Bloomberg Everywhere, Steyer Nowhere, Trump NH Surge, Yellow Dog Media Ignore Black Pastor walkout in VA and You can’t see the Violence inherent in the System Under the Fedora

Am I the only person sick of seeing Mike Bloomberg ads that I can’t skip every time I want to play a video on YouTube?

I’ll wager that a lot of people a lot younger than me are sick of them too and that will not bode well come primary day.

There is one advantage to the “Bloomberg Everywhere ads”. They have replaced the “Steyer everywhere” ads that were bombarding us for a few months.

By my count to date those ads have earned Steyer nearly 1 delegate at the Democrat convention.

I guess now we will see the difference between a multibillionaire and a billionaire in action.

President Trump’s showing in NH is all the more impressive when you consider these factors.

  1. There was no question as to the result
  2. There was every incentive to GOP voters to cross over to vote Dem while almost no incentive for Dem voters to do the opposite
  3. His GOP opponent was not only the governor of a neighboring state but was supported by a former recent NH GOP chair.
  4. Has had three years of unrelenting media opposition on all the media in the area
  5. He lost the state last time around

This doesn’t bode will for the left when you consider that he won without NH last time. President Trump doesn’t believe in the prevent defense.

Speaking of states President Trump lost last time I thought this story might be of some interest:

Virginia state Democrats on Tuesday stormed out of the House chamber after a local black minister led the body in an opening prayer that openly and strongly condemned abortion and gay marriage.

Rev. Robert M. Grant Jr., who pastors The Father’s Way Church in Warrenton, used his few moments at the microphone addressing the newly Democrat-controlled House of Delegates to decry abortion, advocate for traditional marriage, and warn against God’s wrath if the state legislature goes against Biblical principles.

I’m old enough to remember when there would be universal outrage if a bunch of Democrats in the former capital of the Confederacy walked out on a prayer by a Black Pastor, particularly during “Black History Month”.

But we are in the age of the yellow dog media where even Governor Blackface/Klanhood is forgiven by the national media as long as you proudly wear the D after your name.

Finally if you haven’t heard about the anti-Trump fanatic who drove into a GOP registration tent trying to run folks down earlier this week , it’s likely for the same reason you haven’t heard about the guy with a cane sword swinging it at Trump supporters or a former Cop who was assaulted at his birthday party because his hat looked like a Trump hat.

As long as the assaliant is a Trump oppoenent and the target a Trump supporter as far as the national media is concerned it’s not news.

Now if one of the people threatened pulled out a gun and shot the assailant in any of these cases. I have a feeling it would be promoted everywhere as the next Kent State.

Unexpectedly of course

Welcome to the Age of Criminals

By John Ruberry

“Just as every cop is a criminal and all the sinners saints,” Mick Jagger first sang in 1968. The late 1960s were a period when many people believed that society, not individuals, was responsbible for crimes. There was a predictable backlash which led to the “Get Tough on Crime” movement that benefitted the political careers of Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, and countless other politicians. In 2016, Donald Trump once referred to himself as “the law and order candidate.” He should have stayed with that meme, in my opinion.

Clearly, at least in America’s big cities, the law enforcement philosophic pendulum is swinging back to the liberals. A big part of the reason is the left-wing political monoculture in cities like Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston, and San Francisco. The Democrats are the only effective political force in these places, and the two-party structure, such as it is, consists of the left and the far-left. It was the far-left, aided by the uninformed who only vote for candidates with “D” next to their names, who elected Kim Foxx the state’s attorney in Cook County, Illinois, where I live, as well as Larry Krasner as district attorney of Philadelphia, Rachael Rollins as district attorney in Suffolk County, Massachusetts, which is dominated by Boston, and earlier this month, Chesa Boudin as San Francisco’s district attorney.

Boudin takes us back to the 1960s. You probably haven’t heard of his parents, David Gilbert and Kathy Boudin. Both were members of the terrorist group the Weather Underground, which was founded in 1969. Dad is serving what is effectively a life sentence for murder for his role in a deadly 1981 suburban New York Brinks truck robbery, done in conjunction with the Black Liberation Army, one that saw a security guard and two Nyack police officers shot to death. One of those slain cops was the only African-American on the Nyack force. Mom was released from prison in 2003, she is now an adjunct professor at Columbia University. Getaway cars for the heist were rented using personal information taken from customers who shopped at a New York boutique, Broadway Baby. The manager of that store, using a phony name, was Bernardine Dorhn. She was also a member of the Weather Underground but was never charged in Brinks case.

Since Gilbert and Kathy Boudin were unable to raise Chesa, who was a toddler at the time of the heist, they chose their radical pals, Dohrn and her partner, Bill Ayers, who of course was another Weather Underground member, as his guardians. Dohrn and Ayers’ home in Chicago is where Barack Obama began his political career in 1995. Ayers and Dorhn, now retired professors, are rarely mentioned in the generally sympathetic mainstream media reports about Chesa. As for that younger Boudin, he did well by attending an elite private school, then Yale, then Oxford. Prior to becoming a public defender in San Francisco, Boudin worked as a translator for the Venezuelan government at the time Hugo Chavez was running that once-prosperous nation into the ground.

Next year voters in California will vote on an initiative to eliminate cash bail there. Boudin doesn’t want to wait that long. The district attorney-elect told NPR last week that his first act in office will be to tell his prosecutors never to ask for cash bail, “Because we shouldn’t be putting a price tag on freedom, because we shouldn’t be determining incarceration based on wealth, and it’s what I intend to implement as policy on day one.” In place of prison time, Boudin, with victims’ consent, supports something called “restorative justice,” even in cases involving murder, kidnapping, and rape.

Not surprisingly, the local police union opposed Boudin in the election, spending $700,000 and calling him “the No. 1 choice of criminals and gang members.” Boudin has called for the prosecution of cops and ICE officials for, wait for it, doing their jobs. 

Bernie Sanders endorsed Boudin in the DA race.

Back in Cook County, Illinois, where Boudin was raised, Kim Foxx is the top law enforcement official. She endorsed Chesa, as did those leftist district attorneys in Philadelphia and Boston. Nationally Foxx is best known for her bizarre–unless you are a leftist–decision to drop all of Jussie Smollett’s charges involving staging the phony “racist” attack on him in Chicago earlier this year. But there is more to dislike. The Illinois threshold for charging shoplifters with a felony is stealing items worth $300. Foxx, with the snap of her fingers, raised it to $1,000. Not surprisingly, retail theft is on the rise in Chicago. Who pays? The store owners? Not exactly. To recoup their losses, prices for their unstolen merchandise goes up. So honest people suffer. Now there are reports of roving bands of shoplifters in Chicago. Retail theft can be a career choice, it seems. Presumably the swiped goods are resold by these bandits on the black market, at a cheap price, undercutting the sales of legitimate merchants. And Chicago doesn’t collect its whopping 10 percent sales tax on these transactions. Crime is indeed expensive. Yet for some people it pays.

When Foxx took office three years ago, shoplifting was the second-most prosecuted crime in Cook County. Now it’s the eighth-most prosecuted one. The long term implications for society are dire as shoplifting is viewed by some as a gateway crime to more serious offenses.

In her video regarding announcing her run for reelection in 2020, Foxx admitted she botched the Smollett case, but she also attacked Chicago’s police union, the Fraternal Order of Police, which in a spring protest outside of her office called on her to resign. In a July letter to Foxx, the FOP cited that a “deep mistrust now exists between your office and ours. We no longer believe that your office will treat our members fairly either in the arrests they make or when they are victims of crimes.”

It appears that the Age of Criminals, at least in some big cities and their inner suburbs, is upon us. Supporting law abiding folks are the cops. Leftist prosecutors are on the other side.

The crime gateway is open.

John Ruberry regularly blogs at Marathon Pundit.

No 2020 Democrat Will Accept Beto’s Gift

Jessie Cardiff:   There it is- the game ball. All my life i’ve been waiting for this, it’s it’s a pocket hanger!

The Twilight Zone:  A Game of Pool 1961

Every now and again in a sporting event, in a board game or in a political race you get a situation that’s a “gimme” an opening so good, so wide and so huge that all one has to do is reach out your hand and you can score.  Sometimes it’s a single basket, sometimes it’s a key moment and sometimes it’s the entire race.

Beto O’Rourke has provided the Democrat field with such a moment.

Beto O’Rourke


Our country was founded on racism—and is still racist today. In Arkansas, I said why I believe there’s no denying this reality; and why it’s on all of us to change it.

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This is a statement that is so blatantly false, so easily disproved by the facts and the historical record that only a desperate candidate trying to be noticed would state it. The folks at Twitchy are having a fun time with it, this line is the best of the batch:

Stephen Miller


How can this message fail? 

Beto O’Rourke


Our country was founded on racism—and is still racist today. In Arkansas, I said why I believe there’s no denying this reality; and why it’s on all of us to change it.

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The real significance of this business isn’t the cry of a dying candidacy it’s the oppertunity it provides for every other Democrat in the race.

The Democrat party has a problem brewing in election 2020. In order to win the White house or the Senate in swing states or to retain the swing house seats picked up in 2018 candidates have to somehow divorce themselves from the crazy Socialism that Bernie is offering or the antisemitic and anti american rants of the Squad has been running out, which plays great with the whacked out base but is a loser among people living lives in swing districts dealing with reality.

The problem of how to convince people of said separation (real or not) is exacerbated by the President’s use of the bully pulpit to do all he can to maintain that link and show the American people the Democrat party as it is.

So problem, if you need to somehow show an image of moderation without actually moderating your views, what can you do? Well Beto O’Rourke has given them an out, by his statement.

All that’s required is a statement something like:

While racism is, was and continues to be a problem in America  that we are all obliged to combat and condemn the foundation of this county is not racism rather it is liberty and it’s that base of liberty that has been and remains our best weapon against the scourge of racism.

It’s a perfect political statement, it says nothing about at all about the subject that can be contradicted, nor does it close the door for massive condemnations of almost anything a Democrat doesn’t like as racism.  Yet it sounds moderate enough that a Democrat saying it would make national headlines…

…and that’s why it likely won’t happen.

Thanks to an unhealthy addiction to social media and an unwillingness to confront the violent wacks within their base the slightest suggestion that the founding of the nation was not based on the charter of the Klu Klux Klan is likely to draw a massive reaction from the left mob that is the party base.  This is in contrast to the old days when such misdirection in pretending to be sane was considered a vital part of the Democrat election plan and allowed them to push though much of the radical ideas that the Democrats have managed to pass over the years.

This is a pocket hanger that no candidate would ever fail to sink twenty years ago, but I suspect not a single Democrat in the field has the courage to pick up that cue, let alone use.

Will a defeated left turn to Violence & Civil War? Only if they’re stupider than I think

Bring it on

Andrew Breitbart

Last week I wrote that For the Left November 6th 2018 is going to make November 8th 2016 Look like a Mild Disappointment

Think about it. You’ve got Hollywood, the media, the Tech giants and big education behind you. You’ve got tends of millions of dollars being spent in races all over the country and you and yours. you’ve got every possible advantage going your way. Add to that you and your allies are completely energized and engaged, literally counting the days until the election so you can defeat Donald Trump…

…and you STILL lose.

How will they deal with the realization that their anger, rage and panic over Donald Trump is not shared by the voting public?

While the meltdown will be fun to watch when it’s all done a much more serious moment will arrive.

Having failed to realize that their tactics and message aren’t working and in fact might be costing them power the Democrat/left will have to make one of three choices.

The first and the smart choice would be to moderate, to realize that socialism and open boarders are not a winning policy, to decide that people who worship God are not a bunch of dunces and make an honest attempt to recruit candidates who can appeal to the general public instead of the gender studies department of an expensive university. This would be the smart thing politically and give the Democrats a chance to rebuild.

This is the right thing and the smart thing both long term and short term and therefore I suspect the Democrat left, deeply rooted in unreality will not do it.

The second choice is denial as described in this piece at bearing arms:

It’s also possible that a couple of wins for Democrats in the right places–such as the Florida governor’s race, where the Democrat holds a strong lead over his opponent–might be enough to stave off the destruction for a time. Instead, what wins there are will be spun as evidence that the tide is turning against President Trump and that it’s a huge victory for the left.

Now I think the Democrat lead in Florida is smoke and mirrors but let’s say they do well in that state and maybe Wisconsin, then they might go this route on the theory that it allows them to not have to make the decision to moderate yet, after all two years in an eternity in politics and a million different things could happen with Trump, the economy et/al.  The advantage of this plan is it keeps the confrontation with their new base from taking place which amazingly consists of groups whose stated goals are diametrically opposed to wit:

Expect the Democrat establishment and media to play this card if humanly possible the real question is: will the base go along with it?   I’m betting not so much but in terms of what’s best for the country it’s better than the third option.

And that third option is riots and violence and perhaps even attempts to provoke civil war.

Now some of you might think this is nonsense and I wish to God you were right. But for the last several years we have seen as illustrated by ace the whole “kill trump” meme condoned and celebrated by the left.  Antifa has been cheered and authority ceded to them in leftist cities.  Violence and intimidation, as long as it is directed against conservatives has been either minimized, condoned or ignored while at the same time in the media, in the university and all over social media platforms and from Hollywood we have had the left insist that Donald Trump and anyone who supports him is a Nazi or worse whose ultimate aim is the most vile and violent acts against them.

Is it any wonder that we see stuff like this:

stated openly, without critique, without rebuke and without any risk to reputation or employment because of the hope that such a statement might generate one more vote for Democrats nationwide?

So when this defeat takes place and those fools who have bought into this narrative of Trump and his supporters are out to get them and must be stopped the violent left, seeing that the electoral process won’t get them power will now decide that the actual physical destruction of their foes is the only option to save them?

There is a real chance that the Antifa / Black Lives Matter crowd will decide to escalate into violence in the tradition of the Weathermen and the Black Panthers.  This possibility has disaster written all over it for Democrats as it has three inherent problems.

The first it’s unlikely to be embraced by black and Hispanics voters enjoying prosperity:

As a group, DILEs [Democratic/Independent Liberal Elites]  are younger, whiter, richer and better-educated than the rest of the country. Strikingly, it is the only cohort across the political spectrum not to rank jobs and the economy as a top priority, preferring the environment and climate change. Polls show that people like Winston’s DILEs are also far less religious and far more socially liberal than the rest of the Democratic Party on issues like abortion and LGBT rights. 

If you’ve seen ANTIFA up close you’ll notice right away that they’re whiter than wonder bread and are charter members of the DILE crowd.  A bunch of white elites in masks breaking things won’t win over blacks and Hispanics who now have jobs and want to keep them.

The second problem of course is that if the black lives matter crowd descends into violence (and some might argue that this has already happened in some cities it  but the MSM has decided it’s a “local issue” and not reported on it) justifying it per the results of election 2018 it will even further hurt the left in swing districts that they need to win in 2020 and beyond and further drive minority voters, more interested in getting ahead in the best economic times in years, to the party that’s providing it.

But the real kicker is if this violence comes it will almost certainly be directed in cities controlled by the left that haven’t seen a GOP mayor or city council in decades, because if the left as a group decides that violent revolution is a good idea they will find that directing it against conservatives in areas where conservatives are solicitous of their 2nd amendment rights will not end well for them.

And while the left might believe another “Kent State” might be useful electorally, particularly if instead of troops or police, shots are fired by Trump voters , unlike the last once they won’t control the message.

Kent State was a watershed for the left because their narrative was the providence of an anti-war media trusted by a nation who were able to sell it to them unopposed.  A “Kent State where these is cellphone video of the crowd attacking citizens or police with violent force before being countered by force is very different narrative than one the left wants to build.  In the age of the selfie a media tarnished by the “fake news” moniker isn’t going to get the public to buy violent protesters as victims.

The reality is the violent extremists of the left are primary a threat not to the right but to the left.  Mr. Cromwell might be right about blood in the streets but it will likely be Democrat blood in Democrat streets and I suspect that once the Democrat elites realize that said blood threatens them they’ll want no part of it.  I suspect any such rampage will end with the amusing spectacle of Democrat mayors and or Democrat governors begging President Trump for help as people who have lived comfortably in the Kindergarten of Eden who scream “Nazi” at the sight of Donald Trump discover the difference between pretend danger and violence and the real thing.

Perhaps those screaming “revolution” should ask themselves:  Are you really going to raise an Army to overthrow Donald Trump out of a lot of rich pampered kids who need safe spaces and counseling if Steven Crowder shows up to speak at their college?  I don’t think so.

But if I’m wrong and the left does go this route it will certainly be interesting to watch the Nancy Pelosi’s Bernie Sanders and Maxine Waters of the world try to put the monster they have unleashed back it it’s cage.  It will be even more interesting when they come crawling to Trump to do it for them.