CNN Sure Can Pick ‘Em

by baldilocks Almost as if it isn't an accident I saw this yesterday. Dean Obeidallah is a radio host and CNN contributor. This is pretty bad. — still A CurmudgEon (@billpresson) May 27, 2018 Are u wearing a Nazi outfit? — (((DeanObeidallah))) (@DeanObeidallah) May 27, 2018 1. It’s my father and not … Continue reading CNN Sure Can Pick ‘Em

1968 returns

By John Ruberry This year could end up being the most tumultuous year since 1968. During that year there was of course a heated presidential election, the Democrats nominated Vice President Hubert Humphrey, who represented the status quo, one that was not especially popular. The Republicans chose a former vice president, Richard Nixon, whose critics … Continue reading 1968 returns

“If you don’t have freedom you don’t have anything”

While I was leaving the station after Saturday's Show I noticed a group of people across the street from the station: As I got closer it appeared they were flying South Vietnamese flags Sure enough it was a mix of Hmong and other vets: There was a wreath laying and Signs thanking the US for … Continue reading “If you don’t have freedom you don’t have anything”