Mr Prosser: But, Mr Dent, the plans have been available in the local planning office for the last nine months.
Arthur: Oh yes, well as soon as I heard I went straight round to see them, yesterday afternoon. You hadn’t exactly gone out of your way to call attention to them had you? I mean like actually telling anybody or anything.
Mr Prosser: But the plans were on display…
Arthur: On display? I eventually had to go down to the cellar to find them.
Mr Prosser: That’s the display department.
Arthur: With a torch.
Mr Prosser: The lights had probably gone out.
Arthur: So had the stairs.
Mr Prosser: But look, you found the notice, didn’t you?
Arthur: Yes yes I did. It was on display at the bottom of a locked filing cabinet stuck in a disused lavatory with a sign on the door saying beware of the leopard.

The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

Something odd happened on Tuesday.

I accidentally hit one of my bookmarks to the Vatican Bible that was not working a few days ago and to my surprise the page came up.

Given the disappearance of scripture from the site this caught me completely by surprise.

My first thought was that it was an old cache page so I tried it on my other computer and sure enough the same Psalm page came up.

This threw me off so I wondered if the Vatican decided pulling the bible was a bad idea after all so I headed back to the main vatican page, followed the reference link to scripture but I still got this page:

That was even stranger At this point I went back to the page on the 2nd computer and decided to try to get to the front page of the bible from the Psalm page that worked and this came up:

then I tested the links on the page, they all worked.

Now feeling really confused I went back to the wayback machine and checked to see if their capture had caught scripture as back up but the latest capture still showed this:

Finally I had a thought, instead of accessing the bible through the reference link as normal try a search for the term “Bible” in the search box on the main page.  So that’s what I did, and here is the page that came up

Here’s the weird thing, if you click on the first result, you get the bible front page as if it was never gone.  If you click the 2nd result you get the “local episcopal” page from the reference link.

So the question on the floor is this:  What on earth is going on?  If you are still referring people to the local sites and not providing a link to the Bible, why put sacred scripture back up if you’re going to make it tough to find?

Two logical answers come to mind

A charitable suggestion would be that people realized that even though they wanted people to go to local sites for scripture, every single document on the Vatican site since it went up that had existing links to the former online scripture became dead once it was pulled.  Fixing all those links would be an expensive, time consuming and frankly herculean task. So given the choice between fixing those links or putting scripture back up without a direct link to it they choose the latter.  If I had been their tech advisor that’s certainly the advice I’d have given to fix the problem.

A much less charitable explanation would be that the Vatican didn’t like the blowback from pulling the Bible but didn’t want to link to it, so they put it back up without a direct link to allow a spokesman to say “Of COURSE sacred scripture is available at our site, we just prefer you to use our local sites translation.” or in other words: “Beware of the Leopard!”

Of course it’s also possible that these explanations aren’t mutually exclusive.

Either way I’m happy as it means I don’t have to make changes to the links of my ebook or my regular book, however if you bought  copy thinking was now a collector’s item, you’re out of luck.

And for the sake of the readers I’ll put the link back to the vatican Bible both here and on the blog sans wayback machine so if you want to get to the Bible on the Vatican you can without worrying about fast felines.

Cue Arthur Dent:

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And as I’ve said before if you can’t spare the cash we will be happy to accept your prayers.

President Merkin Muffley:
Gentlemen, you can’t fight in here! This is the War Room!

Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb (1964)

I was in the process of writing a blog post about parenthood on the occasion of my oldest son’s birthday and I wanted to finish by quoting St. Paul in scripture so I hit my bookmarks to the psalms as the quickest way to access the bible on the vatican and got this message

My first thought was they finally fixed The Psalm section which was a pain in the neck so I went to my base link on the blog, clicked on the Bible which goes to the index page and got the same thing.

I figured the vatican site might be down but when I clicked on it, it came up normally so I looked for the link to the bible and didn’t see it where it had been before. Looking at the main page I found a reference link which had a page with a link to the Catechism of the Catholic Church , Canon law and some new links I hadn’t seen before including COMPENDIUM OF THE SOCIAL DOCTRINE OF THE CHURCH written by the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace. But at the top of the list was The Bible. So I clicked on the link figured I’d have to update my bookmarks and saw this….

Here is the text if you can’t read the screen shot:

“The Holy Bible is available in almost every language on earth: the Episcopal Conferences take care of the continuous updating of the translations. In order to have access to the latest Bible version, kindly consult the website of your Episcopal Conference. ”

Seriously you’re the vatican and you TOOK THE &(#$(@(% BIBLE OFF YOUR WEB SITE! You actually think it’s more important to carry a 13-year-old document by the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace available for visitors than the Bible?

What on earth is going on in Rome?

Closing thought. There is only one thing more frightening to me han the thought that the Bible was removed from the Vatican’s web site without Pope Francis knowledge and approval. The idea that it was.

UPDATE: I decided to see how easy it is to find the bible on the US Conference of Catholic Bishops Website. Fortunately there is a front page link that looks like this:

The first two choices take you the readings from Today’s mass in either English or Spanish, the third choice Books of the bible brings you to both a list and a link to each chapter of each book of the bible (and in terms of Psalms is far superior to the old vatican version which had no link to individual Psalms just to the book that started you on #1 which was a real pain in the neck).

Let’s hope all the other conferences worldwide are just as diligent.

I still think pulling the Bible from the Vatican web site is a horrible idea both in terms of practice and in terms of optics.

Update 2: I guess the 1st printing of my book is now a collector’s item as it contains these words in the introduction that will have to be revised:

As might be expected I will be quoting scripture extensively throughout. All scripture used comes directly from the Vatican Web Site ( unless otherwise noted, so that if you have access to the internet, you can confirm the quotes you see.

If you are reading an electronic version of the book you will find some hyperlinks embedded to both scripture and some other items.

I guess I’ll have to fix those paragraphs and redirect the links in the electronic version when I get a chance.  I guess you’d better buy the book now while you can.

Update 3:  Can’t help but thinking of Dr. Strangelove

Gentlemen you can’t read the Bible here, this is the Vatican!

Update 4: Added the text of the screen shot

Update 5: Subscriber Richard Shuford reminds me that the internet and more specifically the Wayback Machine is forever and while the July 5th capture showed the bible gone the June 6 2017 capture still has the main page but I’m linking the Jan 31st 2017 version which has all the pages there available and readable.

Perhaps I should provide a permanent link but the real story is this.

For at least 11 days the Bible has been gone from the vatican web site. This is a newsworthy story and yet I’ve seen no reporting on this other than mine. That means not a single member of the press in the world has attempted to access the bible online there in that time.

I’d like to say that’s a surprise, but that would be a lie.

Update 7: Scripture is back at the Vatican site but Beware of the Leopard!

This blog is a venture in capitalism which depends primarily on readers to pay me and my writers. You so you can help finance this by picking up my new book Hail Mary the Perfect Protestant (and Catholic) prayer is now available at Amazon

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…For this I was born and for this I came into the world, to testify to the truth. Everyone who belongs to the truth listens to my voice.”  Pilate said to him, “What is truth?”

John 18:37b-38a

James Hacker:  Will you answer a direct question?

Sir Humphrey Appleby:  I strongly advise you not to ask a direct question.
James Hacker:  Why?
Sir Humphrey Appleby:  It might provoke a direct answer.
Yes Minister, The Moral dimension 1982
One of the arts of Diplomacy is the ability to make a statement targeted to mollify a particular nation or group but to do so in such a way that does not explicitly state what said group wants to hear.  By definition the ultimate expression of this craft would be an official statement so carefully crafted and so expertly parsable that two warring sides in a battle to the death can each interpret said statement as an endorsement of their cause.
A perfect example of this is conveyed by this exchange from the initial meeting of newly appointed Crown Minister James Hacker and career civil servant Sir Humphrey Appleby in the opening episode of Yes Minister:
Bernard Woolley:  I believe you know each other?
Sir Humphrey Appleby:  Yes we did cross swords when the minister gave me a grilling over the estimates in the public accounts committee.
James Hacker:  I wouldn’t say that.
Sir Humphrey Appleby:  You came up with all the questions I hoped nobody would ask.
James Hacker:Well opposition is about asking awkward questions.
Sir Humphrey Appleby:  And government is about not answering them.
James Hacker:Well you answered all mine anyway.
Sir Humphrey Appleby:I’m glad you thought so minister.
Yes Minister,  Open Government 1980
That is precisely the goal of the Diplomat to be able to answer questions in such a way to satisfy a person without actually answering said question.
While this description of “diplomat” is a constant the world over a problem arises when the diplomat is at the Vatican and is an ordained priest whose primary duty and vows are to follow Jesus Christ.  Diplomacy might prefer a deliberately obtuse statement Christ’s position on this is rather direct:

Let your ‘Yes’ mean ‘Yes,’ and your ‘No’ mean ‘No.’ Anything more is from the evil one.

Matthew 5:37

So for a priest in the Vatican Diplomatic corps the question becomes who do you choose as your model?  “Sir Humphrey or Jesus Christ?”

The brief meeting between Mrs. Kim Davis and Pope Francis at the Apostolic Nunciature in  Washington, DC has continued to provoke comments and discussion.  In order to contribute to an objective understanding of what transpired I am able to clarify the following points:

Pope Francis met with several dozen persons who had been invited by the Nunciature to greet him as he prepared to leave Washington for New York City. Such brief greetings occur on all papal visits and are due to the Pope’s characteristic kindness and availability. The only real audience granted by the Pope at the Nunciature was with one of his former students and his family.

The Pope did not enter into the details of the situation of Mrs. Davis and his meeting with her should not be considered a form of support of her position in all of its particular and complex aspects.  [all emphasis mine]

Look at the words emphasixed, each of them were carefully chosen to allow one group of people to have a particular interpretation of the meeting between Kim Davis and the Pope while still allowing a different group of people to hold a completely opposite interpretation of that exact same event.

Perhaps if Father Lombardi was present at the trial of Jesus he could have issued a similar statement to mollify the crowd that had gone from crying “blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord” to “Crucify Him” in under seven days they might have had 2nd thoughts about crucifying Christ.

Advantage Sir Humphrey.

Closing thoughts   today I consulted a friend with a decade of experience at the Vatican and a great familiarity with the language and the culture of same.  When I told him of Father Lombardi’s statement implying that the Pope’s meeting with Kim Davis did not imply support of her, he answered with a single abrupt phrase:


As we approached the brow of the hill from which it was expected we could see Harris’ camp, and possibly find his men ready formed to meet us, my heart kept getting higher and higher until it felt to me as though it was in my throat. I would have given anything then to have been back in Illinois, but I had not the moral courage to halt and consider what to do; I kept right on. When we reached a point from which the valley below was in full view I halted. The place where Harris had been encamped a few days before was still there and the marks of a recent encampment were plainly visible, but the troops were gone. My heart resumed its place. It occurred to me at once that Harris had been as much afraid of me as I had been of him. This was a view of the question I had never taken before; but it was one I never forgot afterwards

US Grant Memoirs 1885

At the Witness for the Church blog author Barona notices something consistent with a point I’ve been making for a while concerning how Pope Francis’  words are being reported”

Pope Francis: “children…not even allowed to be born…” ~ Why is the Holy See Press Office censoring the Holy Father?

He goes into more detail:

They were busy away distorting the Pope’s words last October 3rd,  when he addressed the Council of the Bishops’ Conferences of Europe. At that time, The Holy See Press Office released thisdocument. But the actual words of the Pope were these. The Pope also spoke these critical words that are totally missing from the Holy See Press Office’s official document: 

Europe has discarded its children. A bit triumphantly. I remember that when I was studying in one country the clinics that did abortions then prepared everything to send it to cosmetic factories. Makeup made with the blood of innocents. And this was something to brag about, because it was progressive: the rights of the woman, the woman has the right over her body.

Once again, to find the true mind of the Holy Father I am forced to search about the Holy See’s website in Italian. One will notice that texts are not being translated into major languages. Catholics are not receiving the teachings of the Pope. This is intolerable! This is a scandal! 

Now he blames this on a corrupt Vatican press office pushing a false agenda (he points to said office as the reason why the press got the wrong idea at the Synod of the family) but while this is certainly possible there, one should not that there have been plenty of orthodox moments that WERE available in English that the press has simply ignored.

I suspect there is a cause that he is missing that is easily explained:

If there is one thing Pope Francis has managed to do is get positive press from a western media that is almost uniformly anti clerical and certainly anti-catholic (at least any Catholic that, you know actually believes in what the church teaches).  This holy father has been a notable exception to the point where some conservatives have actually bought the liberal line that the post is planning to remake the church in their image.

The reality is this Pope emphasizes mercy & forgiveness and confession but all of these things presuppose sin that needs to be forgiven and changed

I suspect the real driver here is cowardice.   A fear that if Francis’ words actually get out to the English Language press, suddenly all the favorable press will evaporate as the leftist media considered their hopes betrayed and this pope will be attacked as savagely as the Pope Emeritus.

One would think that they would have trust in the Holy Spirit but that if that is not the case perhaps they should consider the quote by US Grant that this piece leads with and remember that they press is much more afraid of Francis then the Vatican press office should be of them.

Consider, in an age where right and wrong, good and bad, proper and improper are based on race, ancestry and where you are from does the western press REALLY want to spend their time attacking the first Pope from Latin America who is universally loved by a whole continent?

And remember in the US where every single pol is courting the “Latin” vote who wants to be the first pol to attack Pope Francis for condemning abortion, for emphasising marriage as it has always been, for describing the sanctity of the Eucharist?  How well would that play with people who share a primary language with the Holy Father?  How much time would it take for any such pol to have radio ads in spanish played against them in their district?

That moment terrifies them and they will do all they can to avoid it.

So let me close by suggesting said office takes this bit of advice from President Grant to heart:

This was a view of the question I had never taken before; but it was one I never forgot afterwards


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Yesterday a unique event took place in the history of history. Pope Francis, Shimon Peres, Mahmoud Abbas and the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew prayed together at the Vatican for peace.

The ceremony consisted of music & prayer, after a musical interlude we started with Jewish Prayer There were two readings from the Psalms and a third prayer that I did not know. After each prayer there was a musical interlude to allow reflection on the prayer.

This was followed by three Christian Prayers (the first being made by Patriarch Bartholomew) in the same pattern , prayer followed by a musical interlude and then finally Islamic Prayers each with a musical interlude in between.

When the prayers were completed Pope Francis spoke, followed by Shimon Peres and then finally Mahmoud Abbas. When each had finished their words and prayers for peace they embraced each other , planted an olive tree together and then the four of them formed a receiving line and each of them received the Jewish, Muslim and Christian (both Orthodox & Roman Catholic) guests.

There were several stories on the event up today, at Fox:

“In the Middle East, symbolic gestures and incremental steps are important,” noted the Rev. Thomas Reese, a veteran Vatican analyst for the National Catholic Reporter. “And who knows what conversations can occur behind closed doors in the Vatican.”

Reese wouldn’t be my first choice for a quote but that statement is very true.


it was Pope Francis who said, “To have peace, one needs courage, far more than you need for a war.” And it was the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople who read from Isaiah, “They shall not labor in vain, or bear children in calamity.” The black-clad Orthodox cleric Bartholomew I had prayed with Pope Francis in Jerusalem two weeks ago, where the Pontiff had come to celebrate the 50 years since a predecessor had formally ended 900 years of hostility between the two branches of the church. On Sunday, when the prayers ended, Francis pulled the onetime nemesis to his side for the group photo.There the two churchmen stood, one in white, the other in black, side by side between the Israeli and the Palestinian, showing it can be done.

Kudos for Time for noting the significance of Bartholomew’s presence and the Daily beast is reporting they are planning an event in 2025 for in Nicea that will be really significent.


The Israeli president said: “It is within our power to bring peace to our children. This is our duty, the holy mission of parents.”“O Lord, bring comprehensive and just peace to our country and region so that our people and the peoples of the Middle East and the whole world would enjoy the fruit of peace, stability and coexistence,” Mr Abbas said.

The Washington Post:

During the service, Jewish, Christian and Muslim prayers were recited in English, Italian, Arabic and Hebrew. The words were intended to thank God for His creation, to seek forgiveness for the failure to act as brothers and sisters, and to ask for peace in the Holy Land.


The ceremony was held in a garden behind St. Peter’s Basilica that is enclosed by a high hedge to provide a sense of intimacy, and that offers a spectacular view of the cupola of the basilica. It also was chosen as a place that seemed somewhat neutral in terms of religious iconography.

And CNN who quoted veteran Vatican reporter John Allen Jr.

“The metric that Pope Francis would be using to measure the success of this event is much longer term. I don’t think anyone is expecting an immediate result,” said CNN senior Vatican analyst John L. Allen Jr. “Now that said, you could also argue that the success of tonight could be measured by the simple fact that it happened.”

And their site had this clip

A fair amount of coverage, but if there is one complaint I would make it is this.

Why no live coverage from secular media, particularly from CNN?

The Event took place on Sunday, EWTN’s coverage started around noon EST and the meat & potatoes began 12:45 and ran two hours. I live tweeted the event from 12:47 PM till 2:39 PM ) I was frequently switching back and forth between EWTN & the cable news networks to see if any of it was carried live, not a sausage.

On a sunday afternoon I would think something like this would be newsworthy, Francis is a popular Pope & the Middle East conflict is something that always generates a debate.  Why stuck with bland sunday programing?

Well one might think that the people most interested were already turning to EWTN but I believe there is more to it.

I suspect this didn’t rate live coverage because it wasn’t exciting, there were no guns, no huge crowds, no shouting, or pointed questions just prayer in English, Arabic, Hebrew & Italian and a group of enemies together praising God together and invoking his name in the cause of peace.

And in our modern secularized America who wants to watch something like that live when there is nothing to spin?


The media is shocked SHOCKED that the Catholic Church under Pope Francis still expects American Nuns to act, well, Catholic:

“The Holy See believes that the charismatic vitality of religious life can only flourish within the ecclesial faith of the church,” Cardinal Gerhard Mueller, head of the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, told four members of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious.

This has been a problem for some time, over a decade and if American Catholic nuns didn’t understand it was a problem when they were put under a Bishop in 2012 and that decision was confirmed by Pope Francis last year Cardinal Mueller is not leaving any room for doubt where this stands:

Mueller said the LCWR — which represents about 80 percent of the more than 50,000 Catholic nuns in the U.S. — is dependent on the Vatican for its bona fides as a church body. He indicated that the group’s status, and the Catholic faith of the sisters, was at risk if they did not heed Rome’s directives.

“Canonical status and ecclesial vision go hand in hand,” Mueller said, “and at this phase … we are looking for a clearer expression of that ecclesial vision and more substantive signs of collaboration.”

Leftist anger aside (just read those titles)  the would go the way of NCAN as Fr Z noted in 2012

Consider if you will the group NCAN, an even more radical splinter group of the LCWR, which has fulfilled Sr. Joan’s dream of being without canonical structure.  Their site is HERE, though it has not been updated since 2009 when they gave their coveted Margaret Ellen Traxler Award to Sr. Louise Lears, SC, whom then-Archbishop Raymond Burke of St. Louis placed under interdict for her support of the ordination of women and her attending a fake “ordination”. These days the NCAN types are reduced to holding chat sessions in gated communities for three cats and a tumbleweed rather than in hotels for hundreds of sisters. For example, HERE is the flyer for a May 2012 meeting with the pro-choice Sr. Donna Quinn.  (See my post NUNS GONE WILD!)

That’s why while the media will hem & haw and object it will go no farther.  The media and the nuns know that they aren’t in a position to take on Francis and win, anyways the LCWR knows the moment they leave the church and lose their structure,  their influence, newsworthiness and most importantly their ability to successfully fundraise from faithful is done.


Update:  Father Z has  the statement in full, the speaker stuff is bad but this is worse:

Again, I apologize if this seems blunt, but what I must say is too important to dress up in flowery language. The fundamental theses of Conscious Evolution are opposed to Christian Revelation and, when taken unreflectively, lead almost necessarily to fundamental errors regarding the omnipotence of God, the Incarnation of Christ, the reality of Original Sin, the necessity of salvation and the definitive nature of the salvific action of Christ in the Paschal Mystery.

My concern is whether such an intense focus on new ideas such as Conscious Evolution has robbed religious of the ability truly to sentire cum Ecclesia. To phrase it as a question, do the many religious listening to addresses on this topic or reading expositions of it even hear the divergences from the Christian faith present?

Cripes this isn’t post Catholic it’s post Christian!



Via Damian Thompsom who will be on our Christmas show.

“I personally asked the pope if there was a serious, important problem in the choice of the masculine over the feminine,” Lombardi said. “He told me no. The problem is this … It’s the first step of taking responsibility, of taking into consideration the risk of the life of another with whom you have a relationship.”

“This is if you’re a woman, a man, or a transsexual. We’re at the same point,” Lombardi said.

Sensible, compassionate, logical – and a badly needed clarification of Catholic teaching rather a U-turn. But some commentators, who attached such weight to the Pope’s reference to a male prostitute, are going to have a really hard time talking themselves out of this one

I’m thinking screwtape:

the only thing that matters is the extent to which you separate the man from the Enemy. It does not matter how small the sins are provided that their cumulative effect is to edge the man away from the Light and into the Nothing. Murder is no better than cards if cards can do the trick. Indeed the safest road to Hell is the gradual one-the gentle slope, soft underfoot, without sudden turnings, without milestones, without signposts.”

The pope is making the same argument in reverse, if the person uses the condom to prevent the spread of a deadly disease, he or she by showing that concerning is taking a small step toward the light. It doesn’t make the sins of Adultery or Fornication any less a sin, but you can’t walk away from the darkness without that first step toward the light.

And again the function here is intent. Using a condom to prevent pregnancy while trying to argue that you are just trying to prevent disease might allow you to convince yourself, but it doesn’t mean a thing, you can fool yourself, but at the gate your won’t fool St. Peter.

It looks like the prez is going to have to wait for some of his appointments a bit longer:

By scheduling pro-forma sessions on Mondays and Fridays, lawmakers can take away Obama’s ability to make recess appointments.

Obama had 115 executive- and judicial-branch nominees pending on the Senate’s executive calendar as of Wednesday afternoon.

Bad sign for the president considering the incredible majorities he has in both houses. But as Father Z reports the Washington is not the only place where there are a lot of open seats waiting to be filled:

There are at present quite a few important curial positions and sees around the world which usually have cardinals… but don’t.

At the time of this writing, I believe there are 103 voting cardinals (men who have not turned 80 years old). By the end of November two more cardinals will hit 80 (Tumi, Pujats), bringing the number of voting cardinals down to 101. By the end of next February, four more (Panafieu, Vidal, García-Gasco, Ruini – sadly) – 97. By the end of April two more (Keeler, Sebastiani) – 95. So, an American and two Italians will have dropped from the list, leaving 10 Americans and 15 Italians as electors.

I won’t even pretend to know the inside baseball of the Vatican but with an elderly pope, the men who are elevated to cardinal now will have a lot to do with the direction of the church for decades.

…concerning the Milwaukee Diocese. Specifically Buchanan brought up how the particular issue that the media is trying to hit the pope with originated from a very liberal diocese that doesn’t have much of a history of being in “lockstep” with the Vatican.

If you want, you know actual information rather than the tripe that we’ve seen even in papers like the Herald the best spot is of course here. For example lets meet the primary source of these stories:

The second source was Archbishop Rembert Weakland, retired archbishop of Milwaukee. He is the most discredited and disgraced bishop in the United States, widely known for mishandling sexual-abuse cases during his tenure, and guilty of using $450,000 of archdiocesan funds to pay hush money to a former homosexual lover who was blackmailing him. Archbishop Weakland had responsibility for the Father Murphy case between 1977 and 1998, when Father Murphy died. He has long been embittered that his maladministration of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee earned him the disfavor of Pope John Paul II and Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, long before it was revealed that he had used parishioners’ money to pay off his clandestine lover. He is prima facie not a reliable source.

That’s just a glimpse, believe it or not it gets better (or worse if you are a foe of the Vatican). When Pat brought up Milwaukee, Savannah and Willie started hemming and hawing.

The British press have been on full attack mode too, aided by Richard Dawkins, Damion Thompson described his article best.

The article conjures up the image of a nasty old man who’s losing his marbles. It’s not very nice about the Pope, either.

I like Dawkins wife but can’t write about her till Lent is over. Meanwhile surprise surprise guess who pushed for a full investigation of this stuff a decade ago?

Don’t expect much traction for that story after all it doesn’t fit the narrative.

Pope Benedict one said that if the media starts treating him nice he would worry about what he was doing, from what I can see he must be doing very well.

As for the times and co, I’d tell you what I think of them but I’d have to go to confession afterward.