new Horizon church international Bishop Crudup seems quite a man and is a pretty good get for Cochran.:


Ronnie C. Crudup, Sr., is the Administrative Bishop for the Fellowship of International Churches. He is also Senior Pastor of New Horizon Church International, an exciting and rapidly growing church in Jackson, Mississippi, which he founded in 1987. He is highly regarded as a compassionate pastor, prolific Bible teacher, dynamic preacher, and visionary leader who proclaims a message of consecration and empowerment to the masses and gives practical steps on how to fulfill one’s divine calling and destiny in Christ.


and he’s a very busy man too:

Bishop Crudup is known to be a man of great faith who is on the move for the Lord. He is a frequent speaker in schools, churches and prisons across the country. He is host of “New Horizon Presents” and “The Issues” – a television broadcast ministry and is passionately involved in international missions in Malawi, South Africa, and Zambia. Countless thousands know him by his signature statement, “To Count It All Joy.

Getting Bishop Crudup to take time out of his busy schedule to publicly support Republican Thad Cochran in order to stop the tea party candidate State Senator Chris McDaniel is pretty big news and Ashley Parker & Jonathan Martin’s piece on the whole does a pretty good job covering it.

But they have managed to miss the lede in their own story.

Go and give it a read. Can you spot the story screaming to be covered? No? Well don’t feel bad I suspect the reason you missed it is due to the use, or lack thereof, of a specific an honorific adjective and it’s replacement with a different one.

Here is the key paragraph with the key word bolded.

The Cochran outreach campaign is taking many forms. The “super PAC” supporting the senator, Mississippi Conservatives, is paying African-American leaders, including Mr. Crudup, to help lift black turnout on Tuesday, said Pete Perry, a Republican strategist here who is working for the group.

Mr. Crudup? Not Bishop Crudup?

Now looking at some past NYT pieces I see “reverend” converted to “Mr” after the first iteration but not “Bishop” or “Archbishop” while some papers simply drop any title and just use the last name after the 1st iteration.

So why does that “Mr.” matter so much? Because of what that paragraph says.

One might, if one is a conservative giving to a pac called “Mississippi Conservatives” see a story in paying off black leaders in order to stop a conservative candidate.

One might if a liberal, see a story in black leaders being paid by a conservative pac to produce support for a Republican senator, after all if “conservatives” can buy black leaders and possibly the votes they influence once they can do it again (insert Harry Reid Koch speech here).

One might if interesting in clean elections in general find the whole concept that you can apparently “buy” black leaders. If you look how this is mentioned so casually as if it’s the most normal thing in the world in the piece you might find it VERY troubling.

All these things come to mind but consider what happens if you read that paragraph again with “Mr.” replaced by “Bishop”

The Cochran outreach campaign is taking many forms. The “super PAC” supporting the senator, Mississippi Conservatives, is paying African-American leaders, including Bishop Crudup, to help lift black turnout on Tuesday, said Pete Perry, a Republican strategist here who is working for the group.

Suddenly the story is obvious, The “Paper of Record” in the United States states that Pete Perry, a Republican strategist claiming his pac is paying an influential and well-respected black Bishop to increase black turnout for his candidate.

Can you see the headline: Respected Bishop takes cash payment to produce votes

Nah, who a I kidding, such a headline would not only help elect a tea party candidate in Mississippi but might draw scrutiny on just how the Black vote is obtained in elections nationwide.

And what member of the MSM wants to talk about that?

Update: I should point out that I called the MS GOP to get contact info for Pete Perry & e-mailed him asking if this story was accurate, I also called the Bishop’s church with my inquiry but was told he would not be available till monday so I sent a request by e-mail asked it be forwarded as I was going to post within 18 hours & mention this on my radio show.

I further e-mailed both times reporters asking if they had Mr. Perry’s statement on tape & the context that it was given in. All of these requests were made by 2 PM EST on Friday, 14 hours before this post went up, as of this writing 6:58 AM EST Saturday, I’ve not heard back from any of them.

Update 2: I heard back from Bishop Curdup this weekend he was able to say the Times quoted him accurately. As to Mr. Perry’s statement while he could not speak for others he would not confirm the statement of Mr. Perry concerning monies paid, but has said he (Bishop Curdup) is raising money for a pac. He referred to it as “our” PAC to fund their efforts. Post on the subject to come.


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Yesterday was the close of NLRC 2014 in Nashua New Hampshire an event that was filled with Republicans from the Northeast talking and feeling optimistic about election 2014. The event was well-managed both by the hotel & by the NHGOP. The party & staff under chair Jennifer Horn did an excellent job putting it together.

There are many stories from this event and I’ll be posting more video over the next few days but the story that grabbed the majority of the media was Scott Brown’s announcement of the formation of an exploratory committee to run in New Hampshire. The place was just swarming with press over it.


Then came the senator’s speech

I thought it was pretty good and was delivered with great feeling hitting several strong GOP points. It certainly impressed this attendee

Before I say another word let me speak this for the record. Scott Brown was a pretty good Senator from Massachusetts.  He was very open about his positions, carried himself well to the voters in general and even when people disagreed with him, particularly on the Tea Party side always gave them time and a respectful.

I suspect the tea party bridges he burned came from bad consultant advice. On a personal level you can’t help but like the man and his wife Gail is not only charming but just plain nice.

I wish he was running in Massachusetts against Ed Markey instead of in NH.  I think he would have won the special election there AND would win a contest in the state now.

New Hampshire,that’s a totally different story

New Hampshire is one of the most informed voter bases in the nation.  They have more state reps per citizen than any other and take their politics seriously.

To a crowd of low information voters Senator Brown’s stirring speech would have been the start of a rallying cry but the problem is, the GOP base in New Hampshire, like the rest of the tea party types, are not made of low information voters.

They remember Scott Brown opinion on the assault weapons ban and were angry enough to show up in freezing cold 300 strong last year to protest it. They remember the 2012 campaign where in ads he described himself as a “different kind of republican” as if there is something wrong with being one. They remember the ads portraying him as pro-choice that really bothers people like me.  As NH gets blanketed by Massachusetts media they couldn’t avoid those ads if they tried.

They also remember the day after his hand-picked chair for the GOP chair squeaked though on the second ballot to get the top GOP job in the state on the back the belief it would mean Brown would be running in the special election to replace John Kerry, he announced he would not be running (a huge shame BTW as Kristen Hughes has turned out to be an excellent party chair who would have carried Brown over the finish line).

In short they remember him running from the tea party after being elected, running away from the GOP during his last campaign and then running from the fight.

Now comes 2014 and it’s looking like 2010 all over again and what happens?

Brown doesn’t run in Massachusetts where he could easily contrast himself with Ed (voting present) Markey on Obamacare AND on a willingness to stand up and be counted.

He crosses the border back to NH because Jeanne Shaheen is considered vulnerable and is now giving speeches about republican unity. Even Maureen Dowd sees this:

It’s not that Democrats are particularly scared that the 54-year-old former Massachusetts senator is going to get elected as a New Hampshire senator — although it’s conceivable that a charming, carpetbagging, middling politician could jump across the border and unseat Jeanne Shaheen.

FYi Dowd’s Carpetbagging charge is bogus, Brown was Born in NH he’s had connections to the state for years and frankly if NH disqualified people who escaped from Massachusetts from the state you’d disenfranchise half the electorate, but she’s spot on two paragraphs later

This is what’s really freaking out Democrats: They know that Brown, after making some real money working for Fox News since his loss to Elizabeth Warren two years ago, wouldn’t even be getting into the race if the political environment weren’t so toxic for Democrats.

That’s really the issue,  Browns decision to run appears to people in NH as something imposed from on high and that brings up another sore spot in the state that can best be illustrated by what or rather who I didn’t see at NLRC 2014.

Granite Grok.

Granite Grok is the premiere conservative group blog in the state. There is nobody that has advanced conservative position and candidates with more strength. Furthermore they are generally everywhere if a political event is taking place Granite Grok is there to cover it and stream it live.

Grok didn’t show up. Their reaction to the Scott Brown run was the title of their post:


Grok’s absence symbolizes the split between the Tea Party wing of the NH GOP & the Establishment wing of the GOP.  It’s reaching the point of open war. It is not beyond the realm of possibility that a conservative 3rd party will arise in the state after the November election unless this is taken care of.

This has to be addressed NOW. Scott Brown & the NH GOP’s problem is a lot like Mitch McConnell at CPAC he needs to address the elephant in the room which are his positions on life and guns because as of today those NH Republicans will not turn up and vote for Senator Brown in a general election.

And if they don’t forget a senate seat in Washington, if they stay home the NHGOP can kiss the prospect of taking back the state house and senate goodbye in a year where Democrats in the state are running scared.

Nominating Brown takes the gun issue off the table that the GOP should be able to beat the Democrats over the head with and will put Kelly Ayotte who voted on the right side of the bill on the spot two years before her re-election campaign.

I’ve said this before and I will again, my candidate is Karen Testerman (her site is here) but if Brown is nominated the GOP had better decide to mend fences fast, or it will cost them more than they bargained for.

Of course the best solution is just voting for Karen, she can hit Shaheen on the 2nd Amendment like this:

when Senator Brown can not.

Update:  added a link & rearranged an ambiguous sentence.

Update 2: Jazz Shaw interviewed Karen Testerman yesterday:

Since joining the primary hunt last fall, Testerman has been a target of liberals in the Granite state. A spokesperson for the state Democrat party responded to her initial announcement by describing her as a far-right extremist and a rubber stamp for the Tea Party.

Jazz did some great work in NH this weekend.

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You might remember I’ve mentioned Dwayne Stovall a few times on this blog and in an earlier post specifically said he was my pick for the Senate in Texas:

Being a Stovall fan I noticed that he seems to have finally broken through to the MSM which has previously totally ignored him as won straw poll after straw poll.

An influential group of tea partiers said in an open letter Thursday they’re no longer backing Rep. Steve Stockman, R-Texas, in his primary challenge against Republican Sen. John Cornyn. That, however, doesn’t mean they’re getting behind Cornyn — instead, they’re backing businessman Dwayne Stovall in next week’s primary.

That’s part of a big story talks about the GOP in the lead to retake the senate and it’s great news to see a guy like Dwayne Stovall mentioned in the MSM rather than only finding stuff like this only in places like Breitbart who covers the story as CBS difference with one difference:

If Grassroots America WE THE PEOPLE PAC’s hand-washing of Rep. Stockman was not clear enough, they added, “we disavow your lack of accessibility to the people of Texas during this campaign and these unethical activities.”

Hmmm Breitbart Texas had plenty of room for the Stockman critique and quoted parts of the letter hitting him but it seems something is missing from the story. Maybe there’s a clue in the actual letter:

We stood with Ted Cruz in the face of nrelenting attacks from every direction, and proudly we stand with Dwayne Stovall. Dwayne persistently and eloquently speaks out for our state’s rights against Washington’s encroachment. Mr. Stovall has traveled the state while still performing his regular work (no small feat), and he still managed to attend events that you seemingly never considered attending.

Dwayne Stovall isn’t afraid of a fair fight to become Senator, but you, sir, hide behind the email and mailing lists of organizations not native to Texas. Dwayne Stovall won our respect and our approval. As far as we are concerned, Dwayne Stovall is the only Tea Party candidate in

Texas for US Senate. We applaud his effort to meet the people of Texas in communities across the state. We note that Dwayne Stovall has a firm and clear understanding of the Founding Principles that give our nation a foundation of liberty. Because he represents these principles and will stand firm to defend our Constitution, Dwayne Stovall has earned our endorsement and support.

The Breitbart story didn’t mention the Stovall endorsement in their piece.

Maybe it’s just me but I’d the Tea Groups endorsing Dwayne Stovall right before early voting might just be newsworthy enough to mention in the Breitbart piece.

I’m sure it’s just an oversight, but to be sure I checked Breitbart sites for other mentions of Dwayne.

On Jan 25th Brandon Darby mentioned Stovall in connection to NDAA at Big Government

Dwayne Stovall, a Tea Party candidate challenging Senator John Cornyn for his seat in the United States Senate, has brought the controversial aspects of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) into the primary race.

Darby also had a piece in Big Journalism on Jan 29th mentioning Stovall being excluded from a Dallas Morning News Story:

The Dallas Morning News ran a headline titled: “ Despite Tea Party Grumbling, John Cornyn in Good Shape In GOP Primary.” The headline was accurate, as Senator John Cornyn is indeed doing well in the primary and will likely do well against his two Republican challengers, Rep. Steve Stockman and Tea Party favorite Dwayne Stovall. However, the Dallas Morning News article never mentioned the existence of Dwayne Stovall in their analysis.

That post seems rather ironic because during the month of February a time when Breitbart Texas was launched and Dwayne Stovall got national attention over his turtle soup ad. (including a spat with Gretta Van Susteren) the only place where you will find the name “Dwayne Stovall” on the site is in comments from readers.

Just a reminder during that time I had Dwayne on my show twice , and wrote several pieces on him including one titled ; Dwayne Stovall being Andrew Breitbart

To Dave Weigel’s credit he is heading to Texas and will be doing some ground level reporting, but my advice to Greta & the rest of the media making fun of the ad or hitting Stovall is this:

If you’re going to play gatekeeper on what news is noticed and what isn’t don’t critique a person for using your own biases against you to crash that gate…

…just like Andrew Breitbart did.

Who would think that a Tea Party Candidate would have more trouble crashing the gate on sites named Breitbart (Including Breitbart Texas) a month before early voting than he would CBS, Slate or the Washington post.

It’s a Topsy turvy world.


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Yesterday we had a field day with Wendy Davis latest Flip Flop both on this site and on Twitter with the hashtag #wendydaviscorebeliefs

It was a lot of fun but Wendy Davis was not the only Texan who flipped on a position this week.

24 hours after we talked about Nancy Pelosi telling her caucus not to gloat over the Debt bill while John Boehner wondered why his caucus wasn’t cheering a senator from Texas was scurrying to find another Senator to do his dirty work for him.

It started when Ted Cruz said he would insist on the 60 vote threshold for the debt ceiling bill

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz could stage another filibuster – this time in an attempt to raise the debt limit…

The bill on Wednesday moves to the Senate, where lawmakers are expected to pass the legislation later this week.

Cruz plans to object to hold a simple majority vote, thus seeking a 60-vote threshold in the Senate.

But while Cruz got headlines his move had big implications in the upper house. It meant the bill couldn’t pass without at least 6 republican votes but WHICH republicans would flip?

Republican leadership worked the floor as they searched for votes. Finally, several Republican leaders exited the cloakroom and changed their votes, as if to say “let’s all hold hands and jump together.” First, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and Minority Whip John Cornyn cast yes votes, with the latter having initially voted no. emphasis mine

Excuse me? Am I to understand that less than 24 hours after Wendy Davis flipped on the debt ceiling Senator Cornyn facing a primary fight from Dwayne Stovall flip flopped on the debt ceiling? Not only is the answer “yes” but it’s worse than it sounds

Senators said four Republicans were willing to join all 55 Democrats, but that left them one vote shy of the 60 needed to break the filibuster.

Ultimately, Mr. McConnell came to the well of the chamber and cast his vote as the crucial 60th supporter.

Sen. John Cornyn of Texas, the second-ranking Republican, then switched to join Mr. McConnell in opposing the filibuster. He and other allies then went to try to persuade other Republicans to join them in a show of solidarity.

Apparently the fix was in.

Now I understand the argument the political argument for this vote:
It’s better to get rid of this issue for the left can’t use it to bombard the GOP in the midterms. With the MSM behind them Democrats, as Glenn Reynolds put it, have air superiority & would use it.

But if you actually believe this was the case, the honorable thing, the thing a leader does, is make that argument openly and out front, both to the voters and on the Senate floor.

As much as I disagree with John Boehner on this he made that honorable argument leading from the front.

John Cornyn can’t say the same. He didn’t even have the propriety to abstain from voting then joining his leader. He was a “No” right up until the moment his boss discovered no other Senator drive off the cliff for them. Then like Louise to McConnell’s Thelma Cornyn jumped in the car grabbed his partner’s hand and switched.

Bart Stupik who provided the cover to pass Obamacare would be proud.

People wonder why ordinary folks don’t trust Washington pols say or why the Tea party is so fired up about challenging the GOP establishment.

I don’t

Final thought: If I was Dwayne Stovall with little money but lots of Tea Party support I’d be comparing Cornyn flip to Wendy Davis’ flops every time I opened my mouth from now till election day

Update: That didn’t take long

“Cornyn’s vote with the Democrats to end debate on the bill helped to clear the way for its passage. That required 60 votes, and John Cornyn joined with Mitch McConnell to hand that liberal victory to Harry Reid. Once cleared, the simple majority of Democrats in the Senate was all that was needed to pass it. This allowed Cornyn to vote No on the final bill so that he could say he voted against it. That’s a half-truth and it’s misleading. The bill would never have passed if it were not for Sen. Cornyn’s bait and switch tactics.”

“Sen. Cornyn betrays the trust of Texas and votes with the Democrats at every opportunity. A vote for John Cornyn is a vote for more debt that enslaves us, our children, and our grandchildren. I’ve said throughout my campaign, and I will say again, I will never vote to increase the federal debt. Now I pledge to filibuster every bill that seeks to do so. We cannot continue on this unsustainable path.”

“I will never do procedural bait-and-switch voting like John Cornyn.

He didn’t spare Steve Stockman hie ire either referencing this story in the Washington post

Among those voting with Boehner were Reps. Steve Stockman (R-Tex.) and Mick Mulvaney (R-S.C.), who just three weeks ago refused to support Boehner in the formal vote for House speaker. Later, after the measure easily amassed enough votes to pass, Stockman joined some other conservatives in switching his vote to “no” — a sign that he opposed the measure but was willing to support Boehner if his vote had been needed.

One of the things Ted Cruz decried in this long speech last October was his disgust with people who cast meaningless votes to cover themselves. This is a great example of it.

Update 2: Smitty is not happy and his unhappiness is not restricted to Cornyn:

What’s actually wrong here is that voters have tolerated such an egregious evasion of responsibility for so long. Our representatives, one might have been tempted to think, are elected to do mature, adult work on tough issues like budgets. And here we see a ‘clever’ system whereby the cloture vote is the one that matters, and the simple majority vote on the legislation is an afterthought, so that Senators can do their foul deeds while piously claiming to vote against them.

This pattern is not dissimilar from one a couple thousand years ago involving the Sanhedrin and the Romans.

Why is this November’s election not a sure thing for the GOP? Because it’s entirely unclear that, given majority power again, the GOP would be any less wretched than Reid, Pelosi and crew.

There is a reason why Tea party types don’t trust the GOP, stuff like this is it.


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DaTechGuy January 31st 2013

The time to take over the GOP (state by state) or set up a real third party (let’s call it the conservative party, like NY state), is NOW, after a historic election that demonstrated the ineptness of the “Wizards of Smart”.

Mike Rogers November 9th 2012

There are a lot of reasons why NH republicans might oppose a run by Scott Brown for the Senate in NH:  The running away from the base in the Elizabeth Warren race, the pro-choice ads, and as Granite Grok points out New Hampshire is a huge 2nd Amendment State:

Given that he has had his vetting as Gun Control Advocate by none other than Mayor and Nanny of NYC Bloomberg (whose Mayors Against Illegal Guns’s “No More Names” tour listed Boston Marathon Bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev as a”gun victim” when it stopped in Concord, NH) who gave liberally (snicker) to his failed campaign against Elizabeth Warren, it is clear that Scott Brown’s stance that he’d be fine in supporting another Federal “assault weapon” ban. Thus, those of us that believe that the Republican US Senate Nominee should, at the least:

fully support the Party Platform (“We believe that our founding fathers placed the 2nd Amendment in a position of prominence with intent; that law-abiding citizens of the United States of America have a right to protect and defend their lives, their families and their property without government infringement.”)
whole heartedly support the Letter AND the Spirit of the US Constitution (“Second Amendment: A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”)
show a full respect for the NH Constitution (“Article 2-a: All persons have the right to keep and bear arms in defense of themselves, their families, their property and the state.”)

As it is clear that Mr. Brown lacks quite a bit in these regards, we will be letting him AND the NH GOP Leadership know of our ire by staging this rally.

All of these reasons to oppose a Brown candidacy are valid, but if you want to understand why New Hampshire Republican should tell Senator Brown not to run for the Senate in New Hampshire all you have to do is go back to January 31st of this year.

There was a big fight in the Massachusetts GOP for party chair between two strong candidates.  Rick Green a businessman was supported by the Tea Party / activist wing of the party vs Kirsten Hughes a Chelsea city counselor who worked on the Scott Brown campaign against Elizabeth Warren as deputy finance director.

I covered both candidates during a forum on the 22nd of January and even at that time it was understood this was going to be a very close race.

Hanging over the race was the pending special election to fill the senate seat made empty by John Kerry nomination as Secretary of State.  Senator Brown had not yet announced and the party very much wanted him to run.

Hughes was Scott Brown’s candidate:

With Bob’s departure, I am writing to you today to endorse Kirsten Hughes for Chair of the Massachusetts Republican Party.

It was widely believed among the voters in the room that Hughes election would be an incentive for Brown to enter that race and her connection to the Brown campaign and fundraising was one of her selling points.  The day of the vote the Herald reported on his involvement in the race.  The timing was interesting:

If I was a pessimist, which I’m not, I would think that this story was dropped today by Brown in order to scare the last few undecideds into siding with him after badgering State Committee members with personal plea phone calls for weeks. (Rumor has it Green is up by two.)

On January 31st the vote took place, this is what happened:

In fact is was even weirder than first reported but eventually there was a second ballot and Kirsten Hughes won, however it took the shouts from the crowd for the party to announce the actual vote count.  (41-39).  Activists reacted like this:

and this:

But in the end the election was over and many of the party leaders who voted for Ms. Hughes at least had the comfort in knowing that they would have a state chair friendly to the Brown Campaign and be best able to integrate the efforts of the part to get back that senate seat.

After all a Brown win in the special election would mean he’d be running for re-election in an off year as an incumbent in 2014 giving the party their best chance to grow the vote for state legislature & Senate candidates  all the way down the ticket.

That hope lasted almost 12 hours:

At lunchtime today, I spoke to Senator Brown by telephone.  His news was as surprising to me as I’m sure it was to you.  Certainly, we can all understand this was a highly personal decision for Senator Brown and his family.  Yet, it’s certainly a disappointment for many in our party.

So what the reaction of Scott Brown at a time when his choice for GOP chair has just won by the thinnest of margins?  What was his move when the party needed someone to rally behind? What was his decision when that new chairperson that he explicitly supported most needed a positive story to change the subject from the debacle of the 31st?  What was the decision when all those party voters who cast their vote counting on him to be there to support the party?

He took his ball and went home.

The end result?   Ed Markey, was able to win a lifetime senate seat against a weak candidate while drawing only 60% of the vote Martha Coakley did in 2010.

Even with Senator Brown’s problems with the base he could have drawn those numbers with one hand tied behind his back.

Now less than a year later, he is heading North to NH where the GOP held the state just one election ago to  jump the line ahead of GOP candidates in the state ready and able to run?

I can think of nothing more likely to exacerbate the existing divides in the NH GOP than this.

It will amplify the mistake Speaker Boehner made with the base.

The divide it creates will cost the party seats in both the state senate and house.

It will put Kelly Ayotte in an impossible position where anything she says and does will anger someone whose vote she will need in 2016.

Now it’s axiomatic, for all his faults Brown would be far superior to Jeanne Shaheen and if nominated by the NH GOP I would encourage every voter to support him rather than reward the 60th vote for Obamacare with another six years but I can’t think of a more selfish or self centered move by the Senator nor anything more likely to cause a 3rd party movement in the state that will spread nationally.
I like Senator Brown, he’s a nice guy with a great family and the GOP nationwide should be grateful for the boost he gave to the party.  It’s fair to say that Tea Party election in Massachusetts in 2010 is the reason why the GOP hold the house today, As a Senator he always had time for people from the state even those who disagreed with him and frankly it’s not all that unusual for a person in Massachusetts to say “enough” and move to New Hampshire, but it’s one thing for the party to run a moderate republican in a state where the GOP not even healthy enough to be on life support, it’s quite another to do so in a state where conservatism is still strong.

I implore Senator Brown to re-consider his run in NH for the sake of the state party and the national one.

A Postscript:  One thing I should make clear, I don’t blame Ms. Hughes for either the election stuff nor the Brown move.  She started in an impossible position trying to clean up a mess that was given to her.  I’ve never heard her once complain about the bad hand she was dealt, instead she works hard all over the state and gets little media credit for her efforts:

It’s interesting to note her aide said “you only have five minutes” but she turned to him saying “he only needs three for his interviews”. A party chair who is familiar with the habits of the people covering her knows what she is doing. I opposed her election but she has been proving herself a very capable and impressive party chair.

I would think that would be a story but highlighting a young, smart attractive, hard working young woman leading a state GOP doesn’t fit the media whole “war on women” meme does it?

Update:  No matter who is the GOP nominee this ad is going to be a problem for Jeanne Shaheen

and a lot of other Democrats who were the 60th vote for Obamacare.


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Journo-list Greg Sargent is worried about the White House being undermined by house democrats on Iran.

Strangely enough he seems less worried about Iran undermining the deal but it’s not like the priority is to actually stop Iran, as it was to have a “deal” that LOOKS like it stops Iran.

But hidden within that piece is an Important little tidbit that says a lot about the actual state of affairs in DC

If the GOP-controlled House passes something with the support of someone like Hoyer, it could make it harder for Senate Dems to resist pressure to act.

and THAT is the story of the democrat control of the Senate over the last 3 years. The story that the media has done its best not to tell.

Over and over the House has acted, over and over the Senate didn’t vote

When the house passed budgets the senate didn’t vote…until Obama was re-elected.

During the shutdown bi-partisan bill after bi-partisan bill passed the house and the senate didn’t vote.

Just last month the Upton Bill passed with 39 democrats voting yes, and the senate didn’t vote

The question isn’t if Reid wouldn’t win these votes, odds are he would have won most of them, but Reid isn’t worried about winning votes, he’s all about making sure no democrat has to make any decision that the American people might hold them accountable for

but bipartisan movement in the House could intensify the pressure on him to allow a vote on something the White House doesn’t want.

The end of the filibuster was sold as something necessary to allow thing to proceed in the Senate but the truth is for Democrats in general and Harry Reid & the White House in particular Senate inaction has always been a feature, not a bug.

At least as long as Barack Obama is in the White House that is.

Update:  This is exactly what Stacy was talking about this weekend

Scarcely had Bill Clinton finished the oath of office before he embarked on a series of left-wing initiatives that he had perhaps promised in various speeches or policy papers, but which I — relying on the news media’s depiction of the campaign — had not realized were part of his agenda.

And just remember Fox News Channel didn’t come until existence until October of 1996. and even now it only represent 11% of the total news audience.

Update:  A significant Instalance (I’ll explain why in my lead post tomorrow) but while thanking Glenn let me point out to those who might not already know it that we now have seven Magnificent writers contributing to this blog:  Linda Szugyi, Marathon Pundit (whose wife has been sick , Steve Eggleston, Pastor George Kelly, AP (Lady Liberty 1886) Dillon, Fausta and Juliette Akinyi Ochieng  aka Baldilocks  (she’s having a rough time so give a hand if you can).

Simply click on their names to read their excellent work here or click on DaTechGuy’s Magnificent Seven to read the all.

Update 2: I shouldn’t leave out thanks to Stacy McCain since he is in a way the founder of the feast, but that’s explained tomorrow too.


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Brigadier:: Did you believe them?
4th Doctor:  No, of course not, and they know I didn’t. And I know that they know that I didn’t, and they know that I know that…

Doctor Who  Robot 1974

Worf:  We will wait until he feels the grasp of his enemies around his throat

Star Trek TNG  Redemption 1991

Mrs. Lovet:   Don’t you know, silly man
Half the fun is to plan the plan
All good things come to those who can

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street 2007


Last week I suggested to the GOP that we should answer the Nuclear option with the Sicilian option.  I think it’s necessary to be more specific.

There are several Italian stereotypes out there, but for Sicilians the stereotype that is most pronounced is that of the Gangster and nothing has crystallized that image in the minds of people like the first two Godfather Movies, the greatest Movie-Sequel pair ever made.

Even within the stereotype you have two variations that are represented by Sonny Corleone and his brother Michael.

Sonny Corleone is a fighter and a man of strong passions.  He wears his opinions on his sleeve. When his father is hit, he comes back strong.  When Tom Hagen advices him what it is costing the family financially he doesn’t care, and when Carlo either yells at his sister or hits her he springs to action.

Everyone body knows he is coming, there is no subtilty to him and that becomes his undoing as he is ambushed and slaughtered in a trap baited by his passions.

But the single most telling moment for Sonny isn’t the beating, shooting or even the war, the telling moment comes when Sollozzo makes his pitch to the Corleone family.

When Don Vito turns him down Sollozzo offers to guarantee his investment and when he does Sonny jumps in to question this until the Don raises a hand and turns to look at his now humbled son. The shot shifts to Clemenza, then to Tom Hagen then to Sollozzo who immediately notes Sonny’s interest in contrast to his father, who is forced to stress that his “No” is final and scolds him:

What’s the matter with you. I think your brain is going soft from all that comma you’re playing with that young girl. Never tell anybody outside the family what you’re thinking again.

It’s is Sollozzo’s perception that “Sonny was hot for my idea” that leads to the war, the shooting of the Don, the corruption of Michael and his own murder.

Why,  because everyone sees him coming and knows how to counter him.

Contrast that with his father and his brother Michael. Every single time he or his father acts they acts at a moment when nobody sees him coming. The Sollozzo & McCulskey do not see him coming any more than the five families, Tessio or Hyman Roth do. This mirrors his father who is able to kill not only kill Don Fanucci and Don Ciccio but to do so on their own ground.

They are able to do this because rather than rush for revenge as both Paulo (Vito’s brother) and Sonny does they slowly sits back and waits not striking until his targets are relaxed and the moment presents itself.

The best illustration of this method ironically comes not in any of the murder scenes but in the Scene with Senator Geary in Nevada at the start of Godfather 2

Note the response by Michael when Senator Geary tries to “squeeze” him and insults his family for good measure. He doesn’t get angry, he doesn’t threaten him he makes his “offer” and ignores Geary’s bemused reaction and waits…

…until Senator Geary finds himself betrayed by his own appetites (with some help from Corleone Lt Al Neri) put him in a compromising position where Tom Hagen “friendship” is the only hope to extract himself from a danger to life and career.

In each case Michael waits, lets his foes relax until every piece is on the board where he wants it, and then he strikes.

Bottom line Michael & Vito got the results they desired, Sonny did not.

There is a lesson here, for all those angry about the new Filibuster rules in the Senate and a lot of other things.



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Darth Vader:  I am altering the deal, pray I don’t alter it further

The Empire Strikes Back 1980

Former slave: (selling his captors to slave traders) Do unto others before they do unto you, that is survival and economics!

Groo:  (drawing swords) Groo will do unto you!

Groo the Wander #5 slavers Epic Comics July 1985

Davros: Never forget, Doctor, you did this! I name you forever: You are the Destroyer of Worlds!

Dr. Who Journey’s End 2008

One aspect of this Senate rule change is how it makes everything more extreme.

One of the reasons why a this republic works is the respect for the rights of the minority. The Senate is the perfect example of this.

Thanks to the (old) rules of the senate a party even if they had no power elsewhere, with 41 votes in the Senate could still have an influence on government. This restraint was critical

1. It meant that a party had to hold a large super majority 60 votes to push through people unchecked. That assures that a nation would be strongly united behind such decisions before taking them.

2. It meant there was a brake on the extreme of a party could not push through a radical, even with a majority, because if they went too far the minority could stop it

3. It decreased the incentive for fraud, as long as there was a minority able to check them there is less on an incentive to take large risks or skirt illegality to gain a majority

And there is one other point that is very important to consider in a country as well armed as ours.

One of the reasons why we have had, with one exception, a history of peaceful transfers of power is that even an armed minority no matter how upset,  could always count on their rights as a minority to be respected due to our shared culture of such respect.

Today the “United” States is a country with two different cultures growing ever apart and at the same time (or because of it)  we are dealing with polarization and distrust at levels we haven’t seen in dozens of decades.

What does such move, in violation of promises made,  say to a people who already distrust the word of those in power and no longer share the same cultural values?

The left will no doubt argue, this change is limited, it doesn’t involve the supreme court, it doesn’t involve legislation.  That argument is meaningless.

Ask yourself, if there was a supreme court opening pending, if there house was held by the left rather than the right, do you REALLY think Harry Reid, who promised not 6 months ago that he would not do what he just did, would have excluded such people from the rules?  And given that Sen Reid had promised not to make this change what is the basis to assume that this will not happen again if circumstances change?  Who is foolish enough to believe this is where this is going to stop?

This change is going to have horrible consequences, it will give strength to the party extremes, it will make the stakes even higher for those seeking to use government to obtain power or wealth and it will inflame the passions of those who feel their rights are being violated, not something you wish to do in a land as well armed as ours.

Unless the senate reverses itself and I mean fast, within a few weeks, this will lead us further down a path that will be so destructive to this country that future historians will marvel that the leaders would have been so foolish as to take such a step.

Update: Reason (via Glenn) nails it

Update 2: That didn’t take long:

Thursday, Sen. Tom Harkin (D-Iowa) called for more reforms.

“This has been escalating for a long period of time and it was time to stop it and that’s what we did this morning,” Harkin said. “Now we need to take it a step farther and change the filibuster rules on legislation.”

Senator: Perhaps the general will at least tell us what his plans are

Andrew Jackson: Senator if the hair on my head knew my plans I’d cut it off.

The Buccaneer 1968

It’s usually a given that the MSM totally misrepresent the actions of people they wish to destroy so it’s not all that unusual that Ted Cruz regularly in their sights, gets spun a lot.

The attacks from the MSM are useful for Senator Cruz.  The more the MSM goes after him the higher his credibility with conservative activists and the tea party base that he derives his national prominence from.

But of all the misreadings of the Senator and the attacks on him from the MSM, none have been as useful as this one:

Cruz said Friday afternoon he’s staying neutral as Cornyn seeks re-election next year.

“Sen. Cornyn is a good man. He is a friend. He and I have worked side by side on a great many issues fighting for Texas, fighting for conservative principles,” he said when asked about Cornyn’s campaign at a New Hampshire GOP fund-raiser. “It is likely that I am going to stay out of incumbent primaries across the country, either supporting incumbents or opposing incumbents.”

This was reported as a snub:

Cornyn shrugged off the snub.

But Cruz noted he would be active in open seats

Cruz said Friday that he’ll focus on helping “strong free market candidates in senate races all over the country.”

“My focus in 2014 is open seats or seats that are currently held by Democrats

Chris Cillizza and Sean Sullivan continued along those lines:

Cruz’s unwillingness to endorse Cornyn is about one person: Cruz.  The freshman Senator has made clear during his brief time in the Senate that he has little interest in going along to get along or any desire to climb the leadership ladder.

The MSM meme is:  Ted Cruz is sticking an eye in the establishment.  Ted Cruz being a maverick,  Ted Cruz  letting the whole world know he’s not going to be about helping entrenched power just because  it has an R next it its name!

The reality is he is doing exactly the opposite.

Consider a primary, the biggest danger to a GOP incumbent is a challenger from the right.  The last thing a senator who has a weak record with conservatives needs is a Tea Party challenger.  Primary elections are base elections and the last thing a weak-willed member of the GOP needs is an alternative to that weakness.

However even in an internet age it takes a lot for a primary challenger to win.  It takes not only money but attention.  How does an unknown Tea Party challenger get the face time and the credibility to compete with an entrenched incumbent like a Mitch McConnell, a Lindsey Graham or a Lamar Alexander?

That credibility comes from endorsements.

Take Kentucky, let’s say you are Matt Beven in a primary challenge against Mitch McConnell.  The odds are already long because you are facing not only a long entrenched Senator but the minority leader who has 100% name recognition and a lot of favors to call in.

What would be the fastest way to build name recognition, to raise money for a run when the interests in the state are afraid of being on the wrong side of the sitting senator in the room?

A Ted Cruz endorsement.

Picture Ted Cruz showing up in the state doing an event with Beven.  What would happen?

Every camera in the state would be drawn to the event, every blogger in the state would cover it, national media would be all over it and Beven would be a “get” for every radio station, TV station around.

And the MONEY, tea party fans from California to Massachusetts would be hitting his tip jar for $5, $10, $25, $100, $1000 dollars.  Beven would have more than enough money to start a credible ad campaign to get his message out, to make a fight of it.

Does that mean he would be guaranteed a win?  Nope but he would have a real shot as opposed to a long shot.

Paul Kane at the post notes Cruz’s PAC has given a few dollars to incumbents:

On May 10, according to Federal Election Commission records, he wrote a $2,500 check to the campaign of Cornyn, the No. 2 GOP leader in the Senate who has moved aggressively to try to ward off a potential primary challenger next year.

The conservative firebrand dished out four other $2,500 donations to incumbents that same day: Sens. Jim Inhofe (Okla.), a 19-year veteran; Mike Lee (Utah), a fellow tea party favorite elected in 2010; Jim Risch (Idaho), who is seeking his second term in 2014; and Tim Scott (S.C.), who was appointed to the Senate after Jim DeMint resigned and is running in 2014 for the remaining years of DeMint’s term.

But while all of those guys will happilly take that money, $2500 is a drop in the bucket to the great contribution that Ted Cruz has given Alexander, Graham and McConnell

His inaction.

And as Senator Cruz is no fool I”ll wager that non-action didn’t come cheap.


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Oh, I am heartily tired of hearing about what Lee is going to do. Some of you always seem to think he is suddenly going to turn a double somersault, and land in our rear and on both of our flanks at the same time. Go back to your command, and try to think what we are going to do ourselves, instead of what Lee is going to do

US Grant, Battle of the Wilderness 1864

One of the 1st rules of politics is to play your game not your opponents.

For Ed Markey things are not going as good as they should be, His coronation for a seat in the US senate in a +20 dem state has hit some speed bumps.  The cook county report has the race a toss up  your opponent is a Hispanic son of Colombian immigrants ex Navy Pilot, Ex Navy Seal and successful businessman and your reduced to selling to a community that is tight that are reduced to questioning if your opponent is Hispanic enough.

So if you’re the Markey campaign you have to get the subject changed and your opponent talking about things other than his strengths.

Lucky for Ed Markey, for all his strengths Gabriel Gomez is a political novice. So when Markey throws out a little bait:

U.S. Rep. Edward Markey, used the fundraising email to tie Gomez to the national Republican Party. Markey released a web ad this weekend featuring McConnell’s email. “Mitch McConnell led Republicans creating gridlock in the U.S. Senate,” the ad states, calling attention to McConnell’s opposition to an assault weapons ban and several other positions. It urges voters not to “let national Republicans get their way,” and implies that a vote for Gomez would hurt Democratic President Barack Obama’s agenda.

a more experienced candidate would ignore it.   In fact A more experienced candidate and team would talk about how Ed Markey is attacking because his 36 year record is not worth defending.  A more experienced candidate would if pressed by the media would say nothing stronger than:  “That’s what the Democrats said about Scott Brown and we all know that story.”

But what does the less Gabriel Gomez do when running in a +20 dem state against an opponent with more money and a state full of paid hacks to call on in an election that will be decided on turnout?  An election where he needs every single dedicated GOP vote to turn up and pull that lever?

He says this:

“I’m a new Republican, and I’m going to make this a new Republican Party,” he said. “Now, I’m sure in the next few months, when I get down to D.C., a lot of my comrades in the Republican Party are going to think I’m a major pain in the butt, but I’m OK with that.”

And lists issue after issue where he intends to support the democrats in the senate vs the GOP.

There is a word for a person whose agenda is to defeat the Republican, it’s “Democrat” and Michael Graham is not happy:

Last week, a GOP flak in DC working for the Gomez campaign tweeted an angry message demanding GOP donors pay up. “Put your money where your mouth is,” he insisted–without noting that his own paycheck depends on donor cash.

Sorry, pal–it’s not our job to give our money to candidates who urinate down our leg, just so you can make your mortgage payment in Falls Church, VA.

Why would any Republican give to a candidate who, less than a month out of the election, is using precious campaign time to attack his own party?

If Gomez wants to be a “pain in the GOP’s butt,” he can do it on his own dime. Me? I’m looking for a Republican who will be a pain in the DEMOCRAT’S derriere.

Let’s be clear.  Gabriel Gomez is far superior to Ed Markey,   I’ll be voting for him on the 25th and I would encourage every single resident of Massachusetts to do the same.  I’d also like to explain something to the Gomez & the Mass GOP.

Paid consultants are nice but to win an election A candidate needs a base of support, a group of people who are willing to work hard for you to give time and effort for you.  You need people who will do these things with the promise of a financial reward or a hack job at the end of it.  They are called “the base”.

They need to be secured before you reach other to others.

In  a special election the base is even more critical, turn out is lower, motivation is tough, you want to be absolutely possible there is no chance of them staying home.

This isn’t it.

My suggestion: Get back on message, and if people try to bait you take a look at this piece from Holly Robichaud for advice on things to say.

It’s a pretty good list but notice what’s not on it?  Attack the Gop.

Every day Gabriel Gomez attacks his party he is doing Ed Markey’s job for him, it’s up to the Gomez campaign to make sure this is a one day story. If it is then the campaign can get this behind them and push forward.

If not, if we have more days when the GOP activist base that listens to Michael Graham is hearing stories of the candidate saying how much their party sucks it’s going to end badly for the GOP.

And if you don’t believe me then ask Mitt Romney about those millions of GOP voters who decided to stay home in 2012. As Scott Brown why he won in 2010 when he didn’t hit the tea party and lost in 2012 when he did.

Your call.

Update:  Cleaned up the more experienced candidate sentence

Lt Tom Keefer:  Three ships were lost in the Typhoon, you know.

Barry Greenwald:  And 187 stayed afloat without the executive officer taking command.

The Caine Mutiny 1954

For three months Morning Joe has been has been pushing Gun Control arguing to anyone who will listen how much this will cost the GOP in November.

This week he took to Politico to make his case to the vast majority of people who don’t want Morning Joe :

A new PPP Poll of voters in South Carolina’s first Congressional District shows that 86 percent of those Southerners support the type of background check that Congress killed last week. This district is so conservative that Mitt Romney carried it by 18 percentage points last year. But this week, voters by a 2-to-1 margin say they would be less likely to vote for a candidate that opposed background checks on gun purchases.

Note the phrase, they supported “the type of background check that congress killed this week” That’s important. He continues talking Florida & Texas and more…

In Virginia, the home of the NRA, 91 percent of Virginia voters from gun households support background checks. In New Jersey, that number rises to 95 percent. In Pennsylvania the number is 96 percent. So much for winning the Philadelphia suburbs next year.

Note that none of these numbers refer to the actual bill being debated but simply of vague description of a part of a bill rather than what the bill actually says.

Now as I’ve already said, if these numbers were true the senate would have been falling over themselves to vote for it so lets look at a different batch of polling:

Even at the height of the media coverage of the Newtown shooting, the number of people who considered guns a top public-issue priority never climbed out of the single digits, according to Gallup. By the time the bills failed, only 4% thought of guns as the most important public issue facing the country, down from 6% in early February. The only angry people were on CNN and MSNBC. And bear in mind that the Gallup question would have included people who thought protecting gun rights were the most important issue, too.

And now lets look at a more realistic political assessment from someone who doesn’t have to play to an MSNBC audience to make a living Megan McArdle.

If you want to actually understand why gun control failed, let’s try a simple exercise. Raise your hand if you had a strong opinion about the background check bill that was in front of Congress.

Keep your hand raised if you know how your own Senator voted on it. Otherwise put your hand down.

Keep your hand raised if you actually live in a state that might plausibly elect a Republican to congress.

Okay, now keep your hand raised if that bill was in the top one or two issues that you’ll be voting on in 2014 or 2016. By which I mean, if your Senator votes the wrong way on that bill, you will vote for anyone who opposes them. Anyone–even someone with the wrong opinions on gay marriage, social security reform, transportation subsidies, the Keystone XL pipeline, carbon taxes, marginal tax rates on people who make more than $250k per annum, the deficit, and student loan repayment programs.

Now look around. Aside from those three guys in the back from Handgun Control Inc., do you know who still has their hand raised? NRA members.

What do I think is going to happen? I think that the anti-gun forces are going to find the republican or democrat who voted against them who was most likely to lose anyways, run a few ads against them and if they lose claim it was due to the overwhelming outrage of the people over the gun vote.

But they won’t point to all of the GOP members who win re-election on that very same vote.

Update: Allahpundit explains further

If you like the idea of expanded background checks but don’t trust Obama or liberals or gun-grabbers generally, you can live very easily with Toomey/Manchin going down. Related to that is the fact that gun control is a quintessential (maybe the ultimate) “slippery slope” issue, if only because some of the left’s favorite proposals all but guarantee further action down the line.

I’m sure an MSNBC audience never thought of it.

What a difference three days Makes

Wasn’t it just a few days ago that Toomey Manchin was destined to pass because it was a 90-10 issue?

Apparently it wasn’t as 90-10 as they thought:

After much lobbying and fan fare, the Toomey-Manchin expanded background check amendment has failed. The amendment needed 60 votes to pass, but fell short with only 54 votes.

There are many winners and losers. The first winner of course is the American People but lets talk political winners and losers.

The Biggest winners are the democrats from Red States who voted against and can hold up this vote as an example that they stood strong for gun rights in a tough election season, the left would like to primary them but bottom line they know it won’t happen.

2nd on the list is the NRA that every single media outlet was proclaiming dead and weakening just a few days ago. This victory solidifies their position as a group not to be messed with.

Another Big Winner, John McCain his vote for the Amendment has guaranteed him positive media coverage for the rest of his tenure and gives him a chance to push Benghazi without being silenced by the media. It will hurt him with conservatives but that doesn’t bother him.

Tea Party & 2nd Amendment Groups are winners as well, left for dead they were able to mobilize the votes to defeat Harry Reid in the face of the MSM & Mayor Bloomberg’s millions.

For Pat Toomey it’s a mixed bag, It puts the left, Bloomberg and the media in a box because he advanced the amendment. It will make it slightly harder come election time to oppose him (they’ll eventually manage to anyway) but for at least a short period of time he will escapes their wrath. If he can avoid a primary challenge he might just get by.

It’s a mixed Bag for Bloomberg as well, he fails to force the bill’s passage and is put in a position to oppose democrats who opposed it but it guarantees him plenty of MSM attention during the next election cycle which is what he really wanted all along anyway

The list of losers starts with the Citizens Committee For the Right to Keep and Bear Arms which supported this bill until just a few hours before the vote. Pro-gun people will not forget their initial support nor will the media forget them changing sides.

However Gun Control Groups will continue to be able to send out fundraiser after fundraiser from frantic leftists afraid of armed conservatives.

Lawmakers in marginal state districts who supported local control measures thinking the nation would go along are losers because now they become targets big time.

The media is a big loser, they pushed this deal but with the events of Boston overshadowing all they just couldn’t continue the press.

The President is a huge loser, he invested a lot of attention into this bill but couldn’t even bring his entire senate caucus along with him.

The biggest losers are the Newtown families who supported this bill. They let themselves be talked into supporting this bill wasting their gravitas on a measure that wouldn’t have saved a single one of their loved ones and then suffered the humiliation of defeat. They were used by the left and will be discarded by them as soon as the final bit of advantage is wrung from them. I feel bad for them, both for the loss of their loved ones and for being taken advantage of by Democrat gun grabbers at the time they were most vulnerable. Rather disgusting.

What’s next? We wait until the left attempts to strike again, and be ready to fight, because if you think for one minute this is the last time they will give this a shot, you are sadly mistaken.

I spoke to Mass. GOP Senate candidate Mike Sullivan at the “How to save the GOP event” hosted by Michael Graham.

Full disclosure I endorsed Sullivan last week, but I also interviewed his opponents here.

I like that Sullivan isn’t bending or equivocating on these issues and his direct approach is very refreshing and his realism on spending is something tat this state and this country needs in the Senate.

And let’s be blunt to all those who want me to change based on social issues. Abortion is an intrinsic evil, cooperation in an intrinsic evil is a mortal sin, period.

If there is no pro-life candidate I’ll pick the best choice on other issues but a faithful & believing catholic is not going to commit a mortal sin in the hopes of taking an election issue off the table and anyone who thinks they would are idiots.

You can donate to his campaign here.

Olimometer 2.52

This kind of coverage is what your Tip Jar hits pay for, consider being one of the nine remaining people I need to kick in to assure me of that full $300 paycheck this week is reporting that red state democrats up for re-election are running away from Bloomberg and his gun grabbers:

As the push to pass gun control legislation hits its peak and individuals like NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg spend millions to sway Senate votes, Democrat Senators in red states are stepping back to say they don’t take marching orders from Bloomberg.

They link a Washington Post story that lists the senators in question:

The five Senators are Mark Begich (D-Alaska), Mark Pryor (D-Ark.), Mary Landrieu (D-La.), Max Baucus (D-Mont.), and Kay Hagan (D-N.C.).

and says this

Proponents of stricter measures are becoming increasingly fed up with the Senate’s inaction. Rep. Jackie Speier (D-Calif.), a survivor of a mass shooting, said the delays have created “an environment so that cowards can succeed.”

“Ninety-one percent of the American people support a universal background check, and we’ve got members on the House and Senate side that are gutless,” she said. “They know in their heart of hearts that it’s the absolute right thing to do, but they are more concerned about their reelection.”

As I’ve already explained that’s bait & switch, if 91% of the voters were with Congresswoman Speier their concern for re-election would bring them along.

While I’m pleased to see these senators hold the line I think there is a more critical paragraph in the Post story that deserves more attention, particularly from the voters in Alaska, Arkansas, Louisiana, Montana & North Carolina:

“If there was a secret-ballot vote it would pass overwhelmingly, because from a substantive point of view most of these senators understand that this is the right thing to do,” said Matt Bennett, a gun-control advocate and senior vice president at Third Way, a centrist think tank. “What’s holding them back is pure politics.”

In other words as soon as 2014 is done and more years is guaranteed suddenly there will be room to evolve on the issue.

Here is a perfect example. Meet Senator Claire McCaskill on May 12th 2012 BEFORE the Tood Akin gaffe and before she faced the voters in 2012:

“The state of Missouri’s position on this issue has been clearly established since 2004 and nothing about today’s announcement changes that,” he said.

McCaskill, D-Mo., has stated her opposition to gay marriage in the past, but she’s walked a bit of a tightrope on the question. She has expressed support for civil unions, which grant gay couples some — but not all — of the legal rights that married couples enjoy. She also opposed Missouri’s 2004 constitutional amendment banning gay marriage, arguing that it was unnecessary because existing state law already prohibited gay marriage.

And now meet the very same Senator Claire McCaskill four months after she has secured six more years in her current office:

Two days before the U.S. Supreme Court heard the first of two same-sex marriage cases, Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Mo., quietly endorsed same-sex marriage in a post on her Tumblr blog.

“I have come to the conclusion that our government should not limit the right to marry based on who you love,” McCaskill wrote in a post on March 24.

What? You mean to say that a United States Senator in less that one year decided to switch the position she held for years to the Democrat liberal line after election? Who would have thought it….

…anyone with eyes.

Todd Akin was a bad candidate and because the GOP in Missouri didn’t take Sarah Palin’s advice and nominate former state Treasurer Sarah Steelman, Claire McCaskill is now a safe vote for the left on anything they want till at least 2016 or 2017.

The only amazing thing about this, that anyone was amazed.

Now in 2014 5 sitting democrat senators in Red States are running for re-election while brand new democrats are running for senate seats formally held by democrats in red states as well These Sitting senators are trying to tell you that they will oppose the left and the Obama administration and their full court press on guns and I’m sure the Democrat candidates running for those open red seats will say just the same.

I put the question to you, voters in these Red States:

Are you foolish enough to believe them?

We’ll find out November of 2014.

Good luck.


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Yesterday after a rather excellent show, I traveled to Tewksbury Ma

tewksbury forum 001

Cover the first candidate forum between GOP contenders for the Senate seat vacated by John Kerry.

The event, which included a large amount of local candidates for offices from Library Trustee to Selectman was sponsored by the local GOP I spoke to the Chairman before it began:

and to one of the local candidates

After the pledge and an invocation things got started, I began by doing a pan of the crowd during the introduction but as I started Gabriel Gomez was immediately called to the podium so rather than cutting the video I just kept shooting.

Gomez’s speech was a solid, down home speech. He stressed his military & business experience and stressed the concept of service as paying back America for all it’s given his family after his mother came here.

I particularly liked his description of Sequestration saying Washington: “bottled up a virus and mailed it to themselves”

Next Dan Winslow came up,

By contrast he has served in the legislature and as a Judge touting his experience and took careful aim at the democrats in a speech that would really inspire the grassroots. He cheered the Rand Paul filibuster saying he would have joined it, talked about Sequester as cutting “less than 3% of the rate of increase of federal spending” and effectively contrasted the items that the White House choose NOT to cut, vs the School Tours calling out the Democrats for their scare tactics.

By the time he was done the 3rd Candidate Mike Sullivan had not arrived so they introduced a pair of local candidates who spoke. When Mr. Sullivan had not arrived an intermission was called so the candidates could meet the voters and answer questions.

tewksbury forum 018
As you might guess they dived right in and engaged the crowd

tewksbury forum 015

I wanted to give them some space to meet the voters so I next talked to one of the selectman candidates who spoke.

Some of you might be saying, “DaTechGuy, I’m interested in the Mass Senate Race, not some selectman in a small town“. If you are, shame on you!

It’s these selectmen, school committee and yes even library trustee’s who are willing to step up to take taking those jobs that can be really difficult jobs closest to the people that we have to encourage. The bench the GOP needs comes from such men and women. That’s true community service.

I spoke to Gabriel Gomez first.

he is a very appealing candidate in a lot of ways. I really see why fellow Navy Man Smitty jumped on board right away. As a grandson of Sicilian immigrants his story as a son of immigrants really strikes home.

I talked to Dan Winslow next

He’s a Western Mass guy like myself (just to clarify to my readers. To Boston folk anything outside 128 or 495 is “Western Mass” To people like me in central Mass West of the Berkshires and the CT river is Western Mass.)

He said the line every single republican in this state at every level need to memorize and take to heart “I’m proud of being a republican in Massachusetts and I think that people agree with the principles we espouse they just don’t associate them with us right now, I’m going to make that connection for them in this election.”

By the time we finished talked Mr. Williams had still not arrived much to the worry of the Rabid Republican Blog who was also there (and a volunteer for Williams) who had come here from the same venue Mr. Williams had been at.

When the intermission finished the remainder of the local candidates spoke. The sheer number of them is a great credit to the Town of Tewksbury.

By the time there were all done Mr. Sullivan had still not arrived so I spoke to an attendee who was filming the event about what he saw

NH is notorious for local involvement in politics. If your town has impressed a NH man you’re doing it right.

I had not met any of the Senate candidate till today (although Mr. Winslow remembered seeing me at other events) I think both Senate Candidates helped themselves. I think the real fight will be Winslow’s polish and strong assertive message to Mr. Gomez’s very appealing backstory and outsider status. Both are heads and shoulders above the Democrats

As for Mr Sullivan, the Rabid Republican endorsement weighs strongly with me, but you can’t win if you don’t play.

My advice to all three, watch this speech particularly these 76 seconds and take it to heart.

The gallery follows and take note of the local people in it. They are the people who make democracy work.

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If you are getting this many people watching and reacting to a fellow just talking on the US Senate floor for 8 hours, that means something.

This could actually be a turning point for this country.

A leader leads, agree with him or no, Rand Paul has just become a leader and God bless the Senators like Ted Cruz & Marco Rubio and others who have helped.

Update: The Anchoress emails most people don’t know about it, Rachel Maddow is hitting Paul but Glenn Reynolds has the line of the night:

The best part was when Rand Paul sought unanimous consent for a sense of the Senate resolution that the President shouldn’t kill American citizens in America — and Democrats, led by Dick Durbin, objected.

Update 2: based on this page the Anchoress was right.

If it’s not reported as far as people are concerned it didn’t happen.

There are two ways to try to marganilize a pol you’re afraid of attack them or ignore them. With Senator Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) the plan is ignore.

When Senator Ayotte raised Benghazi during the campaign, the media ignored her.

When Senator Ayotte continued to raise the issue after the election she was they continues to ignore her

When Senator Ayotte appeared with Senators Graham and McCain on the Susan Rice issue, the media pretended she wasn’t there.

When he kept up the attack they continued to look right through her.

Yesterday she raised an incredible point at the Hagel Hearings that nobody seems to have caught

Of course he also voted against a sense of the senate in designating the Islamic revolutionary guard corps as a terrorist organization and he told us during the hearing that it was because of it was part of an elected legitimate Iranian government.

I don’t think that the people who rose up in 2009 in the green movement who were persecuted and shot at by the Iranian government would call that government a legitimately elected government. Nor would, at the time that he voted against designating the Islamic revolutionary guard corps as a terrorist organization at the time they were assisting those in Iraq who were murdering our troops.

The video:

That is simply devastating. Yet it got absolutely no airtime in the MSM. Why, because it can’t be refuted, there is no way to describe that vote in a positive way and there was nothing in either Senator Ayotte’s demeanor nor her delivery that can be used to attack her on style or substance.

The GOP has rising female and Hispanic stars, the media has decided that the way to deal with Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz is to attack attack attack.

On Kelly Ayotte, the plan is to keep her out of the news as much as possible so when she runs for re-election they can paint whatever picture of her they wish.

The left will always tell you who they fear. Kelly Ayotte is a Gem and in terms of the Northeast the brightest conservative star and the Media will do all it can to keep her light under a bushell

Here the her full unexcerpted speech:

A week ago there was a story that didn’t raise a lot of eyebrows in Maine:

Andrew Ian Dodge says he’s giving up his Republican primary challenge against Sen. Olympia Snowe. Dodge, a former tea party activist, told the Lewiston Sun Journal that he’s dropping out of the Republican Party and will run for the Senate seat as an independent.

Dodge, 43, told the paper he decided to leave the party because he wasn’t happy with the way the GOP caucuses were handled. He accused state GOP Party chair Charlie Webster of having a “patronizing attitude” toward those who complained.

Andrew is a Tea Party Guy, his withdrawal meant that Snowe was facing a single primary opponent, Scott D’Amboise of Lisbon Falls.

Well it’s amazing a difference a week makes when you are a left leaning Republican with one primary opponent:

Republican Senator Olympia Snowe, R-Maine will not stand for re-election this fall. Snowe, one of the handful of moderates left in the Senate, is reportedly tired of the gridlock that has paralyzed Congress.

Sorry that doesn’t wash, the GOP is gonna take the Senate and Snowe as a moderate republican would be at a point of power if the margin of advantage for the GOP was small and of even greater advantage if was near 60-40 since the party would have to appease her to get things passed.

Of course it’s just speculation that Snowe would retire a week after discovering the primary vote would not be split.

Sure it was

Update: Allahpundit’s analysis doesn’t wash Snowe would have had much more leverage if re-elected. If she was really concerned with promoting moderation her re-election would have put her in a great spot to force the GOP to sing to her tune…if she thought she would win the primary.

I will be posting interviews with candidates done at CPAC one a day starting today:

Meet Glenn Addison (R) candidate for Senate in Texas

Mr. Addison’s web site is here.

Last week’s tax debacle not withstanding Democrats understand that election 2012 is a disaster in the making. There are many reasons for this but the big ones can be summarized easily:

  • Barack Obama was sold as the second coming but in office proved to be the inexperienced pol from a corrupt political system that he’s always been.
  • Obamacare remains the most unpopular law ever forced through the congress in my lifetime and it was forced though without a single republican vote.
  • No matter what baggage a GOP candidate has Obama has the baggage of three years of the worst economy in my lifetime.

The media can spin all they want but when it comes down to making an actual decision on running for election or re-election democrat running in any state has to deal with this reality.

Case in point, Ben Nelson:

Democratic Senator Ben Nelson of Nebraska announced today he won’t seek re-election next year, a retirement hurting his party’s bid to keep its majority in the chamber.

The reality is democrat after democrat has run away from Obama, the reality is democrats can’t even win congressional elections in NY without a 3rd party challenger to help them.

Why do you think there is so much money going to this American’s Elect business without disclose? People understand that Obama won’t win without 3rd party help, but even if it works that isn’t going to make a difference down the ticket. Nelson under stands this, that’s why he’s gone.

The message to the GOP should be loud and clear:

Ride right through them, They’re demoralized as hell!

For several mouths we have been told by the MSM that the republicans in Wisconsin were overreaching, that their actions are energizing democrats, that things like the Ryan budget were going to turn into disaster for the GOP.

Even after the Supreme Court win in Wisconsin the meme continued unabated.

Now after months of this we see a concrete measure of democratic confidence. Herb Kohl a 4 term democratic senator has decided to call it quits:

Sen. Herb Kohl (D-Wis.) will announce Friday that he won’t seek reelection in 2012, a Democratic source confirmed.

Kohl, the quiet Wisconsin senator and owner of the NBA’s Milwaukee Bucks, will depart from the Senate after four terms, setting up what could be a tough battle for his seat.

Hotair has more and Steve Eggleston at the green room has some commentary but more important than any of this is the situation.

In 2012 President Obama will be on the top of the ticket. We have been told repeated that he is a shoe in for re-election. Hasn’t the left been trumpeting poll after poll saying that no Republican in the field, certainly not a conservative like Sarah Palin, has any prayer against him? This would be the time when democrats would turn out en-mass to support him joined by the elderly in revolt against the Ryan plan!

Yet with all these trends that the media is pushing Mr Kohl decides its time to head for the hills.

There is only one response to this nonsense: Ride right through them, they’re demoralized as hell!